Wailing Heights Reviews

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    07 Apr 2019
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    "Wail" this game take point-and-click adventures to new heights?

    Wailing Heights Review

    Wailing Heights is a short point-and-click adventure that is set in the supernatural world of the titular Wailing Heights. You play a manager of a band called the Deadbeats. Along the way you'll control vampires, werewolves, zombies, and ghosts in order to get the band back together.

    Gameplay and Presentation
    This is fairly standard point-and-click gameplay with the gimmick of possessing different characters in order to use certain abilities or access certain areas. In order to be able to possess someone, you need to know their name, something they love, and something they hate. The bulk of the game consists of trying to figure out these three elements for characters and eventually the members of Deadbeats. It's an initially neat gimmick that grows tired fast. Having to walk around to find the character where you left them can be tedious. Even though it's standard for the genre, the gameplay just felt like a bunch of fetch quests (sometimes literally as the werewolf, *ba dum tiss*).

    The game has a unique art style that is both grotesque and beautiful at the same time. There is some amazing detail on display here. The game also heavily features music. The music isn't anything to write home about, but it does its job. However, some songs can grow tiresome as you hear little jingles over and over throughout the game. The voice acting ranges from barely competent to laughable. I wasn't a huge fan. Not all of the voice actors were bad, but there were some that came across as very amateur. There were also some jokes thrown in, but I personally never laughed out loud (that's not to say it was completely unfunny though).

    Finally, I experienced a glitch that forced me to reload my save. My character was clipping through the background and being pushed to the right. When I tried to leave the room, all I got was a black screen. It was annoying, but luckily, I didn't have to start over like I was fearful of at the time since the games auto-saves every time you enter a room.

    Achievements are connected to story progression, collectibles, and miscellaneous tasks that are missable. Luckily the game is short, so it's not too heart-breaking to forget about a missable achievement. It's a short list of achievements that are pretty straight-forward.

    Final Thoughts
    Unfortunately, this game felt more like a chore to me than a fun experience. While the mechanics of swapping bodies is admirable, the execution did not deliver. I was ultimately disappointed as the art style really grabbed my attention. It was a quick completion, but it is not a game I see myself returning to, both on my Xbox nor in my thoughts.