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5. Clean Up

Clean Up

Once you have earned all the endings, you should only have at most three achievements left: Full Roster, Chauffeur and Gorilla. On this page I'll list the ways you can obtain each of the cars in the game, as well as the locations of the six hitchhikers. If I have also listed these ways/locations in a specific ending within the walkthrough I will make note of that here as well.


If you followed the walkthrough up to this point, you should have unlocked 11 of the 13 required cars for this achievement. Here is a list of all 13 ways you can earn the cars in the game. Note: If a method has an ending attached to it, you probably unlocked it already following the walkthrough.

  1. Unlocked at the start
  2. Unlocked at the start
  3. Unlocked at the start
  4. Unlocked at the start
  5. Turn Right towards Bracciano, then Left towards Piombino (reference Ending A)
  6. Win the race against Valerio in a modern looking car (reference Ending C)
  7. Win the race against Valerio in an older/slower car (reference Ending D)
  8. After robbing a bank with Angelo, make sure to say you may as well steal a car too (reference Ending E)
  9. Winning the race with Jacky's rally car (reference Ending G)
  10. When driving with the priest in Siena for the first time after losing your car (reference Ending H)
  11. When you unlock 10 endings
  12. Avoid the police or win the race driving Angelo's car*
  13. Taking the farmer's trike after you lose your car in the Siena cutscene*

Now the methods I have marked with an asterisk are methods you may not have come across in your playthrough of all 16 endings, so below are the requirements to make sure you obtain them:

Method 12:

You can follow the solution for ending E, but instead of getting caught by the police, try and outrun them in Angelo's car. You can also get this by following the solution for ending M. Just make sure when Jacky says "Wonderful! My rally car is good to go.", make sure you DO NOT answer "Well unfortunately, ours just broke down...", otherwise you will race with Jacky's rally car and not Angelo's. Simply win the race and you'll unlock the car.

Method 13:

You can follow the solutions for ending H, ending I, or ending J. After losing the race and reaching Siena, when Olga says "Well first there was that maniac... Now this trike?", make sure you say "Come on, Olga. Stay with me, please.". You will then drive the trike through Siena and unlock it.

Once you get all 13, you will unlock:

FULL ROSTER in Wheels of Aurelia
Unlock all cars
  • Unlocked by 916 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.48) 2,008


If you followed the walkthrough up to this point, you should have picked up 5 of the 6 hitchhikers required for this achievement. Of course if you drove slow the entire time or stopped to pick up each one you may also have done this already as well. Regardless, here are the locations of all 6 hitchhikers. Note: If a method has an ending attached to it, you probably picked this hitchhiker up already during the walkthrough.

  1. Siena with the priest (reference Ending J, Ending O)
  2. Rome (reference Ending L)
  3. Rome (reference Ending L)
  4. Civitavecchia with Angelo (reference Ending L)
  5. Siena with Olga (reference Ending N)
  6. Civitavecchia with Olga

Once you have picked up all 6 hitchhikers, you will unlock:

CHAUFFEUR in Wheels of Aurelia
Pick up all hitchhickers
  • Unlocked by 1,052 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 2,008

Now the following achievement is a little strange, as the requirements for unlocking it aren't very clear. The majority of gamers, including myself, unlocked it after earning all other achievements. So at the time of writing this, if you have earned all other achievements, you will unlock:

GORILLA in Wheels of Aurelia
GORILLA148 (100)
Nice car, sweetie.
  • Unlocked by 922 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.47) 2,008

And that's it! As this is my first walkthrough any feedback would be appreciated as I wouldn't mind contributing more in the future. Thanks for reading and enjoy your easy 1000 gamerscore!

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