3. Wasteland Remastered Story walkthroughUpdate notes

As I said on page 1, most but not all achievements will not unlock on the WIN10 version. This means you'll need to make a save before the achievement unlocks so you can load it on your One to earn it. When you see (WIN10:Save) this means you should save so you can reload it later on your console for the achievement. If you are playing it on the One, ignore these prompts to save. However, if you see the word "save" that isn't written with the WIN10 annotation above, you should do it regardless of platform.

The start of the game is going to require a lot of setup. Reason being that the game gives you a party of 4 premade characters, and you want to sell/transfer all their stuff, and then make 4 rangers if your own. I'm going to show you the characters I rolled with, but if you're going to cheese the levelling like I did, you don't need to aim for exactly what I got, or better. You'll get so many points leveling up that you won't know what to do with them all. If you're running through "legit", you should probably care much more about your initial rolls, because you won't have nearly as many attribute points to throw around.

Starting Out

Anyway, choose new game. Once you load in go north a few steps and then west, you'll see a building in the mountains, head inside the town of Highpool. Go south until you see a big building with a path leading to it, head inside and then walk into the counter south of the guy in the northeast corner to enter the shop. Sell everything all 4 characters can sell here. Exit Highpool and go west to the water (DO NOT go in) and follow it north until you see a big town, enter from the southwest corner. You'll see a building just north of you, head into it. Sell Thrasher and Hell Razor's 45 gun and ammo. Return to the Ranger Center and pool all the money and move all the 9mm guns/ammo to one character. Delete the other three, leaving you with the character you pooled everything to. I'd save your game here in case you goof up. First off create a character, roll until they have at least 11 INT, then accept and pick whatever for their gender and shit. For skills, put a point in combat shooting and then it doesn't matter what you do with the rest, then finish creating them. You'll get 2 achievements.

You can now delete the character you just made (should still have Hell Razor). Now you want to create the characters you actually will use. What you're basically looking for is a fairly high INT (maybe 14+) and at least double digits in everything else, but as I said you can be less picky if you're going to be power levelling. For me, I went with this setup. Note that the max is 4 rangers so you can only make the first 3 first. Your max party size if 7, but the last 3 must be hired NPCs (aside from one exception late in the game but we'll talk about that when the time comes).

Building Your Party

This person is basically our non-combat skill ranger. He/she will have a ton of skills you may only use once or twice throughout the game, but are necessary and/or useful to have regardless. Intelligence/Dexterity/Charisma are the most important stats.

Strength: 16
Intelligence: 17
Luck: 18
Speed: 11
Agility: 11
Dexterity: 14
Charisma: 16


Clip Pistol
Picklock level 2
Bomb Disarm

The next three don't matter quite as much because you only need one person with the non-combat stuff. Basically they're just for combat and that's it. Intelligence is still important because we eventually need 23 Intelligence to get the Energy Weapons skill, but otherwise we only need combat skills with these 3.

Strength : 15
Intelligence : 16
Luck : 11
Speed : 15
Agility : 13
Dexterity : 12
Charisma : 8

Brawling level 2
Clip Pistol level 2
AR level 2
Silent Move

Strength : 13
Intelligence : 16
Luck : 15
Speed : 12
Agility : 10
Dexterity : 10
Charisma : 11

Brawling level 2
Clip Pistol level 2
AR level 2

Pool your money to someone other than Hell Razor and move all his items to someone else. Delete him and build the last character.

Strength : 16
Intelligence : 18
Luck : 16
Speed : 12
Agility : 10
Dexterity : 12
Charisma : 10

Brawling level 2
Clip Pistol level 2
AR level 2
SMG level 2

Final Preparation

(Note that this section is built off of the guide here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=20124... Namely getting the engine early and a few other things, so credit to the author.)

Exit the Ranger Center and head north a few steps, then west. You'll pass by Highpool and hit a mountain range, go north and you'll come to a truck with some tents by it, head inside The Desert Nomads. If you get into an encounter here just run away or reload your autosave (which saves when you enter a place), because the enemies are pretty strong. Head north and enter the caboose of the train (far east car). Choose yes to get a Visa Card (interesting name drop), give it to someone.

Now head west and you'll see a shopping cart icon, walk into it for a shop and buy an Engine item. Now leave, head south and enter Highpool. If you're missing any HP due to the enemies in the Nomad Camp (or otherwise) press the C key until they heal. The only way to heal is either to pay for it (which you don't have money to do right now) or to simply pass time, and camping is the fastest way to do that. The faster time moves the quicker you heal. The overworld is actually the fastest for healing, but obviously you aren't strong enough to handle the encounters that will come with it.

Now head south to the bottom of the area and enter the blue building (WIN10:Save). You can stand on the head of the bed for some loot. Your main objective is to stand right under the machine at the foot of the bed. Use the engine on it to fix it, some kids will give you some nice loot. I got $360 cash, a mangler, some 9mm ammo, 4 leather jackets and some Jewelry. The amount seems to be random. You can pawn the Jewelry to the shop guy here for $75 each, it has no other use. The Leather Jackets should be equipped on everyone. The mangler can also be sold. You get an achievement for fixing the pump in Highpool.

Exit Highpool and go west to the water and follow it up again, this time skipping over Quartz and heading into the next town Needles, enter from the southeast corner. Where you enter a place dictates where you'll be once you're inside, so the place you enter towns from matters quite a bit, because it can save you a bunch of walking. Head north to find a city, you want to enter from the south under the far right building. You'll see a loot pile by the building, grab the Snake Squeezins from it for an achievement later and then walk west to the alley and then north, you'll run into a woman, stand by her and start an encounter (cn_X on console). Have everyone choose hire, and someone should hire Christina, adding her to your party.

She has AC 5 armor, which is much better than anything you can get your hands on right now. She also has an UZI, which you should take from her and give to one of your rangers. NPCs can sometimes refuse your orders, if she does just trade it again. The reason to take it from her is that automatic weapons like the UZI have 3 fire settings : Single which uses one bullet, Burst which uses 3, and Full Auto which uses every bullet left in the clip. Christina tends to use Full Auto, which will burn through your ammo really quick.

You can control which firing mode your rangers use though. When you choose to attack with a ranger that has a gun with different fire modes, you can choose which of the three modes to use. You'll get more than enough ammo to afford to use Burst fire (unless it's a super weak enemy then just let characters with melee or a 9mm pistol shoot them). Full Auto is generally reserved for super powerful enemies, which you won't encounter much of if you follow this walkthrough. I will detail these enemies when we meet them.

Now leave. Return to Quartz (head to Highpool and camp to heal if need be) and enter from the northeast corner. Follow the road south and you should see a building west of you with a roof that is falling apart, enter the alley between it and the building west of it. If you get lucky you won't have to fight enemies here, but otherwise run in range of them and beat them down (they will be east of you). To do so, choose run in the combat menu, choose entire party, and then pick the direction to move and say yes. Your party will move in that direction. Note that you can and will be attacked by ranged fire when you move, which is why guns are generally better than melee in this game. Running around to close the gap constantly can get super annoying. Anyway, head to the southwest corner of this area and use a rope on the south wall. To do so choose use, pick a character, choose item, choose the rope, and then pick a direction to use it. Head up and move by the glass east of you (don't move too far down) and then you can hold escape down, or smash the C button, to passively get experience for everyone in your group.

There is an enemy up here that might attack you from the South, if so run south and kill him, then camp by the glass. You only need to do it for 5-10 minutes to get a little boost going forward, but when I reached the final area I had 600k exp and needed 8.1 million more to get the rank achievement, so if you want to go hard now, by all means. As for the attribute points, I would get everyone's Intelligence to 23 and then look at increasing Dexterity, which makes characters better at shooting.


When you're satisfied, leave and return to Highpool and then make a save (heal up if needed). Head south, and then go to where the entrance to the shop is, go one step south, and then West into the water. Keep walking through it until a kid appears, walk up to them, start an encounter and kill them. Loot them and another one will appear, kill it and another might appear. Once they stop showing up, you want to walk into the water again but at a different spot. If you look 2 squares north of where we went into the water originally, you'll see the water bend west twice, keep walking into the north of the two spots to get more kids. Kill them (WIN10:Save) and then finally Red Ryder will appear. He packs quite a punch, which is why you needed to level up a bit. Either gun him down or move into melee range and club him over the head. When he dies, loot him and you'll get an achievement.

Reload your save. Killing Red Ryder destroys the town, and we don't want that. Head to the southwest corner of town and approach the kid. Say dog and then cave. Head north and you'll see some trees, stand in the square between them by the wall and use the perception skill on the ground under you until you reveal a hole. To do so choose Use, pick a character, then choose skill, then pick perception. Once the hole appears, use a rope on it and then walk onto it and choose to go down. Go east 3 squares and then north once (WIN10:Save), you'll see a pile of rocks north of you, you can use the Climb skill to climb them. Once you do head to the northeast corner, a dog will ambush you on the way. It should be no problem for you now, and will give an achievement when it is dead.

In the northwest corner climb the rocks north of you and then climb the rocks east of you, hire the girl here named Jackie and then leave the way you came. We're done with Highpool, so try to leave and Bobby will be unhappy about his dog. Head northwest to him and kill him. Oddly enough Red Ryder doesn't seem to care about this kid, oh well. Pawn off any jewellery you have to the shop here and then buy enough Snake Squeezins until you have 10. Christina should have one, and you picked up another in the loot pile near her in downtown, so you should only need 8 more. Check to make sure though.

If you want to save the $80, make a save before you buy them so you can reload after we get this next achievement. Won't matter much though. Heal up and get ready to roll out. Return to the Nomad's Camp (if you go straight north from Highpool you'll see it west of you). Head west to the train car with the hobo by the shop (WIN10:Save) and use each bottle of Squeezins on him for a scene, after the tenth one you'll get an achievement. You may encounter enemies on the way but you should be able to kill them in a few rounds with melee.

While you're here, go to the car with the slot machine (WIN10:Save). Play until you win for an achievement.

AG Center

Exit and go south, you'll see a building with a satellite dish to the west, head inside. It is the Agricultural Center. Go west for a scene, then you'll be near a satellite dish (WIN10:Save). You can find loot south of you, to get through the door have the person with the highest STR use it on the door. If you aren't powerleveling head to the southwest corner and you'll find an entrance to a cave that is absolutely full of enemies to slaughter for experience, though they're a little tougher than what you've been fighting. Your main objective is to head west of the dish and then walk through the carrots south of you (should be the second row from the left). Move up and down until you find Harry, then beat him up for an achievement.

Go back to the cellar by the dish and approach the man and say yes. Follow the path north here and then when you find the room with a ton of boxes walk over them all, some will have loot. With that you can leave, but if you want you can offload your fruit for a better price than other shops to the shop here, you have no use for it. Next up return to Quartz, we're going to take care of it next. First equip all your characters with 9mm pistols. If you are short some enter Quartz from the southwest corner and buy some from the shop, along with one TNT. Also redistribute ammo if needed. We CAN do the next area melee, but it's super annoying because they're all ranged so they take shots at you as you run toward them.


Leave and enter Quartz from the southeast corner and head west and enter the building with Scotty on it. Make your way inside and you'll have some forced fights with loot afterwards (WIN10:Save). After the second one move west past the bathrooms south of you, and then you'll see a guy with a green mohawk south of you. Use the Visa Card on the empty chair across from him for a short scene and an achievement.

Next head northwest to find a girl behind the counter. You want to check to see who has the highest charisma and then make them a single party. To do that choose disband, pick the character, then choose done. Move any direction to split from the other members. Have that person move onto the stool east of the girl behind the counter. Type in URABUTLN to get a key. Walk into your other party to get everyone together. Check the west bathroom (the one by the guy that gave us the Visa) and kill the dude here so you can loot him (just cancel out of the dialogue). Leave and head north to the alleyway we were powerleveling with, and then enter the building with the shit roof by it. There's a ton of guys with pistols here, you can either run up to them and beat them with crowbars or shoot, I prefer shoot.

Either way, you'll need to get within 20-30' of them (about 2 squares) to be able to hit them with pistols, but it's still easier than melee. You want to clean the place out, killing everyone you can, though the kennel in the northwest should probably just be left alone. Straight south from the entrance is a guard who won't attack you, don't bother him for now. Your goal is the bar, go straight south from the entrance to the wall, then into the door southeast of you. Once you've killed everything head down the stairs behind the counter. Approach the cell door here (WIN10:Save). You can either try to picklock it which never worked for me, or just use your TNT to blow it away. Once you're through the door, hire Ace to get an achievement.

Now you want to head upstairs, approach the guard I told you to ignore earlier and kill him. SAVE (WIN10:Save), then Picklock through the south door and then go through the east door. Once you take a step inside you'll get a prompt, say no and then kill Ugly John and his guards. Ugly John will be north of the girl, then the guards come from the northeast door. When they're all dead rush to Felicia (the girl in the chair) and use Bomb Disarm on her. Hopefully, you disarm the bomb, if she explodes, reload and try again. When successful, remove everything from Jackie and kick her to the curb by choosing Disband, then Jackie and saying yes. Hire Felicia. Felicia should have given you a plastic explosive, use it on the door southeast of her to grab the loot (the bottom loot doesn't seem to work properly, couldn't pick it up). Anyway, you'll get an achievement for rescuing her.

  • Hi, Felicia

    Rescue Felicia from Ugly’s Hideout.

    Hi, Felicia
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

That's it for this place. If you have a bit of patience, head west one room and you'll see a map on the west wall. Stand on the square east of it (one square up from the bottom up against the west wall) and hold escape until you notice the safe (it can take a while, it might potentially still be bugged and based on having a high clip pistol skill or some shit), the game will pause and ask for a code when you do. Put in the password = "11-16-27" (exactly as I type it with the dashes, minus the quotes of course) for some good loot.

Exit Quartz and enter the middle south square. Go west one square and then north until you hit a house, enter the grey building east of you, Stagecoach Inn. Go east and then north through the first door you see, then north through the next. Head north to the wall, then go east. Ignore the first door then open the second with the key. Answer "URAQT2". Now leave, go south until you can go east, do so. Go north once, east once then north. This is the Courthouse, head inside. Give the password: "MUERTE". Or you can type whatever twice to fight your way through. FYI there are a lot of doors in this place. If the text says it's a vault, use Safecrack, if it says it is locked, use Picklock. Anyway head west through the halls, you will eventually be ambushed, slaughter everything. There's two doors here you can Safecrack on. Between the two sets of stairs here, go up the north ones. Go up the stairs south of you. You can picklock every door here so feel free to have fun for a chance at Picklock level-ups. Your objective is the far northeast cell though, where you'll find the major. Hire him, I moved everything off of Ace so I could keep Felicia because I'm a pervert (Christina is worth keeping regardless because of her skills) but you do you. That checks off everything in Quartz. Go down the stairs and leave out the way you came.

Nomad's Camp

Head to the Nomads Camp. Approach the far left tent and walk into the guard, answer "Caterpillar" for a scene and you'll be given a shovel. Head north and then stand on the southern track. Go west to the edge of the tracks and then go south 12 times, you should be by a cactus and some plants. Dig right under you to find some loot, grab it all and then kill the 3 bandits that show up. That ends the Nomad Camp questline.


Next head to Needles north of Quartz. Enter from the northeast corner. Head south and then west when you see the break in the wall. You'll see a rock, which is actually the Ammo Bunker, head inside and SAVE. You need at least 6 Howitzer Shells for an achievement, and one of the loot stacks here gives them. However, the number is random between 1-3 it seems (only numbers I've seen). You want to reload your save until you get 3. The spot is in the northeast corner of the area, walk into the shelves. Go into the alcove west of it and use bomb disarm on the floor by the north shelves for some more loot. Check the far left alcove for more goodies, make sure to keep the Power Pack as it is the ammo for energy weapons, which are the best weapons in the game.

However, what we're really here for is the body along the east wall near the middle. You want to take the Ruby Ring off of it. As an aside, we need a Bloodstaff for an achievement later, but there are a ton of fake ones in this game. This is one of them, so don't even bother picking it up. You can't even sell it for $1. As an aside this building is a safe zone with no random encounters, so you can heal here instead of running all the way back to Highpool. Exit and enter the building northwest of the Ammo Bunker, which is the Library. Here you can spend skill points to learn new abilities. I would get Doctor for your dude with all the non-combat skills like picklock, and level 1 in AR for everyone that doesn't have it. If you lack the skill points go to Quartz and AFK level, each point in Intelligence will give you a skill point. You can do it for your NPCs too if you intend to keep them, but ARs are expensive so it'll be rough to outfit 6-7 people with them, especially when you need ammo too, and you have the problem of them Full Autoing your ammo away. Best to keep 9mm pistols or melee weapons on them.

The next area is a big jump in difficulty (we'll be fighting robots which are big meanie heads) so we need some better equipment. To start with, exit Needles and go in the southeast corner, head north and then west into the town. Go west and the first alley north of you has rubble blocking, have your highest Strength character keep using it to clear the two rows of junk. To do so choose the use command as if you're going to use an item, when you get to the skill/item/attribute selection, pick attribute and then Strength. Once you clear a path, a ton of enemies will appear. However they won't move and only one group can shoot, so gun down them down from a distance. Try to get within 20'-30' feet before attacking so you don't waste too much ammo on misses. When you see a note about the jerk leader appearing, shoot him no matter how far away he is. He has a gun and can shoot you while you play shooting range with the others. Once they're all dead loot the bodies, the leader has an AR (though it's the slightly weaker version but good enough).

Now exit and head to Quartz, buy 4 TNT from the shop there, then enter Needles from the southwest corner. You'll see a fence with a hole in the middle, go in the north side and enter the hole from the north side to avoid radiation. Go west down the stairs, then east to the wall, then north. Use the first TNT on this door, then go west down the stairs (ignore the other door here). Open the next two doors with TNT, then you'll head south and run into a ghoul, gun it down. It didn't seem to run to me, so I just shot it until it died. West of him is a north and south door, destroy the south one to find a bunch of goodies, the rad suits should be put on the rangers with the lowest AC (it gives 5 AC) and the two NATO ARs should be put on whichever rangers have the best Dexterity (affects gunplay). As you may remember, NPCs love to full auto, so you don't want to give it to them or they'll waste all your ammo.

We now have ARs on 3 of our 4 rangers, and will have a 4th before the big boss fight coming up. This fight involves a battle with an absolute crap ton of enemies, so you want plenty of room for loot. I would make sure to clear out everyone's inventory of stuff they don't need. The rangers won't have much use for 9mm (keep some on your NPCs though!) or .45 weapons, they don't need the ammo, get rid of stuff like grenades or manglers, rockets, etc. Keep things like TNT and Plastic Explosives as there are plenty of walls to use it on throughout the game. There's really no need to keep stuff like melee weapons either, or armor you don't need.

Exit Needles and enter the southeast corner. You'll see a bunker (which has a long ass name and will just be Mushroom Church from now on), head inside. Approach the altar by the priest for a scene, then use the Ruby Ring on the ground you're standing on for another. Exit Needles and buy some more TNT from the Quartz shop (2 or 3 should be enough for now) and then enter the northwest corner of Needles. You'll see a building southeast of you, there's a ton of radiation south of it.

Temple of Blood

Temple of Blood Radiation

That light you can barely see north of me is the door, so only go south enough to reach the door, then go east and head inside. Start by heading west until you reach the room with all the people, head in the door north of you and then through the northeast door. Follow the path to a fork with three doors. Enter the north door for a Kevlar Vest you should put on any ranger that isn't 4 AC or higher, and the south door has 2 Bulletproof Shirts we can sell later. Now go through the west door for a scene, then gun down the enemies here. Approach the console and say yes. You need to move a very specific way to avoid damage.

North 1 time
West 4 times
North 2 times
East 5 times
South 1 time
East 2 times
North 4 times
West 2 times
South 1 time
West 4 times
North 2 times
East 2 times

You'll get a prompt, answer "30". You'll be dropped into a pit. You can safely camp here to heal from any injuries you've taken, and most certainly should. You need to go north, the water will damage you. Once you're on dry land again, this is a building with a sniper at each of the corners, so go around the building and kill them. Note that you have to move a couple squares closer to the corners to hit them for some reason, even though they can hit you regardless. The northwest one drops an AR, put that on the last ranger. After the snipers are clear, you want to SAVE.

The enemies in this area can drop Howitzer Shells, which we need 3 more of. When you're ready use TNT on the north door of the building on the island AND MAKE SURE TO JUMP OVER THE PRESSURE PLATE!!! Otherwise, you activate a laser turret and you're probably dead. You'll be swarmed by guard dogs and guards. Gun down the dogs first (I would have each of the rangers burst fire a different group each combat round) and then deal with the guards. Once everyone is dead move through this outer room and clear it out. The middle room has the real boss. If you got at the very minimum 3 Howitzer Shells (so you would have a total of 6 counting the 3 from the Ammo Bunker) you're good to go. If not reload your save and try again.

Once you have at least 6, blast the inner door open with TNT to face a ton of enemies. Aim for the dogs closest to you and keep spraying every group until they go down, when the leader with the blood staff shows up in the enemy list gun him down immediately. Once everything is dead, loot the real Bloodstaff off the body of the priest. Exit the building and go south to where you originally started and go up the stairs (WIN10:Save). Go east into the missile, then approach the guy for a prompt. Answer "MOTEKIM" for an achievement.

  • Lock It In!

    Use the correct launch code in the Temple of Blood.

    Lock It In!
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Finishing up Needles

Continue further east and enter the portal to leave. Exit and head into the southwest corner of Needles. Go north and enter downtown, then go east to the last building and you'll see a guard in the doorway, kill him and head down the stairs north of you (WIN10:Save). Loot the place, then use the Bloodstaff on the weird table in the southeast corner for an achievement.

From the door to this house (WIN10:Save), go straight south and then use the Perception skill on the crystal ball in here (southeast corner) for another achievement.

  • Flashback

    Use the crystal ball in Needles.

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Next check the northeast corner of this area (east of the bloodstaff building) for the Howitzer. SAVE (WIN10:Save) and then stand on the northeast part of it (should get some text about it) use the Howtizer Shells on the ground right on you and pick each of the 6 directions to get an achievement. If it doesn't work or you blow yourself up or whatever then reload your save and try again.

  • Ruination

    Destroy all targets with the Howitzer.

    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

I got the achievement for 10,000 steps while doing all this. This popped for me on WIN10 but if you're close you may want to (WIN10:Save) and walk through a place with no enemies like Highpool until it pops.

Head to a shop and unload the stuff you don't want, then head back to the Mushroom Church and give the Bloodstaff to the priest (by using it on the ground in front of the altar he is behind, like the Ruby Ring) for a shit ton of stuff, including a Kevlar Vest, definitely put that on your lowest AC Ranger. Now the fun begins, you can skip this step and go straight to Las Vegas if you like but it's going to be really rough. If you fought a robot in the Temple of Blood section you know how hard they hit, and Las Vegas (the area the game tells you to go next) is full of them. You'll be Full Autoing dozens of AR clips away.

My suggestion is rough too, but the reward is Energy Weapons, the best weapon type in the game, and 5 pieces of the best armor in the game. It will allow us to breeze through everything up until the final area. If you're down to clown, from Needles (WIN10:Save) head north to Las Vegas, and enter the southeast corner. You'll get an achievement. The building right by you is the Library, enter and have every ranger learn Energy Weapons. If they don't have enough skill points camp by the glass in Quartz and put a few points in Intelligence to get more. If you're low on 7.62 ammo pick up some from Quartz.

Guardian Citadel

Now head to Quartz. If you go east you'll see the Guardian Citadel in the mountains. Enter. If you go past the red flags all the enemies in range will shoot at you. Head to the far east side, and you'll come to a building. West of the south edge is a big hole, stand one square west of it and go north.

Guardian Citadel Spot

You'll get a message about Brother Goliath and Brother David appearing. You want to move one more step north and then have all 4 rangers full auto David to (hopefully) kill him in one round. If he doesn't die reload your guns and try again. Once he is dead reload your guns and use TNT on the two walls north of you to bust into the Citadel. You'll reach a fork, head east. Akira will appear, once you move a few more steps east kill him with full auto as well. Continue east until combat ends. Take the time to heal any serious (or worse) wounds with your Doctor character. You can freely camp out to heal everyone's health (we will be doing this a lot here).

Next, you want to head north into the room to find one enemy who is actually pretty tanky. If need be you can use TNT with your Doctor character or use Rockets with your AT weapon character to kill him much easier, or you can Full Auto him to death. Exit this room west and go north 2 squares, then straight west. You'll come up to a north doorway one square wide, we need to approach carefully. There's two enemy groups there. Continue west until you are one square east of the doorway, then go south. This should only aggro one party. Gun them down then enter the doorway and gun down the other group. Full Auto AR should get the job done.

DO NOT go through the north doorway right now. Instead you'll see a door west of you, use Safecrack on it until it opens. The north loot pile has an incredible amount of ammo. The bottom one needs to be approached more carefully, because once you take everything there's an explosion (it also makes the other loot bag inaccessible). So take the 2 Laser Rifles, the Meson Cannon, and all of the Power Packs but one so it doesn't blow up. Make sure you pick up every Power Pack you come across, as they are limited and you don't want to run out of ammo for the best weapons in the game. Equip the Meson Cannon onto whoever has the Energy Weapons skill and has the best dexterity (if more than one has EW) and put the Laser Rifles on two others.

Now you can go on a rampage. You can now go through the north door, you'll be ambushed. 2 singles shots from the Meson Cannon should kill her, I didn't have the other rangers shoot to save ammo. Head northwest into the door (you may take some damage from a grenade) and gun down the person here with the same. He has an Ion Beamer, which means you can give every ranger EWs now. Anyway take the north exit to the Outer Sanctum, east of where you are now. Head north, and gun down everyone in your way with your fancy new toys (I just do single shots for now) and stop and camp to heal as necessary. Once you reach the west/east hallways, head east first. The south hallway only has one room of note, which is the southwest door that leads to some enemies and an altar, use perception on it and loot the key. Going north, the first door to the east has 6 enemies, I would have each ranger use burst of a different group and then whittle them down with single shots. They have some power packs. The first door going west leads to a few enemies, the last one has a Laser Combine and power packs, so make sure to get those. Remember this far north door on the east side as we will be back here shortly.

Back at the west/east fork in the previous room, to the west you'll find a lot of goodies. The library just has a rather durable enemy, good place to level energy weapons but he drops no loot. The two west living quarters have a ton of power packs and other goodies in the beds, but note that the pile of wood and stuff in the southwest living quarter is a trap that does massive damage, so avoid it while you loot everything. Also note that the northwest one has a dude in it, after you kill him you can walk over him for a scene, after it ends you can loot him for a Nova Key and other stuff, keep that key. We need it for the final area. The southeast storage room has some low tier armor and a bunch of ammo, make sure to grab them. Once everything is looted approach the north gate. Enter the door west of it and gun down the 3 enemies here, and loot them. Use Strength on the wheel east of you to open the gate. Leave and go through the gate to the Inner Sanctum.

Head north and enter ROSEBUD into the console here. Grab the 5 Power Armors and equip them on your Rangers and maybe Christina as the 5th. You are now gods walking among men, and absolutely stacked with a disgusting amount of ammo. That's pretty much it for this area, aside from Brother Goliath, who you may remember was in range when we fought David at the outside walls. You need to kill him for a key, but the man cannot move, and he does not have a ranged weapon. This means you can sit 20' away (basically with 1 square between the two of you) and use any ranged weapon to boost the relevant skill, though for Energy Weapons you would only want to use a Laser Pistol, as the better EWs will kill him easily.

It's up to you whether you want to bother, however at this point all my rangers had level 6 EW (the max is 7), and the NPCs don't matter as they will eventually be replaced. AR is now irrelevant because we have EWs. If you intend to powerlevel through melee instead of any of the idle methods, you most certainly want to grind brawling to 7 here. Brawling increases the number of melee attacks you can do each round, and melee kills give double experience. If you're manually powerleveling you want to be doing it with melee. To do so buy spears from Quartz (one-time use items) and attack Goliath from a square away, for whatever reason this levels up brawling. Once you're satisfied, gun him down with your big EWs and loot his key. As I said previously my characters hit 6 EW here, so I got an achievement. This also popped in WIN1 for me.

Savage Camp

The final thing here is the northeast corner door in the Outer Sanctum. You can find some enemies there, including one that has a Proton Ax, the best melee weapon in the game. In the middle cell is an NPC named Redhawk, you want to hire him. I replaced the Mayor. Note that Redhawk is a pretty big dick about trading stuff away, so don't give him anything. Exit the Guardian Citadel and walk into the river, then head west and enter the Savage Village. Answer Redhawk, then go to the building all the way north of you and head inside, give the same password. You'll get a scene here. You can go ahead and get rid of Redhawk now. Make sure you pool your money off him and if you gave him anything important by mistake, take his canteen if he has one and walk around in the desert until he is UNC, then take his stuff. Disband him. Usually, we'd keep him to be a pack mule but since he's so rude about trading stuff away, it isn't worth it IMO. Leave, buy a shovel and 2 Ropes at the shop in Quartz and head to Las Vegas north of Needles.

Las Vegas

Enter the east side, middle square. Go west to the 4 way fork, then north. Some enemies will attack you from the west, make sure to grab the Sonic Key they drop. At the next 4 way fork, go west. Enter the building right by the street. Scorpitron may attack you, you will easily be able to gun him down and then head inside (WIN10:Save). Answer "Kestrel" inside the building and then head north, then answer "Crumb" at the next prompt. Go north for another prompt and choose "ask what you can do for him". After the scenes, you'll get an achievement, exit and go east.

At the fork you'll see some buildings northeast of you, head around them to find some enemies that drop a Sonic Key, grab it. Exit Las Vegas and enter the northwest corner, then go straight south to a golf course. Once you're one step west of a flag, go straight east until you get a message about something in the ground. Quick save and dig with a shovel.

Las Vegas Sonic Key

If you get RPGs, reload your save. If you get the Sonic Key, you're good to go. Exit and enter Las Vegas from the middle east square again. Head north until you see the nuclear plant, an enemy will attack you when you get close, it will pose no issue. Go inside. Go north and answer "Faran Brygo", say yes, and then say "Bloodstaff". Head north a couple steps and then east into the hallway, go south through the first door and recruit the guy west of you, he has level 5 Doctor. He's pretty weak but he's basically just an "oh shit" button in case our Doctor ranger gets wounded, he/she obviously can't revive himself or other people then. Now go back to the main hall and go north. Blast through the big door with TNT or whatever, then do the same for the door north of you. Walk through the followers to the leader, say yes and then "Faran Brygo". She wants the Bloodstaff but we don't have it because we gave it up for loot, whoops. That's why we got the Sonic Keys.

Go back through the door you just blew up and head west and blow up the door here, then open the south door with the "weird keyhole" using the Sonic Key. Follow this path to another door that needs a Sonic Key, then enter the Western Sewers. We need to get robot parts to make a robot, so unlike most places you'll want to clean it out so you find every part, but I'll mention where I got mine. Enter the alcove just west of you for a Servo Motor from the enemy here. Now head east into the corner to find an enemy with a Power Converter. Head south but DO NOT enter the water. Head to the far west side, and you'll see a red thing sticking in the water, use a Rope on it.

Go across, and DO NOT walk into the water, otherwise, everyone gets rad poisoning and you get thrown out of town to the river. Go east and enter the north room (not the one with the trap) and kill the enemy and loot the Fusion Cell. Now head west. I'm not entirely sure if it's the same for everyone, but what happened for me is an enemy 90' away appeared, and I had to run west a few squares to target him. Then after that fight enemies showed up east of me, and they dropped loot. There was a bunch of Power Packs, after I picked everything up then it let me loot a Rom Board. I reloaded a save and the same thing happened so I assume that's how it will work for you too.

Continue west until you reach the chasm. Use a rope on the ground in front of the chasm (i.e. not on the chasm itself) so you can cross. Northwest of you is an enemy that will drop some ammo. Go south a few steps from the rope and you'll be attacked by a few groups of enemies, to the west will be a loot pile with another Servo Motor. You'll see a wall southeast of you that looks weird, use Strength on it to break through. Head east, gunning down the many enemies here and looting them as you go until you reach the Eastern Sewers. Go north to the next screen, then east. You want to keep an eye on the north wall after the sewer water, as you'll see a spot that looks crumbled.

Use Strength to break the wall and then keep using Strength to break the weak walls until you reach the north section, head west to find an Android Head in the northwest corner, from a baddie. Go back south and then east to the next exit. There's a monster with a Servo Motor near the exit. As soon as you transition you'll face an enemy that will drop a Rom Board. Go south to find a room with an enemy that has a Servo Motor. Go west and open the lab door with the Sonic Key, and then kill the monster here for another Rom Board. You'll see some machinery in the east wall, you need to put certain pieces in each spot. It seems fidgety, you need to interact with the machine and choose the top two options before you can put each item in (WIN10:Save). From top to bottom...

1. Android Head and then Rom Board.
2. Fusion Cell, Power Converter, Servo Motor, Rom Board.
3. Servo Motor.
4. Servo Motor, Servo Motor.

Afterward you'll have a scene and get an achievement.

  • To The Max

    Reassemble Max in the Las Vegas Sewers.

    To The Max
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Exit through the portal south of you. Head to a town and sell what you can, I got the achievement for earning 50k here. This popped on WIN10 for me, but if you're close you may just want to (WIN10:Save) and sell everything.

Sleeper Base

When you're ready, it's on to the next objective. It's technically the Sleeper Base, but we'll have to bounce back and forth between it and Darwin because of needing certain keycards. Anyway head to Needles, stand on the bridge by it and head straight east until you reach some mountains. Follow them north, you'll see a path east of you going south, that leads to Darwin. Remember it. For now though head north, you'll see a small one square structure, that's Sleeper One. Go inside and head south to a fork and go west. Go through the north doorway and beat the enemy, then walk along the west wall inside the room to find Secpass 1. Exit and go west. At the next fork go east and check the middle two bathrooms to find a Secpass 3 card. Head east to the fork and go south, use the Secpass 3 card on the door going south. Walk into the desk in the southwest corner to find a Library and give Clone Tech to someone, we will need it later. Head to the room west of you and go down the ladder here to level 2.

Head northeast and run through the hallway. When it turns east, open the 2nd north door with the Secpass 3 card and use Perception on the desk until you find a Secpass A card. Return to the ladder and go down to level 3. Open the door northeast of you with Secpass 3, then head north to the wall. head east, and when you reach a door south of you, use Secpass A on it and then use picklock on the desk to find Secpass 7 and Power Converter. Return to level 2 and walk through the hallway again, except open the far east door and use the Power Converter on the console in here. Now open the door south of you with Secpass 7. The first loot pile has a ton of guns and ammo, but most of it isn't going to do much, so feel free to loot the Power Packs and ignore the rest unless you want money (we have no real need for it at this point). The real prize is the other loot stacks by the cabinets here, with jugs. Yeah, you heard me, grab a couple.

Anyway go back to the hallway and go west, you'll see a room with tubes of armour, go just west of it and then south. Enter the east room at the bottom and approach the console. Run a diagnostic, then have the character with Clone Tech use it on the console. Do the diagnostic again, then choose install manual overflow device and use a jug on it. Now head back to the room where we used the power converter and head south. You'll find a room you can open with Secpass A, and clone pods inside. Give the Clone Fluid to the character you want to clone. As for who, probably someone with a high EW level and good Dexterity so he/she can pew pew well, but we just want the achievement.

Anyway, execute a battle round and have them choose to run and then "single character" to leave the party. Then have them walk into one of the tubes. You should get a message, then you'll be pushed back and an item will be on the ground, leave it there. Leave and clear out one person's inventory, then disband them so you have room for the clone. Go outside and wait 48 hours (WIN10:Save) and then go back to the console by the tube, and choose clone release. Name the clone and you'll get an achievement.

I also hit 1000 kills fighting battles while I camped out for 48 hours. This popped for me on WIN10, but if you're close you may just want to (WIN10:Save) and grind out the rest.

If you want, you can do the same process 2 more times to have a full super team, but at the very least clone someone else, your Doctor ranger would be a good choice if he/she wasn't the first one. We'll get an NPC in the final area that has good stats and usually chooses Burst instead of Full Auto, so you can skip on making a third if you like, but it's up to you. While it has good stats your rangers probably are better, especially if you powerleveled hard in Quartz. When you're ready, leave and head back to that small path I told you about and go south to Darwin Village. Be very careful as the area around Darwin Village is irradiated and you can get poisoned. Here's a picture of where the radiation is.

Darwin Radiation

Darwin Project and Mind Maze

Enter the northwest corner. Follow the road south to a fork, then east to another, then south to enter Project Darwin. Head south and use Secpass 7 to open the door, then do the same for the west door. Head west and use the elevator to go to the Upper Level, then go into it again and choose Lower Level. Answer "PROTEUS". Open the door south of you with Secpass 7 to let the people free, then use the elevator to go to the Upper Level. Open the big door south of you with Secpass 7 and then go south for a fight, gun him down. Pick up his head and head to the southeast corner of the area. Give the head to the character you used for all the non-combat skills and have them walk through the gap and use the head on the console east of you for a pain in the butt area.

Enter the pink portal and answer "32". Go west to the pink portal and answer "512". Head south to the pink portal, ignore the enemy here. You get no loot and he has an incredible amount of HP, you'd have to burn so many power packs for nothing. Answer "20" here. Now move south into the arrows and move around until something keeps talking about eating your brain (and you'd be taking damage without the power armour). Keep using your INT attribute on the ground until it says nothing happens, then head east into the pink portal and answer "FINSTER". Go east for a fight, just gun the spider down. The game will prompt you for a battle round with the other party each time, just say no. Proceed east and use Intelligence on the webs until it disappears, enter the portal. Answer "nothing". Go north onto the base. I'm not entirely sure what happens here, there are some stat checks, and if they succeed you can go south onto the base, then enter the pink portal. If you fail you have to use Charisma to get out, according to the wiki. It never failed for me so I can't be sure though. Anyway, use Strength to break the wall above you and then go to the northeast corner of the room and use Strength to go south, kill the enemy and enter the portal.

Head north for a fight, then head east for another. Afterward loot the body and answer "Iceberg". Go east for some text, then go south until you get locked into a different room. Now keep using Intelligence on your current location. When you are teleported again (WIN10:Save) go south and then west, kill the enemy here. He had a ton of HP for me, I just kept using Burst until he went down. Loot him for Secpass B and then head west into the pit to leave. You'll get an achievement.

  • Mind Games

    Complete Finster’s Mind Maze in Project Darwin.

    Mind Games
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Return to Sleeper Base and head to the second level. In the middle of the level is a room with the suits of armour in tubes, use Secpass B to open the door (WIN10:Save). Use TNT or Plastic Explosives on the same section of wall 4 times to breach it. Then you can loot everything. The armour is not as good as the power armor, but your other 2 characters will be happy to have it. You'll also find a ton of Power Packs and another Meson Cannon. Everything else is just money fodder. Anyway, you get an achievement for breaking in.

  • Phat Lewt

    Open the Main Vault in Sleeper Base.

    Phat Lewt
    2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Base Cochise

Alright, we've got one last area to go to, Base Cochise. Even with Power Armor you can still get slaughtered. The 60-100 HP you have now isn't going to mean much against some of the enemies there. If you're willing, now is a great time to go back to Quartz and powerlevel super high, the extra HP especially is incredibly useful. You can go all the way to 131 for the achievement if you want, we're quite close to the end. If you intend to level manually with melee, there's a great spot in this place to do it, so you can go ahead and go in now. First, head to Darwin Village and enter from the northeast side. Go south to the regular shop, then southeast to the Black Market and answer "Cretian". Buy 4-5 Plastic Explosives and a Crowbar as well. Also clear out the inventory of your weakest member so you can pick up one in Base Cochise, who gives an achievement. If you cloned your rangers 3 times you can just save, get the new member for the achievement, and then reload your game when we get to the spot.

Head to Las Vegas, then go northwest to the northwest corner of the map to find Base Cochise. Go north to the doors and kill all the enemies you encounter. There's many set parties here, and you can fight random encounters as well. Now head west and you'll see a ton of rubble, check the corner of the rubble where the far west wall and the middle wall intersect, on the southwest side. You'll find some power packs and a Plasma Coupler you'll need later. Picklock the first door and use Secpass B on the second door. Go down the ladder, then up the escalator. Go east to the wall and the second square from the top has a panel to the east, use the crowbar to open it and head down. Head west and then south, use the console to extend the bridge, then follow the path until you see an odd looking computer north of you (WIN10:Save). Approach it and say "run" then choose the ADMIN. Hire Vax for an achievement.

  • VAX Hax

    Use the Robot Assembly Station in Base Cochise to create VAX.

    VAX Hax
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now's not a bad time to backtrack and leave if you need to heal, just go back to where you dropped down, Picklock the door north of you, and enter the portal. Then go south to leave the base, and south to return to the overworld. If you like you can get a last Power Armor for your 7th person here first, though. Head southeast and follow the path until you see a door north of you, Picklock it and you can go inside and kill all the monsters to find a loot pile with 2 Power Armors and a bunch of power packs. A lot of fights though, so may not be worth it for one set, but there's a ton of Power Packs and stuff to sell for money if you need it somehow, aside from the armor. Return to the door above where you dropped down and Picklock it if you haven't already, then go down the ladder.

This place is a gauntlet of sorts. The objective in all 4 rooms in the same, you go into the west or east door, run to the console and hit it, then return to the previous room and you can go south to the next room. The first gauntlet has hot oil which shouldn't damage any of your characters thanks to their power armour. The 2nd gauntlet is explosives, your party will take some damage from this one. In the third main room, you'll have 3 cannons to fight, they are durable but don't do incredible damage. The third gauntlet has 3 types of traps, they will do a ton of damage if your stats aren't pumped up, but if you powerleveled and set your stats as I suggested you won't take much. The 4th gauntlet has 4 parties of those cannons we just fought in the third room. If you go south and then west to the wall you can avoid one party of the cannons. As I said they are hard to kill but do far less damage than enemies like the Vultures. With the 4th switch flipped you can go south and down the ladder, though I'd leave to heal first. I'd also make sure it's nighttime before going back in, probably about 20:00 or 21:00, it'll make the radiation section much easier. Anyway go back down to the gauntlet area and use the ladder to go down. Use the Secpass B card on the door north of you and go through to face 2 turrets. After they're dead go down either side to fight another turret, and then follow the hallway around to find the 4th and kill it. There are 4 rooms, one in each corner. I'll detail what to do in each room.

Northwest: If you are here at night you can see where the radiation is. Blow the door open, walk through the white energy, and then go east to the console. Blow the door and then use the Plasma Coupler on it, Then go to the northwest corner and use the Blackstar Key on the console there. If you aren't there at night, here's how to do it. Blow the door with TNT and go north, as soon you as you step through the white energy follow these directions to dodge the radiation here: N 1, E 2, N 4, E 1, N 2, east to the wall and then use an explosive on the door south of you. Use the Plasma Coupler on the console here. From the square the console is in go north 3 times, W 4, S 2, W 1, S 4, west to the wall, N 2, E 3, N 2, west to the wall, N 2, then east once and go through the door, use the Blackstar Key on the console here. Finally go south once past the doorway, W 1, S 2, E 3, S 2, W 3, S 2 then east to the exit.

Northeast: This room has a conveyor belt that will stop you from getting to the console in the northeast corner. Destroy the console in the northwest corner of the room with an explosive to stop the conveyor and then go to the console and use the Nova Key on it.

Southeast: Not much to say about this room, simply go to the southeast corner and use the Pulsar Key on the console.

Southwest: Now comes the super fun part. Head to the southwest corner and put the Quasar Key into the console. Press a button to activate the protocol, then step off, back on and pick any answer. You'll fail, that's fine. Press escape to back out instead of activating it again.

Head to the middle of the room. You need to split your party into 4 groups. Have 3 people disband into a single person group and send them to the NW/NE/SE consoles, and have the rest of the party (including the person with the Quasar Key) stand by the SW console. To do so, choose to disband, then pick the person, then choose done. Move them away from the main party, then move them to a console. Do the same for 2 more characters. Now have your main party head to the SW console and activate the protocol.

You'll be locked in. Press view to switch between the groups, have the NW character push red on their console. Have the SE person hit Yellow. Have the SW person hit Green. Have the NE person hit blue. Now you need to escape. Have each party go to where the 2 doors you blew up are and combine them into 2 parties, then have both parties meet at the ladder going up. Head north through the gauntlet to the ladder, into the blue portal, south into the stairs, and then south to the overworld (WIN10:Save). Now go south a few steps for some scenes, and afterwards an achievement.

  • Game Over Man

    Activate the self-destruct sequence and escape Base Cochise.

    Game Over Man
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Power levelling to General Argent

From here all that is left is any rank achievements you have not achieved. The easiest way is of course AFKing by the glass on top of Ugly's Hideout in Quartz. If you have a turbo controller, you can turbo the cn_LB button to constantly wait a turn by the glass. If you don't have one, your best method is manually smashing the right stick in to constantly camp, which will give experience faster but obviously requires manual input. You can do that with a turbo controller too if you have a controller that allows it.

If you have a WIN10 PC you can stream the Xbox to it, you can take a look at this solution for the best method, though it requires autohotkey so you can run a script to automatically press C : Solution for Hell Is For Heroes In Wasteland Remastered If you can't or don't want to do that, using a turbo controller is the next best option, you can even use a 360 turbo controller on WIN10. If you don't have that, you're stuck pressing the C key for a few hours. There is one way to do is AFK without a turbo controller, and that's by putting a weight on the escape key so you constantly wait a turn. This is much, much slower than camping through, so bear that in mind. I had about 600k exp when I made it to Cochise, so I needed 8.1 million more, which was about 5-6 hours of the C key.

If you're looking for a more "legit" solution, you can simply fight battles in Las Vegas or Cochise (on a previous save of course since you just blew it up). You get double experience for melee, so you want to melee. But most random encounters in those places won't be in melee range, meaning you have to get blasted while running to them before you can even attack. However there is a workaround courtesy of the wiki. If you go to the console where you got Vax and go into the northwest corner above it, you can Picklock the gate blocking the terminal and then stand in the corner on the terminal.

Press C until enemies appear. Enemies can only appear in your line of sight, and in this corner the only two squares that qualify are both in melee range, meaning every enemy will be in melee range. No turns or time wasted closing the distance. The downside is that ranged fire occurs before melee, which means you're going to get blasted by the robots before you even have a chance to kill them each round, and the robots here hurt. It does make grinding far easier though, since you never have to close the gap. That's all the methods, I'll leave the choice up to you.

Here's a list of all the ranks and the experience requirements : https://wasteland.gamepedia.com/Desert_Ranger_ranks_(Wastela...). You *only* need to make it to level 131 General Argent, which is 8,719,360 experience. Only one character needs to hit the rank, so you don't need to worry about getting everyone there, since only the person who got the kill gets experience (if manually grinding anyway). Once you radio in and put in enough points to be told you got promoted to each rank with an achievement, you'll get the achievement.

Level 5: Corporal

Level 12: Sergeant

  • Squad Leader

    Promote a character to the rank of Sergeant.

    Squad Leader
    1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

Level 30: Lieutenant

Level 45: Captain

Level 60: Major

Level 103: Commander

Level 131: General Argent

Although the odds are near zero, if you somehow got this far with no one having an attribute at 30 or higher, you will get the achievement now.

Congratulations on your completion!

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