Warlock's Tower Walkthrough

3. Dungeon A-B

Dungeon A:

Video by Achievement Land:

For anyone who prefers a video:

(Guide may or may not follow the same path as the video)

For each level, you are only allowed so many steps. Collecting orbs adds more steps so you can reach the end. Follow the guide word for word for a quick completion.


1) The Beginning: R5, U1, END

DA 2

2) Every Gem Counts: U3, TALK

Talked to the Warlock in Warlock's Tower
Talk to the Evil Warlock for the first time
  • Unlocked by 977 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 977

L5, D3, R1, L2, U1, END

DA 3

3) Super Gem is Here: D3, R2, D1, U2, R2, D1, R1, U1, END

DA 4

4) Shortcuts Are Evil: L5, D3, R5, D1, END

DA 5

5) No Be Greedy, Tim: L2, D1, L4, U3, L1, U1, END

DA 6

6) Dungeon Creeper: R2, U1, R2, U1, D3, R1, D1, END

DA 7

7) Gems Us. Gems: L5, U2, R1, D1, U3, R1, U1, END

DA 8

8) Tim, Don't Be Fooled!: R2, U2, L4, D2, L3, U4, END


Dungeon B:

DB 1

1) The Mail Always Gets Through: L5, U3, R2, L4, U1, END

DB 2

2) GEMinie Room: R3, D3, L1, R1, U1, R2, U1, L1, R1, U1, R2, U1, END

DB 3

3) Big Room Is Big: U2, L2, D1, L1, D1, U1, L3, U1, L1, R1, U2, R4, U1, R1, L2, U1, L1, U1, END

DB 4

4) Don't Get Gemmed Now: U2, L1, U3, L3, D4, R1, L5, U2, R2, L1, U2, R1, U1, END

DB 5

5) So Close No Matter How Far: L1, D1, L1, R1, D1, R1, L1, D3, L1, R2, D1, R5, U4, L2, D1, L1, R1, U4, END

DB 6

6) The Walking Tim: D1, TALK, D1, L1, R3, U1, D1, R1, D2, R2, U2, END

Met the Zombie in Warlock's Tower
lay a stage where there's a Zombie
  • Unlocked by 925 tracked gamers (95% - TA Ratio = 1.02) 977

Zombies can kill you! Pause your actions during their movement or take a chance your count is off and your brains get all munched up.

DB 7

7) A Key Concern: R5, U3, L5, U1, END

DB 8

8) Tim of the Dead: U1, L1, D1, U6, TALK

Talked to the Hero in Warlock's Tower
Talk to Lenda do Herói's Hero
  • Unlocked by 899 tracked gamers (92% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 977

8) Tim of the Dead: U1, L1, D1, U3, R3, U1, R2, D1, L1, R1, U1, L1, U3, R2, L4, U1, END

Completed the Dungeon in Warlock's Tower
Beat all Dungeon stages
  • Unlocked by 904 tracked gamers (93% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 977

?) need 40% to unlock (Not needed for any achievement)


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