Warriors Orochi

Xbox 360

Warriors Orochi Achievements

Most Earned

Available officers - 15
Available officers - 1520 (20)Save the game with 15 or more officers unlocked.
Available officers - 20
Available officers - 2021 (20)Save the game with 20 or more officers unlocked.
Available officers - 25
Available officers - 2522 (20)Save the game with 25 or more officers unlocked.
Available officers - 30
Available officers - 3023 (20)Save the game with 30 or more officers unlocked.

Least Earned

All officers available
All officers available113 (70)Save the game with all officers unlocked.
Available officers - 75
Available officers - 7532 (20)Save the game with 75 or more officers unlocked.
Available officers - 70
Available officers - 7030 (20)Save the game with 70 or more officers unlocked.
Ability level 100
Ability level 10045 (30)Save the game with the total level of acquired abilities at 100 or higher.
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