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    16 Aug 2015
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    What is WarFrame, the easy answer a Free-to-Play 3rd Person co-op shooter with melee combat. The hard answer a game I have over 300 hrs played and am still learning and finding things to do. The best way I can describe this game is Dynasty Warriors and EDF with a splash of Devil May Cry, then add in a deep modding system. WarFrame is the term given to the "Frame" your Tenno is wearing and the abilities that frame has.

    Visuals: The visuals are very pleasing to the eye, the game uses a tile system to create its levels. Depending on which planet or which faction you are facing, and what mission type, is what tiles you can get. After multiple hours you will see tiles many times, but they are varied enough and there is enough of them that, they only way they get old is if you never change the mission you play. The WarFrames themselves all look very different from each and each with there own themes, customizable colors, helmets and accessories.

    I would give them a 9/10, the only problem is occasionally there is some odd things that stay on screen or weird clipping issues, but overall backgrounds are pleasant to look into the enemy models are well done.

    Audio: I love the audio in this game, but not the background music, its the guns, every gun sounds awesome. The voice work is good, not high the greatest in the world, but it works. My biggest complaint is the transmissions, they can get in the way and get repetitive, fast.

    9/10, In game sounds are fantastic, the voice acting gets the job done, but is such a small part of the game that it does nothing to take away from the game.

    Gameplay: This is the beef of the game and why people have issues putting the game down. Its just pure fun. That is why I liken it to Dynasty Warrior and EDF, neither of those games are monumental in their gameplay, but what they do is make it fun to slaughter enemies with your friends. This game you can have a equiped, a primary, secondary, and melee. I will go into more detail on these later. How these affect the gameplay depends on how you want to play the game, and what makes the gameplay fun is you can set it up how you want it and go. I will breakdown gameplay by type to hopefully explain it better:

    Warframes: Each frame has typical RPG stats, speed, strength, energy, health, shields, skills all of which can be adjusted with mods. They also each have 4 abilities, which are unique to each frame, and revolve around the theme of the frame. There are currently 26(27 once update 17 comes to console) base frames along with some that have a prime version, same abilities, but slightly different stats and appearance. There enough frames for everyone to find one that fits how they want to play, solo, sneaky, tank, caster, healer, support.

    Primaries: These are your Assault Rifles, Bows, Shotguns, Rocket launchers, etc. Like warframes there are guns to fit any job you want to do, or way you want to play, facetank shotgunner, check, sniper in the back, check, bow and arrow, check. And all guns have unique stats that make them good for different situations. Some guns are not as good as others, as with any game, but with enough upgrades you can make your favourite gun good enough to take you just about anywhere.

    Secondaries: Pistols, throwing stars, and hand cannons. Same as primaries, there are a lot of them and if you dont like one get a new and the sell the old one.

    Melee is the weakest of the three, gameplay wise, option wise there are tons of fun intersting wepons to slice stuff apart with. Every weapon type has 1-2 sets of moves which if you go melee only or switch to holding your melee weapon you can use those combos, usually 2-5 movesets depending on the stance. The primaries and secondarys play like most other third person games, depending on the weapon type. I still love the melee it just is not as good as the other two, but there is a He-Man sword that you can slipe, swing and chop someone in half...so you tell me if thats not fun.

    Once you put all this together you have what you will be using to take on the three factions in the game, human-cyborg grineer, techy Corpus, and Flesh Mutant infested. Each with their own set of units and ways of taking you on.

    Mission types, range from kill them on the map, defend the box, survive for as long as possible and escape, sneak in and destroy, or hold these points. All of which can be done in 4 player Co-op There are 9 different mission types I just boiled them down.

    Modding: The game uses mods to adjust warframe/companion/equipment stats. Each item being separate, and having separate mods. The mods themselves can be upgraded as well.

    PVP: It does exist, but i have not touched it, so I cannot comment on it.

    10/10 Its so much fun


    As of writing this they are in the process of changing the parkour system in the game, which will arrive via update hopefully soon, but for now... The game has a light parkour system, I say light because its not as robust as say Mirrors Edge, or Dying Light. You can wallrun, run up walls, but with the system, there will be bullet glide, double jumps, etc which from the PC players makes it much more fun and fluid. Contolling the frames and games works like a standard 3PS, there are occasional issues where you will wallrun up instead of side to side, but overall everything is pretty fluid

    7/10 hopefully Parkour 2.0 is better


    Now this is not a normal section of a review but for this game i felt it needed to be added. This game is free to play, but if you want to progress and play for a long time and acquire A LOT of the items you will need to either pay money for in game courrency or you can trade some items for in game money(Platinum). The good thing is the only thing that you cannot get by farming items or palying is appearance items, and color pallettes, and even some of that you can get from alerts that change hourly.


    This is TA afterall, none of them are hard, at all, just time consuming, though if you bought some boosters and were super effiecent you might be able to get it done in under 100 hrs.


    I love this game, the sheer amount of weapons, characters(warframes), customization, and co-op fun is way more than I thought could be in a Free game. This review feels like I have left out so much information, but without making it 20 pages, stuff will get left out.

    In the end the question is should you play this, yes most definitely, especially if you liked Borderlands, EDF, Dyanasty Warriors, and getting your friends to play is easy, they do not need to buy anything.

    9/10, It is not a perfect game, but its very good, and constantly evolving.
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    TukaitauaNice review, if anyone is going to pick up a free to play game I would recommend this.
    Posted by Tukaitaua On 27 Aug 15 at 03:04
    Posted by iluminat6699 On 24 Jan 21 at 04:02
    KATAKL1ZMStarted it a few weeks ago, enjoyable game.
    Posted by KATAKL1ZM On 10 Sep 22 at 10:35
    Gilbert PrimeWarframe is the grindiest game I've ever played but it's open about that being the case. Even though I know I will stop playing after unlocking as many achievements as I can and will leave a ton of content unexplored, I have to give massive credit to Digital Extremes for consistently updating and expanding Warframe over the past 7 years. This level of support from its devs and players is super rare among free to play games or really any games.
    One piece of advice to new players is to use the Warframe wiki for current information. The game has changed so much over the years that almost all the TA guides are way out of date. You can safely assume that anything posted before 2019 is either obsolete or incomplete. The strange thing is that plenty of TA members are earning Warframe achievements every day but almost all the comments are from years ago.
    Posted by Gilbert Prime On 04 Jan at 22:43