War Planet Online: Global Conquest (Win 10) Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

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In the tutorial the game teaches you how to build structures, armies and gather resource. When you level up, you will see on the bottom right corner that you can build something. Whenever you have enough money and room in your base buy or upgrade your structures. This will help to gather and produce resources faster and also to improve your army.

Some guys are saying that the Completionist achievement can be unobtainable if you are not playing on English language. For this achievement you need to build a Vault to protect some of your resources in case of other players attacking your base. I never faced any issues with this or other achievements in this game and I was playing on Portuguese language. All the pictures are taken in English language to be better suited for TrueAchievements.

I strongly recommend that when you found a good Faction stay on it because whenever you build something the other members can help you and you can help them too. You will see a shake hand icon at right middle screen whenever the members request help for research or constructing something. This doesn’t cost you anything.

To ask for help to construct or research, just click on the shake hand icon above your structure.

In the world map you will find some OIL, STEEL, POLYMER and THORIUM deposits (Polymer is available to gather when your Headquarters reaches level 10 and Thorium at level 16 cry). In the Faction icon, on the left bottom you will find the coordinates for Elite Deposits and you can gather more resources here, just select one and click to the coordinates. After that you can send your army to collect.

You can always edit your base layout but be careful to not leave any structure without energy.

Above the Build/Edit icons, you see another tab with 4 other icons:

Lucky Spin: Available for free once per day or whenever you have 200 chips.

Black Ops: You can do one mission at time and you need Intel coins to start any mission. This will be available after you build the Covert Bureau.

Missions: Like many other games, here you have a lot of missions to do and as reward you will earn resources and other items.

Daily Supplies: The daily supply will start giving items by minutes but as you progress towards the game the timer will increase. Here you can earn Intel coins, chip coins, speedy research, resources and more cool stuff to help you and it's available once per hour for free.

As you can see there’s some available lands around your base that you can buy to expand your base and build more. Pay attention here before clicking to buy, because some areas are more expensive than others.

You will receive a warning message whenever an enemy player is scouting or attacking your base. You cannot use a peace shield if there's a incoming attack but can use a teleport if you have it. All these items you can earn on Lucky Spin, daily Supplies, or by earning points in events.

In your Stash icon (close to the faction) you can access the items that you have available to use and sometimes you have to use your Message icon to read and receive some items / resources.

You can build or upgrade one structure at time but sometimes you will earn the capability to work on two at time. So if you have enough resources, this is the best time to level up your base. Remember that you still can do some work while building / upgrading. You can do some research and development while upgrading your headquarters or build some new units for example.

Always send your army to gather some resources. You will need a lot of all if you aim to complete this game.

Medals: You can earn some medals on daily rewards, on black ops, by logging on each day and when your faction reaches event milestones or by defeating renegade bosses. You can use medals to quickly build something but still need all the resources. Use your medals only when necessary. This is the most valuable item in the game and you can use to buy other items like peace shields.

Vouchers: You can earn some vouchers by doing almost everything in this game. They can be used to boost the speed for build, repair and research.

The Trader offers you some deals to help you with your various activities. The hangar for him is located below your Main Power Supply.

While on world map if you click on your base once you will have the option to check your active buffs and the time remaining will be displayed. You can use the Search Tab to look at renegades and resources. Also, it's possible to input the enemy coordinates and share them with your faction mates. You can create your own faction and play the game entirely alone but will be easier, faster, smarter and of course much more fun if you play with others. Higher level players always attack the lower levels to farm resources and kill armies.

With VIP active, you can use the search tab to find resources and renegades by type or level.

Some guys says that you can only be attacked if you don't have a Peace shield and are offline. This is not true. Doesn't matter if you are online or not, if you have a peace shield other players can't attack but they can attack you at any moment if you don't have a shield. This is the point for not attacking other players at start: You will lose your 5 days shield that you begin with. If you aim to gather resources around the world, make sure to gather only in your faction territory. if you try to get resources from enemy faction / players, you will lose the peace shield.

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