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  • Mystic Typh00nMystic Typh00n460,983
    06 Feb 2011
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    So many trivia games have come out in the years of gaming, the most popular series being Jeopardy, which is also a TV game show that's been on 25+ years. But that's not what this is. Far from it. It's quirky, and refined. There are 50+ player heads you can use as your in-game avatar. Each category changes what your character wears as their costume, ranging from Hawaiian shirts to dancing outfits. The gameplay consists of 6 players, all competing to have the highest coin amount after the end of 7 rounds. You can only bet on 2 answers of the 7 options they give you. ( The 6 players answers, and 1 answer that states lower, if you so believe that the answer is lower than the others. It also nets you a nifty cheevo if you bet on it and are correct.) Which somewhat takes away, but not much.

    The in-game music gets somewhat annoying but it's catchy, it's basically elevator music.

    The online play is dead, no one ever plays it online, but you can join boosting sessions for it to get the other achievements.

    Overall this game is fun with other people, and if you're with friends at your house it's a fun and competitive way to pass the time.

    Not to many dim spots, but the game is great for it's time.
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    Confused ShelfThis game is terrifying! I accidentally put a dogs head on my person. I've never been so scared. Its haunting dead eyes and its puppet like movement. I think they had just sewn it on and hung the body from strings and made it dance. Creepy, creepy game!
    Posted by Confused Shelf On 06 Feb 11 at 21:35
    Mystic Typh00nYeah, the silver alien is the one that creeped me out
    Posted by Mystic Typh00n On 07 Feb 11 at 02:55
  • cc99999cc99999346,301
    08 Oct 2009
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    In a Minute Review - Wits & Wagers

    There's a time and a place for casual trivia games. The time is usually when you are drunk, hanging around with friends and the place is usually bars. That said, Wits & Wagers offers a very superficial trivia experience complete with several hundred really random questions. The concept is that you select an answer by scrolling through a wheel of numbers and then after you make your guess- you bet on which answer you think is right- helped by the fact that the game shows you the odds of each answer being correct.

    This doesn't really work that well because it becomes quickly obvious which answers are correct. If you consistently bet with the safest odds- you are likely to win most matches. The matches themselves are short in trivia and long in button pushes, transitions, and load times. You get to make your onscreen avatar dance around but other than that, there's nothing in this game that has personality. Did I say avatar? Wits & Wagers pre-dates the NXE so there is no avatar support. You can choose from one of about a hundred pre-made characters, however.

    Usually trivia games make you feel smarter after playing them awhile. Wits & Wagers questions lack that inherent smartness to them that you basically forget the question right after you answer it. For a game that offers no online persistence, no in depth leaderboard to track how many questions you have answered, and no real community of die hard players, it's hard to find any good reason to recommend it.
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