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Anders Fearer
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Anders Fearer
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Posted on 04 June 09 at 01:53, Edited on 09 June 09 at 14:10
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Wolfenstein 3D is the classic shooter, one that older gamers will all have memories of. The game's plot is short and simple. Try to get to the elevator of the floor your on, and stay alive, by any means necessary.

Gameplay 10/10

You can't go wrong with Wolfenstein 3D's gameplay, the controls are simple and the gameplay is smooth. It has the classic old school score tally, which you can increase by killing enemies or picking up various treasures while wondering the halls of Castle Wolfenstein.

Sound & Graphics 10/10

Nothing beats this game's classic sound and graphics. The music is simple and catchy and easily sets the mood for the game, the graphics are simple, and the animations are nice.

Difficulty 6/10

As were most games back in the day, the game is not difficult at all, depending on the difficulty your playing on. There are four difficulties.

All in all, Wolfenstein 3D is a must have title, if you have played it in the past, or if you have never played it. For only 400 MS points, it's well worth the price.
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Posted on 14 July 10 at 17:22
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Have you heard this phrase? Unfortunately, all too much. It's debatable what FPS is the best ever made. Some would say Halo, and they have brain problems. Some would say Half-Life 2... actually don't, or i'll personally find you and crack you in the face... overrated junk.

By far, the FPS that everyone remembers, for pioneering the genre and usually on (or near the top of) best game of all time lists, was a little game called Doom, released in 1993. Doom was known for pioneering the genre (as I just said) and putting FPS on the map, but it wasn't the first. A whole year before Doominator's favorite game of all time was released, we got a little game involving some guns, Nazis, a certain infamous castle, and Adolf Hitler in a mech suit.

That's right, Wolfenstein 3d: the game that started it all. The question today is, has the great, great granddaddy of FPS aged well like a fine wine, or just like moldy, smelly, stanky cheese?

Much like Doom after it, Wolfenstein 3d is played in episodic form, meaning you can play any of the six episodes at any point. The game play is simple, get to the exit, brutally murdering any Nazi's you find along the way and collecting precious Nazi gold for points. Unlike Doom, this has a scoring system, based on secrets you may find, Nazi's you shoot, and gold you find. It also grants you extra lives, but "losing a life" in Wolf3d is like dying at anytime in Doom: you restart the current level with nothing but a handgun.

Weapons are limited, but realistic. You start with a pistol (presumably a German Luger) and a useless knife. You do pick up an MP40 later on (from the SS soldiers, or the "blue guys") and a chaingun too. Enemies are simplistic enough: foot soldiers (brown guys), SS Soldiers (blue guys), Nazi Officers (white guys) Nazi dogs, and even Zombies with pistols sticking out of their chests in the infamous Castle Wolfenstein.
You fight large bosses at the end of each episode, including an elite guard named Hans (and a female version of him in a later episode... seriously), a mad scientist, and even Adolf Hitler himself: In a FREAKIN MECH SUIT. Nobody will deny that this is one of the biggest highlights in gaming history, not to mention that beating the big guy gives you a replay on this magical thing called a "killcam." Now where have I heard that before...

Playing the game will feel rough to most Halo fanboys, as it's a very 3 button game: move, shoot, and open/use. The maps are horribly laid out at times, and challenging to navigate (did you know some of the maps are actually Swastikas?). A map system like what was found in Doom would have really helped the game. The enemies are just funny, hearing their death screams "MEIN LIEBEN!" and "AAAAIIIIIEEEE!" is hard to not love, even if they can magically kill you with a single bullet at times.

However, all is not well. The XBLA port of Wolf3d has its share of issues, such as a lack of widescreen support (which amazingly, was a problem in the recently released Doom II port), as well as altered music (again, Doom II had this issue). The latter is hard to explain, but play the original game and you'll see what I mean, it just sounds slowed down. However, these issues are minor at worst and won't affect the gameplay.

A save anywhere feature is well implemented here, as is leaderboard support. But one more baffling thing is the file size. This is almost 200mb! It does contain a HD trailer for the (at the time) upcoming Wolfenstein, but this should have been its own separate download. Again though, very minor complaint.

Achievements are easy. Beat the game on the second highest difficulty setting (BRING EM ON!) and boom: 130G. Other achievements involve killing 100% of enemies and finding 100% of Nazi gold. Overall, simple stuff.

One minor complaint (that I should mention in a Wolfenstein 2009 review, if I wrote that) is that they say achievements unlocked in Wolf3d will unlock stuff in Wolf 2009. This is a lie for the most part: only one achievement (beat any level) unlocks one reward (1000$ gold in Wolfenstein). Minor detail, but it should be mentioned.

For only 5$, Wolfenstein 3d is a MUST BUY for any FPS fan, whether you grew up with it (Doominator was in diapers when it originally came out), or are interested in some game history. The game-play might feel hilariously outdated and unnecessarily confusing at times, but it's worth overcoming the bumps, if only to say "yeah, I killed mecha-hitler. WHATS GOOD?!?" And if you still think stuff like Halo is the reason FPS is here, please forward me your name and address. I'd like to meet you, and beat sense into you.
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Posted on 19 October 11 at 03:32, Edited on 19 October 11 at 03:39
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This is my first review so comment and tell me what I can do improve.

Wolfenstein 3D was created by id Software who also made DOOM and Quake!

STORY: 4/5 It's about an American soldier escaping the German Castle Wolfenstein and killing Germans and their Hounds along the way.

GAMEPLAY: 5/5 There are 6 episodes and each have 10 missions. You have 6 weapons, the Chain Gun, Machine Gun, Knife, Pistol, Rocket Launcher, and the Flame Thrower. As you are going through the game, you can pick up Ammo, get First Aid Kits, and get Gold for bonus points. You have a certain number of lives, when the lives hit 0, its Game Over!

GRAPHICS: 4.5/5 Graphics were great for its time. Now, graphics are A LOT better but back then, those graphics were revolutionary.

SOUND: 5/5 Excellent! Great sound for its time. The music keeps the flow going and makes you keep playing!

REPLAY VALUE: 3/5 Not really unless you want to get all gold, secrets, or beat it as fast as you can. I still replay amazing single player only games so you might play it again in the future.

FUN: Lots of fun! You won't get bored with it because there are different unique levels with a lot of secrets! It takes a while to bet too so IT IS worth your money especially how its only 5 Dollars smile.

CONCLUSION: If you love FPS games, BUY THIS ONE. If you always wanted to play one of the very first FPS games, BUY THIS ONE. If you looking for an amazing game, BUY THIS ONE. You won't be disappointed.

FINAL SCORE: 9.0 out of 10 wave

Remember this is my first review so give me feedback!
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