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    26 Oct 2019
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    We Were Here Too: (WWHT)

    We Were Here Too is the second instalment in the series after September 2019's Games with Gold: We Were Here.
    The story picks up right where we left off. In the merciless tundra, we discover the story of a second group of adventurers. Lured by a flare to The Castle. Thankfully the welcoming is more friendly this time in the solely cooperative adventure puzzler when this dynamic duo split up to investigate this newly shaped labyrinth.

    We take on the roles of Lord and Peasant this time, charming I know, right?
    Armed with walkie-talkie and wit. The puzzle layouts really focus on communication now where your partner truly becomes your eyes and ears. We have more variations of these puzzles, so memorising a pattern isn't going to be your saving grace. Though the general difficulty is slightly higher than it's predecessor, it's nothing trial and error won't resolve; slow progress is still progress! Often in cases. The simplest solution is the best one after kicking yourself. As my Co-Op partner would have stressed many times whilst I'm trying to be creative and ignoring the sound of hair being torn from scalp through the walkie-talkie.
    There's hilarity and frustration in your partner's and your own mistakes. Mostly my own mistakes but we won't focus on that.

    So how does it play?
    There's a subtle ingenuity being placed in a scenario where only your combined observation can be the difference between life or death. Modern day references and comparisons are going to be what saves your lives. There's a hefty dosage of vitamin yay wedged deeply at the core of the game and if you're playing this shortly after We Were Here. Then you won't be disappointed with a "copy and paste" job. (WWHT) feels more soulful than a PC port and the features involved are exemplary of an indie title progressing on what is presumably a small budget to work with.
    Several adjustments have been made to the game, making the menus more user friendly. More runes and new puzzles to decipher. Finally, the big one being voice translation via walkie-talkie allows you to play globally with ease. Adding that additional challenge for veteran players. Let's just hope they don't leave us behind too...
    The need for role reversal is still an interesting experience. It isn't a simple copy of the test answers either. You've almost got 2 short games in one, requiring potentially many intriguing playthroughs. You can Chapter Select to relive your favourite puzzles and as always. Test your perception, memory and manual dexterity from the trials. It's a real life learning opportunity too.

    Now, I thoroughly enjoyed WWH and WWHT. So I may have put my expectations higher than I should of. We're now developing a story with the series but yet there's more questions to ask and even more still left unanswered. Having several well deserved playthroughs with my partner. My biggest issue is trivial: You can call me the fun police here but I didn't enjoy having tips and hints on the loading screens. I don't want to be continuously nudged on what is supposed to be a game that challenged you collectively to think about your surrounding with little to no context.

    The Developer and Publisher: Total Mayhem Games has done it again on this particular user. Tantalising me with a freebie and then releasing the sequel just weeks after. Finalising a completely solid game. I'm ready to drop my wallet on the pre-order on the next instalment again. So. When will the PC's recent release: We Were Here Together will be coming to Xbox?
    Will we have a happy ending or will we be left behind?

    The Brief:
    - It's a game that overall feels slightly underwhelming. It's brilliantly made, it's a captivating play. The series is progressing and it's heading in the right direction. If you regularly play with a buddy in general then it's a small Co-Op game for you both to enjoy. Personally rating it 4.1/5.
    - For TA Users. You are looking at another insanely fast completion looking around 60-90 minutes and a decreasing Ratio of 1.2 as of right now.
    - For the price of £8.39/$9.99. You're driving a hard bargain. IF. You aren't following a guide that is. Those gamescore hunters will want to pack this onto the Wish List and save a little as it is not currently on Game Pass.
    - 2.25GB Download.