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Posted on 12 August 18 at 02:15, Edited on 14 August 18 at 21:22
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Let’s get this out of the way right now. This is a pay to win game. Once you reach past rank one you will need to spend money in order to get to the next tank by 2026. This game was great on pc 7 years ago but with a fading player base and a virtually nonexistent balance system this will be the worst game you will ever play. There is an option to play against only Xbox players but seeing how only 5 of us have the game on the console you will never find a game. You are forced to play against pc players who have the option to play with super low graphics and see you hiding behind a building or bush across the map. There is no learning curve for this game, you either know how to play or you don’t. There is no learning in this game. The only way you can really complete this game is if you drop thousands of dollars just to get to rank 5 for every nation. If you have friends that say hey download war thunder, remove and block them from your friends list because they realized the mistake they made and want to drag you down with them into the never ending pit of suffering.
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Posted on 23 April 19 at 02:02
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General overview: So in a nutshell it's not world of tanks except for how it has tanks in it so don't expect you will do well if you have played that game. The game takes quite a bit of time to get good at and to make best use of positioning on maps when you are acquainted with their layout. If you think this game is pay to win then you are completely wrong especially if you are just starting out and get yourself into higher battle rated vehicles you will find you will get slaughtered. The game is designed with battle ratings for what it seems two reasons which is balance as the former and gaining experience before going too high in tiers as the latter. The game provides a massive amount of vehicle choice and progression towards them all is enjoyable on the most part until you hit tier 6+ vehicles but as of writing this there is changes coming to help alleviate this. The game is played cross play with PC players which I find is completely fine and I still use a controller myself and do well. The only downside I have is with so many PC players using Ultra Low graphics on purpose in the game to make it super easy to spot people through bushes as a lot of the bushes actually don't exist on their screens and I wish the developer would put restrictions on graphics quality and maybe only limit them to arcade mode where graphics doesn't mean much when line of sight is not really needed with all the extra viewing aids in that game mode.

Controls: The game supports controller and keyboard and mouse and you can save presets for either system. The controls can be very hard to understand if you haven't ever played PC games before or were given actual choice like most console players are not accustomed to.

Graphics: I use an Xbox One X and the graphics are ok for what it is. I generally find a lot of stuff looks amazing then all the sudden there is other assets that just look terrible and are not up to standard. Aliasing is probably the worst issue currently.

Overall score: 7/10

Hours played as of writing review: 1000+
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