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Welcome to the achievement walkthrough for WWE 2k17, which is 2k's third installment in the series. I'm Apostle92627, and I will be your manager as I guide you through this game and coach you when you need a breather if things get too difficult. So get you're ring gear on and let me escort you down the aisle as I aid you in your fight for supremacy in the WWE.

Before you get in the ring and fight your first opponent, understand one thing: Getting paid in this game is everything. The best way to earn Virtual Currency (VC) is by putting on good matches. To do that, you need to understand our opponent, and you need to discover who you're most comfortable using, and which fighting style fits your playstyle the best. Sometimes the AI can take you to the Hall of Pain, especially if this is your first wrestling game. For example, your opponent may have all the momentum so you try to get that big reversal that turns the tide of the match so you can get your big Comeback started.

However, like all sports games, you have to remember it can get repetitive. Like in the NFL, where there is only pass, run, defense, sign that big free agent, in wrestling, there is only wrestle, wrestle, wrestle. If you find yourself getting bored, it may be time to take a break or play something else. You should enjoy the game, not play the game so much you hate wrestling altogether. Either way, it should take you a couple weeks to complete if you're not buried by the game's many glitches.

Starting with MyCareer, this walkthrough will be divided into sections based on the modes of the game.

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