3. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Story walkthroughUpdate notes

I will start here with the story part. Basically it's sufficient to do the game on Hard to get all the story related achievements, but there are some miscellaneous achievements which are rather easier on a lower difficulty and that's why I will provide two story segments, Hard and Easy. The collectibles aren't too tough to find and basically you can either get them on hard or a lower difficulty, really up to you. The missions are also pretty straightforward, but in case someone should struggle I will provide videos as well to give you a basic idea on it.


Choose from the main menu campaign and start a new campaign on Hard. This is only for the story playthrough on hard, I will go into detail on other achievements later on. I recommend getting the skulls in this playthrough, however you can simply load previously played chapters as well. BUT do not use that BEFORE you have actually finished the whole game because it will void your achievement! Play through it all on hard and do the rest afterwards. However, on your conquest through the campaign on Hard, I can give some basic tips.

Range before Melee! I can't say it often enough, but knowing when to melee and when to retreat is crucial for your survival. Taking out ranged enemies ASAP is crucial and fortunately melee enemies will concentrate on your teammates rather than you unless you attack them first and catch their attention. The only thing is, Squigs (small exploding guys) go only for you, so keep an eye out for those. Also, never encounter any sort of champion or heavy enemy in melee unless you know that he's pretty weak, lost his shield, bound for execution, etc. and executing them might leave you vulnerable but you mostly won't deal enough damage to kill them within that time limit. Also if you die a lot, try a different approach or simply remember when which enemy appears. With that said, you are set for the hard playthrough.

If done correctly you should get the following achievements. I won't give detailed info on the game since it is pretty linear but for those who struggle, I recommend the videos provided (although I don't take credit for them).

Of course you will get the achievements for the collectibles if you use the guides in this playthrough, so i will list it here too.

(the rest of the videos are on YouTube, I won't post them all since there are around 30 or something close to that)

Now we go for a specific achievement for finishing the first part on hard. This might sound tougher than it is. Simply choose distance before melee and NEVER go for executions unless there's only one of the Orks left. Also don't draw the attention of the melee Orks until you have dispatched the ranged Orks. This is from chapter 1-4 and as soon as you shoot down the carrier, the achievement should pop.

Congrats on the Hard playthrough, now we will go to the mop up which is quite a lot.


I will start with the achievements for going through a whole chapter of a level with a specific set of weapons. Keep in mind that grenades void the achievements! Also you don't have to play through the whole chapter, so simply load up the last checkpoint and play through the relatively short parts and do it on Easy rather than on Hard.

Load up Chapter 3 : Belly of the Beast, on the last checkpoint and do not use any other weapons other than the Bolt Pistol and the Chain Sword. As soon as you're done you will have a small comtalk and head across a bridge. Cross that bridge until the achievement pops, DO NOT exit the game before that!!

  • Finesse and Fury

    Complete a Chapter of the single-player game using only Stalker-Pattern Bolter and Chainsword.

    Finesse and Fury

Load up the same checkpoint as above and run straight ahead to get the Stalker Bolter from a weapons cache. Only use this and the Chain Sword and do the same with the bridge part until it pops.

Load up chapter 6 : Lair of Giants, again on the last checkpoint and only use your Plasma Pistol! Go for the objectives as soon as they appear and can be activated. Keep using charged shots on the big Orks to dispatch them quickly, let the video sequence end and wait until the new chapter loads and the achievements pops.

Same checkpoint as above but this time you are allowed to use melee. However, don't use it on the big Orks, use the launcher and blow them to bits since it's safer and pretty much a higher damage output.


Now I go for the multikill and kills in a time window achievements. Of course I will tell you the best places to get them.

This one might sound hard, but it really isn't. Search for one of the earlier chapters (2-4) and keep the Stalker Bolter on you all the time. You will encounter a lot of big Gretchin (small Orks) crowds. Now simply wait until 2 are in a row or close enough to die from the same bullet, pull the trigger and wait for the achievement to unlock.

I got this by coincidence and without even trying for it. I recommend again using it on Gretchins as every time they come in big swarms and like to cluster close together. It will come, just try on each occasion until you get it.

  • Chain of Death

    Multi-kill -- Detonate a chain of 5 consecutive Vengeance Launcher rounds, killing 10 enemies.

    Chain of Death

This one is a tricky one and it took me several tries to get it. A grenade detonates from the launcher with a tap of the RB and you can't have more than 5 active at a time, placing more detonates previous grenades. A chain only counts if you tap the button and DON'T release it so they detonate in order of placement. A pretty good place in my opinion is chapter 3 : Belly of the Beast on the last checkpoint, but of course you can try for it whenever you see swarms of enemies. This might take some time, so be patient!

At chapter 3 : the Belly of the Beast, the last checkpoint, you unlock the ranged fury attack. This is also the perfect spot to get this achievement. Kill the Orks in the room at the beginning and the Shoota Boyz on the upper level and you will get swarmed by Gretchins, Orks and Squigs. Wait until there are a lot and fire away with your Bolter. The weapon you choose is rather up to you, but i found it easiest with the Bolter.


Now i concentrate on the special condition kills.

This achievement is earned for simply killing enemies with your jetpack, meaning when you are midair and stomp down, the attack should kill the enemy. There are 3 sequences with jetpacks and although I got it on the first one, the best and easiest place to get it is the last chapter since the traitor guards in this level die with one attack and the daemons die with 2.

You will eventually get this achievement through the campaign anyways. Every time a B-Button prompt appears on an enemy you can execute him. Doing it will replenish your health, BUT not your shield. Also be aware that during this you are not invincible, meaning you can get hurt and die in the process. Simply damage enemies enough to get the prompt and rinse and repeat.

For this you have to ram attack enemies AND kill them with it. This simply means that you have to sprint and use X to do a charge attack. Using it on bigger enemies is not the best idea since they take a lot of hits, but using it against Gretchins and traitor Imperials is always a one hit kill. Might take some time and I recommend either a place where a lot of Gretchins spawn or the Psykers spawn infinite guardsmen. If you, however, use it at times throughout the campaign, you might get it by the end of it.

With exotic weapons they mean fixed weapons like Heavy Bolter, plasma guns and machine guns. Either use them in the socket or rip them out. Easiest done again on smaller foes since they only take one round, but it's totally up to you where to use them.


Now I go for the enemie specific kills

This is for struggling against the big boss Orks. This basically happens when you are prompted for the execution on them. You have to button smash the B button to force your weapon into the foe (obviously it's struggling for the upper hand) and if you win you get 1 kill towards the achievement. Rinse and repeat until you get it.

This one is actually for killing the big Orks (I'm not quite sure if the ones with the maces are the only ones that count) any way you see fit. They are tough so don't even try to melee them unless you are quite sure they are not going to take a lot more punishment.

These are the Orks with the big shields. The only weapon in melee which makes an impression on those guys is the Hammer, but sadly you can only wield one handed weapons and the Bolter with that. These enemies are actually quite weak against explosives, especially against the loaded shot of the plasma weapons. Use them to stumble them and finish them off ASAP.

This is quite obvious, simply kill the needed number of Chaos Space Marines. In case you don't know, those are the guys with the same sort of armor, but they just shoot you and look a little bit more sinister.


This final part concentrates on normal and headshot kills.

I got these without even trying for them and the only tip I can give on them is to simply aim in the general direction of the enemies' heads. You should get this at the end of your playthrough but, if not, simply rack up headshots whenever you can until you get it.

These two will come naturally through game progression, but if you really want to you can of course grind them.

You can do those of course everywhere you have enemies and I rather recommend using the fury whenever you see more than 5 enemies around you. However chapter 14's second checkpoint is a good place to do it since you have infinite Imperial traitor guards spawns. Here is a video for those who are struggling.

These are only for kills and I can almost guarantee, the reason why the 40k kills achievement has such a high ratio is basically because it takes a lot of dedication and time to grind the kills out. Luckily each kill you do is counted be it in multi or single player and therefore you will have the weapon challenges way before the 40k kills. The best place for this is actually chapter 14: 2nd checkpoint. Here you encounter an infinite amount of enemies and have a machine gun at your disposal. Fire with each weapon until you have no more ammo in any, then simply reload the checkpoint. It takes around 15+ hours of grinding, of course varying if you did the multiplayer achievements before that (at that point i strongly recommend doing the MP first!).

Congrats, you succesfully beat the single player!

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