Warriors Orochi 2

Xbox 360

Warriors Orochi 2 Achievements

Most Earned

Survival Mode victory
Survival Mode victory43 (40)Save the game after recording at least 1 win in Survival Mode.
Available officers - 50
Available officers - 5022 (20)Save the game with 50 or more officers unlocked.
Available officers - 60
Available officers - 6022 (20)Save the game with 60 or more officers unlocked.
Clear Shu storyline
Clear Shu storyline45 (40)Save the game after clearing the Shu storyline.

Least Earned

All difficulties cleared
All difficulties cleared244 (100)Save the game after clearing all Story Mode and Dream Mode scenarios at all difficulties.
Dream Mode - all cleared
Dream Mode - all cleared187 (80)Save the game after clearing all Dream Mode scenarios.
All officers available
All officers available187 (80)Save the game with all officers unlocked.
Dream Mode - 24 cleared
Dream Mode - 24 cleared59 (30)Save the game after clearing at least 24 Dream Mode scenarios.
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