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    As a fan of the Warhammer universe (Both 40K & FRP) I want to get it out up front that I am very harsh on things that don't do justice to the Games Workshop universe. After a string of mediocre games, it's nice to see one come along that has been treated so well.

    The first thing I did when I got the game is what I always do: start up multiplayer. I like to just jump in and play a little before going into the Campaign. I'm a little disappointed (Ok, a lot disappointed...) that the Horde / Zombie / Firefight playlist (Called "Exterminatus") isn't live yet, but I'll get over it I suppose.

    The multiplayer is quite fun. It's something that within minutes I got the hang of, and as a level 1 placed 3rd on my team. I'm not sure if that's good for me or bad for my team, but we won so it doesn't matter. I'm not a big fan of games that force you to level up to compete with others, and so getting owned by some dude who's level 30 and has some really nice perks when the game has been out less than 24 hours was a little frustrating.

    That frustration aside (and it's not an uncommon failing...CoD & others...) I had a blast. You level up pretty fast, at least at the beginning. After two games I hit level 4, which is when you unlock the customizer. The customizer is great, as it allows you to mix and match different armor styles and color them to your liking. It really deserves the name it's chosen, with the level of color and armor options being close to or even more than other games like Brink and Halo: Reach.

    However, I see little to differentiate this game's MP from others, and I feel that other than among hardcore fans of 40K enthusiasts (myself probably being one of those) I doubt this game will share a long term place among the big names like Gears, CoD, or Halo.

    The campaign, however, is where this game really shines. If you love the 40K universe, you will enjoy playing through this game. The combat is very chaotic but not unmanageable. They do a really good job of scaling difficulty from the beginning of the game to the end. After a screw-up on my part when I didn't get the Hard difficulty achievement, I was forced to play through the game again. I found that fights where I had died several times the first time through, I no longer had any problems. Along with that screw-up, don't use the mission select option until finishing the game, or you'll be in the same boat I am. Honestly, though, I loved the game enough that I didn't mind going through a second time.

    The graphics are amazing. With as much on-screen action as there is, I noticed no slow-down at all. There are a few 5 second pauses for loading sections of the larger chapters, but I don't think that throughout the game I experienced more than two or three. By these I am speaking of in-game pauses, not the between-act loading screens. Combat never slowed down. It's a shame that there couldn't have been a little more diversity in enemy look, with every Slugga, Shoota, and Nob looking the same as every other.

    The sound is perfect. The music is suitably dramatic without being cheesy, and is timed perfectly with the goings-on of the game. The battle sounds are lifelike without being annoying, and the voice acting is amazing.

    The controls are rather geared for button-mashing, which is regrettable but lends to ease of use in frenzied combat. I always knew what combos to use to get myself out of a tight spot, and never felt frustrated that I died because the controls were confusing or unresponsive.

    All in all, if you are a fan of the 40K universe, this is a must buy. I feel it was worth the price of admission without a doubt. If you want a game you can sink hundreds of hours into, and you've never heard of Warhammer: 40,000 you may want to look elsewhere. In a world where games are rarely worth full price any more, I am happy with this purchase.

    Visual: 5/5
    Unique art style with a definite 40K feel, stands out with vibrant colors in the well-trodden "war-torn apocalyptic" genre where most things are a drab shade of grey.

    Controls: 4/5
    Lots of button mashing. You may feel like you're playing Street Fighter, without all the combos.

    Sound: 5/5
    Perfect. Great sound track, good sound effects, amazing voice acting.

    Achievements: 4/5
    Easy enough. Estimated time to completion: If boosting, 20 - 30 hours with a guide for collectables and boosted MP. "Legit" 50+, depending on how well you do in MP. Only trouble achievement would be the 40K kills. (See what they did there? Har har!) Getting all the weapon challenges done would be time consuming if not boosted.

    Fun Factor & Replay: 5/5
    If you like 40K, this will be a main-stay in your collection. The MP has definite replay value, and I could see myself coming back to the Campaign just for fun in a few months.

    **NOTE: Edited to reflect that half-stars can now be given.**
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    WorhammerThanks devil. And that's funny Chef, it's always funny when you meet someone from TA or x360a when playing games online. Feel free to say hello next time, we can party up or something.
    Posted by Worhammer on 12 Sep 11 at 04:26
    NumptyDrizztGood review, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. Its about time GW had a decent console game.
    Posted by NumptyDrizzt on 24 Jul 12 at 23:02
    Posted by FIVWPPJ on 26 Jul 12 at 03:52
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    In the grim dark future, there is only war...and ponies. Ok, maybe not so much with the ponies, but there is a boatload of war. Lots of war. Like there was a sale on at a warehouse store and the Emperor felt the need to buy out the place. Every second of every day of every year, Humanity is fighting someone, somewhere. That someone can be the savage and brutal Orkz, the space elves known as the Eldar, the communistic Tau, the world devouring Tyranids, the traitorous forces of Chaos that have turned from the Emperor's Light, or various and sundry other alien races.


    The premise of Warhammer 40000: Space Marine is that you are one of the Emperor's Chosen, Captain Titus of the Ultramarines Chapter of the Space Marines, sent to the Imperial Forge World Graia. Your purpose is to fight, crush, and exterminate the invading Ork forces that threaten the Imperial war effort.

    Graia is a highly important Forge World that produces countless items of war material, including the god-machines, Warlord-class Battle Titans. As such, it is too valuable a world to allow to fall in Orky hands. That also means that more...pyrotechnic...methods of cleansing, including orbital bombardment and Exterminatus (sterilizing the entire planet) are unusable. Hence the need for boots on the ground in the form of Captain Titus and his battle-brothers, Veteran Sergeant Sidonus and Brother Leandros.

    The story does take a fairly predictable twist, if you are familiar with the universe. I won't spoil it though.


    Gameplay is your standard third-person action title. If you are familiar with Afro Samurai, Batman: Arkham Asylum, or Transformers: War For Cybertron, you'll be able to pick up this game no problem.

    Combat consists of ranged and melee attacks with a variety of weapons for each. Melee attacks are pretty limited with not much variety or number of combos. But what combos there are are delivered in combat that is frantic. Getting bumrushed by a dozen or more Orkz? Take out a few with your Bolter then go to town with your Power Axe or Chainsword. Got damaged in combat? Well, then you better Stun an enemy and execute him! Combat rewards you by going into melee, but be careful, you can still be hurt and/or killed while Executing an enemy.

    As is typical with such games, throughout you'll come across multiple upgrades to your equipment and weapons. You start out with your basic Combat Knife and Bolt Pistol, eventually finding a Bolter, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Melta Gun (shotgun-type weapon), Lascannon (sniper weapon), Stalker-pattern Bolter (sniper weapon), Kraken Bolter, Vengence Launcher (grenade launcher), Chainsword, Power Axe, Thunder Hammer, and three types of tripod weapons that are un-reloadable - the Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter, and Autocannon. You can also find upgrades to your armor and your special ability.

    I really liked how they presented the upgrades in the game. Instead of just finding stuff lying on the ground, you find various...sepulchers...I guess, not sure what to call them, that activate upon sensing the presence of a Space Marine.

    There are also approximately 50 collectibles in the form of audio recordings of various personnel. I haven't listened to them all yet, as I still need to find 3 more. They aren't too hidden, standard game-collecting methods apply here, i.e. look everywhere.

    There is a downside to the gameplay. This game is heavily on rails. There's really no exploring to do as there's plenty of walls in your way. Granted, they are thematically appropriate walls, namely building/vehicle wreckage, but still walls channeling you along. The game is also quite good about locking previous areas off in that you'll "jump" down a ledge, or a door will close, preventing you from returning to previous sections. Meaning, always reload from weapon caches as you won't be returning.

    There is one type of section that I absolutely loved...the Assault Jetpack sections. Basically, you strap on a jump pack and super jump around. You can smash into the ground and stun (or outright explode!) your enemies. The sections aren't optional as the jet pack is needed to traverse some places (once you're done with the necessary sections, Titus informs you that the pack is out of fuel). You get to do this three times over the course of the game.

    Edit - There is one other problematic section when it comes to the gameplay. Namely, the placement of the checkpoints. A lot of the checkpoints are right before major combat scenarios. The problem is that the checkpoints are just far enough away to be a hassle if you die. There's also a love of putting text/cutscene/talking/etc right before said combat, but after the checkpoint. It gets annoying pretty fast, especially on stuff like the final boss battle and a few other spots. They could've put the checkpoint after the talking and made things a lot better for the player.
    End Edit


    This is one of the top notch things about this game. The graphics are simply beautiful. It really feels like it's an actual world where people lived and worked. The developers really captured the immense scale of a Forge World, along with the various touches, such as skulls on everything. Even the sewers of this planet, places where you wouldn't think to find artistry, are full of touches.

    Enemy mobs are pretty much cut and paste. One Ork Shoota Boy looks exactly like another Ork Shoota Boy. But given the frantic pace of combat, one can overlook this. You get some variety in the different enemy classes, but within the class, it appears there's only one or two models.

    One bright, shining spot for me...seeing Invictus. That alone was pretty much worth it.

    World graphics were pretty seamless and I only encountered one section where I was able to see outside the bounds of the art. Only had one loading screen appear for some inexplicable reason.

    Combat graphics could've used some final touchups. Multiple times I was able to Execute an enemy and have the action take place mostly in a wall. Some extra clipping work would've been good there.


    The background music was pretty much forgettable for me. Thematic, but essentially all overtures and instrumentals. No blaring pop music.

    Background sound effects were neat. Every now and then, you'd hear a vaguely female voice say something like, "If you are injured, return to your home. The Omnissiah will care for you." over the PA system.

    Human voices were quite well done. At one point, I thought Frank Welker (the VA for Megatron) was voicing a character, as it sounded very close to ol' Megs. I really got the sense of honor and dignity from Titus and Sidonus. Kudos to those VAs.

    Ork voices on the other hand. I am sick of hearing WAAAAAAAAAGGGGHH!, which you'll hear about a dozen times per combat encounter. The Warboss' voice was pretty good though.


    Multiplayer consists of (at this writing), two game modes with five maps each. Seize Control, which is your standard territories game type, and Annihilation, standard team deathmatch mode (though the goal number seems pretty arbitrary at 41 kills). You are limited to being either a Space Marine or a Chaos Space Marine. No Orkz or other races at this time.

    And yes, this game utilizies that malarkey known as an online pass, though it's called "Elite Pass" here. Just one way of making sure that your game loses some value, should you ever decide you want to sell it. I really wish I had known about that before I bought it, but oh well. You can play up to level 5 in MP without using it, but if you want to continue gaining xp, you'll need to either use it or pony up some cash for another pass. However, iirc, anyone who uses the console that has the pass, can play the multiplayer.

    Customization of characters is pretty substantial. Once you get to level 4, you can change the colors of your various armor pieces to create your own Chapter or War Band. Other armor pieces are unlocked as you progress through the Campaign and complete various Challenges in MP. There's several different sets of armor to choose from, such as Master-Crafted, Veteran, Mk 8, and Corvus, to name a few, with individual and customizable helmets, arm pieces, chestplates, backpacks, leg pieces, etc. There's also predefined color schemes for various Chapters and Warbands, like the Raven Guard, the Imperial Fists, the Thousand Sons, Alpha Legion, etc.

    But fret not! You can boost all the way to the level cap without ever playing against another person. You can also boost the Challenges in private matches.

    The MP could really have used a lot more variety, both in maps and game types. There is a co-op mode called Exterminatus (think Firefight or Escalation) coming in October that will be free DLC. Xp gained in that will also transfer to your overall level.


    There's a decent variety of achievements in this game. You've got your standard MP level ones, mission finishes, and kill counts. There's also achievements for using certain weapon combinations in a level, specific kill-types (headshots, executions, etc). There's also a particularly tough one for playing through the first few missions on Hard without dying or restarting. Ick. A fairly mixed bag of achievements. Some hard, some easy, some time consuming.

    To sum up...

    This is a game for fans of the Warhammer 40k universe. It was fun to step into the shoes of an Ultramarine for a while. Ideally, I'd rate it a ~4-4.5, due to the problems I mentioned above, notably the Elite Pass, the heavily on-rails bit, and the checkpoints, but I'm feeling generous today. It was a bit short, but that's pretty endemic to video games nowadays.

    Thank you for reading my first review here!
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    18 Sep 2011
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    "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine: A quality, original title, or just a Gears of War clone?"
    If you'v read my review of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, then you'll know I am a Warhammer fan, I won't deny that. But is this really a good game?

    Graphics - 8/10
    Space Marine is a good game to look at. The graphics are sharp, the details are crisp and the atmosphere is perfect. Looking at some of the sights during the campaign is fantastic. Some of the set-pieces just look amazing, the fight on the train-come-battering ram is just inspired, and is a very interesting level.

    In terms of character design, the Space Marines are true to the source. I'm really happy they didn't take any 'artistic licenses' when it came to design. Games Workshop has this amazing aesthetic to it's universes, and it's a treat to see Relic stay so faithful to it.

    My only gripes would be the damage. When you shoot an Ork, there is a large (and satisfying) explosion of blood, but there is no visible damage on the Ork. Only when it dies is there any damage. It's a minor thing, but something that does bug me. If you haven't noticed it yourself, look at the main menu, when Titus shoots the Ork in slow motion.

    Sound - 9/10
    Spot on. The music is both epic and moving, the voice acting is superb, and the sound effects are perfect. Your guns feel as heavy and loud as they should. The Bolter sounds like a tank cannon, and, if you know the background, then you know it is a tank cannon. The revving of the Chainsword is brilliant, and when you perform an execution on an Ork, the sound of you stomping on it's head is just something you don't get tired of.

    Now if you're a Dawn of War veteran, you might be put off by the Ork voice acting. The Orks in Space Marine are more eloquent than their Dawn of War counterparts. They still have their cockney accents, but they actually speak English, rather than the almost comical sub-English they had in other games. It's not something I've experienced, I think they sound about right. The Warboss Grimskull actually sounds exactly as I thought a Warboss would sound like.

    Gameplay - 8/10
    Single Player - 9/10
    Split into 4 Parts, each with about 4 Chapters, this game is actually surprisingly long. It isn't a long tale of award-winning writing, and if you are familiar with Warhammer 40,000, the plot is if anything, rather predictable, but it's still a good story. You play as Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, a Chapter of the Imperium's finest warriors, the Space Marines. You are a genetically enhanced super-soldier, and equipped with the best armour and equipment available.

    Now the gameplay itself is very reminiscent of Gears of War. But there is a few key differences. First of all, you do not take cover. You are a Space Marine, a god of war and a walking tank. You don't need to take cover. The game makes you feel like you can wade into a mob of Orks, Chainsword swinging, and they stood no chance. The other difference is the combat. No awkward smack of the elbow, or chainsaw bayonet here, you are armed with a variety of weapons, and a simple combo system to go with them. It switches from Gears-style third-person-shooter to a hack-and-slash game at a moment's notice, and its brilliant.

    Multiplayer - 8/10
    The multiplayer is very much inspired by (read: taken from) Call of Duty. You have three classes, Tactical (balanced), Assault (combat orientated) and Devestator (heavy weapons). Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and everything is very balanced. You can customize your loadouts, with different weapons, equipment and importantly, perks. But there is a big difference to Call of Duty's multiplayer. There are no killstreak bonuses or anything like that. There is no huge advantage to being a really high level or camping in a corner for kills. No perk is too powerful, no weapon unfair.

    As for game modes, there are only two, Seize Ground and Annihilation, or for those familiar with Call of Duty, Domination and Team Deathmatch. And there is a distinct lack of maps at the moment. The maps themselves are really well designed and all are fun to play on, there just isn't enough of them.

    Also you can customize your Space Marine, and Chaos Space Marine. You unlock armour as you play, and can change the colour of every piece. It has several pre-made Chapters/Warbands to get you started, but you are free to let your imagination run riot.

    Longevity - 9/10
    The Campaign itself is a lot of fun, very arcadey. There are a good few collectibles, and Campaign-specific achievements. For multiplayer, provided there is a map pack or something down the line, it is something I can keep coming back to. If not, I'll still be playing a lot. The multiplayer is one of the most balanced I've seen, and it's a lot of fun to boot.

    Overall - 9/10
    This is not a Gears of War clone. This is a fun, third person shooter with a good combat system thrown in. If you're a fan of Warhammer 40,000, this is a must buy. For those who just want a fun multiplayer experience, this is worth looking into. What Relic have done, is make a genuinely good Warhammer game. There are no real downsides to the game, apart from maybe the lack of multiplayer maps.
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    This review was written on November 11th 2011 and was posted to gamespot but I am moving all my reviews over to TA now. Hope its a good read to anyone interested in this great game.

    Warhammer 40k space marine is a third person shooter created by relic a developer responsible for the dawn of war series and the well known company of heroes series. Both of these are RTS games so its been a while since they have stepped in the shooter genre but its good to have seen them dabble in this recently.

    Having played alot of dawn of war 1 and 2 I naturally wanted to step into the boots of a space marine and this game gives you that chance after many years of waiting. Thankfully this game doesn't disappoint either. This truly is gears of Warhammer but more bloody and with less hiding behind chest high walls.

    You definantly feel like you are one of the emperor's elite space marines in this game combating dangerous enemies who will do whatever it takes to kill you, this is proved a lot as they do not fight fair by attacking in mobs during the campaign but its all part of the fun. Plus this is the orks after all, a species that can't make a house without putting a gun turret on it or some spikes. Another faction does appear later in the game too but they don't feel like they mob you as much which is probably a good thing since they are a lot better at being able to turn you into a cloud of blue mist.

    Your weapon arsenal is as brutal as the franchise itself with weapons ranging from chainsaw swords to melta cannons that vaporize ANYTHING that gets close. The total number of weapons in the game isn't massive but each weapon is varied enough and they all have a sense of purpose about them. Even though most of them are bolter related when it comes to the ammo they use. The executions which are part of the melee combat can do a lot to spice things up too but sadly there isn't many and they are mainly used to get your health back because a space marine can't get better without tearing his enemies in half (literally).

    The visuals are very impressive aswell with alot of detail in the game, just a shame that there is alot of brown and grey to look at as well. Its not to say that the game has bad graphics or art designs its just that those familiar with 40k will know this is a grim universe and the visuals are very good at showing this. Perhaps too good in some cases where most of the environments are several grey or brown corridors filled with enemies to destroy. But it doesn't lose points for this since its being faithful to the source.

    This is 40k after all where humanity has billions of soldiers at their disposal with their empire comprising of trillions of civilians that they must protect from a galaxy that will stop at nothing to destroy them. But that doesn't mean humanity are the good guys in this universe either we are simply another faction trying to stay alive in such a brutal and over exaggerated universe. This is shown heavily in the art style of the game with everything being propaganda/militarily based but this shows how strong the lore of the franchise can be. Its good to see that the developers have taken it all so seriously when representing it in the game.

    The campaign itself is very well done but it definantly lacks ambition the developer truly played it safe with this one which is all fine since it gives out a decent story with alot of violent gameplay for you to enjoy and lets face it we will enjoy it accept on hard mode perhaps. We also have the obvious plot twist literally half way through the game and to be fair if your familiar with 40k or have played any dawn of war title you will see it coming a light year away. Not to say this is a bad thing since the twist changes the game play and enemy variants but this isn't by a huge margin.

    And finally the multiplayer launching with only two modes capture the points and team deathmatch the game feels a little rushed on this part especially with only 5 maps to play on at launch. Thankfully though by this point some DLC has cured this by adding capture the flag (FREE!!!!!) and dreadnaught assault mode (for 800MSP) but this isn't really enough it feels like these modes should have been in the launch to give a sense of variety.

    That isn't to say the multiplayer is bad its actually pretty darned good with some decent maps that we sadly need more to do brutal combat in, but they are all designed fairly well and they aren't recycled single player environments which shows they didn't cut corners in this regard.

    The level of customisation in the multiplayer rivals that of saints row you can makes any space marine you wish ranging from a legionaire of chaos to an angry marine getting annoying at everything in your path or to be ironic you could make a pink marine proving his comfort with his sexuality as he does battle. All armour can be mixed and matched or you can be boring and just choose a pre-set chapter. The number of chapters actually in the game for both factions is definitely some brilliant fan service and relic has proved their loyalty to their fans just by including so many of them in the multi player alone. If only this was the same for the number of maps.......

    In conclusion a very good title for when you just want to kill things with very fun multiplayer a decent story and lovely visuals when they aren't grey or brown. This game is a solid 4 stars from me it would be 5 but they're is so much missed potential that is just falls short from a solid 5. Don't let this discourage you though because space marine is a fantastic game with plenty of replay value and some brutal combat to enjoy.

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    23 Sep 2011
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    Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine is a 3rd person shooter, with some intersting game mechanics. THQ has finally released a brilliant game. The Campaign is set on the Imperial Forge World Graia. You play as Captain Titus of the Ultramarines Chapter, and set out to aid the Imperial Guard against an Ork attack.

    Campaign Features:
    A wide Variety of Execution moves
    A Fantastic Plot
    Lots of weapons

    Enemies can dissapear into terrain during Execution
    Slow executions can be frustrating
    Wierd Saving spots

    Interesting Perks
    Cool maps
    On a server with good connection hardly any frustration
    Copy class means lv1's can beat lv41's
    Excellent customising options
    Few maps (may be more to come)
    Many laggy servers
    Time consuming challenges
    Might not always stay on the same team as friends

    Best game from THQ by far cannot wait for DLC and a Space Marine 2. A well earned 4.5/5 toast
  • Depraved HateDepraved Hate410,693
    19 Sep 2011
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    Welcome to my fifth review of which is the said game warhammer 40k It's set in said universe which you play as an ultramarine captain whose name escapes me atm its a third person shooter that promise so much but didnt deliver for me which made me sad as I was looking forward to this game. damn this one hundred words long thing booooo, it's a video review for christ's sake :( noboy wants to read words or bad grammar :P ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha