Winter Sports 2010

Winter Sports 2010 - The Great Tournament Guaranteed exciting and diverse game-playing for hours on end! The latest installment in the popular Winter Sports series has, for the first time ever, been released with next-gen graphics. Snowboard Cross, Ski Flying, Downhill Skiing, Freeride Skiing, Shorttrack, Figure Skating, Bobsled, and Biathlon - test your limits in these demanding winter sports. Play in either single-player or multi-player mode; either offline or online in splitscreen. Compete with up to three other friends for the number one spot in the championship and pit yourselves against each other until a winner finally emerges. Winter Sports 2010 is just as challenging between competitions. Collect vital experience points in the story-driven career mode, improve your skills and upgrade your character’s equipment. The path to becoming the world’s best lies ahead of you, but getting there is entirely up to you!
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Winter Sports 2010: The Great Tournament
12-15 hours

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