Warhammer: Chaosbane Reviews

  • Darklord1899Darklord1899347,170
    17 Oct 2019
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    This was free last weekend on Gold. So as it had a free weekend I thought I would give it a go. I like Warhammer and have read the books. I am not that great at the games but I do play them. smile

    So this review is more of a warning. This is not a full-price release. I would expect this to go to games pass or Games with Gold in the near future. It is a bare-bones release.

    This is a Diablo/Baldurs gate dungeon slasher type of game. I absolutely love these types of games. So when finding out it was released and free for a weekend I thought why not. Well, it is no fun. It seems to repeat the same locations over and over again. Also, you cannot rotate the playfield. A must in modern isometric games.

    The second or third time of doing the same location again I gave up.

    So the reason for this review of my 4 hours of game play is to say if you really like Dungeon crawlers get Titanquest instead (on sale of course) Get Diablo. Victor Vran is better as is The incredible adventures of Van Helsing.

    So to sum up. If you are getting it for free, take it. If it is $10 perhaps buy it if nothing else is on offer. Currently it is £30 on Amazon or 49 dollars in the US of A and it is simply not worth that much.

    I spent 4 really boring hours playing this average title. I scored a mere 40gs but really think there should be a way to delete this so I do not have to remember playing this game.