WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 Reviews

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    17 Mar 2010
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    Smackdown vs RAW 2007

    This game proves that some older 360 games are still fun to play after 4 years of release. If you are a fan of the WWE then you will highly enjoy this game. It has an awesome roster, awesome match types and an awesome season mode.

    Anyways, on to the review:

    I will base this review as if I was reviewing it the year of the release.

    Graphics: 8.5/10
    The graphics are astounding in this game. Pretty much every character they put in the game looks like what they are supposed to look like in real life. However, one problem I had is that they gave Umaga a 6-pack. If you see Umaga wrestle in real life you can easily tell he is pretty far away from getting a 6-pack.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    The gameplay in this game is easy to pick up and hard to master. You can do strikes, grapples, top rope moves, finishers, etc. Each of these are very fun to do and there is such a huge variety of moves to do.

    Multiplayer: 9.5/10
    This game is very fun to play with friends. When you get a group of 6 friends together it is extremely fun to play a Money in the Bank match.

    Roster: 9/10
    Although it doesn't include everyone that was under contract with the WWE at the time of the release, it does offer pretty much every superstar you would want to play as. One of the biggest dissapointments that I had in the roster was there was no Spirit Squad.

    Difficulty: 7/10
    Originality: 6/10
    The achievements arent very hard if you have someone to boost with. The only ones you should really be having troubles with are the ones for beating every superstar on the roster. The others are just story mode, customization, Royal rumbles and online achievements.

    - Great, large roster
    - Season mode is very fun
    - Return of GM mode
    - Graphics

    - Various glitches
    - No spirit Squad
    - Did anyone actually ask for Daivari to be in this game?

    Final thoughts:
    If you are a fan of WWE and don't have this game yet, then stop living under a rock and go buy it this very second. You won't be dissapointed.
  • NZ DeadMan NZNZ DeadMan NZ81,906
    17 Feb 2011
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    I have a long history of wrestling games dating back to wwf back in the 90s. However for me this game was a let down.

    There were upsides to the game but the gameplay its self was painful.

    Graphics 8/10
    graphics were nice n sharp. no complaints here. Nice to look at and well pulled off.

    Gameplay 3/10
    Now heres where my problem comes in...The game is actually a painfully nasty one.

    Where do i begin...
    Once the round starts and you take a few slugs to the jaw and your guy falls over, well thats pretty much the round. You character is so slow to get up and move out the way of the incomming attacks its horrible. To make matters worse certain characters have such large advantages over others it ruins it. Try doing any grapple move with Mysterio on the larger guys and it ends in a backfire....and you on the mat.

    I actually got stuck in the royal rumble at one point for 2 hours in the final 2. with mysterio vs the big show. it was actually impossible for me to win. He cannot throw the enemy over as hes just too light.

    Outside brawls are patheticly done. No real area to explore whatsoever and no creative weapons to unleash.

    Compare this game to the playstation smackdown vs raw 2 and this game isnt even able to compete.

    the character selection was very good. Ranging from the newer guys to the old legends from the 90s.

    Storyline 6/10
    At least the storyline was somewhat interesting in this game compared to the older ones. However still lacked alot of elements to build further interest.

    Achievments 6/10
    Some of them are very difficult. And the online ones. virtually impossible without a member to boost. 50 wins online is not easy. specially with no field of players to go against.

    Music 9/10
    Gotta admit i really liked the music that went with this. Nice pumping up music to get you going