2. Windscape General hints and tips

Windscape is divided into 4 main islands. Once you complete one, you won't have to return there.

The game is really glitchy, but nothing serious if you just focus on the story.

IMPORTANT: Once you reach the final boss room, you will be locked there forever. You will not have access to crafting tables or materials so be prepared!

Useful Tips

  • Always carry a lot of potions. This will come in handy later and during the final boss.
  • Once you reach a new island, explore, gather materials, and craft the best sword, shield, and mana spell. The most useful spell will be the Fire one.
  • Once you have crafted the necessary items, just follow the blue dot on your map. This is a very linear game and there is little to do outside the main quest.
  • Each dungeon is very linear. Go room by room, kill all enemies, collect their drops, flip switches. Basic stuff!
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