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    The game has so much potential but it didn't pull it off as you can tell by the dead online play. The vehicles are sweet looking, but the controls need lots of help. The tools where in this game to make something great, but the developers failed to do so, its like they didn't even try. The detail that went into all the weapon types and abilities is very cool, but overheating of the firing is very annoying. That can even be overlooked though, a minor issue. Another small issue, once you die you will notice your shield still regenerating, even though you no longer have a ship, if you look at your HUD, this is stupid and gives you a glimpse at how uncompleted this game looks. I do like how each ship is entirely unique though, and there is a lot of depth based on which ship u need for what type of match you are playing.

    I know nothing about the series on this game and maybe that is part of the reason I didn't understand any of the story. However one of the achievements was confusing and didn't have to be. Such as: "Hot Dog"- Complete each Ring Game difficulty level. My sources tell me this can only be done online and you need 4 players to even be given the option to do it, however this achievement hints in no way that you need to do this online. My boosting session friends tomorrow know what we need to do to get it so hopefully it all works out, but I am still very confused on this achievement.
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    DimitriI think you are a little tough on this game. It is an older game (2007) and it is part of an even older franchise. There are also some grammatical errors and the 3rd sentence doesn't make sense. I like how you gave an honest opinion though, so no negative, and I'll gladly put a positive in with some corrections and some talk about the achievements in the game.
    Posted by Dimitri On 19 Aug 10 at 14:12
    DimitriPositive as promised, thank you.
    Posted by Dimitri On 20 Aug 10 at 00:22