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    We all knew that one day "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" would invade the world and with it all gaming systems, well if you're a fan of the show then you will no doubt have heard or noticed that the game has been released for your Windows Phone.

    But the question on everyone's lips is, is the game actually worth the £3.99. Let's find out...

    Game play 4/10
    If you are familiar with how Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and what the general format with the show is, then this will be of no surprise to you to hear that the game follows the exact same format as the TV show.

    Your pitched with being asked twelve questions that range in difficulty, with every X amount of questions you gain a milestone in which you are guaranteed to walk away with that amount of money whether you get the next question correct or not.

    It's important for me to say this though, but if you haven't seen the show in a few years I.e. circa 2007 and you aren't aware of the rule changes to the show then this could come as a shock to you seeing as the whole game is pretty much on a timer.

    The first two questions you answer are timed at ten seconds each with every question after that pretty much giving you a little bit of extra time to try and figure out the answer.
    This carries on for the whole game though and by the time you reach the twelfth question you will have 45 seconds to answer it before the answer to the question is deemed wrong.

    The whole game runs on a simple touch interface, meaning that once the question and the answers come up all you need to do is just touch what you believe to be the correct answer and then the game will lock in that answer and reveal if it was correct or not.
    My biggest gripe though here is the fact that if you accidently touch the wrong answer you are not given the chance to change it or asked if you are sure that's what you want to choose. Meaning if you aren't careful you could end up pressing the wrong answer a lot.

    Lifelines in the game remain pretty much untouched with the three choices being as you would expect them to be, if you feel the need to use a lifeline then you can choose from the top of the screen the 50/50, Phone a friend and Ask the Audience options. If you choose the phone a friend option you are then led to another screen where you can scroll left or right and read about all of your supposed friends facts and what there strong and weak subjects are.

    All in all seeing as this is a game featured on a hit TV show based on answering questions there really isn't that much in terms of game play.
    My score for this section may seem low but the mistakes within the game play shouldn't be their period seeing as this is just an answer choosing game.

    Graphics 4/10
    As with the game play the graphics and layout on this game are pretty much as standard. They follow the look of the TV show down to a tee but this is where it falls short.
    The game's background always stays the same; there is no background wave or movement of any kind so it becomes apparent you're playing in front of standard wallpaper, the developers could of took a page out of Uno's book and had backgrounds with at least a little bit of movement going on maybe with it getting lighter or darker, anything would have been better then what is on display at the moment.

    The answer box's are as rectangle as they appear on T.V with all of the correct colours used in the show being used in this game, Orange to select your answer and green or red to say whether the answer was correct or wrong.

    The Phone a friend menu is what probably impressed me the most about the graphic side of things in this game, and that still probably wouldn't be a good thing. As I seem to just find the look of the developers posing as friends kind of funny.

    The layout though to the game is pretty outstanding as the screen isn't cluttered and is easy to use for anybody with big or little fingers, the minimal look and feel help the game feel really tidy and generally keep everything responsive, and for Windows Phone game that is always a good thing.

    As you can tell though from this section their really isn't a whole lot to review on the graphical side of things as the game provides a bare minimal for anything and everything graphical related.

    Sound and Music 2/10
    Another majorly disappointing turnout here as there is very little in the sound department within this game.
    This becomes all but apparent when you reach the main menu of the game only to notice that there is no background music at all and when you choose any of the option you don't get a sound from them.

    All is not lost though as once you get into the game you do get some sound...Ok so it may be just a little but at least you get something.

    When you start up the game and your playing fastest finger first you get the up tempo beat from the television show which makes you think your under pressure and once you have chosen your answers you then get a sound that comes up for each of the answers when they show on screen.

    And that sound is pretty much re-used for the rest of the game with the only difference being the change in music when you get to the part where you answer the main questions in the game and even that doesn't stick around for all that long either.

    Sadly just like the graphics they could of used a sound in the background that actually makes you feel like your playing a Who Want's To Be A Millionaire experience but seeing as everything about this game feels so unpolished or finished again this department is left empty and soulless.

    Difficulty 3/10
    There really isn't a difficulty in this game as the difficulty comes from what your basic general knowledge is like. If you are pretty smart and know a lot of information about all around general topics like entertainment, art, science etc then you should get pretty far.

    Saying that though the amount of questions in the game is severely limited meaning that after around three games in you should start seeing repeats of some questions, also added to the fact that some of the higher end questions could literally be answered by a child in school, this makes the game quite easy. If by a stroke of a luck though the game does catch you out with a question you do have your three lifelines that you could opt to you or you could just pause the game and go Google the answer.

    Achievements 8/10
    This is by far the saving grace of the game, the achievements. At first look you would think that they might be quite tough and challenging especially the timed ones, but once again if you just use the pause feature of the game then all of the achievements become so easy.

    To gain all 200 gamerscore from this game you will need to do a minimum of three playthroughs which in fairness really isn't that time consuming or hard to do seeing as a single play will take you roughly under five minutes depending on if you want to try and play the game legitimately or not.

    Overall though the achievement list in this game is pretty much like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop, unless that is you hit one of the glitches in the game where as when you are entitled to earn multiple achievements at once, the game will only offer you one, which at the time left me very confused.
    To get past this however all you need to do is keep entering and exiting the achievements tab on the game in which you will keep having achievements handed out to you as long as you achieved them in the first place.

    Overall this game is only a must for hardcore fans of the television show or gamerscore freaks who need a quick injection of 200 points. The game lacks in about every way possible but whilst also maintaining the core elements of the television show. Basically the guys who made this game gave you about the core parts of the television show and then said were done.

    They could of improved on so much more but decided not to and for the price tag this is disappointing. For the £3.99 I generally can't recommend you purchasing it and with it being a regional game I highly doubt this game will ever see DotW either which is unfortunate as for £2.29 this could be a good little game for anybody's collection but alas it is overpriced at £3.99 tag at the moment.

    Overall 4/10
    This review is for the English version of the game only

    Review written for Xbox Resouce and slightly modified for True Achievements.

    I take my reviews seriously and go into as much depth and detail about everything that i can do to give you guys a full rundown of what to expect for your cash.

    If their is something you don't like or agree with or something you would like to see added then let me know and i shall add more information.

    If you feel the need to downvote me then please give me a reason.
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    Reborn InsanityGood review, just a long read laugh +1
    Posted by Reborn Insanity on 25 Jul 11 at 09:40
    b30118218Cheers, I like to go into as much detail as possible so that people don't get the wrong impression and or get ripped off by something they think may be good/bad
    Posted by b30118218 on 25 Jul 11 at 09:44
    neeker75I bought this game purely for the achievements. I didn't care about the gameplay, etc. You could knock out about 10 achievements in just one round of the game using pause, so I guess it justified the purchase pretty well. Lol
    Posted by neeker75 on 26 Jul 11 at 06:38
    porschephiliacThis isn't available in the US?
    Posted by porschephiliac on 16 Aug 11 at 15:44
    b30118218Thanks for that, ill update the review accordingly
    Posted by b30118218 on 16 Aug 11 at 16:31
    HexxxWhy is this not available to the US?
    Posted by Hexxx on 05 Jan 12 at 06:54
    StarshadeFPSNot in Norway either.
    Posted by StarshadeFPS on 08 Jul 12 at 19:13