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    20 May 2011 23 May 2011
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    In memory of Macho Man Randy Savage: Nov 15, 1952 - May 20, 2011


    WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. The hardcore wrestling fan's dream come true. Well, not really. The idea was great, a game that combines some of the greatest wrestlers of all time into one game. However, the execution was not pulled off very well. They should have gotten Bret Hart to develop it.

    Graphics: 8.5/10
    The graphics for this game are quite good for a game from 2009. When you are in the character select screen the wrestlers look absolutely stunning. But when you get into the match, they dont look as impressive. There are also some graphical glitches. When you play as Yokozuna almost all grapple moves go right through his gigantic stomach. The venues are brought back to life like never before, although the first few Wrestlemania venues look pretty much the same. The menues are pretty nice to look at and in the background you can hear the background tracks of every character in the game. Those are the only songs that play though, there are no liscenced tracks in this game.

    Gameplay: 4/10
    This is by far the worst part of the game. The basic gameplay controls are decent, but the more advanced stuff like running and climbing the turnbuckles feel very unnatural. The very worst part of the gameplay is the fact that every finisher is just a bunch of quick time events. This makes doing finishers exremely tedious to pull off, especially in online multiplayer.
    The gameplay for this game is nothing like the Smackdown vs Raw series, so the controls will take a little time to get used to.

    Sound: 7/10
    The music for this game is quite good. But like I said before, there are no liscenced tracks for this game, only wrestler entrance themes. The commentary is done by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Some phrases are just ones that they reused from previous games but most of them are new. Howard Finkel is the ring announcer.

    Multiplayer: 6/10
    The multiplayer for this game is pretty much the same as single player except for its with multiple players. The online is pretty much dead, but if you can find people it can be a bit enjoyable. The game lags quite a bit online, which is a trend for WWE games.

    Wrestlemania Tour Mode: 7.5/10
    Wrestlemania Tour mode is this games career mode. Tour mode consists of you playing all of Wrestlemania's most famous matches. In Relive, you reinact all of the most famous move from each match. In Rewrite, you play as the superstar who lost the match and change the outcome. Redefine is just a game mode where you chose between either superstar and just play the match normally. Before each match there is a video that is about 5 minutes long that provides classic footage of the rivalry and the match. This is the best part of the entire game. The one part I hate about this part is that the old WWF logos are censored out,

    Roster: 9/10
    The roster consists of most of your favourite wrestlers of the past generation. It is missing a few Legends that I have been wanting to play as for a long time such as Doink The Clown, Giant Gonzales and Macho Man Randy Savage(RIP).

    Legend Killer Mode: 2/10
    This mode is not very enjoyable. All you is fight against wrestler after wrestler until you defeat all of them in the wave. It isnt very original nor is it very fun.

    Achievements: 5/10
    The achievements in this game are ridiculously easy. Simply doing all of the single player stuff. This game will give you a very easy completion.

    Graphics: 8.5/10
    Gameplay: 4/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Multiplayer: 6/10
    Wrestlemania Tour Mode: 7.5/10
    Roster: 9/10
    Legend Killer Mode: 2/10
    Achievements: 5/10
    Overall: 49/80

    The initiall premise of this game was great, although they didnt pull it off very well. This game should only be purchased by the hardcore wrestling fan or someone looking for an easy completion. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME OFF OF GAMES ON DEMAND! IT COSTS $40 WHICH IS NOWHERE NEAR THE PRICE IT SHOULD BE!
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    LIBERT4DI somehow missed the top part... RIP Savage, indeed.

    And nice job with the Bret Hart line.. I see what you did there! :D
    Posted by LIBERT4D on 21 May 11 at 00:58
    SM Scorx"The one part I hate about this part is that the old WWF logos are censored out,"

    Gee, I wonder why:

    That's the reason for the name change in the first place! As a result of the lawsuit, the World Wildlife Foundation claimed copyright on "WWF", thus the WWF "scratch" logo has been censored on old footage. Also, while the now-called WWE can be referred to as the World Wrestling Federation in old footage, they've censored anytime "WWF" is used by censoring the "F". Quite honestly, I'm surprised you didn't do your homework before doing this review otherwise you wouldn't brought that up (though I sympathize with you. It is stupid).
    Posted by SM Scorx on 09 Oct 13 at 15:47
    OfficerBarbradyOh trust me, I knew exactly why they couldn't use it. Doesn't mean I don't still hate it.
    Posted by OfficerBarbrady on 09 Oct 13 at 16:22
  • BSimmons4PrezBSimmons4Prez223,141
    27 Apr 2011 27 Apr 2011
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    WWE Legends of Wreslemania does a good job bringing the history of the business to consoles. Video promos bring the game's central modes to the forefront and really draw the player into the action.

    Game Modes
    WrestleMania Tour
    For those people who want to relive, redefine, or rewrite the history of WWE's WrestleMania Events, you are in luck. There is an entire mode dedicated to that and the game is built around it. This is a lot of fun with challenges that need to be completed in addition to winning the match. In the Relive portion you are actually trying to match events during the real matches. Sometimes this seems weird because there are times that your objective is to get the crap beat out of yourself. All in all, the WrestleMania Tour mode, with it's pick of top WrestleMania matches and build-up promos put you right into the greatest matches in WrestleMania history. However, if you are a big Undertaker fan, and then you will be disappointed.

    Legend Killer
    This is a 10 man gauntlet setup. There are 3 main tiers of varying opponents. Then there's the Favorites tier. This tier requires that you have played as 10 wrestlers in the game. If you have played through WrestleMania Tour or just played as a lot of different guys in exhibitions then you have no problem. The last tier is the biggest, requires you to beat 38 guys, and can take an hour or more to beat. Legend Killer is where you will be using your CAW to gain Exp and max out your stats. There is also an optional tier that has no achievements that you can play if your import you SvR2009 roster.

    Standard run of the mill matches ranging from 1v1 to 30 man Royal Rumble. There are oh 3 achievements that require you to even come to the Exhibition Menu. One requires a Tag-Team finishing move, one requires winning with a manager at ringside, and one requires winning the 30 Man Royal Rumble.

    Uh yeah. Worst part about the game.
    Left stick/ D-pad- Move
    Y- Block/Reverse
    X- strike
    A- grapple/Irish whip/special moves
    B-pin, climb turnbuckles, get in/out of ring.
    Start- pause
    Triggers, right stick, bumpers, back button- nothing

    There's a lot of stuff mapped to holding the left stick in a direction and hitting A. Reminds me a lot of Gears of War's use A to do everything philosophy. Not cool.

    Easy. They just require you playing through WrestleMania Tour, Legend Killer, and 3 Exhibition matches. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Oddly enough, this is not why I got this game.

    I really liked this game despite my issue with the controls. The video promos for each Tour match was nice and really give some kayfabe history to those who aren't old enough to know and a good reminder to those that lived through it. Despite that, I still consider this game a rental. Since a new wrestling game comes out each year, this one only has replay value if you want to play those WrestleMania matches over and over again.
  • Bauersking08Bauersking0830,642
    30 Mar 2011
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    This game is actually quite good in my opinion the button settings are really different which makes it interesting, i would recommend it to people who like the older wrestlers e.g. hulk hogan, andre the giant, undertaker, shawn michaels, ultimate warrior, the only thing i found is that the achievements for this game aren't justified there really isn't enough cheevies for the amount of things that there are to do in the game so many things lot's of video's in the game too which is nice to see highlights of what let to the match and what acually happened then you have to relive it i think they should make legends of wrestlemania 2
  • ultimag17ultimag1767,263
    13 Apr 2009
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    O.K. Two days after my Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 review, I get to rewiew WWE's latest instalment, Legends of Wrestlemania. I just got this game yesterday, since I am writing this review at 12:13laugh. To be honest, this game lived up to my expectations, which was a bad thing because my expectations weren't that high in the first place. First, well start with the new controls. I know WWE is trying to make the controls simpiler for their target audience, which was older males and females, but the controls felt to complicated for me. A,B,X, and Y all have to many uses. For example, A can be used for grappling. But, if you move the analog stick and press A, it becomes an irish whip. Or, if you hold the analog stick in one direction but the one your opponent is facing and press A, it becomes a strong grapple. OR, if you hold the analog stick in the direction opposite your opponent and press A, it becomes a strong irish whip. Its just too confusing. Next, well move on to the superstars. The line-up is a good on and will give you gooesbumps remembering those classic matches like the iron-man match between shawn and bret. Next, well move on to the relive, rewrite, and redifine section of the game. Relive is pretty good along with Rewrite. They let you fight in some of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. Redifine is the biggest problem. It is basically the same as the other tour mode options. It seems pointless and unnessisary. Moving along, if you own Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 you can import you CAS and other superstars. I thought this was kinda cool. The only problem id you have to re-create your CAS's entrance and move-set. The move-set took me foreverangry! Legend Killer Mode is a ganutlet match against 10 legends. I thought that was cool. Commentating seemed to get better in this instalment. They actually know when you hit the same move twice! Arenas, or should I say arena, I had a problem with. I felt they could have added a bit of variety in the arenas. Mabey the actual locations and looks of each wrestlemania perhaps? The crowd is and I fear always will be bad. I mean, come on, I don't care if they are generic, but if they all do the same thing at the same time. That is just rediculouse! The last problem I had with this game was the chain grapples. It was all QTE. That wasen't cool. I felt like I was just watching the match instead of playing it. Well, If you really like the legends of yesterday, I suggest a rental. Other than that, I suggest SVR 09' over this. Go check out mu SVR 09' review if you are still unsure.