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    13 Oct 2009 21 Oct 2009
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    This game has been out for a while so my review is based on a very rounded play through as well as completionist standpoint. This review is also lengthy so as to go to great detail.


    Underboss a crime lord held at Sing Sing prison has created a riot to cover his escape from prison. Hot on his tail Nite Owl and Rorscach follow the trail left by Underboss and uncover a mysterious plot set into motion from underboss' disappearance.


    Watchmen:TEIN is a basic beat em up game with a few simple 'puzzles' and scavenger hunt collectibles. First of all you can choose who to play out of Nite Owl or Rorshach, the main difference being that Nite Owl is the somewhat powerhouse character and Rorshach is the agile alternative. There is also a lot of scavenging for items which is fun for a while but can be kind of obvious as to where the items are hidden, and there are mechanisms throughout all the levels that only one of the two characters can access. This spilts the two up and allows you to take the fight to two parts of the map simultaneously, or simply to unlock a door for the other player.

    Concerning enemies you won't be in for much of a treat concerning variety as there are only two types of enemies. Big and small, the way this works is that the smaller enemies can be thrown around and taken down easier than the bigger ones, but can sometimes dodge your moves and such. The bigger ones act as punching bags to try and focus all your time trying to take out the big'un as he also can guard quite well and do more damage.


    Both characters are well balanced as Nite Owl can block any attack for a limited time and do massive damage with an added effect of stunning enemies and creating a protective electricity shield due to his super move, Rorshach relies on dodging as his defensive move which is actually invulnerable if used in succession and his Rage supermove double his attack power and speed. Both Super moves rely on a charge meter but Nite Owl regenerates his over time whilst Rorshach needs to inflict damage and perform finishers to fill his....yet the problem is when Rorshach isn't in combat it drains making this aspect a little unbalanced. The enemies also become more of a chore than a challenge as soon as you find all of the move during each of the levels, and on a second play through these moves make even taking out the big nasty enemies little to worry about.

    I cannot see the point in the various dual interaction areas as all they do is split your team up or stop one player or the other from progressing and this makes the levels seem very padded and stretched. There may only be 5 levels but they're also fairly well paced and are interesting transitions...but again lack anything more than just new place to practise your fist fighting.


    The game features Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley as the voices for Nite Owl and Rorshach which automatically gives the game bonus points for not copping out and using voice actors that could pass off for the real characters if you were suffering from a chisel being lodged in each of your ears. The graphics are nice and realistic but are wasted on the linear progression and combat sequences, and it may look very nice but that doesn't make a game fun.
    The sound effects you will mostly hear are something along the lines of "Biff, Baff, Crunch, Splat and Clank" because most of what you'll hear is Newton's First Law of Motion integrated into Rorshach or Nite Owl's fists, but you'll also hear some dialogue from the characters, but the game lacks ambience as the levels when cleaned of criminals seem rather bare and dull.


    Half of the achievements are focused primarily on combat, which is a valid choice seeing as this game is about beating people up into pile of broken bones and tenderised flesh. We have some mandatory campaign completion achievements, two scavenger hunt based achievements and the uber challenge achievement (Turbo). All things considered it's a good balance of challenge for the achievement hunters among us, whilst also awarding casual players who are just playing for fun.


    Watchmen:TEIN is a bland but fun beat em up. Although it isn't going to be one of the greatest games of the year, or a classic that years to come will play but it's a fairly good attempt at making an arcade brawler with great graphics and a storyline. If you play this game borrow it from a friend, rent it or wait for it to drop in price, definitely not a game that'll give you playing longevity or huge amounts of fun whilst playing.
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    14 Apr 2011
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    Let me start off by saying that I love The Watchmen movie, and graphic novel. With that in mind, I think this game was a decent game at best.

    The gameplay is, in my opinion, terrible. This is a beat 'em up game with not-so-great fighting gameplay. Although you get to use the unique fighting techniques that belong to either Rorshach or Nite Owl, they become extremely repetitive and boring. There is also a massive deficiency of a variety of enemies, in fact there are only two. (Not including bosses) The way I classed them was the skinny guys, and the fat guys.

    The reason I bought this game was because I thought it might add to the story of the graphic novel and movie, but sadly this adds little to no story to it. Also, the story of this game was crap. Just sayin'.

    Achievement Difficulty: 2/5
    The achievements in this game are relatively easy with a guide, but the game gets very boring.

    Verdict: DO NOT BUY! For 1600ms points, that is a HUGE ripoff. Lucky for me, I got this in the Part 1/Part 2 disc for $4.99! That made it worth the buy.
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    04 Sep 2009
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    Watchmen: The End Is Nigh

    This game is your basic fighting game that you can purchase two ways on a disk and the other being on xbla marketplace. I enjoyed the simplicity to the game.I was able to complete the achievements with someone that is not an avid gamer. So to take a brake from some grueling achievements was nice. The story is relatively boring with the same concept in which you fight bad guys at every door or passage way you have to take but with a positive note there are comic segments in which the story is told and their is some funny expletive dialect in which you might be laughing or you might be like "is that what I think he just said". So all in all this game is worth it to rent or gamefly to get some achievements but I wouldn't suggest buying the game because the replay value after the achievements are done is zero.

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