Wizard of Legend Reviews

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    16 Jul 2019 17 Jul 2019
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    Wizard of Legend is a retro-styled top down roguelite, dungeon crawler in which you must compete in the fabled Chaos Trials.

    One of my favorite aspects of this game is the tutorial. Unlike your typical hand holding introductions, this game starts you in a museum that tells the history of an ancient competition known as the Chaos Trials.
    You encounter curators that give you useful information about the game's components, exhibits that showcase items and relics found in the game along with their description and purpose, and even interactive 'simulations' that teach you the ropes for in-game combat and general gameplay.
    At the end of your tour, you see an ancient artifact that activates and sends you to the Trials themselves.

    As you would expect in a Roguelite adventure, you will enter randomly generated dungeons, visit shops, slay bosses and make your best effort to complete the adventure without dying. While you can earn Chaos gems to buy new relics and spells, you are extremely limited to what you can bring with you to the Trials. You can expect growing pains, trial and error, and gem grinding before you get seasoned enough to make effective runs to the final floors.

    Something you will learn early on is that you must get used to strategizing your fights and learn to use a more defensive approach to combat. It actually makes sense, as the main character is a Wizard (as the title implies) and uses spells and relics to fight through waves of enemies. No matter how much gear you acquire, there doesn't ever seem to be a way to obtain a solid tank build (like a Warrior class) that will let you hack and slash your way to victory. In this sense, the game forces you to play strategically.

    As far as customization goes, there are hundreds of relics and spells that you can unlock, as well as a dozen or so outfits that give a variety of stat boosts. Combined, you have access to a seemingly endless combination of builds in which you can use to assist in your journey.

    However, in order to limit your power potential, you can only take one relic, 3 spells and 1 outfit into the fray. Everything else you must find, upgrade or purchase in the dungeon stores. While this definitely adds to the strategy and skill required to progress in the game, it makes such a vast collection of unlockables (most which are negligibly useful by themselves) moot unless you get a good (i.e lucky) run of good shops, drops and enemy spawns.

    This game will definitely be frustrating at times (a good run can come to an abrupt end with a sudden turn of luck), but it is extremely rewarding for those dedicated to make it to the end.

    Upon beating the game, you will gain access to powerful Chaos spells, as well as cursed items that change the dynamics of the gameplay, which can make the game easier or harder, depending on how much you want to punish yourself.

    At time of review, the game is priced at a reasonable $14.99. However, it is currently available on Game Pass, so if you have a membership, there is no reason not to give this gem of a game a try.