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Wild Flower is the Latest Song to be Revealed from Wargroove's Soundtrack

In the latest video for the upcoming Wargroove, developer Chucklefish introduces us to a new song titled Wild Flower, which is "commander Nuru's theme".

Posted 2 days ago by Dave Horobin, 0 comments

Mechanist Prince Is The Latest Soundtrack Sample From Wargroove

The latest Phonetic Hero track from the upcoming Wargroove is an Okami-esque piece that serves as the theme for Heavensong Empire commander Koji.

Posted 7 days ago by Andy Mills, 0 comments

Have A Listen To Another Theme From Wargroove

Developer Chucklefish and composer Phonetic Hero have released a new track to listen to while we wait for the upcoming Wargroove. This time, it's the theme for Valder, a commander of the Felheim Legion.

Posted 18 days ago by Andy Mills, 2 comments

Listen to Bounding Joy from Wargroove's Original Soundtrack

A new musical sample has been released from the original soundtrack collection for Wargroove. In the latest music-filled video, we get to listen to a track called Bounding Joy which is "commander Caesar's theme".

Posted 1 month ago by Ashley Woodcock, 1 comment

November's Xbox One Update Brings Mouse and Keyboard Functionality

This week the Xbox One November update has introduced mouse and keyboard support, as well as improvements to Xbox Skill, expanded search results, and the introduction of the Amazon Music app.

Posted 2 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 30 comments

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