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A Big Radroach
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Posted on 21 September 19 at 14:38
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We Were Here: (WWH)

We Were Here is a completely Co-Op puzzle game experience. A group of 4 explorers roaming the tundra get split up by a violent blizzard. Two brave adventurers stumble upon a castle and upon entering are knocked unconscious by an unknown figure. Awakening isolated in the labyrinth.

Take on the role of Explorer or Librarian to decipher these puzzles to regroup. Each with their own requirements from both players to achieve before progressing. Armed with just a walkie-talkie and your wit. Will you leave your friend behind to save yourself?

You certainly don't need to be a expert puzzler or have a degree in common sense, either does help of course; let's just say I infuriated my Co-Op partner with stupid ideas and over thinking. It's a very short game on which you ride the emotions from, satisfaction, befuddled and a dosage of "kicking myself".
There's a minor horror factor or even spook to come, so check those corners! Now there's nothing jumpy or terrifying but you will feel an unnerving presence through progression.

Importantly, how does it play?
In a nut shell, it feels like a port just yanked from the PC. It's not a bad thing in this case. It's almost flawless, there's just a few rough edges that haven't been smoothed over completely. Nitpicking if you will.
As mentioned earlier, it's a very short game but the need to have multiple playthroughs and role reversal isn't tedious or even lacking. It actually takes the seriousness of the game away and brings humour from your partners' experience. Even if puzzling isn't your first choice of game, it's a test of your perception and how you can apply it to your every day life.

Developer and Publisher: Total Mayhem Games have pulled a fast one on us here with Xbox. With We Were Here only being released on September's Games With Gold, free of charge! Right before We Were Here Too's release on 2nd October. Following up the events after WWH. Setting the bar at £8.39. You can certainly bet that I've taken the bait and pre-ordered the sequel. With such promise for a exciting series. Another review is to come.

The Brief:
- A must have on your gaming collection and a heap of fun to stress out your closest friends on.
- TA Users will be delighted at an easy 1.3 Ratio and a 1-2 hour completion. No guides are needed in this game and I'd actually recommend playing true to the nature for a more authentic experience.
- Games with Gold: September 2019. £4.19 at full price, generous for what the game offers you. Not currently on Game Pass.
- A fair 1.5GB download.
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