1. Wailing Heights Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Wailing Heights is a point-and-click adventure game where you take on the role of Franc(e/i)s Finklestein on a quest to recover your body and get the band back together. Driven by comedy and music, the game has standard mechanics you might expect in a point-and-click game, with a few additions.

Objects you can interact with have a (...) symbol on them. As with most adventure games, you want to interact with everything. There are no hazards and no game-over screen, so it is safe to interact with everything. Doing so will give you insights about the world which may help you solve the puzzles, or even gain access to a key ingredient.

Conversing with people is a regular occurrence. In order to do so, you will select a person with the (...) symbol, which presents a possible dialogue choice. Select the one you want (or the one you need to advance the story) and then press AND HOLD cn_A. The requirement to hold the button is odd, but just tapping doesn't work.

The game has a handful of missable achievements. I will call them out specifically so that you don't miss them.

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