What Remains of Edith Finch Reviews

  • A Big RadroachA Big Radroach559,369
    27 Jun 2019
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    What Remains of Edith Finch

    (WRoEF) is a Walking Simulator with interactive stories portrayed as the memoirs of your relatives and ancestors. The game itself has incredibly powerful and unique story telling about your family's history and their final moments on Earth. Each story playing in a completely different manner. Including mechanics that need to be adjusted for, art style and puzzle/mini games.
    The never ending feeling of a dark but endearing presence throughout each of your family's stories promising you that Death is never too far away, is unsettling but adds towards the mystery of the family home.

    (WRoEF) is one of those rare Indie games that is. Just. Flawless. The soul, detail and sheer blood put into the game shines and massacre's the competition. The sensitivity due to nature in some of the stories, the thrill brought into others. The innocence and sweetness, pure sinister in others, it's almost too much to handle. I shall spill the beans with 2 minor spoilers:
    - Horror fans will get a kick out of a specific story once you stumble upon a musical cue. (One of my personal favourites.)
    - And those who find humour within "Ragdoll" will be howling at a specific checkpoint through another story.

    What these spoilers are exactly; well, that's down for you to play and find out.

    The game for me easily earned a 5/5 across the board on. Just. Everything! It leaves me speechless.
    Story, design, art, mechanics, pace, entertainment, inquisition, mechanics. Love.
    Entertainment doesn't usually coincide with Walking Sims but just trust me on this. They found a way.

    My advice is to pay attention and take the game at your own pace, there's no time limit or quick time events so even as a short game. Take a stroll. Listen as the story unfolds. Emerge yourself.

    The Brief:
    - Utterly flawless and intensive. It can be taken as fast or as slow as the player dreams.
    - A very easy completion for TA users. 1.1 Ratio and a 2-3/4 hour estimated completion time.
    - £15.99 which is a bit pricey for a short game but it is Available on Game Pass.
    - 3.45GB Download.
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    Darklord1899Storywise 10 out of 10. Good fun game play but only play on game pass as once you have beaten it you will never play it again.
    Posted by Darklord1899 on 06 Jul 19 at 20:09
    A Big Radroach@Darklord1899 thank you for comment! I'll be sure to add the replay value into upcoming reviews smile
    Posted by A Big Radroach on 18 Jul 19 at 01:36
  • CitrineWorm138CitrineWorm138338,173
    10 Mar 2020
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    What Remains of Edith Finch is a beautifully designed and executed walking sim that effectively uses basic mechanics to tell a powerful, emotionally resonant story.

    The game consists of exploring a rather eccentrically designed house, and experiencing the stories of four generations of ill-fated Finches through short vignettes, each of which puts a new spin on the gameplay. Interacting with diaries or letters left behind by your ancestors will trigger scenes in which you experience their final moments through a series of increasingly inventive variations on the basic controls and gameplay. Saying much more would risk spoiling a game that really has to be experienced.

    After completing the game, you unlock a chapter replay function that will assist with any achievement mop-up. There is limited replay value here, but the story is well worth experiencing at least once.

    Thematically, the game is quite heavy going. There isn't much in the way of overt violence, but there are some scenes or themes that some may find disturbing. Death is a constant part of the game, but its philosophical reflections on that and life will stay with you long after the credits roll.

    Controls are very simple: you use the analog sticks and the right trigger to move and interact with objects.

    The outside environments are gorgeous, and the narrating dialogue is inventively incorporated into the game, directing your attention to story-relevant events by the appearance of subtitles. Changes in the visual presentation of the different characters' stories are effective in establishing those characters, and complements the use of changes to the gameplay to make nearly every character feel unique and memorable.

    The game has ten achievements, only one of which will come through just completing the game. Most of the others are fairly non-obvious, but there is a chapter replay mode that unlocks after completing the game that makes clean up very easy. The on-site walkthrough does an excellent job of guiding you through these, but the author does warn you that it contains spoilers. If possible, I'd recommend experiencing the game yourself first, and picking up any missed achievements later with chapter select. Even doing it this way, I'd estimate a 4h completion for the game, and running through with the walkthrough would take 2-3h.
  • VrmVrmVrmVrm180,616
    08 Apr 2020
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    The reason I game is to explore new worlds that are created for that purpose, and this game is exceptional at delivering that immersiveness and sense of really wanting to know what exactly is going on here.

    The detail in the house and the environment is beyond amazing, and the simplistic controls take a few moments to figure out but upon reflection are really well designed.

    Yes, you can run through this game quickly if you want the GS but I found it took me twice as long because the opportunity to explore the details is everywhere, and I found myself just standing still, taking in the breeze and enjoying the view, or listening to the near-silence and looking at the intricate details around me.

    Honestly, however, I don't think this will be very interesting for a younger gamer who needs the bullets and explosions. But for a more seasoned audience who can appreciate the art form and the storyline, I cannot recommend highly enough.

    I'm so very glad I played this game.
  • Spring ShieldsSpring Shields313,032
    18 Jan 2020
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    I can certainly recommend this game. For me, It's got a great and interesting story and I dig the art direction. It is quite short; I beat the game in about 2 hours, but there is some replay-ability in this game, since there are details you'll likely miss the first time around.

    The voice acting is well done and does a great job of narrating the story and making emotions spark off my otherwise cold, flinty heart.

    This is one of the games that I would love explore in VR, if that's not already possible.

    Overall, What Remains of Edith Finch is a fantastic game with a great story and wonderful visuals.
  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand468,125
    19 Jun 2020 19 Jun 2020
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    It starts interesting, sure, there's mystery in the air as you start exploring this now seemingly empty house. But then by the end of it I found myself wondering, "What was the point of this game?"

    Sure, I think there was a message, even if rushed. It might have been something along the lines of "Celebrate life, no matter how briefly it lasts or especially because of this uncertainty." But as the unexplored rooms of the house were coming to an end it was becoming more and more evident that there was going to be no good conclusion to the story. What caused the curse or series of unfortunate events to that family? If there was no cause, no reason, no purpose, it's hard to believe in such a tragedy, even for a piece of fiction.

    Despite the absence of a satisfying closure to the narrative, similar to some other short games out there this one serves as a kind of showcase of interesting concepts that can be executed inside a digital game. As the player takes control of the subject about whom the protagonist is learning about, there are a series of ideas that we normally don't experience in more linear and traditional tales, such as seeing the world through the eyes and imagination of children or unfolding events while turning the pages of a comic book, just to mention a few of the original ideas in there. Those were for me the best thing about this short game.

    If you are sick about increasing virtual profile points, this game means easy and quick gamerscore. I naturally unlocked only half of the achievements while just playing it for fun, without a guide. There's no need to rush, this is a short one. One that I doubt many people would choose to fully replay after completing it once. Therefore, an honest grade for it would be no higher than 3.5 stars, for sure.