13. Warframe The SacrificeUpdate notes

Before starting the next quest, I highly advise getting an amp. You will only have access to the Quills if you have completed Saya's Vigil at this point. Go to Cetus and stand in front of Konzu, facing him. Go behind him into a small opening and you'll see a door with Orokin designs. Switch to Operator Mode and the door will open. Talk to the person inside to get the Mote Amp. This is an upgrade to your current beam and it's recommended to have this for the end of the quest.

Chains of Harrow

To start up Chains of Harrow, you will need to progress through Sedna to get to the Void, then progress through the Void to complete Mot. As a survival mission, five minutes is fine, so long as it's completed. Once this is done, the quest can be started from the Codex.

The entire quest is considered Solo only.

Investigate the Message

Follow to the objective and drop to the ground to see the bodies. Continue towards the second objective; at the L shape on a lower level is a Red Veil sign. The third objective is back on the top floor at the end of the L shaped room. Continue on for the first enemies to appear, Red Veil fanatics.

When you meet with Palladino, you are surrounded by nameless fanatics. Hold them off and after about a minute, you can head to extraction.

Meet Palladino at Iron Wake

Iron Wake serves as a Steel Meridian relay. Get to Palladino, follow her directions, and leave.

Find Rell's Relic

Once you get to the area, there is some exposition between the Lotus and Palladino. Rell interrupts and you can now hear whispering in the background. Head to the back of this area. The whispering will get louder as you close in on the next waypoint. There's also a smoky trail and a temporarily open door when you get close. Once you reach the end, you will find the Donda. Rell attacks; hold them off for a while before Palladino tells you to extract.

Return to Iron Wake

Unlike last time, you'll have to match pictures with emotions to continue on. Once that's done, return to your ship.

Capture Rell's Manifestations

To start this mission, you will need Kinetic Siphon Traps in your gear. If you don't have any, visit any relay and buy some more from Cephalon Simaris. I recommend at least ten.

Work your way to the objective. Once you find the writing, Infested will start attacking. Once you get to the first manifestation, use a Siphon Trap and damage it. Once you've dealt enough damage, it will drift down to the floor. If you don't deal enough damage at first, keep deploying traps and damaging it. After the first one, you'll be tasked with two more, but now Rell is following you to make it more difficult. Outside of this, the situation doesn't change.

There are three of these missions in a row. After the first one, Rell is present from the beginning.

Enter the Temple

Once you make it to the temple, you'll be forced into Operator Mode. Start destroying the Chains of Harrow and Red Veil Operatives will attack, as well as Rell, periodically. Duck into Void Mode whenever you're not shooting to preserve your health. Once you've killed the current wave, destroy more chains and you'll have to match the emotion to the scene before the next one starts. Continue with this until you've finished.

Check your inbox at the end to finish the quest.

If you haven't already, construct the Personal Quarters Segment obtained from The War Within, as this will be needed to continue. Walk to the back of your ship, turning right before reaching the Somatic Link, to find the Personal Quarters. Inside is an anomaly. Interact with this to start an interlude.

Apostasy Prologue

You will start on Lua. Shortly inside, you will see the anomaly. Once you run into it, follow as it continues on.

Once this is finished, you can start the next quest from the codex.

The Sacrifice

Return to your quarters and interact with the Lotus helmet to get started.

Investigate Sentient Energy

Here you will run into a sub-faction of Grineer, the Ghouls. At the objective, attack the obstruction, then defend the area while the door slowly opens. Ahead, you will need to scan several things. Start with the sword at the base of the tree. Following that, three traces of a Warframe. Facing the tree with your back to Lua, on your right is a large boulder and a Warframe helmet. Go up the first set of stairs and turn left, then scan the cloak attached to the tree. Return to the path and go up the next set of stairs, looking to the right to scan a golden crescent object.

Ghouls will attempt to ambush you on your way to extraction, but there's no reason to stand and fight. When back on your ship, check the Foundry to continue.

Explore Lua

Reaching the objective here, you'll be in a modified Speed Drift room. The security to hack needs nearby symbols. One is directly to your right, the other is up the stairs, then turn around to see it on the left. Don't worry about memorizing the symbols, they'll be displayed above the cipher next time you interact with it.

On your way out, you'll be ambushed by a Sentient Mimic. Not nearly as strong as its Conculyst or Battalyst brethren, either deal damage and use the Operator to erase the resistances, or just use the Operator entirely. The glowing core that they drop will completely restore energy, health, and shields to Warframe or Operator, but will explode if left too long. Mimics will be ambushing you throughout the level from here on.

The next cipher requires four symbol pairs. Start by going into the left door. Follow the waypoints until you reach the Agility Drift room. Go straight through it and you'll see the first pair on the wall at a junction on your right. Go back to the Agility Drift room and follow the waypoint on the right. As you round the corner, you'll see the second pair on the wall to the right.

Return to the initial room and go into the other door. Turn left at the junction and stick to the left in the next room to see the third pair dead ahead. Follow the final waypoint to another T-junction, where the final pair is on the right wall at the junction.

When creating the cipher, look for two pairs where one starts with the symbol the second ends with. Those three are in order. Continue matching until you have the final code. Once inside, destroy the Orokin Sentry inside, then go to the left. On a shelf surrounding a pillar is something to interact with. Select the highlighted symbol to listen to the recording. Head for extraction and ignore all the Mimics along the way.

Connect the Vitruvian

Follow the waypoint and install the Vitruvian. Go to the Foundry and build Excalibur Umbra. During the next cutscene, when Ballas mentions "Look who hasn't left your side," look at the soldier to the right until the scene continues.

Search for Umbra

Follow the waypoint to Umbra. When you reach it, go into Operator mode and use Void Blast to stun him. While stunned, try to enter him with Transference to continue the previous cutscene. The game you play isn't important, and you won't be winning. When Ballas mentions that he's commissioned a portrait, look to the left of him to focus on the portrait and continue. Sentients will spawn when extraction is available, run past them.

Back on the ship, access the Vitruvian in the same way to continue the quest.

Pursue Umbra

Sentients are now the only enemies here. Run past them and get to Umbra quickly. A lockdown will be initiated when he escapes and you'll need to kill five mimics to continue.

Once you catch back up to him, he now has a shield. Take down the shield with void attacks before stunning with Void Blast like before. There's nothing else to take Umbra's attention off you this time, so abuse the fact that the operator can't die and constantly throw them back out to continue damaging the shield. During the next scene, Isaah will gesture to an instrument; focus on that to continue the scene.

Back on the ship, access the Vitruvian in the same way to continue the quest.

Confront Umbra

You will only have the Operator when this starts. However, you still aren't able to die, so either tank the hits from Umbra or Void Dash around to give a few more opportunities.

After the cutscene, you'll be in a black and gold area. Follow the path around to the tree. You are now in control of Excalibur Umbra. The big difference is that Umbra is AI controlled while you are in Operator mode. The second is that Radial Blind has been replaced with Radial Howl, an area stun that removes Sentient resistances, much like the Void Beam. Go into Operator Mode and take shots at the Sentients while Umbra gets their attention.

Before leaving on the next mission, remember to add new mods to Excalibur Umbra, who comes maxed out with his own slot and reactor, his Exalted Blade, and the new nikana, Skiajati, which also has its own slot and catalyst. There are also five new mods if you have the endo and credits to upgrade them; each one used increases the effectiveness of the others. Keep in mind that you cannot forma a slot to add this new polarity, so don't overwrite them.

Return to Earth

As usual, ignore everything in your path and beeline to the courtyard. When you get there, you will need to fight off several Sentients. You can choose to switch back and forth between them, or stick to Operator mode and let Umbra do his thing. After defeating them all, cutscenes will play and the quest is complete.

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