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Posted on 02 January 18 at 05:15, Edited on 02 January 18 at 15:56
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Winx Club: Alfea Butterflix Adventures is a mindless cash grab designed to prey on the wallets of unsuspecting parents. Everything about this game is horrible, from its mobile-game graphics to its one incomplete music track per level to its terrible platforming. Your character will fall through platforms, clip through walls, and refuse to do so much as walk straight without issues. Plus, let's not forget microtransactions in an already overpriced game, which are required unless you want to spend hours grinding for gems in the same two levels.

Jumping is horribly inconsistent, with your character's feet either landing in mid-air or going through platforms. That's kind of unforgivable in a game that relies exclusively on platforming. The same collectibles have to be collected dozens upon dozens of times in order to be able to afford the lowest-priced upgrades, and half the time it mysteriously forgets to save, making an already frustrating grind even more unbearable.

Bottom line: This game is so bad that even my daughter, who's been an obsessive fan for 3/4 of her life, was like, "Sorry. Please don't be angry at me. This game f*cking sucks."
I wasn't even mad.
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Posted on 30 December 17 at 07:15
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Winx Club was a nice throw back to the time spent watching the show. The game itself isn't to difficult but requires getting a hold of the controls to perfect it.

However easy this game is there is a HUGE flaw with it.

After playing for a while you are forced to either grind for gems or buy them with IRL money in order to progress. The grinding took me around an hour, I zoned out while doing it so I'm not to sure of the exact time.

This grind slows the game down SO badly I really didn't want to play it anymore. The fact that there is one music track per level and loops horribly just made matters worse.

The nostalgia wore off real quick as the music looped, textures popped in and out, the camera phased through the walls, and hit boxes messed up jumps.

I found no fun in the game after hit with the grind and found it a chore to get through the second half of achievements.

Since there are no achievements linked to the 'story' of the game I have no idea who the guy at the beginning is and if you have to fight him. I assume you have to because he has the look of a villain, but in order to fight him you need to get all six of the characters in the game. Which would mean at LEAST five hours of grinding for blue gems or more money.

All in all a fair game that was stupidly trying to add micro transactions. It's a 1000 gamerscore but not worth the $10 it's currently priced at.
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