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Posted on 27 June 19 at 23:11
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What Remains of Edith Finch

(WRoEF) is a Walking Simulator with interactive stories portrayed as the memoirs of your relatives and ancestors. The game itself has incredibly powerful and unique story telling about your family's history and their final moments on Earth. Each story playing in a completely different manner. Including mechanics that need to be adjusted for, art style and puzzle/mini games.
The never ending feeling of a dark but endearing presence throughout each of your family's stories promising you that Death is never too far away, is unsettling but adds towards the mystery of the family home.

(WRoEF) is one of those rare Indie games that is. Just. Flawless. The soul, detail and sheer blood put into the game shines and massacre's the competition. The sensitivity due to nature in some of the stories, the thrill brought into others. The innocence and sweetness, pure sinister in others, it's almost too much to handle. I shall spill the beans with 2 minor spoilers:
- Horror fans will get a kick out of a specific story once you stumble upon a musical cue. (One of my personal favourites.)
- And those who find humour within "Ragdoll" will be howling at a specific checkpoint through another story.

What these spoilers are exactly; well, that's down for you to play and find out.

The game for me easily earned a 5/5 across the board on. Just. Everything! It leaves me speechless.
Story, design, art, mechanics, pace, entertainment, inquisition, mechanics. Love.
Entertainment doesn't usually coincide with Walking Sims but just trust me on this. They found a way.

My advice is to pay attention and take the game at your own pace, there's no time limit or quick time events so even as a short game. Take a stroll. Listen as the story unfolds. Emerge yourself.

The Brief:
- Utterly flawless and intensive. It can be taken as fast or as slow as the player dreams.
- A very easy completion for TA users. 1.1 Ratio and a 2-3/4 hour estimated completion time.
- £15.99 which is a bit pricey for a short game but it is Available on Game Pass.
- 3.45GB Download.
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