Warborn Achievements

Full list of all 26 Warborn achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Turning The Tide

    Use a Commander Power for the first time.

  • Bring The Big Guns

    Call in a commander's personal Variable Armour for the first time.

  • Perspective

    Win an offline skirmish match once with every commander.

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  • Area Of Effect

    Hit three or more targets with a single attack.

  • Reinforcements!

    Deploy a Variable Armour to an Outpost for the first time.

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  • Perfect Trap

    Destroy an enemy with a Prospect proximity mine.

  • Just Like New

    Repair a friendly Variable Armour back to full HP.

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  • Overwhelming Force

    Complete a campaign mission with 15 or more Variable Armours deployed.

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