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    Winter Sports 2009 was a passable sports game, it still had commentator during events, the controls worked better and the challenge mode was more fun. This game takes a step back with unbalanced AI rivals and bad controls, it is also very repetitive. The music is just some jazz-style elevator music, that is just on par with the quality of the rest of the game.

    There are "8" disciplines, but only 5 of them actually differ from each other, 3 are just different slalom sports; one basic slalom, one with freestyle tricks and one with a snowboard. Too bad these just often cause frustration, because there are really narrow spots during courses, and because the controls are so slippery, you often find yourself from outside of the course collecting you equipment or getting time penalties for crossing the flag from the wrong side. The AI has 3 different difficulties; normal, hard and extreme. Too bad, in most different sports, there are barely any difference between hard and extreme difficulty, though in snowboarding and ski jump, the extreme AI sometimes seems almost impossible to beat.

    Bobsled may be fun for 5 minutes, then you realize you always win if you follow the arrow that is in the center. Ski jump was the hardest one to learn, and it still didn't make much sense. You can easily do a very long jump, but if you adjust the wind incorrectly, you would just get bad scores and the AI always gets awesome scores, especially the extreme AI.

    The absolute worst discipline is figure skating. It is literally just a big Quick Time Event that repeats the same pattern over and over again. One of the worst parts of this game, is the adrenaline, AKA nitro boost, AKA illegal stimulant. In every sport except figure skating and ski jump, you use this adrenaline, which makes the game pretty much a joke. Come on, your bob moves a lot faster when you gain adrenaline? Is it using stimulants or something? Too bad, you will have to use adrenaline, because the AI opponents can't be beaten otherwise so the game depends on using it. What happened to gameplay that requires skill to master? This makes the game very unsatisfying to play.

    There are 2 main modes; career and challenge mode. The career mode just consists of 15 cups, 5 in the amateur class, 5 in pro class and 5 in World class. These are just a number of the same events repeating over and over again and you are always playing against the same AI opponents. Just after the first few cups, you have seen them all, and in later cups there are even over 10 events that you have to repeat and get insanely bored. Once you play for a while, you figure out easy ways to trick the AI losing every time. In short-track speed skating, you just save all your adrenaline to the last lap and then use it all there, the AI always loses, no matter the difficulty. These shortcuts in gameplay make the game feel even more worthless.

    Only in challenge there are some different gameplay events. Here comes a massive minus once again. There are timed challenge events, but guess what, you are not able to see how you are doing. There is no on-screen timer, so you just have to guess how well you're doing. There are also very anger-inducing difficulty spikes. A lot of trial and error must be suffered before you are able to clear some of these challenges.

    Achievements: All the achievements are tied to career and challenge modes. Career mode is very doable with some practise, but the later part of challenge mode has a few very difficult challenges. The hardest achievement is definitely beating the Freeride Jet 2 Challenge. You are required to pass this long freestyle slope in mere 1 minute 30 seconds. You have to speed boost and use adrenaline through the whole race and not fail once. You can get almost flawless runs, but still fail. And trust me, it feels really awful to lose the event with 10-30 milliseconds.

    Winter Sports 2010 is a bad sports game, if you want to play a better winter sports game, try Vancouver 2010.
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    Good review ;)
    Posted on 16 May 13 at 01:03
    maguzzoloThank you very much for the review... i was tempted to get this since i found it super-cheap and it's rather difficult to gather trustworthy opinions on the web about this: i think that i'll steer away from this, no matter the price! wink
    Posted by maguzzolo on 28 Dec 15 at 13:38