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1. Walkthrough overview

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Hello my lovelies and welcome to the TrueAchievements official walkthrough for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus! WARNING: This game contains Nazi imagery that may be sensitive and even offensive for some people. Although technically the player is fighting against them, I feel it necessary to point out before going further that if you are triggered by Nazi and Klan imagery, this might not be the game for you.

While the game has been out for nearly two years already as of this writing, I personally only recently tackled it after picking it up on sale several months back. I noticed that no walkthrough had been written in all this time, and while I feel that this game lends itself more to following along with video guides, I wanted to add a formal walkthrough. Some of you may be here after diving in due to its recent presence on Gamepass. Others might just now been revisiting it after shelving it for a long time thanks to the formidable Mein Leben achievement. Hopefully no matter what your reasons are for arriving at this page, you will find the following pages and video guides a good resource.

Wolfenstein II is a first-person shooter by MachineGames. It follows on after the events of the first mainline Wolfenstein game on modern consoles, picking up at a point where our main character William Joseph Blazkowicz (BJ, for short) has to make a life and death decision. It is there that we will begin our adventure in the main story walkthrough page. I have structured the main story walkthrough as a step-by-step transcription of the path I take through Mein Leben difficulty. I have completed that mode three additional times since first getting the achievement while following the exact same route and using the same strategies, so I feel confident in its accuracy for guiding you through the game. You only technically need to complete the game twice, once on any difficulty and again on Mein Leben to unlock all the stacking difficulty-related achievements. I suggest doing a total of three playthroughs however, then mopping up the collectibles and districts on your 1st progression slot whenever it is convenient (possibly during Mein Leben attempt breaks).

Playthrough 1 – Bring ‘em On difficulty or higher in order to obtain an achievement in the Panzerhund section. This playthrough will focus on learning the level layouts, enemy spawn locations and pathing, and knocking out most of the miscellaneous achievements. You will also create a manual save file at the beginning of each of the 1st ten main missions for use later to practice those missions on I Am Death Incarnate (IADI) difficulty. I suggest just doing Bring ‘em On unless you are very skillful at shooters, as the frustration of dying repeatedly on IADI due to not knowing enemy spawns, paths, and strategies for clearing each area can quickly grow thin. Not only that, but you need a 2nd progression slot in order to have saves at the beginning of missions 11 onward if you want one for every mission. You will return to this progression slot and pick up where you left off in the post-game to do all the districts and collectibles on the easiest difficulty - Can I Play Daddy.

Playthrough 2 – This 2nd playthrough will be on IADI difficulty on a different progression slot. Make sure you don’t overwrite your first progression slot when starting this playthrough so you don’t lose your practice save locations as well as any collectibles progress you’ve made. You will focus on repeating your paths and strategies through each mission that you learned in the first playthrough, refining your techniques and the timing in each area. You will create a manual save slot at the beginning of each of the main missions from Mission 11 onward in order to return to this progression slot and load up those save files to practice any problem areas for you. No collectibles or districts will be done on this playthrough, other than the New Orleans – Bienville district in order to obtain the Ramshackles just before the final mission, as you will be doing this same strategy on Mein Leben.

Playthroughs 3 and up – Make sure to switch to the 3rd progression slot so you don’t overwrite your first or 2nd slots. This playthrough (likely multiple playthroughs) will be on Mein Leben difficulty. Once you have practiced enough on IADI and are ready to tackle this mode you will get one shot to make it through the game without dying, without any saving whatsoever, and in one sitting (unless you leave your Xbox running to take a break). If you do leave your Xbox running to take a break, I suggest hitting the guide button during one of the skippable cinematic pre-rendered cut scenes. These don’t run on the game’s rendering engine and thus don’t tax your Xbox’s processors and fans egregiously. Pausing overnight in a normal mission with the processors running hot and the fan on full blast is a good way to test whether an Xbox One can be bricked.

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