2. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine General hints and tipsUpdate notes

I will now provide a few tips which i found out during my struggle against the aliens and heretics:

Use kill animations only if necessary! I know they are a brilliant cinematic experience and after you finally damaged a tough enemy enough you can't wait to cut him into tiny bits, BUT you are not invincible during the sequence, meaning surrounding enemies will use that to their advantage. I died quite a few times because of that, so the only tip I can give here is to please only execute enemies when you are sure that you can't die (meaning no other enemies, far away enemies or too few to inflict enough damage on you) OR if your health is pretty depleted and you desperately need some (replenishes health when done succesfully)

Shoot your weapons before you charge in!! Don't let Khorne (god of blood) take the best of you and lose yourself in senseless bloodbaths, stay focused and take potshots whenever you can. You can't prevent close combat from happening (not that I think you would ever want that) but you can even the odds by shooting at the hordes, maybe taking out 3-5 enemies before they reach you or at least weaken them a little bit.

Use rage frequently since it will replenish your health slowly as well as increasing the damage dealt in melee combat (later on it will enable you to slow mo shoot enemies), but give it some thought when you use it. Using it for one ork is not very effective, but using it during a battle where your shield gets depleted and more orks ought to come, well, at least take some of them with you!!

Grenades are useful to slow enemy advances (well, never saw meat chunks still willing to attack me xD) but also are great ways to weaken or thin enemy lines. Replenish as often as possible since you will use them quite frequently.

Restock on ammo whenever possible since you will certainly need every shot in every weapon you have.

Make sure you have the best weapons at your disposal. There are actually 2 good melee weapons (energy axe and hammer, but sadly you only can use the pistol or bolter with the hammer) and a few good ranged weapons (i preferred las kanon, plasma weapon, melter and bolter, but it's really up to you). Having the right weapons for the right job can make the difference between life and death.

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