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    Everything that Wolfenstein: The New Order brought to the single player shooter table back in 2014 has been turned to 11 with The New Colossus. Bethesda and Machinegames have delivered an amazing high octane shooter once again striking gold.

    The game picks up immediately after
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    . From there the game’s prologue sets tone, quality and atmosphere of this incredible sequel.

    The New Colossus also sets outs to fix the minor problems of the New Order, such as automatically picking up ammo and armour whenever you run over the item in question instead of having to button mash to pick them up everytime.

    Another new mechanic introduced is the ability to hard save whenever you want from the pause menu. Thought trivial at first this mechanic became a life and time saver as I could save in between the hard firefights and the extremely hard but challenging boss fights. However one small issue is that Bj is quite particular on what he wants to vault and jump over, which caused me to die several times. You will die a lot in the game, Bj is a human wrecking ball but he is not invincible. This forces players to think on their feet and to try new ways to finish and dominate a firefight. I found new ways to be crafty and to kill on the fly.

    Gunplay is phenomenally fun and intense, some of the best in recent generational memory. Each firefight feel like an orchestra of pure mayhem and chaos yet I somehow survived by the skin of my teeth. You can approach enemies in two ways, guns blazing or the more stealthy option in using the silenced pistol. However the stealth option never really lasts for long as the AI is quick to spot you and once again, guns start blazing. The ability to dual wield two primary weapons returns adding to the mayhem.

    Well written three dimensional characters is what the current Wolfenstein series does best. William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz is still the all American fighting machine he was in the first game, however he now questions his mortality after his fight with Deathshead left his body broken. We also receive backstory about his childhood through one of the most powerful opening prologues in a game since Dead Rising and Half Life.

    The usual suspects Anya, Set, Max Hass, Bomebate, and (Wyatt/Fergus) return and have their time to shine. New characters also join the game with notable mentions for resistance fighter Grace Williams who has some of the best moments of the game, as well as Sigrun Engel who always steals the spotlight. However the best character of Wolfenstein 2 goes to antagonist Frau Irene Engel who makes one of the most memorable and chilling villains of 2017.

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is one of the best games I’ve played in recent memory and by far one of the best single player shooters I’ve ever played. It’s a must for those who want to have a fun single player game with an excellent story.
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    Moldy Tacos5000The game picks up with... I dunno spoiler tags maybe?
    Posted by Moldy Tacos5000 On 30 Jan 18 at 21:17
    BegFourMercyThis looks like one of the paid reviews.

    Its the worst in the series and the story is just brutally bad. Seriously how he gets his 'new' body. What a joke.

    "Each firefight feel like an orchestra of pure mayhem and chaos yet I somehow survived by the skin of my teeth." LOL not.
    Posted by BegFourMercy On 27 Jun 19 at 16:22
    KanchanaburiI'd say this is pretty good thus far. I just finished the first part, and I am compelled to play on due to the quality of the voice acting, the dialouge and script writing, the beautiful art work and brutally cool game play. People have complained about the game but in the first chapter, I don't understand why. Regardless on how they start the story, it being far-fetched, it was a creative way to start the game.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi On 24 Aug 19 at 18:13
    KanchanaburiI also like the authenticity of the world they have created, the characters - especially the insane ones, and the flashbacks which were very well done. SUre, the firefights are firefights, but they always give you a chance to stealth with interesting routes to explore. definately 4.5 stars.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi On 24 Aug 19 at 18:15
    FTW IGotChukedI think your guide was great, Loved this game so much I’m attempting Mein Leben again after putting it aside for years! I just can’t get enough
    Posted by FTW IGotChuked On 25 Mar 22 at 04:50
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