We Were Here Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the We Were Here achievement walkthrough!

This game is a co-op first person puzzle game where two players will play separate roles throughout the playthrough. The first will be The Explorer, who will do most of the heavy lifting and puzzle solving. The other role is The Librarian, who will be assisting in solving puzzles by translating visual information that is kept away from The Explorer.

This game will require two full playthroughs and a partial playthrough at minimum to complete. The game is short when you know the answers to the puzzles so you should be able to knock this out in about an hour or less depending on how good you are at following directions.

There are 2 achievements for solving each puzzle, one for controlling each role as the puzzle is solved (though the librarian can be idle the whole duration of the puzzle). There is also an achievement tied to each puzzle for completing it without ever inputing the wrong answer, called a "perfect play", as well as going through the entire game without dying and also solving every puzzle without making a mistake on any of them. I recommend saving this for the second playthrough, as you are more familar with the game, and can also get the secret achievement which will nullify a perfect play on the puzzle it's located in. Make sure to add your partner to your friends list before you invite them to the game as there is an achievement for that as well.

So your playthroughs will look like this:

Playthrough 1 - Familiarize yourself with game, Explorer gets secret achievement

Playthrough 2 - Complete game with 0 mistakes or deaths, get opposite ending achievement.

Playthrough "3" - Player who did not get secret achievement will acquire it. This will be a partial playthrough if you did playthrough 2 properly

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