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Where the Snow Settles
Type Game
Publisher Myriad Games Studio
Developer Myriad Games Studio
Discovered 28 Jun 2021
Last check 26 Oct 2021
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Release date 23 Jul 2021

As the world around her crumbles, Aurelia searches for a way home, unraveling mysteries and wonder along the way.

This short narrative experience masterfully blends contrasting themes to create a compelling and atmospheric coming of age story. Gentle and undemanding game mechanics allow for escapism into a beautiful and desolate world, filled with secrets.

Navigate and explore a cold and uncertain world
Follow Aurelia's introspective journey across a changing environment, where she must work to navigate the encroaching cold and venture into the unknown.

Walk, run, and slide your way through tricky terrain, and interact with the world to learn more about the characters that inhabit it.

Listen and learn from others
With the help of her sister and enigmatic spirits befriended throughout her journey, Aurelia soon learns why the world is collapsing around her, and why she must find her strength before it's too late.

Talk to characters, listen to their stories, and find your way through an uncertain world. With a story that emphasises the importance of empathy and compassion in a world that feels lost and uncertain, we can rely on the help and guidance of others to make it through.

This debut from Myriad Games Studio is a moving narrative adventure arriving on Steam in early 2021.

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Where the Snow Settles

Where the Snow Settles 
is a game about loss, growth, 
and the supernatural.