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    13 May 2010 30 Mar 2011
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    Ahh where to start..

    The game its self is realy fun and may not look so great at first but if you like to play arcade's to pass the time i would recommend this smile

    Challange Mode
    The challange mode will test your skill and no doubt piss you off as there are a few level's that are real hard. I've heard of people that smashed thair pad becouse thay were so pissed off but i didnt get angry at the game at all. I found it a great way to pass the time.

    Story Mode
    Well this is not hard at all but with 70 level's of story mode to play this will take quite i bit of time. And trying to collect all of the gem's is also a big part of the story as there are three gem's in each level. This shouldnt be a problem for you to collect them becouse thay are all simple enough.

    Every achievement in the game is a little challange and take's time but the only achievement's that most people find realy hard are:
    >Acrobatic Master
    >Loop Master
    >Challange Master
    I had problem's with them but a little time and i had them done. Loop master i got by luck. Thair's no way i could do that agen lol.

    My Rateing!
    +Gameplay: very good - 8/10
    +Achievements: ok - 5/10
    +200G/200G: 15 hours at most - 8/10

    I would give the game 7.9 / 10

    Sorry for any bad spelling.
    enjoy wave
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    BODZ61I'm having a problem with this game. I unlocked 1 achievement when I first played this game, but now, the game, not the xbox, is saying I have 0 achievements. Even though the xbox and this site have me unlocking the 1 achievement. Anyone having this problem or know how to fix it?
    Posted by BODZ61 On 02 Sep 11 at 21:07
    Skanker irlNice write-up. This was one of the first games I completed. Fun stuff.
    Posted by Skanker irl On 06 Jan 13 at 04:54
    DA CYBER TIGERThank you! It was also one of my first completions too, great little game.
    Posted by DA CYBER TIGER On 08 Jan 13 at 01:57
  • Chicago AJChicago AJ577,438
    17 Mar 2010
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    Most of you may have seen Wik: Fable of Souls on the XBLA Arcade Compilation disc #2, or maybe have seen it on the XBL Marketplace. I was not going to give this game a chance because it seemed very boring and hard to control. My girlfriend on the other hand thought otherwise and immediately fell in love (with the game ). After she got an achievement on my gamertag I had to try and make the most of it - about 4 weeks later I was finally able to complete it, after she did 90% of it of course.

    With over 120 levels and different modes; Challenge Mode, Adventure Mode, Survival Mode, etc. Wik was definitely a very fun game and for 800 Microsoft points or 10 dollars you can't really go wrong with this one. Once you get the hang of the controls the game becomes very exciting and the overall goal is to help Wik get his family back.

    The overall gameplay of the game is very simple, A is jump, X is swing, and Y is used to eat bugs or shoot bugs with acorns or other bugs. The goal of the game is to help Wik save the grubs from a certain doom of being eaten or carried off. There are also jewels in most levels that you can collect for extra points.

    The achievements for the game are pretty straight forward and fairly easy to attain. With an exception of a few hard levels once you really get deep into adventure mode or challenge mode. There was also one very tedious collection achievement which consisted of collecting EVERY jewel in the game, luckily they were only in the Story/Adventure mode. Overall the game took me about 15 hours to complete (but my girlfriend did about 13) and it was pretty fun after I gave it a chance.

    Overall I'd give the game a 7 out of 10 because sometimes the grubs you're suppose to save commit suicide and screw up your level which can be very frustrating! Once you finish it there is still a lot to do and this really adds to the replay value. The graphics are pretty trippy with different types of tie-dyed levels and mushrooms but overall really add to the game. This may not be a game for the completionist because it can get difficult, but if you stick with it avid gamers should have no problems getting the full 200 points.