Warlock's Tower Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


Once again, I didn't feel like adding a ton of cn_upcn_downcn_leftcn_right to a walkthrough, so I have created a legend for you to use.

U - Up
D - Down
R - Right
L - Left
cn_A - Switch Characters
WAIT - Pause for game animation
END - End of the level
STAIRS - I only mention stairs when that area is completed

? Levels are not necessary

EXAMPLE: U3,R2,U1,L1,R3,END = cn_upcn_upcn_upcn_rightcn_rightcn_upcn_leftcn_rightcn_rightcn_right


Highlight 3 - 4 commands at a time and then move on. This will help in the later parts of the game when the list is a lot longer.

Pay attention to make sure each move counts, or you may find yourself failing the level.

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