White Night Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi there. I'm Ackter, and I'd like to welcome you to my guide for White Night. Before we get started with the guide, there is something very important to mention:

This game has achievements that are actually linked to the real life phases of the moon.

Image 1

Seriously. That means that two of the achievements cannot be unlocked unless there is a real life full moon. "Luckily", the start screen of the game will display the moon in its current phase. If the moon's not full, you cannot 1000G this game on that day. There are several websites available that tell you what phase of the moon it currently is, so plan your gaming accordingly...

However, it is possible to unlock all but two of the achievements ahead of time, then replay the last section of the game when there's a full moon to unlock them. So basically, I will be guiding you to a near-100% collection playthrough completed in one day, then waiting for a full moon before loading the game again and finishing it off.

Don't let this put you off playing it. It's a very good game. It's like a film noir survival horror version of classic point-and-click adventures like Broken Sword and Gabriel Knight. Older gamers will know what I'm talking about, at least...

There is also an achievement for completing the game "in one night". This requires you to start the game after 8pm in the evening and complete it before 8am the next morning. This is easily manageable, especially using this guide.

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