What in the World? (WP)

Windows Phone

What in the World? (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Level 2 Unlocked
Level 2 Unlocked5 (5)Unlock Level 2
Prepared11 (10)Use 10 Letter Aid
Level 3 Unlocked
Level 3 Unlocked6 (5)Unlock Level 3
Is it on?
Is it on?12 (10)Solve a level using the microphone

Least Earned

Good habits
Good habits37 (20)Play the game for 5 consecutive days
Master Eminence
Master Eminence36 (20)Beat all the categories and levels up to level 6
Level Beater 6
Level Beater 618 (10)Beat Level 6
Level 6 Unlocked
Level 6 Unlocked9 (5)Unlock Level 6
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