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Posted on 20 March 11 at 23:52
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For some reason my review of SVR11 got deleted, but good thing I always save them to my computer!

Smackdown vs RAW 2011 is the latest addition to the yearly Smackdown vs RAW series. I have not watched wrestling in a very long time and I really dont know what made me want to buy this game, but I did and I dont regret it.

Gameplay: 8/10
The last wrestling game I played was Smackdown Vs RAW 2007. So this game seems like an entirely new game to me. Im not sure if the controls are the same in 2010 or 2009, but the controls are a major improvement from 2007.

They have made alot of improvements on certain match types, Hell In The Cell is one clear example. In the New Hell In The Cell match type, you can send your opponent through the cage wall. The cell is also more to scale and you can pick up weapons from under the ring.

Im not too sure when the new sprinting mechanic was introduced, but it is definetly alot better than SVR07. In 07 all you could do is run in a straight line. However, in this one you can run around however you please.

Another wonderful improvement is that if you do a slam to your opponent and there is a weapon where they are going to land then they will actually land on the weapon and it will do extra damage.

Now on to the biggest improvement in the game: WWE Universe mode. This mode lets you create your very own WWE experience. When you play matches in Play Now they will affect the WWE universe. If the wrestler you are playing as has a rival in the WWE Universe mode, then there is a chance that they will interfere in the match. There are alot of other cool new features as well. And this mode is completely optional, and can be turned off by moving the right stick in the menus.

Roster: 8/10
As far as I know, the roster is up to date. The roster is quite small compared to SVR07. The roster consists of 51 superstars from Raw and Smackdown, including some legends such as Rob Van Dam, Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka. I almost jumped out of my chair of enjoyment when Rob Van Dam ran out to the ring to help in one of the Road to wresltemanias.

Here is a link to the entire roster for the game:http://community.smackdownvsraw.com/roster/more

Multiplayer: 7/10
The local multiplayer plays exactly like the single player, except with multiple players. However, the online has had a huge improvement.
With the inclusion of 5 and 6 man battle royals, community creations, and the Royal Rumble match, it brings a whole new online experience.

Community Creations is a place where you can share any of your created content online. This includes Created superstars, storylines, entrances, movesets, highlight reels, and finishers.(Please correct me if I missed any)

Also you can only play online with people who have the exact same DLC as you. I really dont see why they havent released a patch to allow anyone to be matched up with anyone yet. It seems like a pretty stupid idea.

Career Mode(Road To Wrestlemania): 9/10
The Road To Wrestlemania game mode was introduced in Smackdown Vs RAW 2009 and has since been a standard game mode for the future games. It features custom storylines for the choosable characters. Some of the storylines are a bit bland, but the VS Undertaker story was very interesting.

Graphics: 9.5/10
The graphics in this game are very good. Each wrestler looks like how they are supposed to, and the arenas look magnificent.

Achievements: 6/10
Some of the achievements in this game are pretty cool such as sending your opponent through the cell wall or pushing the opponent off a ladder into a table outside the ring. But some of them are quite time consuming. Oh, and not to mention the Man of 1004 Holds achievement. This puppy requires you to do 1004 finishers or signatures in a single match. Very annoying and incredibly time consuming. But this game is definitely a possible 1000 if you are commited.

Gameplay: 8/10
Roster: 8/10
Multiplayer: 7/10
Career Mode: 9/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Achievements: 6/10
Overall: 47.5/60

This game is a no brainer for wrestling fans. However, if you used to be a fan of wrestling, you could still enjoy it. It might take some time to get used to the game if you havent played a wreslting game in a while. Another thing: this game utilizes the dreaded "Online Pass" which you need to download to play online. All new copies of the game come with a code to download it though.
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FallOut Phoenix
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FallOut Phoenix
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Posted on 03 January 11 at 07:24, Edited on 03 January 11 at 07:27
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SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is the latest entry in the yearly series of WWE games. Similar to the previous game this entry looks amazing on paper but it's not quite perfect.

The biggest addition to this game is WWE Universe a mode in which you control the WWE to an extent. There is a ranking system and it doesn't always work the way you want it to. You must keep the main titles and none can be vacated and replaced with another, you can add more titles but they won't have the same ranking system. You can only title matches on pay per views (at least for the titles the game seems to randomly select) but you can exploit a glitch to have them at any time. Universe also features cut scenes even if they are sporadic at best. However, WWE Universe is omnipresent in Exhibition mode but it also takes priority as even if it's off you cannot have title matches. If you can look past this a lot of fun can be found in this mode.

Not much has been added to this game at this writing the roster is already drastically outdated but Community Creations and the second DLC pack (and the upcoming third pack) helps but it seems like even that is outdated. (Legends and alternate HBK attire not withstanding) The Road to WrestleMania mode features 5 average stories and it seems like only Mysterio's and Christian's feature a worthwhile story but that may be because it wasn't already rehashed. Vs. Undertaker was interesting on paper but simply underwhelming.

Gameplay features one drastic change the grapples. Strong grapples can only be applied when facing a groggy opponent. It's a nice for an effort to make the game more realistic but it only serves to be more of a nuisance. The Hell in a Cell match is larger and now features weapons and the Divas can compete in more matches like the Hell in a Cell but can't compete in a six person tag match for some weird reason.

Online is what you would expect from a WWE game: the online is still laggy but you will occasionally find a playable match. Overall not much has changed from 2010 but the new Universe offers much potential re-playability that I believe it warrants the extra star since the mode in theory offers a never ending mode that is a living breathing WWE machine.
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A Defiant Sith
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A Defiant Sith
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Posted on 14 February 11 at 14:28
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"Smackdown Vs RAW 2011: Another Year, Another Smackdown"
Once again, THQ has churned out yet another Smackdown game. I sound negative for a good reason, which I will explain later, but I will say that this is a good game, but there are some issues.

Graphics - 9/10
Fantastic. The Superstars look spot on, and the Divas are huge improvements over last years alien-looking women. Only real concerns with the Superstars are Mickie James (who looks terrible in the game, a shame since she is gorgeous in real life) and some Attire issues (for example Undertaker never wears his trench coat and hat in this game, instead he wears his Wrestlemania attire).

During the match, your Superstars will get noticeably sweatier, and the blood looks more realistic. The arenas are spot on, each capturing the larger-than-life spectacle the WWE puts on.

The reason this does not get a full 10/10 is the crowd. As usual, they are lo-res and are clearly cut and pasted. This isn't as bad as previous editions, but still a pain, perhaps they could get a graphic overhaul for 2012?

Gameplay - 8/10
If you've played a Smackdown game before, you know what to expect. The controls are largely the same, but with a few tweaks. First off, you no longer have a 'strong' modifier for your moves. In previous games, you held down a bumper button, and your strike became a heavy attack, and your grapple became a chain grapple. Well now, you hold the Strike button for stronger attacks, and the 'Quick Grapples' are gone, Chain Grapples are standard moves, with an extra set of Groggy Grapples. Overall this works out at twenty different grapples from the front, and ten from behind.

The matches are still fairly slow paced affairs, and with the changes in damage, you do need to work on hurting your opponent before winning. That isn't to say you can win quickly, but those moments are rare now, normally occurring with a Leverage Pin, or a Pin Combination move (pressing 'B' during some moves finishes in a Pin, replacing multiple version of some moves, like Rey Mysterio's 619).

There are no real new match types this year, instead several matches get overhauls, similar to 2009's Tag Team matches. With the new physics engine, you can now stack items, and now land moves on top of weapons. This makes Ladder, Table, Extreme Rules and TLC matches much more fun. You can now lean a ladder against the ropes, or a table on the Ring Steps to smash them through with a Suplex. This has breathed new life into these match types, making them fun again. Another match with an overhaul is the Hell in a Cell match. The Cell is now much bigger, and clearly designed to make escape more difficult. You now need to use a special 'Cell Finisher' to break them through a wall to be able to climb to the top of the Cell. Also, you can now use weapons, as the Cell's size increase even allows the Ring Steps to be used.

One thing you will notice is the new WWE Universe Mode. This combines Exhibition, Career and GM Mode into one big melting pot. What is left is a fantastic addition to the game, and the main reason to keep playing. The Universe follows a Calendar, and for each RAW, Superstars, Smackdown and PPV, it will generate a card. This will be a mix of randomly generated match-ups, and matches based on existing rivalries. It will also keep track of all rivalries, allies, and Championships. If you play as a home-made team, and the Universe notices, it will ask to make them into a real Tag Team, allowing them to go for the Unified Championship. But, if a team has been on a bit of a losing streak, one frustrated team member may leave his tag parter alone in the ring.

This is the real gem of WWE Universe Mode, the random cutscenes. Sometimes, after one Superstar has entered, his opponent may instead attack him from behind, starting the match with an increased Momentum Meter. Or to keep a rivalry going, a Superstar's existing Rival may be in the crowd, having purchased You may have just won a match, but the Ring Announcer has just ordered the match to be restart under new rules. The list goes on, it really does make each match more entertaining, and tries to immerse you into the experience.

But For those who want control, don't fear, any changes the WWE Universe makes that you aren't happy with, you can change back. Did it think Triple H and Edge would make a good team, but you don't? go break the team up, its that easy. Or for those who want real control? Well the Story Designer is back! Largely unchanged except for one aspect. You can now have your story 'Branch'. You can allow the player to make a choice, and the story changes accordingly. It helps those who like playing your Stories, as they get some say in what happens.

Also included is the Road to Wrestlemania mode, which is pretty much the same as before, except for the free-roaming backstage, which feels clunky and very gimmicky.

Sound - 8/10
All the entrance themes are in, and are largely up to date. Even Cody Rhodes, which to me is the most irritating sound ever made bar Justin Bieber. Apart from that the voice acting for the Commentary is an improvement over the last few years, although that didn't take much. A nice touch is that in WWE Universe, the Commentary will occasionally make a reference to existing rivalries, or a Superstars performance the previous week. It really does keep track of this stuff, and the game is much better for it.

Longevity - 8/10
Well you have Create a Wrestler, Story Designer, WWE Universe and Online play to choose from. There is a lot to do this year, and plenty to make you want to come back and play again. A quick note on Create a Wrestler, gone is the agonizing stat increases from last year. You start with unlimited points at your disposal, you are not forced to play as yourself for hours and hours just to get your stats where you want them to be.

The online aspect is better then last years, but still laggy, don't make this your reason to buy the game, it isn't there yet. However, you can still download community creations, so playing other people's Stories and using their Superstars is still there. And with Story Designer's improvements, that is much more fun than before.

Overall - 7/10
It would be higher. In fact, I normally grade this section with an average based on the above scores. But this is now where my problem mentioned at the beginning of this review is explained.

THQ needs to start again. This game is still following the same formula as WWF Smackdown, back in 2000. The reason this game gets a mediocre score is purely because what this game needs is to be built from the ground up. A total reboot. This should not be a yearly update like football games. Instead we get the same game as last year, with some changes. Again, this is a good game, deserving of at least an 8, but until THQ restarts the entire thing, totally change the game, even for the worst, then all future Smackdown Vs RAW 20** will get low marks from me.

But, overall, this is a good game, if you're a Wrestling fan, its worth considering, rent it, and see how you go.
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Posted on 03 March 11 at 13:56
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"Smackdown Vs Raw 2011...The franchise inching closer to true greatness..."

Hello everyone, Andre Harrison here with another Game Review, first one for a good while now. Hopefully I haven't lost my touch. In this review, I'm taking a look at the latest annual addition to THQ's Wrestling Franchise, as I shall be reviewing the WWE's Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 release, and this game has added a lot of new tricks to try and keep the game fresh and interesting. But does it stack up in comparison to the fantastic 2010 release? Let's find out.

To start, I shall hint on the Presentation. In 2010, I praised the presentation of the game for being and feeling more like a television programme, and like the WWE. 2011 has taken that, and expanded it, making it even better. The character modelling is even better, the arenas and background are superb (Special credit to the TLC and Wrestlemania XXVI arenas), and the little things like the WWE logos (and the HD logo) again, make it feel more like a television programme and like I'm watching the actual product. Also, with the 70+ Superstars and Divas in the game, SvR 2011 is the biggest game to date.

Making a return is the much likened Road to Wrestlemania Mode, but the big change is that this time around, the storyline progresses in an open world environment, backstage, featuring many locker rooms, a GM Office, an Interview area, and a parking lot, reminiscent of the various Backstage Brawl locations you may have seen in previous games. Speaking more on the modes, the storylines are as zany as ever, from Chris Jericho betraying The Big Show and stealing Championships, to Rey Mysterio losing his memory, or the reunion of Edge and Christian. You can even try and end the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak! The storylines are aren't as exaggerated as previous years (Besides Taker's), but they are done very well, and are well written, with plenty of side mission and unlockables to come across if you're willing to dig around long enough. There's definitely longevity in this Mode, as every RTWM takes roughly 2 Hours, maybe 3 if you take the road for unlockables, and you can do The Undertaker's with 4 different people, including your Created Superstars, which is a nice touch carried over from 2010. So definitely thumbs up for the improved Road to Wrestlemania.

The massive change in this year's game is the merger of Quick Play and Career Modes, in the all new, WWE Universe mode. Here, you can actually play through Calender Years of the WWE, playing through Raw, Smackdown, Superstars and any Pay-Per-Views that come along. The real treat is that you can mould the brands to suit you, changing Superstars and matches as you go along, so you can change The Universe to suit you, whatever your preference may be. What's really cool is that the game has developed over 100 different storyline related aspects and additions, so cards and matches can be done via allies and rivalries. Now, while the dynamics of this mode are great, there are some issues. For example, you can't just select your favourite Superstar and put him a World Championship Match. You have to rise through the ranks (Or win the Money In The Bank match) and earn it. I understand why they did this, but it's definitely restricting. Overall though, it's like a kids Lego playset, and the possibilities are endless.

Gameplay wise, much of the game is similar, but with little tweaks to make the experience more rewarding. For example, the physics are so much more improved. You have so much more creative freedom and TLC and Ladder Matches are a lot more fun. They actually break, and Superstars react when they are in contact with them. The Hell In A Cell Match has really been improved. The cage is bigger, more like in real life, you can now break out of the cell wall, rather than the door system of old, and moves you can throw people off of the cell with have improved as well. Seriously though, go try the TLC Match format now, it's so much fun seeing what you can do with Tables, Ladders, Chairs, steel steps and so on, and seeing how enjoyable it is.

The grapple system has changed up a bit, and while it's a little annoying at first, it's perfectly fine once you get used to it. Just be careful though, those Chain Grapples are MUCH easier to reverse than in last year's game. Whether that's fair or broken to you will depend on your skill level though.

Online play returns, and The Community Creations are back, and now it's easier to search for what you're looking for, with menus and picture previews before downloading. The servers can be a little shaky, as THQ still haven't bothered with Dedicated Servers, but it's still mostly reliable, and the quality has definitely improved for me. The biggest new innovation online is the Online Royal Rumble, where up to 12 guys can fight it out at once. Now, with the improved experience meter, as well as bonuses for eliminations and survival, not to mention bonuses for massive online play, there's a very good reason to play online regularly. For instance, have 12 players in a ORR, you get 400% of the regular Prestige. Awesome eh?

Also other little additions like having up to 50 Created Superstars, and more useage for them in Story Designer are also a help. However, the biggest issues with most of this is that many of the key modes are just modes from 2010 with a lick of paint...Mind you, sports games have been doing that for years now haven't they?

The Harrison Hitlist and Final Thoughts

To conclude, Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 is the finest edition of the Wrestling Franchise in recent memory, with amny of the same benefits of 2010. It's just a small shame that it's left me in a similar instance with last year's game...Still waiting for that final push from a great Wrestling Game, to a Great game...Period. Still, this a fantastic experience and even if you're the most casual of fan, check it out, it's a fine addition to any collection.

Graphics: 9/10 - Outstanding

Best of the franchise to date, slick, popping, and the blood is great, like in 2010.

Presentation: 9/10 - Outstanding

The game looks superb and is presented really well, in classic WWE format, but some poor lip syncing lets it down in places.

Gameplay: 8.5/10 - Excellent

The physics and new options have definitely improved, but the Chain Grappiling could do with a little balancing, but the directional grapples add a LOT to the table...get it?

Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10 - Incredible

With a lot of Road to Wrestlemania Gameplay to uncover, the infinite WWE Universe mode, Online improvements and Story Designer content, you could be playing this game long into the new year.

Harrison's Overall Rating: 9.0 out of 10 - Outstanding (4.5 Stars)
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Posted on 12 April 11 at 09:39
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Over the years, there have been more wrestling games than Hulk Hogan losses, but what separates the main event legends from the no-hope jobbers? At its heart, a great wrestling game has 3 successful elements: (i) fluid gameplay mechanics that lets you beat the (blood-stained) poo out of your opponents; (ii) scope for great storytelling; and (iii) rich creation options. So how does this latest edition of the Smackdown vs Raw series fair?

Ring Mechanics
The wrestling physics system has always been the most important part of a wrestling game, and thankfully SvR 2011 has successfully improved the gameplay to be more realistic and fluid at the same time. For the first time, players can throw chairs at your opponents, place tables on the ring ropes, and moonsault from the top turnbuckle to land on your prone enemy on the announcer table. Woo!

Want to savour your own Mick Foley moment? Powerbomb your opponent through the roof of the steel cage, slam them into the wall, or decapitate them with the ring steps or any weapon you choose. You know the drill, brother – turn the optional blood mode on, and let the forces from parts unknown run wild on you!

For added realism, you need to wear your opponent down with weak attacks before you can move on to the heavy-hitting stuff like powerplexes and piledrivers. But if you just want to experience an arcade-style bash-them-up, simply turn down the difficulty and start with weapon attacks.

Rating: 4/5 No. 1 Contender!

All the perennial favourites are here – Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Bret Hart, Randy Orton, Rob van Dam and more. But the real winner is the ability to download created wrestlers from Community Creations, so you can easily add legends like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, the Legion of Doom and more, complete with their own move sets, entrances and changeable costumes.

The community library is truly impressive, and leaves you spoilt for choice with realistic re-creations of TNA stars like Samoa Joe and Sting, and even Marvel and DC Superheroes and Villains. Superman and Wolverine vs. Venom and Punisher for the tag team belts, anyone?

If that wasn’t already enough, there’re also DLC characters like British Bulldog and Nexus, plus you can now allocate attribute points to your created or downloaded stars instantly, without having to spend hundreds of hours earning them. Winner!

Rating: 5/5 Hall-of-Fame Legend

Designed to keep your game experience fresh, the new “WWE Universe” is probably the best part of the game. Every match you play now affects rankings for title shots on the build-up to Pay-Per-View Events, and you can form potential alliances or rivalries depending on who you fight. So you can find yourself attacked by an enemy on your way to the ring unexpectedly, or have an ally run out to interfere in your match. If it all gets too much for you, you could always turn off Universe mode at any time and just enjoy your fight as a one-off match.

For even greater longevity, you can also create your own storyline or download community-created plots, each complete with original announcer scripts, cut-scenes that show off your championship belt, or branching storylines depending on the choices you make. Pity there’s no VO for the cut scenes though.

Rating: 4/5 Greater shelf life than Hogan

Road to Wrestlemania
This fixture in the SvR franchise has been refreshed to play more like a mini-RPG, with players now able to roam backstage (woo!), earn attribute points to level up your wrestler, do side quests, and unlock wrestlers and costumes. Be warned that these improvements are more like a prototype though, so don’t find yourself flustered by its clunky backstage mechanics or limited area access. But knocking on your GM’s door or interrupting a backstage interview? That’s cool! *crunch*

This year’s playable Road to Wrestlemania storylines involve John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Christian, and also your created superstar for “End Taker’s Mania Streak”. They’re all fairly entertaining with the usual “who dunnit” plot, though the branching storylines also allow you to choose to be a babyface or heel. The Christian storyline was the outstanding pick of the lot for me.

Rating: 3/5 Future Star in the Making!

The online Royal Rumble win looks to be the most challenging on the list, but is still fairly simple if you boost with a partner. Beating HBK and Taker on Legend mode sounds intimidating, but is surprisingly simple if you know the trick (check out the solutions). The “Man of 1004 Holds” will take you hours of mindless grinding and is as excruciating as watching Great Khali vs. Cena, but you’ll get it done like a good pro eventually.

Rating: 3/5 Fair balance between simple and fun

The Ugly Part a.k.a. Kane’s Section
While this review has been largely positive, you should be aware of the game’s weaknesses. Online lag is particularly bad for the Royal Rumble, but thankfully you won’t need to play online except for the 2 Rumble achievements. As mentioned, the Road to Wrestlemania feels like it’s still in development stage, so keep your expectations in check for that mode. If you intend to rent this game or buy a used copy, be aware that an online access pass is needed to play the game online.

So should you buy this? I’ll say this is the best wrestling game in the market right now, but there’s always another new edition coming out and further price drops when that happens. But if you’re a wrestling fan, do yourself a favour and at least rent this game to get smacked with its awesomeness.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Highly recommended for wrestling fans
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Posted on 02 January 11 at 13:01
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Possibly the best wrestling game since No Mercy on N64 in my opinion. They finally get it, I love the WWE Universe feature and I actually liked Road to Wrestlemania (they could have had more wrestlers though). Online can be pretty laggy at times, which makes the royal rumble achievement even harder to get without boosting. I love the option to download community creations, it adds way more playability onto the game. The new table and ladder physics are pretty impressive aswell. Overall this game is a great expierience, and I would recommend it to any wrestling fan past or present.
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Posted on 25 July 12 at 21:56, Edited on 25 July 12 at 22:07
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Games are continuing to change. The people who make them, developers, are always finding new ways to present them. With that, it is why in Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 you get straight in the ring as practice (once you get past all the load screens) then unlock 10G if you complete all the moves.

For those new to the WWE franchise, something like that is helpful. But experienced WWE gamers like myself could even find it helpful too.

Debuting in the 2010 update, the storyline creator, has not been dropped for 2011. Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 can apparently boast the largest roster compared to any WWE game before it. It could be 2014 until we can simulate an x-rated nude mud wrestling match between created superstars Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles for the queen of pop diva title. But, with the WWE family first policy - no chance!

The beauty of WWE games is any search online with the keywords, CAW smackdown raw xbox, you should find the games have created a community that helps you to go so far to create your dream matches. The information you need to create characters to put inside the game are all there on those sites.

The default controls remain the same unless you change them. B and left stick for an Irish whip for instance. My first gripe is with the visuals. Figures really do look like something out of like Wallace and Gromit, unlike what they appeared in 2009 or 2010. The clayness of the characters make the simulation less realistic. Unsuccessfully, realism is what they were trying to achieve.

The menu buttons look lame. But it is weird how I say that yet in 2009 the main options were just large bolded white text on an angle with white paint splashed around that gave an arcade feel. The other options are even more simpler in that version. The keep it simple stupid idea must have worked.

Maybe there could be an ability to throw your opponent over the barrier then fight amongst the crowd? Also, new and unusual weapons in hardcore matches could jazz up the game. For now, I've created former WCW superstar Bill Goldberg. The muscle who had pretty much every other wrestler on the WCW roster job to him. Yes, the concept was have some former bald footballer dude come in, enter matches, spear, jackhammer then go away with the victory every one hundred and sixty or so times without being defeated once. It was brash, but it worked. Most matches only lasted under thirty seconds which made jobbing all the more obvious.

The nitty gritty of Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 would have to be an exhibition match. Playing what this game is all about though, feels lame and extremely awkward. The gameplay moves so quickly, it is not like a televised match on what is now called WWE HD, but like a film being fast forwarded without the ripples. What makes part of that description are the cameras that come in from all angles when you do a signature or finishing move. Combined with the play-doh wrestlers it is well, something else.

I really do think Yuke's Media must do this on purpose and that is fuck up a franchise that I thought was going strong until the 2009 game.

What goes hand in hand with any WWE game is everything about the WWE. This too, has fallen to the bottom of the credibility scale.

Again, you have characters that look like plastic figurines, the flow of every match is buggy as you could have, for instance, in one match Maryse magically slide across the ring by herself when Eve is about to do her signature move. Triple H falling off a ladder, hitting the ropes, then in the next frame he has somehow found himself laying on the floor of the ring mat.

It appears Yuke's Media have decided to steal other game idea's such as the Street Fighter character selection menu and use it themselves. The thing is, it just doesn't wash. In matches, your characters will have strength bars below, positioned on the screen instead of fixed in the top corners, this is almost like a Final Fantasy game.

Plus, there is a glitch that if you delete your saved game but keep your created superstars, they go out the window too.

WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 is poor in many aspects. The game scored an eight with GameInformer, you've got to be fucking kidding me.

Get the 2009 release if you want a weighty wrestling simulator. If you can do without the latest roster and storyline creator then do so. If the 2009 update had those two additions, it would be an awesome experience. I have read nothing but good things about 2007 Smackdown VS. Raw also.

Maybe they'll make up for this lousy effort some time in the future.

You can control your character to suplex ecetera in any direction you wish. Weapons can be used as more than just a chair shot to the head. You can lock an opponents leg in the chair along with their arms and their neck. So, there are new worthwhile additions to the franchise this year that should be noted.

I fucking hate this WWE universe addition, it's annoying. Every match you play especially if you only want to test your created superstars gets recorded down in the WWE universe. Which what the name might suggest to you, is a name to describe pretty much the entire game... everything that happens in Smackdown VS. Raw 2011 gets included in the WWE universe. That except the storyline creator. It messes up the gaming experience as you would like to keep those contests separate like I do.

The 2009 offering could have had everything good about the 2011 release.

WWE12 is out, I haven't played it. WWE13 is coming soon but my plan is not to buy it. Hey, you could just create any new superstars who feature on the new rosters and put them in the 2011 game.

I highly recommend TNA Impact, play that. TNA Impact would have to be the best wrestling simulator available on the Xbox 360 console.
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