12. Warframe Interlude - Eris and LuaUpdate notes


Pluto - Eris Junction

  • Defeat Lephantis
  • Open 3 Neo Relics
  • Complete 15 waves at Stofler

Interestingly enough, Pluto's junction requirements have nothing to do with Pluto. Pluto itself has a unique feature in that Ambulas, the planet boss, can be dropped into missions with an open-air tileset. Defeating and hacking it will give Animo Beacons, which are necessary to fight the boss battle proper. We will be skipping over this, as there's no reason to do this fight.

Open 3 Neo Relics

Like before, check the Void Fissure segment on your navigation bar to see Neo fissures. If you need more Neo relics, interestingly enough, a good place to farm them is Stofler.

Complete 15 waves at Stofler

Every five waves, the area changes to a new map, though in the same order. If you've gotten this far, you should be able to breeze through in a public match.

Defeat Lephantis

To begin, you will need to purchase the Orokin Derelict Assassinate key blueprint from the market. The most important ingredient is Lephantis Nav Coordinates, which can only be found in Derelict missions. You may already have enough, but if not, run any Derelict mission and try to grab everything.

Lephantis itself is particularly tricky. He has unique armor that gives ridiculous amounts of damage reduction, so you'll want to bring either Corrosive Projection if you have it, or mod your weapons for Corrosive. During the fight, heads will pop out of the ground, open up, and take shots at you. The Infested and Corpus weak points are fairly obvious, but the Grineer weak point is a face that only appears when it's rearing back to swing. If it does an overhead smash, you can also hit the very tip for damage.

Once all three heads are destroyed, the floor goes with it into phase two. Now you're fighting all three heads at once, and the body moves around and stomps on the ground. Frames that can slow, like Rhino's Stomp or Nova's Molecular Prime, are incredibly useful for keeping the head open longer. Lephantis drops Nekros parts.

Warframe: Nekros

  • Theme of the Dead? Nope, this guy's for farming
  • Desecrate is necessary for item farms, and the augment makes it siphon health instead of energy
  • Shadows of the Dead summons an army based off the last things you've killed
  • Soul Punch and Terrify are pretty much useless

Eris Junction

  • Quest: Patient Zero
  • Mire blueprint


Unique Missions

  • Naeglar, Hive - Technically a variant of Sabotage. Follow the objective to hives, destroy the tumor nodes guarding them, then destroy the hives.

Patient Zero has multiple Hive missions, or you could just repeat Naeglar. Completing five unlocks an achievement.


It's time to return to Lua for the rest of the Principle Rooms. Now that we have Operator Mode, Stealth and Endurance are laughably easy.

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