Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

Choose Bring ‘em On or higher for your first playthrough. You can play on I Am Death Incarnate from the get-go if you are adept at shooters, but it helps to learn enemy positioning and level pathing first before tackling IADI, and you will need practice before doing Mein Leben anyway. We’ll be making 10 manual saves at the beginning of the first 10 missions, then on our second playthrough make manual saves at the beginning of missions 11 onward. That way you can jump back to any specific mission you want to practice.

At the start you will be forced to choose between Wyatt and Fergus, which is a choice you made at the end of the previous mainline Wolfenstein entry. Chose to sacrifice Wyatt (save Fergus) so that you receive the Laserkraftwerk weapon in the 3rd mission. This unlocks the Déjà vu unmissable achievement.

Déjà Vu

Make the choice

Déjà Vu
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After the initial unskippable scenes you’ll awaken and be forced to play the first mission in a wheelchair. Wheel over to the door and take the machinegun (called a Maschinenpistole in-game) from your friend. He will be killed and the level begins. First and foremost, DO NOT stick your head out from behind the doorways. Take position against a door/wall/etc and hold cn_LB, then use the left thumbstick to lean out from the corner. It’s better to take a few seconds inching your way forward and leaning until you can get a line of sight on enemies than to just roll out past a door and get mowed down. On this easier difficulty setting you’ll survive, but on IADI and Mein Leben, you will be killed extremely quickly. Better to practice proper strategies now.

You can’t see the first enemy, so position yourself against the right side of the door, facing to your right (so that if you were to roll out you would be looking 90 degrees to the right down the next hall). From now on, I will just say to take cover on the left or right of an obstacle and lean. From there, you will need to tweak your positioning to what works for you, or follow along my Mein Leben video to see my exact positioning. So take position on the right side of the door, facing to the right, and lean out. You will have a red and beige sign blocking your view. Aim at the midway point on the red and beige sign, with your crosshair about where the red and beige colors meet in a straight line, centered on the sign, and blast through it. If done correctly, you should shoot an enemy leaning against the door at the right-hand end of the hall beyond the door you’re in.

After he’s dead, shoot out the rest of the sign and inch closer to the edge of the door and lean out. Aim down the hall to the right through the doorway, into the next room, above the boxes blocking your view. Two enemies will run into that room. If you start tapping cn_RT once your crosshair turns red (don’t hold it down), you can likely kill the one that moves to the right as they enter, leaving just the one to the left to take out. Once they’re dead (make sure to take cover if needed), move out into the hall where you’re friend died and collect two 10-Armor packs on the left. Move into the next room where the two enemies were and collect any armor and health packs scattered around the room.

Before moving into the next doorway, position yourself so you’ll be looking at a 45 degree angle to the right as you move into the doorway. Move up to the door and quickly lean out with cn_LB so that you can see the fire extinguisher on the wall at the base of the staircase. Try to shoot the extinguisher as the first enemy passes it. If you’re lucky, you’ll kill one or both enemies on the stairwell. Finish them off, taking cover in this doorway, before moving into the hall where they were. You’ll see a lift platform to your right and a breakable crate to the left. Grab the health packs from the tray, and break the crate for a 25-Armor pack. Take the lift up.

Ignore the enemy on the way up the lift. Move down the next hallway, making sure to grab the 25-armor pack in the lockers to the right and the health pack beyond them. Ignore the enemies through the window on the left. They will get nuked by the electromagnetic trap in that hall. Make sure to stop as you round the corner, so you don’t get nuked yourself, and wait for Set to disable the trap before moving forward and activating the door to his room. Skip the cutscene to reappear in another hall. Move forward and press the button at the top of the stairs to activate the traps. The roaming enemy will get nuked. Back up a little so that the barrier by the stairs blocks you from the enemies and shoot the wall at the top of the stairs to draw two enemies below into the trap. Once you hear the distinct sound of two wet pops, you’ll know they are dead. Two enemies remain in this area. One will usually wait for you at the base of the stairs, to the right. So just roll down the stairs and aim to your right to shoot him as you reach the bottom. Occasionally he will wander out ahead of the stair base, or even up to the top level, so be mindful of that.

Once he’s dead, continue down the hall to the right at the base of the stairs. Break the 2nd wood crate to the right for a 25-Armor pack. Just ahead of you, at the corner to the right, is another trap that should still be activated. Lean out to let the enemy see you, then hide so he dies on the trap. All of these trap kills in this 1st mission count as environmental kills for the perk, which is a handy one because it reduces explosives’ damage to you. Once he nukes himself on the trap, press the button to the left of it carefully to deactivate the traps and continue down the hall to the left, then right at the end into the next room with two large cogs rotating. Inch into the room just enough to see the enemy up above. Once he starts walking away, slowly roll onto the nearest cog and ride it up to his platform. Roll up behind him and click cn_RS to take him down, which will unlock Crippled but Able.

Crippled but Able

Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair

Crippled but Able
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Move forward and look for two enemies coming in from the left past the cogs. They may not run in if you did a takedown on the first guy, in which case you can lean out and take them out easily. If they do rush in, make sure to spray both of them so they don’t spread out. If you try to aim and take down one at a time, the other will kill you before the first even falls on IADI/Mein Leben. As long as you pepper both with shots and alternate targets to keep them staggered, they shouldn’t spread apart too far and you can kill both before you have to reload. Enter the next room where they came from and take the lift on the right up to the top. You’ll see an enemy pass by in front of you. Press the wall switch to turn on the traps, then move right so he can’t see you and fire a shot to send him through the trap for another environmental kill.

Continue to the right to the end of this hallway where you will see pipes making a sort of ramp leading down into the next room. Do not go out onto the pipes. Instead, position yourself against the right wall just before the pipes and lean out, looking down into the next room. On the far end, lower-left side, you should barely make out an enemy behind a trap that is active since you hit the button. Down on the floor to the left of him is an explosive canister. Shoot that with a few sprays until you see flames coming out, then duck back behind the wall to allow the explosion to take out an enemy or two. If you’re lucky, at least one and maybe two more enemies will rush to that corner and be killed by the trap.

Either way, stay up here and lean out gingerly, looking for any enemies down by that trap or behind the wall between the trap and the base of the pipes, on the left. Take them out with short bursts. When you’re sure it’s safe, lean further out and look to the far end of the upper-floor walkway, in the center of the room but on the upper level. If there is an enemy there, pepper him with short bursts until he is dead. If he isn’t there, he probably ran down and got killed by the trap. At this point, you shouldn’t see any enemies with a line of sight on you. There will almost always be one enemy remaining on the upper-right catwalk. Return to the trap switch behind you and deactivate them. In the hallway where the first enemy was as you rode up the lift, there is a 25-Armor pack, and at the top of the pipes leading to the next room there are a couple of health packs.

Go down the pipes into the next room. Stay on your toes in case any straggler enemy is hiding below. If not, take a shot at the guy on the catwalk in the top right and wait for him to make his way around to the center of the railing, where he will climb down. Shoot him there or when he reaches the bottom. Pick up any health or armor in the room before continuing into the next hall. Before you exit, if you forgot to turn the traps off up above, make sure to hit the switch here to turn them off. This prevents having to take the long way at the end of the level. As you move into the hall, an enemy will approach at the base of the stairs straight ahead. Shoot him before he gets high enough to shoot back. Before going down the stairs, more armor and health resides in an alcove to your left if you need it.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, move onto the conveyer belt. Cross over to the next conveyer belt at the end, which will take you up before an enemy reverses its direction. As the conveyer moves you down from the guy that switched its direction, shoot the enemy straight ahead of you in a window above the belt. After that you will go down a slope to the end of the conveyer belt. You should see a fire canister directly ahead of you as you approach the bottom. Wait for two enemies to come out from the corner to the right, and shoot the canister once they are out. If you shoot it the instant you see them, it won’t kill them and they’ll spread out and kill you very fast on higher difficulties, so wait a beat after you first see them to fire and detonate it. As long as at least one of them dies, you can easily clean up the 2nd with your machinegun.

As long as you didn’t leave the traps on up above (which is why I had you turn them off before going down the pipes), all you have to do after they are dead is push the nearby button to reverse the conveyor belt’s direction and hop back on. If you forgot, you’ll have to take the long way in this lower area, which I won’t detail here as it is very straightforward and linear, but entirely unnecessary as you should always turn the traps off before finishing the previous areas. So push the button to reverse the belt and hop on. As you ride it to the exit, one last enemy will be to your left on the way up. Deal with him, then exit the belt at the top and go to the left to the large platform to activate the switch that begins a cutscene with Anya and the mission ends.

Mission 2 - The Ausmerzer

After the cutscene with Anya, which is skippable, you will be forced to watch an unskippable scene with the Nazi commander. Unlike the game’s intro, where you could go afk for a snack or drink, you want to make sure you are paying attention here. At least turn up the volume and listen as you grab a snack. After about 3-4 minutes, you will hear bullets start flying, and a prompt to press cn_X will appear (assuming you don’t change camera angles at all) to enter the power armor. If you do not do this quickly enough, you will be killed. On other difficulties this just means rewatching the scene, but on Mein Leben this will end your run. Enter the power armor to make the commander run away and unlock Carrying the Torch.

Carrying the Torch

Use the power armor

Carrying the Torch
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You’ll be forced to watch another brief bit of dialogue between Fergus and the commander’s ineffectual daughter. Grab a 2nd machinegun from the floor and max out your ammo at the nearby ammo box while waiting. Once she opens the door, enter into the next hall. Look for a square on the floor with yellow caution stripes on it. Jump with cn_A and press cn_B in mid air to power stomp, which breaks through the floor into a crawl space below. Follow this to the next room to hear about how manly Fergus is. Grab the hatchet from the wall nearby, and use it to pry open the next crawl space. Follow this one to the end to FINALLY begin the game proper. Sneak up behind this first Nazi you see and press cn_RS to perform a stealth takedown. There is a way to climb up on the left and skip this enemy, but even on Mein Leben, it is unnecessary unless you’re going for record speed runs to do it for what little time it saves.

Past that enemy, climb up two ladders and pick up the pistol straight ahead and a 2nd on a nearby table before going into the next crawl space. Hold cn_RB and equip dual machineguns, then switch your right hand to the pistol. This is called “prepping a weapon” and allows you to just tap cn_Y to switch whichever hand most recently changed weapons back to the previous weapon that hand was holding. So right now you have pistol in the right, machinegun in the left, with a 2nd machinegun “prepped” in the right hand. From now on I will simply say “equip X and Y, with Z prepped in Left or Right”, meaning to equip weapon X in the right hand, weapon Y in the left hand, and weapon Z “prepped”. I will annotate which hand to prep weapon Z in each time.

As you drop down the pipes before entering the next room, you will see two white circles with lines on one side indicating direction, while the number in the middle indicates distance in meters, to two commanders. You will see the 1st commander ahead of you. Continue crouched and sneak up behind him to do a stealth takedown. Collect his pistol ammo and Enigma Code. Turn left and watch the area below, to the right, for the 2nd commander. Wait until he stops walking, unless your aim is on point, and headshot him with the pistol. Immediately look slightly left and closer to you from where he was walking for another enemy and take it down with the pistol and machinegun. Now tap cn_Y to switch to your prepped machinegun in the right hand. Move to the left along this walkway, looking over the railing down into the room below for two more enemies.

That’s a total of two commanders and three enemies down in this room. There should be three more enemies coming from a hallway to the right side, past where the 2nd commander was, down below. Depending on your speed, they will likely already be out into the room and in cover positions. Either take them down from the relative safety of your perch up here or jump the railing and deal with them up close, assuming the previous enemies are all dead of course. Once the room is clear, if you wait long enough (and look toward the center of the room) you will here BJ start talking. His talking after fighting enemies in an area indicates that all the enemies are dead in that area. Make sure to grab the Enigma Code from the 2nd commander’s corpse.

Move down into the hall to the right of where the 2nd commander was and look for an access point to a crawl space you can pop open with your hatchet to get into an ammo room. You will find an infinite grenade box in here, some armor and health, a hatchet (allowing for thrown hatchet kills) and your first rifle (called a Sturmgewehr in-game). Grab everything but the health for now and use the crawl space at the far end of the room to get to a room with a lever that opens the path forward. Step out of this small room after hitting the lever and toss a grenade into the room it opened to detonate the fuel tank. Return to the ammo room and top off your grenades. Grab the health in here, as well as the two on the boxes near the lever room, to overcharge your health before heading into the area with the destroyed fuel tank.

Crouch and drop down into the hole in the wall to the right, then immediately crouch walk over and climb up onto the boxes nearby on your left by holding cn_A and pushing against them. Once on top of the boxes, immediately crouch again and move into the corner of the wall. When the enemy comes around the corner to the right, click cn_RS to stealth kill him. Grab a 2nd throwing hatchet off the wall nearby and follow the corridor from whence he came around to the left. You don’t actually have to crouch-walk here, but it is safer to do so. Click cn_RS from a distance to throw a hatchet at the enemy from behind, or walk up and do a stealth takedown, although this is riskier. Make sure to equip machinegun and rifle at this point, just for ammo conservation, with a 2nd rifle prepped in the machinegun hand. Also make sure to collect your hatchet from the corpse if you used a throwing hatchet. Always collect hatchets thrown, if possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE:One of the most annoying perks to grind during mop-up is enemy grenade throw-back kills. You only need 10, but setting it up in districts is a pain. Save your game here so you can move on to the paragraph below after doing this. In the very next room, you can do the enemy grenade kills easily. Set off the alarm then return to the red hallway right after where you dropped down. Take cover behind a wall and let the enemies congregate at the other end, in the main room. They will eventually throw grenades down the hall. Rush forward and press cn_Xat the grenade to toss it back. If you run out of enemies, suicide and repeat until you max the perk. This unlocks Max a Perk but more importantly it will make the mop-up much easier.

Max a Perk

Max a perk

Max a Perk
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Carrying on after that reload your save before the alarm. Now, most videos show a way to fight your way through this next room, but it is actually far easier to skip the room entirely. From this 2nd enemy, return back the way you came, but instead of turning right to where the first enemy you killed was when you dropped down here turn left to head toward the next room. Before entering the room, look for a set of stairs to your left with two 20-Health packs at the base. Go up these stairs, where one enemy will be waiting up above. Quickly kill him, which will set off an alarm (unless you manage to throw a hatchet at him from the top of the stairs before he sees you). The alarm is irrelevant, though. As soon as he is dead, sprint to the wall behind him. You should see electronic consoles up against the wall with health packs beneath them. In between these is an opening in the wall leading to a crawl space. This area will allow you to drop in BEHIND the commander’s spawn point, onto the catwalk that leads down the ramp and outside.

This is your goal, and even in IADI/Mein Leben, you can easily take this path, drop in behind the commander, and turn around to sprint to the switch at the far end of the catwalk, in the room with all the electricity arcing around. You can kill the commander if you want so that his Enigma Code is there for you when you return, but if you don’t he will de-spawn along with the rest of the enemies in that room once you hit the switch at the end of the catwalk. As soon as you hit the switch, make sure your dual rifles out and sprint back along the catwalk and up into the previous room. When you enter, keep sprinting to the far side of the room and turn around 180 degrees, facing back toward where the commander spawned/where the catwalk was. A supersoldat will drop in with his back to you, allowing you to mow him down with your dual rifles.

Pick up his heavy laser weapon, turn around 180 degrees (your back should be to the commander’s spawn) and you will see two thing grey destructible walls ahead of you. Drop his heavy weapon just to the right of this (you’ll see a laser-weapon recharging station to your right). Go back to his body and bring his 2nd weapon over and drop it here. Now go around the room and top off all your weapon ammos, especially the rifle. There is an ammo locker on the wall in the previous hall where you first dropped down to this area that has some if it is opened (which it should be if you set off an alarm). There is also some rifle ammo near some boxes around the perimeter of the room where the heavy dropped in, along with some grenades. Once your ammo is topped off, grab all the health packs around the room (several of which are upstairs near the crawl space you took to sneak behind the commander). There are two 40-Health packs on the boxes just to the right of where the commander spawned.

Overcharging your health like this allows you to work on the perk for overcharge kills, which makes overcharged health deplete more slowly. Not to mention there are achievements associated with the perks. Once you’re confident your health is sufficiently overcharged, move back to the destructible wall and pick up a heavy laser. Destroy the wall to reveal the next room and take cover behind the non-destructible wall to the right. Hold cn_LB and cn_LT to lean out and keep the laser charged, respectively, and just tap (don’t press and hold) cn_RT to fire in short bursts at the enemies in the room beyond. When your first heavy laser runs out of ammo, you can simply replenish it from the 2nd one you brought over here, laying on the ground. This saves you from having to use the recharging station on the wall and risking an enemy flanking behind and killing you. Once most or all of the enemies are dead, move into the room carefully and make sure to clear the area THOROUGHLY, as this room has lots of nooks and crannies an enemy can surprise you from.

At this point you can refill the lasers you had or grab a new one from the heavy you killed in this room and destroy the destructible boxes around the room, revealing ammo, health, and armor. Top everything off to your liking and proceed into the next hall, at the far end of which is a lever to open an adjacent door. I suggest having your health as overcharged as possible, again to work on the perk as well as to increase survivability if things go sideways in here. Once you hit the lever and enter the next area, you will see two commander markers appear at the top of the screen. Grab the two 40-Health packs on the left, then immediately go down the stairs on the right. You can walk normally down these stairs, just don’t sprint. Crouch when you hit the bottom and go around the corner to the right. You should see a commander to your left as you hit the end of this first walkway. Kill him with a throwing hatchet from a distance using cn_RS. Don’t worry about collecting his Enigma Code. It’s better to practice the route and timing you’ll use on Mein Leben.

Once he’s dead, continue straight through the next room, crouching the whole way. As you exit the room, hug the right side of the catwalk and go around the corner to the right into the next room, ignoring the enemy to the left outside on the catwalk. In this next room, there should be a lightly armored enemy in front of you. Crouch forward and do a stealth takedown or throw a throwing hatchet at him. Past him, go up the stairs to the left, where you’ll see a supersoldat ahead of you with his back to you. He may still be coming down the next set of stairs to the right if you got here particularly fast. If so, just wait for him to stop with his back to you. Continue up that next set of stairs (with the red propane tanks just beside the base) and stealth takedown the enemy on the level above. There is still a commander roaming this area as well as several enemies we skipped, but it doesn’t matter. After the enemy at the top of the stairs is dealt with, activate the lever nearby to open the door to the next section.

The room beyond is the same exact room where you started the mission with the first two commanders of the game. As soon as you hit the lever, take cover behind the wall to the left of the door and lean out to deal with three regular enemies and one supersoldat in the next room. If you topped off your grenades earlier as instructed, you should have two or three you can toss in to weaken the supersoldat before finishing it off with your rifles. Don’t lean out for long periods here, as the angle is wonky and the heavy will be able to hit you with his lasers. Just pop out briefly and pepper him a little before returning to cover, again using cn_LB to lean. Do NOT stick your head out without leaning, as this will lead to a quick death on IADI/ML. Alternatively, you can kill the three weaker enemies then sprint down the corridor to the right, into the ammo room from earlier in the mission, and deal with the supersoldat from there if you feel safer, but if he has his sights on you he will likely melt you before you get to cover.

Once all the enemies here are dead, go down the hallway to the left from where you entered this time (the opposite direction as the ‘ammo room’) and activate a button on the wall to return to where Fergus is waiting for you to leave via the escape pods. Two enemies high above on the far side of the escape pods will be shooting down at you, so take cover behind the console with the infinite machinegun ammo box and lean out to take care of them. If you wait long enough, the NPCs will kill them for you. Once prompted, press cn_X to climb into the escape pod and end the mission.

Mission 3 – Section F

At the start you will receive the laser weapon (called Laserkraftwerk in-game). Use it to shoot through the yellow-striped hatch in the wall and again through the one in the floor just beyond that. Once you drop down equip machinegun and rifle, with the laser prepped in the left hand. At the end of the tunnel grab a couple of health packs on the shelves before climbing the ladder. Crouch down as you exit the ladder and grab some more health packs to your left before crouch-walking forward. Take the hatchet from the dartboard on the 1st pillar you reach. Just ahead, you will see one enemy to the far right and another closer, to the left. Throw a hatchet at the right enemy’s back and do a stealth takedown on the one to the left. Collect your hatchet from the right one’s corpse. This is the last time I will remind you of this. Just always try to retrieve hatchets if you can.

Through two dorways, you should see two enemies at the base of some stairs. If they are both facing away, throw a hatchet at the one on the right and stealth takedown the left one. If the left one is facing toward your area, then throw a hatchet at the one on the right and immediately shoot the left one, which will set the enemies in this area on alert. Either way, sprint up the stairs and be ready to kill three more enemies that will be at the far end of the upper hallway, whether they are running at you or not. At the end of that upper hall, jump and hit cn_B to smash through the small grey panel on the floor to get down into a crawlspace and proceed to the end, where you’ll exit behind a 100-Armor pack if you need it. Ride the moving platform here up and climb over the railing above. Continue along this walkway and it will partially fall out from under you. Stand back up and proceed to the ladder at the end.

After climbing the ladder and moving forward, the walkway will fall again, this time fully. When you land, go to the end of the tunnel and drop down, then exit via the door on the right. You’ll be on some pipes and looking across some water to a far doorway. Sprint off the pipes without jumping and tap cn_A as you hit the water to avoid diving down into it (a minor inconvenience if you do) and exit via the door on the far side. You’ll drop down and see stairs leading up or down from where you are. Walk but don’t spring up the stairs up and through the door on the right, crouching as you reach the top of the stairs. When you pass through the door, you’ll see two enemies ahead of you against the railing. Hug the wall to your left, where you’ll find a 40-Health pack straight ahead under a tilted box, with one of the two commanders in this area to your right.

Grab the health and stealth takedown the commander. Collect his Enigma code and exit via the door at the far end of this walkway, past the commander, and around a corner to the right past that door. You should see a ladder in front of you and a hatchet on the wall to the right if you aren’t maxed out on them. Climb the ladder and continue around this catwalk to the right, to the far side of the room. At the end of the catwalk you’ll be looking down on a junk pile with a railing to the right. Crouch before dropping down, then climb over the railing to the right, crouching again as you land so as not to alert the two nearby enemies. Once you climb this railing, any action in the previous section is negated and all previous alarms end, as there are two new commanders in this area. Throw a hatchet at the right enemy and stealth takedown the left enemy, leaning on the railing. Stand up and walk (don’t sprint) along the walkway. You should see one enemy straight ahead and another to your left.

Throw a hatchet at the enemy in front of you and stealth takedown the left one. You can opt to shoot both if you prefer, as we are about to set off an alarm anyway. Collect the health by the left enemy, then two small health packs to the right at the end of the walkway, past the enemy that was approaching you and near the door to the commander’s little shed. Rather than shooting open the door with your laser, climb over the railing that was directly behind the enemy who approached you as you came down the walkway and go up the pipes to get onto the roof of the commander’s shed. There is armor and health up here. Look down into the room and headshot the commander or just shoot the explosives to kill him and blow open the way forward, at which point you should unlock Enemy Within.

Enemy Within

Stop the Nazi signal from Section F

Enemy Within
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On top of this roof, move to the far side from where you came up on the sloped pipes (the opposite side from the armor and health). You should be able to look down through a narrow gap onto the walkway below you in the next section. From here, just hang out and keep killing enemies as they come up the stairs to the right onto the lower section of those walkways. Eventually, you will hear the area’s 2nd commander yelling that they need more backup (after killing around 8 enemies). Once you hear this, wait for two more enemies to show up and kill them. Then back up and lean diagonally down and to the left so that you can get an angle on the turret in the distance. Switch to your “prepped” laser weapon by tapping cn_Y and fire at the turret once your crosshairs are read to disintegrate that enemy. You should be safe now to move down into that area and kill the 2nd commander and any straggler(s).

There should be 11 total enemies, plus the 2nd commander, for a total of 12 enemies in this area past the 1st commander’s room. Make sure to grab both commanders’ Enigma codes before running to the far end of the 2nd commander’s walkway. Here you will climb two ladders and go through a crawlspace and down some pipes that break to reach a pressure hatch to exit the mission.

Eva’s Hammer

From where you spawn, exit out into the hallway and turn right. Go forward a few paces and turn left into Set’s lab. Talk to him and exit the door on the right side at the far end of the lab, turning left immediately after exiting to enter the shooting range door. Opening the door will start a short sequence where a flying robot crashes down in front of you and flies downstairs. Grab Weapon Upgrade #1/21 to the right and put the Silencer upgrade on the pistol before heading downstairs. This unlocks Tinkerer.


Upgrade a weapon

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Equip the laser in your right hand and aim just to the left of the boxes at the far end of the shooting range to one-shot the flying bot when it comes out. If you miss it too much and run out of ammo for the laser, you can just use your rifles to take it out a little more slowly. Activate the switch on this ledge to try the actual shooting range, where you can get an achievement if you score the high score. I suggest the machinegun in your left hand for nearby targets and the rifle in your right hand for the targets further away, with a backup machinegun “prepped” in the right. Just fire in short bursts at each target.

You get more points for destroying a target than just hitting it oncw. You’ll need 375 points to unlock Make a Point, which isn’t that hard to do. I actually skipped this achievement here and did it later on along with the Killhouse one, but the longer you wait the higher the score you need. I suggest getting it now while it is at its lowest requirement.

Make a Point

Achieve the highest score in the Shooting Range

Make a Point
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Return to Set to give him the thumb’s up on the shooting range, making sure to top off your weapon ammo on the way. Pistol ammo is to your right where the shooting range is located, with machinegun and rifle ammo boxes upstairs in the room above. After talking to set, visit Anya in the command room. To get there, from Set’s lab go to the end where the shooting range is out the door to the right, but exit via the left door instead and go straight across the walkway to the command room on the far side. The door to the right as you enter will be where Anya is sitting, talking about how she can “still smell her” when you speak with her. As soon as you can move, ignore her monologue and return to Set’s lab the way you came, exiting out the far door. The shooting range entrance will be directly to your left, with the ammo depot door directly in front of you. Once the prompt appears, hold cn_X to begin the next mission.

Mission 4 – Manhattan (Harbor and Subway)

At the start, use your laser to shoot three barriers in a tunnel leading to the rest of the mission. There’s a laser recharging station just to the right of the tunnel’s entrance. Make sure to top off the laser before exiting the area. It’s probably best if you watch the video for this part as we are sprinting past 90% of this mission. Equip dual pistols (which should be silenced now), and “prep” an rifle in your right hand. From the tunnel’s exit, sprint straight ahead and drop off the ledge. Turn slightly left and keep springing straight ahead, to the far end of the docks, and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, continue sprinting and angle slightly right to sprint up the ‘hill’ of rubble ahead of you. At the top of the hill, continue to the far side, where you should see a partially destroyed building ahead of you with a pipe creating a bridge across the gap to the building.

One enemy should be visible across the gap. Take him down with the dual silenced pistols as fast as you can, then CAREFULLY cross the pipe bridge to the building. Around the corner to the right is another enemy, who will either walk away or start coming toward you. Train your crosshairs on the corner at about head height. If you don’t see his head pop out after a couple of seconds, he walked away so ignore him. If he sees you, alarms will go off and all hell will break loose. That doesn’t change our strategy at all though. Whether he sees you, or you shoot him, or he walks away, what you want to do next is go around the left side (where the first visible yellow enemy was). Make sure there isn’t an enemy at the base of the stairs in front of you. If there is, shoot him in the head. From the top of the stairs, you can look straight across a gap to see the wooden flooring on your level, above the stairs.

If you haven’t set off any alarms, a commander may walk out here (you can see his distance/direction at the top of the screen to gauge this). If he does, shoot him in the head. Either way, once you’re ready, sprint forward and jump at the top of the stairs to land on that wooden flooring that is at your level (do not go down those stairs or around to the right, or I can’t help/advise you on how to handle the resultant firefight). If you successfully jump the gap (you have time for 1 or 2 retries, even on Mein Leben, if no alarms have gone off), immediately turn left and go out a doorway onto the fire escape on the side of the building. Go up the fire escape to the floor above and grab the two 20-Health packs and Weapon Upgrade #2/21 just as you re-enter the building. Continue straight ahead past these and up the stairs ahead to your left. You can walk normally until you reach these, but crouch as soon as you hit the top, before exiting out onto the wooden flooring above so that you don’t alert the flying robot.

Crouch-walk forward and drop down to the left, toward where the bot flies. Continue crouch-walking to the edge of the building, grabbing the two health packs on the left before you drop down and grab another health pack on the right. Move around the overturned vehicle in front of you, still crouched, and headshot one of the two enemies with your silenced pistol. If you can line up a headshot on the 2nd quick enough, do so, but just take him down fast even if you have to simply unload on him with your silenced pistols. Immediately tap cn_Y to swap to your rifle in your right hand. You can pause the game here to upgrade it to Marksman Scope (1st upgrade for the Sturmgewehr here) as well. Now sprint to the side of the building past those two enemies, then turn right and hug the building, sprinting forward. You will need to jump the gap in front of you. If you miss, you might have time to run back up the rubble to the right and try to sprint and jump the gap a 2nd time before all hell breaks loose.

Practice this until you can nail it repeatedly before attempting Mein Leben, as you do NOT want to spend ages on this level killing all the reinforcements. Once you’ve jumped the gap, continue sprinting straight ahead. You can zigzag a little to throw off the enemies’ aim if you wish. Just past the far end of the building, you should see a set of stairs leading down into the subway. Aim for these, tapping cn_B to slide as you start down the stairs to prevent additional damage on higher difficulties. Do not slow down at the base of the stairs, as a supersoldat will be dropping in. Continue sprinting forward and turn hard right down the next set of stairs, where you’ll reach a fence. You don’t have to jump or anything, just keep sprinting and you’ll go up and over the fence, at which point you can stop and catch your breath. If you haven’t already, go ahead and upgrade the Sturmgewehr with the Marksman Scope upgrade.

Equip one in each hand, with a pistol “prepped” in the right. Grab the health pack at the base of the pillar to your left and move into that corner behind the pillar, against the subway car. You should see dogs patrolling the area ahead of you. Rather than try to sneak past them, just hole up in this corner and shoot them. Try to take out one or two with a silenced pistol to avoid them rushing you if you wish, but swap to the dual rifles with marksman scope upgrade for single-shot fire to take them down as they approach you. If you use the silenced pistol for at least one, you should easily be able to take out three of the five before they even start rushing you. Once the five dogs are dead, grab the rifle ammo in the middle of the area, and pistol ammo at the far end from where you entered before entering the subway car at that end of the area, to the left. Swap to the pistol in your right hand for this next bit.

Once on the subway car, turn 90 degrees to your right and sprint out the end of it, down the tunnel a short distance, and up a ramp into the next subway car. Hit cn_B to slide down to a crouch position as you leave the top of the ramp, and immediately be ready to throw a hatchet at a yellow-suited Nazi entering the train from the right at the far end. Once he’s dead, stand up and sprint out the far end, past him, and down the tunnel ahead. Slide or crouch under the gap in the rubble, then stand and walk (don’t sprint) onto the next subway car. Once you are about 1/3 through the car, crouch down and approach the enemy at the far end. If he turns, take him out with your silenced pistol quickly before he fires any shots. If not, just do a stealth takedown on him. Once he’s dealt with, look for an exit on the right-hand side of the subway car at its midway point. You’ll pass through a small L-shaped hall with two 20-Health packs in it, and onto another subway car. Turn left on this train car and walk (don’t sprint) to the end, exiting to the left.

Immediately move up behind the pillar to the right as you exit and wait for the supersoldat to walk past. Creep around the pillar to the right, so that you come out behind him after he has passed, and shoot him with dual rifles in his gas tank to make short work of him. You can use his weapon or your laser to shoot open the door into the room on the right, or simply walk into the subway car on the far side of the room from where you entered and exit it into said room, where you’ll find Weapon Upgrade #3/21, as well as armor, grenades, and rifle ammo. Use this weapon upgrade to attain the Armor Piercing mod for the rifle (Sturmgewehr). Activate the switch to power up the train, then exit the room onto the train on your right when facing out back into the area with the supersoldat. At the end of this train, now that it is powered up, activate the switch to start the train moving. As soon as it starts moving, turn around 180 degrees and sprint out the back of the train, down into the tunnel to an exit on your right. From here, just cross this room with bedrolls to enter another train and turn left to find the lever at the end of the train that exits the mission.

Mission 5 – Manhattan (Ruins)

After a cutscene where BJ yells obscenities and crashes the subway train, of which only the last few seconds are skippable, you’ll regain control in the ruins area. As soon as you regain control, sprint forward until you reach a small slope before the building, where the commander’s icon appears at the top of the screen. From here walk forward at a normal pace into the building and stealth takedown the enemy straight ahead. Go up the stairs to the right and grab the two health packs, then crouch and go up the next set of stairs. As you enter these stairs, an enemy will cross from left to right ahead of you. Either take him down quickly with rapid shots from the silenced pistol or throw a hatchet at him, which you have to aim just to the right of him to land the hatchet toss. As soon as he’s dead, stand up and finish the stairs, turning left at his dead body.

Straight ahead of you is a ‘ramp’ of sorts made of rubble. Rather than going up the ramp and dealing with all the enemies in this building, just hug the right wall and go down under the ramp and out an opening on the right side of this building. As soon as you exit, sprint 45 degrees to your right and slide under a low opening in the rubble in the far right corner. When you come out the other side, stay crouched and walk forward. Pick up the two health packs along the way and continue to a small piece of rock turned up on its side. Just around this, to the left, you should see one enemy on the corner of the destroyed building, with a large set of stairs to the left. Use your silenced pistol to headshot him, or throw a hatchet at him. You have to land the very first shot. If you miss, he will send the other enemies in this area on patrol. The alarm won’t necessarily sound if he doesn’t see you, but it makes timing the enemies in this area more difficult.

If you successfully land a headshot on him in one shot or throw a hatchet without him calling out and setting everyone on patrol, immediately sprint up the large staircase on the left. At the top, look for a health pack on the corner of the wall, then look in the room to the right for Weapon Upgrade #4/21. Get the upgrade QUICKLY, then look for a floating platform between this building and the far one, where the commander and other enemies are patrolling. If you killed the guy at the base of the stairs quickly and quietly, and sprinted up to this point fast, you will see the commander’s pet dog patrolling the far building just past the floating platform. Jump onto the floating platform and shoot the dog with your silenced pistol, then jump over to the far building. At this point, it is highly likely the commander is around 10-15 meters away, or less, and approaching you. If that’s the case, just use your silenced pistol and take out the commander with quick taps to the body so he doesn’t have a chance to sound an alarm.

Once he’s dead, clear the building of the remaining six enemies. One should be patrolling shortly behind the commander, with three more hanging out on the top floor and two others hanging out one floor down from them. You can stealth kill them all rather easily if you’ve already taken out the commander. There won’t be any reinforcements though, so feel free to break out your dual rifles at this point and clear the building loudly. The large mechanized enemy will start showering the building with explosive blasts, so be careful and keep a wall between yourself and that large mech to avoid being made into so much pink mist. Once you reach the top floor of the building, look around to top off your rifle ammo. Reaching the top floor via the staircase, move to the very far end to find two health packs by a box of machinegun ammo. From here, turn around 180 degrees to see the elevator door that signifies the mission’s exit.

In order to avoid dying to the large mech, or to the supersoldat that drops in when you approach the elevator, position yourself on an outcropping of rubble a short distance before the afore-mentioned health packs, one that overlooks said elevator entrance. Sprint and jump off this outcropping, angling at the elevator, so that you can press cn_X to enter it immediately upon landing. As soon as you go in, move to the right so that the supersoldat that drops in doesn’t shoot you in the back, then move forward and hold cn_X on the ladder to exit the mission and unlock Amazing Grace.

Amazing Grace

Recruit Grace's group

Amazing Grace
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Mission 6 – Penthouse

Again, a video is worth a thousand words so I would advise watching this mission on the accompanying Mein Leben video for a better idea on positioning. From where you spawn in, do not go downstairs. Instead, look outside the cage you’re in at the start for a table with rifle ammo, and from there to the left you should see stairs leading down. Next to this staircase, in the far corner to the right of them, is Weapon Upgrade #5/21 next to some boxes in the corner. Grab the upgrade and immediately climb up onto the boxes, dropping down into the gap in the corner behind them. You will have to crouch to wedge yourself down into that gap. If done correctly, facing out toward the staircase, hold cn_LB and “lean” directly backward. You should sort of duck down behind the boxes in this pile. That lets you know that you are positioned correctly.

However, don’t lean down and hide behind the boxes just praying you can survive the mission until the timer (invisible timer that is) is up. The enemies can and will hit you, even laying down behind the box with the lean ability. Instead, just stay ‘standing’ behind these boxes and aim your crosshair at the base of the pillar at the top of the staircase. Using dual rifles with marksman scope and armor piercing, from this vantage point you can easily take down any enemies coming up the stairs at you and any enemies coming from the cage on the left (where you spawned at the mission’s start). Occasionally you may need to take down one of the flying robots hovering above the stairs. If you get shot a little, there’s a 50-Armor pack within reach without even having to exit your hiding spot. In this manner, you won’t have to deal with the heavy enemies down below, and should be able to take down any regular enemies that approach before they even have a chance to shoot at you.

As mentioned, this mission is on an invisible timer, so just camp here until the helicopter comes in and kills all the remaining enemies for you. Practice makes perfect, so practice getting into the hiding spot fast at the mission’s start. There is no guaranteed set order in how the enemies will approach, though, so keeping your aim targeted at the base of the pillar by the stairs (below the American flag on the pillar) ensures you will see danger approaching before they unload with automatic weapons. Don’t get complacent here, because on IADI/Mein Leben, they can and will kill you extremely quickly, especially the enemies coming from the cage on the left. Once the coast is clear, scour the area to top off your armor, health, and ammo before sprinting and jumping to the helicopter to exit the mission.

Mission 7 - Eva’s Hammer & Section F Revisit

Before heading down to the locker room to go to the Section F revisit, head to the shooting range. On arriving, down go downstairs to the actual shooting range but instead through the door on the far side, where you should see an active electromagnetic trap. If playing on Mein Leben, be careful not to sprint in and blow yourself up on the trap. Deactivate the trap and enter the course, looking to the right just as you enter, beside the bunk bed, for Weapon Upgrade #6/21. Continue to the bottom of the course, and at the very end you will crawl under some pipes and see a sloped ramp in front of you leading back to the beginning of the shooting range. Before going up that ramp, look up above you to find Weapon Upgrade #7/21 on the railing overhead. You aren’t supposed to get this one until you return after the courthouse, when getting your first contraption, but you can jump and press cn_X to grab it here early.

It’s not really necessary, but it allows you to use an extra upgrade on your laser or rifle where you otherwise wouldn’t. While you’re here, keep replaying the killhouse until you get the achievement for getting the 2nd best time, First Loser. You can do it later, but some have said in the solution that the time for getting 2nd place gets harder the later you do it in the game, so it’s best to knock this out now.

First Loser

Achieve the second best time in the Killhouse

First Loser
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From here exit out into the main area of the ship and go to the far end, where the stairs lead down to the locker rooms and the entrance to Section F revisit. From the start of the mission go through the small gap in the right and up the pipes (you’ll remember these falling on you earlier). Continue through the tunnel and drop down, then drop down again at the far end of the next one into the watery room beyond. Swim up to the metal walkway on the far side of the room and climb up. Here we are going to do the only level skip/out of bounds glitch that I bother doing on my runs. There are others (one in the 2nd mission, an out of map glitch on venus to avoid the conveyor belt, and a way to climb up using the battle walker on venus to skip a big outdoor portion), but I don’t like using them because they don’t feel as consistent nor as safe as this one.

Once you climb up onto the metal walkway in this watery room, you will see a gap in the corner of the railing. This gap is where most people say to sprint off the metal walkway and aim at the wall, spamming cn_A. However, that method is really inconsistent for me. Instead, climb up onto the railing, in the corner of its L-shape, to the right of that gap in the railing. Look at the far wall, where you should see the fan blade spinning in the large opening. Up and to the right of this opening, there are two small black dots on the wall. Aim your crosshair just above the left of these two black dots, with dual rifles equipped. Hold sprint and push the left thumbstick forward. Don’t jump, just sprint off the railing toward those two black dots, and spam cn_A as you approach the wall. If done correctly, you will vault ‘over’ an invisible ledge and through the wall.

From here, swim straight forward through the far wall and you will exit out onto a sea of blackness with the level geometry to your left and a sort of waterfall-looking ridge of water in front of you. If you are underwater when you hit that waterfall-looking ridge of water, you will likely get stuck outside the mission. So make sure you are swimming at the top of the water when you hit it, and it will ‘bump’ you upward so that you are level with the switch room on the left. Continue forward, swimming past the switch room on the left, and you will see two side-by-side pipes down and to your left. Once you are even with them, dive down into the water and swim under these pipes, just normal speed don’t hold sprint. As you reach the bend in the pipes where they curve upward, angle yourself to the left and ‘swim’ up and into the room. If done correctly (watch the video to see the angles), you will rarely get stuck outside the mission and should have a 90% or better success rate.

Activate the switch with cn_X to open the nuclear warhead storage, which will pull you back into the level geometry. Immediately sprint out the door to your left and down to the far end of the catwalk, then down the stairs, and into the nuclear warhead storage room on the left. Heavy enemies will be spawning into the room just outside, so be quick about getting in here and holding cn_X to grab a warhead and end the mission, lest you get shot.

Once back on the Eva’s Hammer, go talk to Grace in the command center, then head to the hangar bay (opposite end of the ship as the locker room where you entered Section F, on the very top floor). Charge up the helicopter with your laser weapon (recharge it on the charging station on the nearby wall if need be), then recharge your laser one more time before exiting. At this point due to having more weapon upgrades than I need, I usually do the Supercharge and Battery Upgrade mods to the laser weapon. Supercharge is extremely helpful on an upcoming mission, and battery upgrade is nice to have in case you miss a charged shot. Return to Grace in the command center to head to Roswell.

Mission 8 – Roswell

You’ll take control after the scene in Roswell, NM with KKK members all around. Just sprint forward, past the gas station, and take a right down the street beyond to reach Papa Joe’s All American Diner. Head inside and ring the bell on the counter, then take a seat and wait for a Nazi commander to show up. Once he asks for your papers, click cn_RS to smack him in the face to save a little time, then move to the door and hold cn_X to start the Nuclear Train mission.

When you regain control, move forward through the tunnels, equipping an rifle in the left and a silenced pistol in the right, with a 2nd rifle prepped in the right. Once you exit the tunnel, either headshot, throwing hatchet, or stealth takedown the enemy by the railing. If doing a stealth takedown, circle wide to the right so he doesn’t see you. Drop down through the hole in the floor, then move forward and drop off the left side of the pipes. Look for Weapon Upgrade #8/21 by the boxes where you land. Stay crouched and move up the sloped boards on the nearby boxes and out onto the pipes on the right. Move along the pipes to the far end, ignoring the two enemies on the walkway up and to your left. Again headshot with your pistol or hatchet/stealth takedown the enemy ahead at the base of the stairs, then go up those stairs (on your right). At the top of the stairs, quickly headshot the commander with your silenced pistol or throw a hatchet at him, then take out his dog with your pistol as well. As always, grab his Enigma code since you have time and aren’t in a hurry.

Pick up health packs in this room to overcharge your health to 200 and swap to dual rifles. Activate the lever where the commander was standing to initialize the train, and exit the room to the right of where he was standing when you reached the top of the stairs. Climb up onto the railing as you exit this room and look out onto the train, where you should see a two red lines (some sort of clamp or something). Hold sprint and sprint/jump off the railing to jump over and land on the top of the train. If you miss your jump, immediately go back up the stairs to the commander’s room and try again. You likely won’t get a 3rd shot at it, so if you miss twice retreat to a safe spot and take down the onslaught of enemies. Be especially wary of the robot soldiers as they can make short work of you with grenades or even up close by punching you. If you make the jump onto the train, drop down into the hole on the roof and sprint to the end to activate the lever and start the train.

Mission 9 – Nuclear Train

This isn’t truly a ‘next mission’, as it continues directly from the previous area, but I’d advise considering it to be a new one and making a save here to practice the area for your Mein Leben run nonetheless. As soon as you’ve activated the train, turn around 180 degrees and move forward until you reach the weapon lockers. Grab all the shotguns and the health pack. Open up your menu and immediately put all three upgrades into the shotgun (called Schockhammer in-game). Assuming you got the eight weapon upgrades I pointed out up to now and placed one in the pistol, two in the rifle, and two in the laser, that should leave you the three you need for the shotgun. This will also unlock Specialist.


Fully upgrade a weapon

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Dual-wield the shotguns, but swap your right hand to the silenced pistol for now so the shotgun is prepped. Crouchwalk forward down the subway car and an enemy will pass from left to right in front of you. Follow him to the right at the end, and once he reaches the base of the stairs and starts walking forward, stealth kill him from behind. Immediately headshot the enemy leaning on the nearby boxes with your pistol as well as the 3rd enemy on the far side of the room. If you miss your shots and things go south, immediately swap to dual shotguns and run out the far end of the room and down the hall, blasting any enemies in your path, and drop down the ladder to the right at the end of the hall. If you hit all three kills in that first room, there won’t be any other enemies to deal with before you drop down. Either way, as long as you make it to that ladder and drop down, the enemies there won’t affect the rest of the mission even if they were alerted to your presence.

Move forward on this crawlspace beneath the train, at which point a commander’s direction/distance icon will pop up at the top of the screen. At the far end of this subway car, climb up the ladder and exit out the door to the right. Do a stealth takedown on the robot to the right as you exit, circling wide left to get in behind it, then crouch walk along the left side of this subway car to the far end. Ignore the robot to your right as you reach the other end and just enter the next subway car. In this first hallway on this subway car, again look for a ladder on your right and drop down to take the crawlspace underneath to the other end of the car before climbing back up and exiting right out of the car. Upon exiting, you will see a supersoldat walking away on the left. Stay crouched and follow him. Don’t worry about catching up as he stops for a long time. Creep up behind him and hit cn_RS to sabotage his gas tank when prompted, then back up behind the nearby stairs and shoot the gas to detonate his tank.

Immediately follow up with five or six silenced pistol shots to his back to kill him, then crouch walk into the next subway car. An enemy will come out from the left in front of you, so throw a hatchet at him and grab the two health packs on the left. Just ahead, in a doorway to the right, an armored soldier is talking to a scientist. Headshot the soldier with your pistol, then either headshot or bodyshot the scientist with the pistol too, or just ignore him and sprint straight ahead to the control room. Two armored soldiers will be waiting in here, so tap cn_Y to swap that right weapon back to shotgun and dual shotgun these two. Take the small set of steps on the right side at the far end of the room, then move to the left and exit into the next room and hit the lever to stop the train, which also despawns any enemies that may have been alerted and making their wait to you. Swap to dual rifles, with a shotgun prepped in your left hand, and crouch before exiting the train. You’ll unlock It’s Fricking Space Aliens upon exiting.

It's Fricking Space Aliens!

Find Area 52

It's Fricking Space Aliens!
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Mission 10 – Oberkommando

Again this follows on directly from the previous area but this is another good spot to save for practice for your Mein Leben run so save here. As soon as you exit the train, stay crouched. There is armor just to your left if you need it but be quick about it. Crouch directly forward into the room with lots of wooden crates, and exit the room to the right into a small room with one enemy leaning over some electronic consoles. Stealth takedown this enemy and proceed to the next room. Turn 90 degrees to your left and stealth takedown the enemy standing at the exit to this room with his back to you. Move past where he was standing, to the left, and forward. You should have some wooden crates on your left and metal railing on your right with a large platform making its way down to you. There should also be a commander distance/direction thing at the top of the screen that shows about 180-200 meters at this point.

Once you pass the wooden crates to the left and the commander’s distance is about 185 meters, move to the railing on the right and climb onto it. Very carefully inch out onto the pipe slightly so that you can turn left and jump onto around red cutoff valve on the pipe. Crouch down on this round valve and wait for the platform to come down to you. Once it comes to a full and complete stop, turn and stand so that you are facing directly onto the platform and climb over the railing onto it. If you do this at an angle or crouched, you can fall through the railing and die, ending a Mein Leben run. Crouch upon landing. If done correctly, you won’t alert any enemies and can move to your left and activate the lever to bring the platform back up to the top of the mission, where the commander is located. If the enemies see you, just make sure to hit that lever asap so that you only have to deal with the enemies on the platform and not everything else down below.

Once you activate the lever, if you haven’t been spotted, move back down and hide behind the grey metal sheets on the railings so the supersoldat on the platform doesn’t see you. If it does see you, sprint down to the bottom of the platform (furthest from the switch/lever) and take cover behind the boxes to deal with this first supersoldat as well as subsequent ones. It’s best to have a shotgun at the ready in case a robot or heavy manages to get in close to you. There are two sets of boxes at the base of the platform, and you can alternate between them if need be, but make sure you take down any enemies on the platform with you ASAP, as more will come and you don’t want to be facing two or even three heavy enemies in these tight spaces with little to no cover to speak of.

If the platform makes it to the very top and you still haven’t been seen, you can then climb over the railing to the right when facing that lever that set the platform in motion, then move to the left alongside the next area. Either way, once you get off the platform, or if you’ve been seen and have killed enough enemies that you are ready to make a break for it, just sprint to the far side of the area that the platform stops at above, and into the room on the right. If you’re quick, you can just run into this room and up the stairs, turning right at the top of the stairs, and should only have to blast one or two enemies that get in your way with your handy shotgun. Dual shotguns works great for this, too.

((Alternatively, once you hop onto the platform and move to the lever that sets it in motion, you can simply climb onto the console the lever is on and jump down onto the orange curved support behind it, and from there jump down onto the long orange sloped girders that the platform supports move on. This allows you to skip the platform, avoid setting off alarms, and save several minutes or more just by sprinting up the girders to the top and climbing the railing. From there you can just sprint into the room on the far right as mentioned, up the stairs, to the right at the top, and over the railing into the room with the final two commanders. I don’t like this strategy on Mein Leben because a poorly timed jump can make you fall to your death and end a run, but it is possible to do it pretty consistently.))

Once inside that building on the right, go up the stairs and immediately turn right from the top of the stairs and sprint into the next room, then jump over the railing to your left. Crouch and stealth into the next room, equipping your silenced pistol in your right hand. Look for a commander walking away from you to your right as you enter this room and headshot him or throw a hatchet, as quickly as you consistently can, then immediately turn around with your back to where he was and shoot 3 pistol shots into the big slanted window against the wall to break it. Grab a 40-health pack from the shelving in front of you, then drop out of the shattered window, making sure to crouch before you drop out. Look to your left to see an enemy that should be stationary if you were quick enough, or just starting to walk toward the ramp in the center of the room. Headshot him with your pistol, then stand and walk normal speed past where he was to the corner of the room and around to the right.

If you aren’t comfortable headshotting him from this angle, as long as you can move past him and get to the commander on the far side of the room quickly, you only have to deal with him and two other guys, as well as two robots, if things ‘go loud’. At any rate as you pass by where he was, you should see a robot standing dormant next to a desk with several health packs on it. Crouch as you approach the desk, grab the health packs, and stealth takedown the bot from behind. Continue around the room from here, hugging the left wall, and take out the commander with your pistol before dealing with his dog. From there, move up onto the central platform and take out the two remaining enemies silently if possible, followed by a robot on the far side of the platform, at the base of the stairs beside some propane tanks.

If you’ve done this all correctly (watch the video to see exact path and timing), you should easily and consistently clear this room without taking a scratch. If things go south, it’s best to retreat to the upstairs room where the first commander was and deal with enemies as they come up the stairs. Just camp up there and wait the enemies out, picking them off one at a time until no one is left but the 2nd commander. After everything is dealt with, equip the laser in your right hand and an rifle in the left, with a 2nd rifle prepped in the right. Activate the switch on the large central platform to open the spot where you’ll place the nuclear warhead. Before doing so, top off your ammo and overcharge your health to 200. Plant the bomb, then immediately begin charging a laser shot. Step forward as the doors open on the far end of the room and wait for your crosshair to turn red before releasing the shot. If you get a perfect fully charged headshot the mech within will go down in one hit, but it’s best to charge a 2nd shot right away anyway, just in case.

After shooting the mech with 2 fully charged shots, sprint down the stairs to the left side of the platform (when facing the mech), and forward toward where it was. You will see a handful of enemies to the right and ahead of you as you approach, so tap cn_Y to swap back to your dual rifles and pepper two or three of them down before sprinting into the room where the mech was and taking cover behind the door to the left. Face back into the large room and lean out from the corner with cn_LB to kill any enemies sprinting toward you. Once the coast is clear and no more are approaching, inch out slightly more and look for the two enemies at the top of the ramp and take them out. Once they’re dead, even if there is one random enemy hiding somewhere in that room and yelling at you, you should be safe to run for the exit to this room (on the back-right side when facing the mech as you enter from the large room, or essentially opposite where I told you to take cover).

Exit and sprint up the stairs. At the top, you’ll see two white-coated scientists running away. Shoot them both, grab the health on the nearby shelf, and continue down the hall where they were running into the next room. Crouch down the stairs and stealth takedown the robot nearby, grabbing the healthpack from the shelving in front of it. Move to the far end of the room and stealth takedown this bot as well. Finally, deal with the supersoldat patrolling on the platform above this 2nd robot before moving into the next and final hallway. A robot will spawn and leap to the wall directly ahead of you as you move down this hall. Shoot it down, then take cover on the corner at the end of the hall and lean out to take down the supersoldat in the next hall. Swap to dual shotguns and sprint to the exit, holding cn_X to exit the level and return to your family’s farmhouse in Mesquite, TX.

Mission 11 – Mesquite & Courtroom

Run up to the house and enter, skipping the cut scene. Go down to the basement and to the left to find Weapon Upgrade #9/21 on the shelves to the left. Return to the ground level and continue upstairs, activating the door to end the mission and start a scene with dear old dad. Press cn_RT when the scene starts to end matters and begin a short escape sequence, as well as unlocking RIP.


Kill dad

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As soon as you can move your character, step forward and click cn_RS when prompted to remove the robotic tentacle from the wall. After the house crashes down, sprint forward over the reddish brown dresser and vault over the wall behind it. When you land, turn around and crouch forward, then clamber up onto the ledge to your left with cn_A and cn_LS. Move to the left and clamber over the short wall, then hug the wall to the right and move to the end to break another tentacle loose.

After the house crashes to a standstill a final time, go down the stairs to your right. Fire a shotgun blast at the door (you should have dual shotguns equipped as mentioned at the end of the last mission) to lure the robot over. A single robot enemy will come through this nearby door. After that, take cover on the corner by the stairs and lean out to look up the stairwell, where four more robot enemies will show up. After the final one is dead (for a total of five), go to the upper level and very carefully look over the ledges, through the rafters, to locate the supersoldat. Once you have sight of it, try to shoot it without it getting line of site on you. You can return down the stairs if need be to get in behind it. Once it’s dead, pick up armor (detonating its fuel tank if need be to release more armor) to try and get as close as possible to max 50 health and 200 armor before breaking the 3rd and final level loose to end the mission. This begins a long unskippable cut scene that lasts approximately 5 minutes, after which you will be in the courtroom where the next battle begins.

As soon as the judge calls for the bailiff and the prompt appears, press cn_RS to break free of your restraints. Once you knock out the two enemies near you, quickly look at your feet to pick up a machinegun, although you shouldn’t necessarily need it with this strategy. As quickly as you can, sprint forward and to your left, but instead of going behind the crates in the left corner like a lot of videos show, go to the right and duck under the wooden barrier at the very bottom of the judge’s platform steps, on the left side. This is the one nearest to the TV camera at the base of the stairs. Under the ledge behind this barrier, you should find a heavy machinegun weapon in the alcove furthest from the camera (closest to the center of the room), grenades in the 2nd/middle alcove, and a 100-Health pack in the alcove nearest to the camera. This alcove where the health is located is where we are going to now camp, facing out toward the stairs.

Pretty quickly, two enemies should show up. Shoot them with your heavy machinegun, just tapping cn_RT so you don’t waste ammo. You’ll have to camp here for quite a while (sometimes as much as 10 minutes), waiting for enemies to wander by and spot the dead bodies piling up in front of you, but you won’t get damaged at all hiding in this spot. You also won’t have to worry about grenades. Now, I like to try and grab a Sturmgewehr and Schockhammer (rifle and shotgun) if they fall near enough from dead enemies. Basically, if they fall on the first part of the carpet nearest to my location, up until about the corner of the steps closest to me, I will drop the heavy weapon right on top of the health pack (after killing a couple of enemies so I know the coast is clear), and pop out to grab them before retreating to cover.

You have to be extremely careful doing this. Firstly, the sniper up on the balcony to the right will take shots at you if you are out of cover for more than a second, and can do a ton of damage. Second, you don’t want to spam cn_X and accidentally pick up the 100-Health pack. We save that for the exit strategy. It isn’t entirely necessary to do this, but I like to just so I have my favored rifle + shotgun setup for the escape. You can just as easily use dual machineguns, and plenty of those will fall near enough that you can grab their ammo without even leaving cover much, if at all. Just camp here by the health pack killing enemies until the screen shakes, a helicopter sounds outside, and you hear the enemy general calling you out. When this happens, make sure there aren’t any enemies imminently approaching, which you can tell by the sounds of their footsteps being loud, then creep down to the center alcove where you found the heavy machinegun.

Camp in here until a supersoldat drops down right in front of the judge’s podium. Hold cn_LT and press cn_RT to go full auto with the heavy machinegun and drop it fast. Retreat back to the leftmost alcove with the health pack and wait for a 2nd heavy to come up the stairs from the left. As soon as it gets into view, mow it down in the same manner, but don’t leave cover yet. Wait for a dog to come running in and shoot it before finally dropping the heavy machine gun and picking up the health pack. Now, step out just enough to toss a grenade over into the corner to your left to flush out nearby enemies. Once it explodes, stand up and sprint out through that door. Spam cn_X as you slide along the wall on the right-hand side of this area just outside the door to pick up ammo, but be quick about it. You don’t want to be here in this security cage (what I call them) for more than one or two seconds, absolute max. From there, sprint out and up the stairs. If there’s an enemy waiting for you before you reach the stairs, just outside this ammo area, spray him with a few shots but don’t worry about killing him.

Just make haste up the stairs and continue on up the 2nd set of stairs to the security cage on the far side of the building from where you are, on the top floor. You’ll know you’re in the right one that I am referring to because there will be both a 100-pack and 50-pack of armor in here, as well as ammo lockers with tons of rifle ammo. At this point I can’t give you specific instructions on how to deal with the enemies. There will be three robot enemies that will rush you, although at varying points, so it’s a good idea to have a shotgun in your left hand, and an rifle in the right hand to snipe enemies down on the middle landing of the steps. I like to take position in the corner of the concrete wall, to the left of the metal security cage entrance, and fire diagonally over that corner down to the mid-stair landing where most of the enemies congregate, then retreat back and duck down if I get shot or if one of the robots is rushing me, so that I can shotgun it.

This spot is a little riskier because the enemies have line of site on you and can shoot you from the mid-stair landing. However, if you are quick about shooting them first before they can line up a shot, it isn’t that bad. Alternatively, you can crouch down and lean out by the metal door with cn_LB, but this takes longer as they have to come up the upper flight of stairs before you will have a line of sight on them. Once the three robots and most or all of the regular soldiers are dealt with, you can make a break for it down the first flight of stairs and up the other side, to the security cage on the far side of this top floor, for more health, armor, and ammo. After dealing with all the other enemies (possibly sooner depending on how slow you are), there will be three heavy enemies that will come up. The most dangerous one is the one with the flame cannon (dieselgewehr if I am not mistaken).

As long as you’ve dealt with the rest of the enemies quick enough, you can take out the three heavies from relative safety. Just don’t try to go toe to toe with them, especially if all three are still alive. Thinking you can face off with one mano a mano is tempting, but they have a way of wrecking that fantasy, especially if one or both of the others show up to join the party. Once the three heavies are dead, the exits will unlock. Make sure to go to all the security cages until you’ve maxed out your shotgun ammo before leaving. There should be some in the center security cage on the bottom floor, as you likely wouldn’t have camped there at all. The rest of your weapons can be topped off on the ship, but there are only 20 shotgun rounds on board. When you exit, you’ll be faced with another unskippable cutscene, followed by one you can skip, after which you will be back on board the Eva’s Hammer and get your new body and your first contraption. Pick the Battle Walker as your first contraption, as it is the best one and makes the rest of Mein Leben much easier than it would otherwise be. You’ll unlock All the Gains after the scene.

All the Gains!

Get a new body

All the Gains!
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Eva’s Hammer (A New Body)

Skip the cut scene and Set will be standing by your new Battle Walkers. Pick them up with cn_X and climb onto the table they were on. Activate them by double-tapping cn_A and climb onto the ledge above. Drop forward into the area with the two cardboard cutouts. Activate your walkers again and kill the two cardboard enemies with cn_RS. There is an achievement for doing this against a real enemy, which will be obtained when clearing the Districts in the post-game collectibles mop-up. Climb over the walkway they were on and use the battle walkers again to get up to the room’s small round exit on the far side (or just sprint and jump to it from the cardboard enemies’ walkway). Exit the room and drop down into the next, then activate the button to open the floor. This is where one of the Weapon Upgrades is if you didn’t get it earlier by grabbing it through the floor. I numbered it Weapon Upgrade #7/21 earlier, for reference.

Go through the crawl space below to exit out into the shooting range and head back upstairs. Top off any ammo that might be low here before exiting. When you exit the range, you should see the guys trying to put the end of a missile in place, and Max Hauss assists them. Continue past them once they move out of the way to have our Nazi defector come out and complain she needs to pee. Activate a skippable cutscene at the door to your left with cn_X to avoid listening to her. Turn the corner where she was and continue straight out into the main hall of the ship. Directly ahead of you is Hacker Central. Turn right up the stairs in front of it and go up to the level above. Continue straight ahead from the top of the stairs to the far end of the ship, where the Cantina and Club Kreisau are located. Turn left as you enter the hallway, and you should see Irina Yakova. Talking to her will initiate Side Mission #1/9, the Battle Walker upgrade.

Step forward past her and you will see an active trap in front of you. Inch forward until you are able to use your battle walker to climb onto the pipes above it. Walk straight ahead and drop off the end of the pipes. Turn 90 degrees to your right and step forward. Activate the walkers again to climb onto the ledge above the next trap. Pass through the round hole in the wall into the next room. Carefully climb directly over the pipes in front of you. You should land facing a wooden pallet leaned against the wall. Turn 90 degrees to your left and walk forward but DO NOT enter the doorway with the yellow light beyond, as there is a trap inside. Turn 90 degrees right when facing the door and use the walkers to climb onto the walkway above. A few feet ahead of you will be some planks bridging the gap to the right. Crouch and walk across them, continuing straight ahead to fall off the far end, on the other side of the ventilation duct to which the wooden boards connect. You should be facing some green lockers when you land.

Turn 90 degrees to your left and follow the yellow wire just around the obstacle directly in front of you. You should see some mattresses leaned up against the wall on the right-hand side a few feet ahead of you. Walk over to those mattresses and use the walker to climb up to the ledge above them. On this duct, step forward a foot or two and turn 90 degrees to the left. Drop down and you should be facing some bunk beds directly ahead of you. Walk forward to these beds and turn 90 degrees to the right. You should see an open doorway with yellow light inside. Enter this door and go to the far-right corner of the room, where a square hole in the ceiling is above. Use the battle walker to climb up to the ledge through this hole. Just to the right, you should see Mr. Stubbins yelling at you behind another trap. Rather than try to climb up over this trap in such tight confines, just look right past him to see the red button on the wall that disables the traps. Shoot it to shut them all off, then walk up and subdue him by hitting cn_X. Return to Irina Yakova and you’re done. You can now overcharge your health up to 200 and it won’t deteriorate over time! You’ll also unlock Plus Package here.

Plus Package

Upgrade a Contraption

Plus Package
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You can enter the Cantina at this time to unlock retro for playing Wolfstone 3D (a shameless rename of Wolfenstein 3D). You don’t even have to play, just interact with the console to pop the achievement.


Play Wolfstone 3D

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Continue past Irina from the exit to the trap course from her side mission and out the doorway to the right into the main area of the ship. Look off to the right for a large 4 on the wall on your level, and a large 3 on the wall on the level below. Drop down and head over to that doorway to enter the helm. Activate Grace’s door to the right for a short scene, then interact with the war map in the center of the room and select Manhattan to head to the Bunker mission.

Mission 12 – Nuclear Bunker

At the start of this mission your health will be deteriorating despite your battle walker upgrade due to the radiation in the area. Immediately swap to pistol (R) and rifle (L) with a 2nd rifle prepped in the right. Walk around the gap in the floor in front of you to the left and grab the health pack on the far side. To the right of that health pack is a smaller gap, through which you can look down and headshot the enemy below with your silenced pistol. Drop down where he was, grab the health pack, and look through the doorway on the right to headshot the enemy by the corner. Move into his room and look through another gap in the floor to the left to headshot the next enemy below before dropping down. Grab the health and go to the far end of the room to a ramp leading down to another enemy. Take him out and move down the ramp. Drop through the opening ahead to a room below. This room has loads of health packs, so max out your health at 200 before dropping through the next hole into a room with two dogs and a commander.

Use your silenced pistol to take out the two dogs ASAP, then focus on the commander. As long as you kill the dogs quickly with a silenced pistol, the commander shouldn’t set off any alarms. Now, this area can end many a run if things go sideways, so once the commander is dead back up behind the corner and peak around it to the right, where an enemy should be coming up the stairs. If you’ve been spotted, immediately swap to dual rifles and shoot the enemy on the stairs, then sprint past where the commander was to the far end of the room and look for a 2nd enemy there that should have been leaning on the railing if no alerts were sounded and kill him. Once he and the other yellow suited Nazi that was coming up the 1st set of stairs to the right in the commander’s room are dead, go down either set of stairs and into the room on the floor below, between them. Look out the door on the end of the room nearest the 1st set of stairs in the commander’s room and take cover against the side of the doorway.

Lean out with cn_LB to take aim at the walkway ahead leading to the next set of stairs and more enemies below. They will funnel up to you, allowing you to pick them up as they round that corner. The corner to which I am referring is to the right as you come down the stairs from the commander’s room, at the far end of this walkway. So long as you don’t let any enemies get up the stairs and flank you from behind, you’re relatively safe here. Just don’t leave the commander, either of his dogs, or either of the two enemies nearest the commander’s room alive, otherwise you’re in for a nasty flank maneuver. A 3rd dog will also come up from below at full sprint, so make sure to take it out before it rushes and tackles you. Once all the enemies in the area are cleared out (either silently with the pistol or by going loud with rifles), make your way down the stairs to the bottom floor, grabbing health packs along the way. Use your battle walker to climb up the boxes on the side of the ‘building’ down here and drop down into the entrance to the bunker.

Go down the stairs and press the button to open the airlock to the bunker. Once inside, go around the corner to the right to find a weapons locker for ammo and a health pack, which will stop your health from deteriorating. Fully charge your laser weapon on the wall station, then make your way down the walkway, moving away from the weapons locker and laser charging station. A cart to the left will have some pistol ammo, and a ledge above marked by yellow and black stripes signifies the way forward. Use your battle walker to climb up to it, then climb over the small ledge to the right. There is a cart here with some boxes on it that can be used to glitch out of the map and sprint to the end of the mission. However, personally don’t think that is necessary. It is a relatively short and easy mission if you don’t set off alarms (and even then there are good choke points to funnel enemies to you), and it contains two more weapon upgrades you might want.

So instead of climbing out of the map here, move to the far side of this ledge and drop down to the next ledge, overlooking a room with a commander, three regular enemies, and one robot enemy in it. Take aim at the commander’s head with your silenced pistol and take him down. Immediately headshot the enemy he was talking to as he approaches the commander’s body. Then look over the ledge to the left to headshot the 3rd guy. The 4th enemy will be over to the right, usually around the corner although sometimes he will be near the ledge you’re on. Get a line on him and take him out (preferably silently, so as not to alert the robot). Immediately deal with the robot that will be up against the wall to the left, when looking over the right side of this ledge. If you killed the commander and the first two enemies silently, you can drop off the ledge to the right and deal with the 4th guy with the pistol, no headshots needed, before polishing off the robot last.

Once they’re all dead, move to where the commander was standing and look for a ledge up above. Use the battle walker to climb up to it and drop into the room beyond, where you’ll find Weapon Upgrade #10/21. At this point you should have Pistol Silencer, Sturmgewehr all 3, Shotgun all 3, and Laser all 3, for a total of 10 upgrades. From here on out it does not matter what weapon you upgrade, so dealer’s choice. After grabbing the upgrade, climb the ladder and use your walker again to climb out. Turn 90 degrees right as you land and follow the right-hand wall, making a large U-shape around the first set of rotating doors. When you reach the portion the walkway that goes between the two sets of rotating doors, drop off to the right and go through that set of doors. Continue around the corner to the right, through the next room (with a forklift at the far end) and turn right down the next hall. Stop sprinting before you enter into the next hall leading down.

You’ll see a weapons locker to your left as you enter. Go down this first set of stairs and look through the window to your left. Headshot the two enemies by the railing below, then immediately switch to the dual rifles and look down to the next level below them, to the right, between the two large moving pistons. If you were quick, you will see the commander walking along this walkway, from right to left heading toward the corner at the top of the screen. This is extremely consistent and is based on your timing looking for him here after he initially spawns when you enter the hallway and come down the stairs. If you can’t get a line on him here, wait till he turns the corner and starts to walk right to left on the far end of the room on that level. Once able, immediately shoot him with your dual rifles, taking a few shots for good measure to make sure he’s down. Once he’s dead, back up and look down the hall to your right, where a robot enemy will come running.

Take it out, then immediately sprint down the hall, around the corner to the left, and down the next hall. Continue around until you reach a set of stairs. Go down and into the doorway in front of them. Look down the hall to your left for two enemies that should be arriving soon if not there already and take them out. Once they’re dead, all you have left in this area is one supersoldat. Swap to your laser weapon and fully charge it by pressing and holding cn_RT. Continue around and down, looking for the supersoldat as you go. Lean out from behind corners. He should be coming up from the level below the one where you just killed the two enemies, if you were quick about making your way down. Once you see him, take cover and peak out with cn_LB to release your charged laser shot on him to one-shot him. Once he’s dead, look for two levers on opposite ends of the level one floor above the lowest level. Activate the first, then when activating the 2nd make sure to charge up another laser blast to take out the supersoldat that comes out of the doors that open below.

Sometimes he will just walk out. If he dashes out and you can’t get line of sight on him, just take cover against the wall near the stairs leading down and fire a rifle shot at the base of the stairs to lure him over, then charge up a laser shot and one-shot him when he appears. Once this 2nd supersoldat is down the area should be clear of foes, leaving you free to scour for any health, ammo, or armor you need. There is a laser charging station on the level above the one with the levers, in a corner near a bunch of propane tanks. I’d recommend topping it off while here. Once you’re ready, head down to the lowest level and enter the doors that opened where that 2nd supersoldat came out. Follow the corridors beyond down to a lower level and around until you exit out into a large room, with rotating doors to your left. Stop sprinting and walk normal speed through these doors. Hug the wall to your right and make your way around to the far-right corner of the room from where you entered.

As you entered, you will have seen another set of rotating doors directly opposite you. However, a panzerhund enemy (giant robot dog) spawns in the far-right corner of this room. This is why you walk normal speed around the right side, so that you approach from behind the dog. Wait for it to wake up and start walking away from you, then take position behind the pillar where it spawned. Wait for the doors to the right (to your right if facing the dog as it walks away), and once they open stand up and sprint through. Don’t worry about the dog, just sprint through the doors to the far side of the room, where a gap in the railing marked by red and black stripes indicates the way forward. Use your battle walker to climb up, and immediately sprint to the right and drop down into the elevator before the dog is aware of your presence. Activate the elevator to go down to the Ubercommander’s level.

BEWARE: Stay crouched at all times on this level until told otherwise, or the Ubercommander will open a slot in the steel doors and one-shot you with a Kampfpistole with explosive rounds. Take out your silenced pistol, with dual shotguns prepped in case things go sideways. Follow the walkway around the corner to the right, past some steam coming out of a pipe and into a large room with a large steel door directly ahead of you. This room is a semi-circle. Follow the curve around to the right, staying crouched. When you pass a machinegun leaning against a chair, creep up behind the next pillar to the left. Lean out to the right with cn_LB and headshot an enemy coming down a small set of steps on the inner part of the semi-circle. Continue around the walkway to the right a short distance, keeping an eye out for an enemy that might be coming from the right. If you got here quickly, he should be on the inner part of the semi-circle, leaning over a railing. Headshot him with the pistol as well.

If things go sideways and an alarm gets set off, make haste as fast as you can to the end of this outer semi-circle with dual shotguns at the ready, just past where that 2nd enemy was supposed to be, and use your battle walker to climb up to the catwalk up above, to the left. This leads to the interior chambers, where the Ubercommander and a regular commander are located. Weapon Upgrade #11/21 is on the ground to the right just beside where you climb up to this catwalk. If you were able to silently kill the two enemies in the outer portion, grab the upgrade and climb up, then carefully crouch walk down the inner corridors, leaning out from each corner carefully until you get a shot on the commanders. You should reach the regular commander first, in a room with magnetic tape machines, before going downstairs and around a couple of corners to find the Ubercommander.

If you set off an alarm, you’re going to want to stay on the catwalk where you first climbed up, with your shotguns trained on the door leading in, and blast all the enemies as they come out. Do NOT go into the inner corridors until you’re sure no more reinforcements are coming, because the Ubercommander has a nasty habit of waiting until you’re engaged with another enemy, then popping out from a corner like an unholy jack-in-the-box and one-shotting you with his explosive Kampfpistole. Once all the enemies in the interior are dead (which should just be the two commanders and one additional enemy if you didn’t set off any alarms), return to the upper level interior room where the magnetic tape machines are located and the objective marker is. Make sure to go grab the weapon upgrade if you set off an alarm and had to bypass it to deal with reinforcements. When ready, equip dual rifles with one shotgun prepped and activate the objective to obtain the New Orleans dosier. This opens a door at the far end of the room.

Use the rifles to take out the few yellow-suited Nazis that try to come through the door. If any hide behind the door frame, swap to the shotgun and hop down to blast them as you approach the door. Top off ammo at the weapons lockers nearby and exit the door, activating the gas mask on the right with cn_X before grabbing the health just outside the final exit door. This will stop your health from deteriorating. Sprint to the far side of the platform outside and activate the lever to start it raising up to your rescue chopper. From where you activated the lever and facing out onto the platform, drop down to your left into the recessed area, so that only your head and shoulders are exposed. Take out dual rifles (should still be equipped from before), with a shotgun prepped in case an enemy gets too close. You’ll have to take out six robot enemies that drop in from above. From this position, they are very easy to spot and you should be able to shoot most or all of them as they land, before they even have a chance to move. Once the helicopter comes down, swap to dual shotguns before approaching it and jump aboard with cn_X.

Eva’s Hammer (New Orleans)

After the scene where you land on the ship, two robot enemies will attack. You can take them out with cn_RS, but I find it easier and quicker to just blast them with the dual shotguns we equipped at the end of the bunker mission. Once those two are dead, speak to your fallen comrade for another short scene. You’ll wind up in Set’s lab afterward. If you forgot to do the side mission to upgrade the battle walker earlier, do it now, as this is your last chance until the post-game. When ready head over to the helm and speak to Grace to proceed to New Orleans.

Mission 13 – New Orleans Wall

From the start, move forward to the side of the building ahead and along it to the right so that you circle around the water area in the middle. You’re heading for the building on the far side. On the lower level, you can enter beside a garbage dumpster to find two health packs on the shelves. Don’t progress further into the building though. Go back out and climb onto the dumpster, then use your battle walker to get onto the roof. Move to the far end of the roof and use the walker again to climb up to a walkway above. Turn right and use the walker once more to climb onto the next roof, where you’ll find a breakable square that you can jump and smash through with cn_B to enter the building. This saves loads of time trying to work your way up the interior inside. When you land inside, you’ll see a Kampfpistole (basically a grenade launcher once upgraded) on a bench beside a door.

Swap to pistol (Right) with dual shotguns prepped. Step out the door and immediately headshot an enemy walking away to the right with the pistol. Now, facing straight out from the door, climb onto the railing in front of you. Don’t crouch, just walk forward off this railing normal speed and you will drop down onto a walkway on the far side of the room. Immediately crouch and walk forward into the room ahead of you. Go to the far-right corner as you enter and crouchwalk under the pipes. You may see a commander standing facing the wall in the room beyond, although he might have gone out the door to see what the noise was when you landed. If you see him, headshot him with the pistole. If not, walk into the room and look out the nearby door to the right, toward where you landed, to headshot him as he investigates. Return into the room the way you came and crouch back under the pipes, into the room you entered right after you jumped down from the railing above.

At the far end of this room is Weapon Upgrade #12/21. Behind the wall on the left when facing the upgrade, there will be a supersoldat patrolling back and forth. If you had to kill the commander out on that walkway, it may alter the heavy’s timing, but you honestly don’t have to deal with it if you don’t want to. All you need to do is to exit the room via the door beside where the weapon upgrade was and turn right 90 degrees, immediately sprinting forward into the stairwell and up the stairs to reach the exit door. As soon as you press cn_X to open the exit, all the enemies inside the building despawn. Before returning for ammo and health, swap to your laser and begin charging a shot. Look down from this exterior ledge to see a panzerhund patrolling below. Shoot it with the fully charged shot and immediately charge a 2nd shot and blast it, which should kill it. If you’re not quick enough it will go into a building on the left, but will eventually come back out so that you can finish it off.

Once the panzerhund is dead, return to the interior of the building you’re in to top off ammo, health, or armor as needed. When ready, exit via the door at the top of the stairs to the exterior ledge where you killed the panzerhund. Sprint and jump diagonally off the right-hand side to land in the water below, then immediately swim to the left and use the battle walkers to climb up onto the 2nd story of the partly destroyed building nearby. Move to the stairwell of the building with dual rifles equipped and take your time picking off enemies as they enter the door below. If you position yourself quickly enough on the landing at the midway point of the stairs, you’ll have a line of sight out the door and can kill everything before they even have a chance to come in and shoot you. Be wary of enemies that might keep their distance outside and take sniping shots at you with single-shot rifles (the same ones you’re using).

Once no more enemies are approaching the door below, peak out to make sure no stragglers are hiding trying to snipe at you, as there is usually at least one that won’t rush the door. Turn right as you exit and move to the far side of this area, past the destroyed schoolbus, into the next building. Stand against the wall just before the door on the far-right from where you enter and lean left, so that you can aim out the door. Fire a shot to alert the enemies, then take them out as they mill around. One or two will usually try to take cover behind a destroyed car on the far-right out the door. Once all those guys are dealt with, scour this building, the first large area with the panzerhund, and the area where that last group of enemies was for health, armor, and ammo as needed. When ready, move out into that area and jump into the water, swimming across into a bus that is tilted at an angle. Move to the far end of the bus and prep your laser, with dual rifles equipped.

Throw a grenade at the group of enemies standing on the other side of this courtyard. If your aim is true, you’ll take out most or all of them with one grenade. If not, back up down the sloped floor of the bus and pick them off by inching forward just far enough to get a shot or two off before retreating. A supersoldat is with them and if you don’t kill all of them with one grenade, he also will come to investigate, so take out the laser and one-shot him with a charged shot. Just don’t poke your head out often or for long periods lest you get melted. Once all the enemies in this yard are dealt with, recharge your laser on the far wall before using the walker to climb up to the ledge above the door of the building. You can also blast the door down with the supersoldat’s weapon or even with your laser.

The room directly to your left as you enter has Weapon Upgrade #13/21, but ignore it for now. Just remember to return for it once the building is clear. Instead, equip shotgun (left), pistol (right), and prep a rifle in the right. Go upstairs quickly and close in on the first commander’s signal. Take him out asap with the pistol if you can, and his dog. You can try to take out the 2nd commander before an alarm gets set off, but you’re likely to get caught between flanking enemies and have a hell of a time surviving on higher difficulties if not really practiced here. Instead, return to where you entered the building after that 1st commander is dead, to the room with the weapon upgrade. Grab it, then take position by the entrance to the room and make some noise. An alarm will be set off and you’ll have to hang out here for a few minutes, blasting enemies as they come down to enter the room, but this is the far safer method to clearing this building.

Once all the enemies are dead, including the 2nd commander, you can make your way to the middle level, where you’ll exit out to a large open room with a railcar down below and a shed on the upper level at one end. Climb to the top of this shed with the walker and drop inside to power up the overhead crane. Facing out from where you hit this lever, you can see the crane on the top-left of the room. Climb out of the shed and return up those stairs and pathways on the left side, where you encountered the commander, to reach the crane and use it to move to the far side of the room where a fire escape-type walkway is located. There is a shortcut to jump onto that railcar in the middle of the room and use the walker to jump from it onto the fire escape staircase, but I’m focusing on the most approachable method of traversal for the purposes of this walkthrough. Once you reach the far side, drop down the ladder and into the hallways and stairwells beyond.

You’ll come downstairs and exit out into a very large room, your destination being the far end. You can alert the enemies here and retreat to the stairwell as they approach to pick them off. However, it is very easy to sprint past most or all of them, assuming you have at least one grenade. Just hug the right wall and sprint all the way to the end of the room. As you pass by some wooden crates on the right and the subway car on the left, you may have one or two enemies directly in your path. Just blast them with your shotgun and continue to the far end of the room, to a staircase leading down to a propane tank below. Toss a grenade at the tank, then look back up the stairs in case any enemies reach you before it explodes (they shouldn’t). If you don’t have any grenades, there is a box on the small platform to the right of the stairs from which you can take a grenade while standing on the stairs if positioned correctly. Again if nothing else just hang out on the stairs and blast enemies as they approach the top until everything is clear before grabbing a grenade if you need to.

Once the tank explodes, it will blast a hole in the wall to the right. Move through the hole and you’ll see armor directly in your path if you need it. Sprint through the darkened area beyond and up the stairs to reach an opening in the wall and drop down outside. Immediately sprint over to the concrete wall to the right and use the battle walker to climb over it. Sprint down the narrow alleyway to the left on the far side until you reach the end of the shantytown building, then use your walker to climb onto the end of it. From there, move forward and to your left onto the fire escape on the side of the tall building. Go up one flight of stairs and look for a boarded-up window to your right that you can bust through to get into the building. Inside, drop down the hole in front of you into an area below, where you’ll be looking out onto a street with several enemies battling allies of yours on the balconies of the building on the opposite side of the street.

Take position in the back corner of this room and just mow down enemies as they mill about outside. There will be one enemy to the right around the corner, on the far side of the adjacent room, that likes to take cover and lean out from a wall leading to a 3rd room. Once all the regular enemies are dead, prep whatever weapons you prefer for taking out heavy enemies. I prefer laser in the right, rifle in left, and a 2nd rifle prepped in the right. Move to the end of the building where you first dropped down and exit out onto the street. Look to your right down the street and charge your laser, blasting the first heavy as it drops in. If you miss a shot on this first one, immediately retreat into the building and take cover to deal with these two heavies. If you nail the first one, immediately charge another shot and try to blast the 2nd as it drops in. Again, take cover inside the building if you don’t kill them immediately. One of them has the napalm canon weapon that can kill you EXTREMELY quickly if he lands shots.

Once everything is clear, look for your objective marker on a balcony above two cars with a ladder leading up. Climb the ladder or use the battle walker to rise up and talk to the priest-looking fellow to end the mission and unlock Sermons and Moonshine.

Sermons and Moonshine

Recruit Horton's group

Sermons and Moonshine
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Mission 14 – New Orleans Streets

There is a mission for beating the panzerhund ride portion of this mission without defeating any enemies. This is why we’re playing on Bring ‘em On difficulty (or higher). It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do this achievement on IADI, and darn near impossible even on Terror Billy. Just leave the difficulty at BEO and run through the streets on the mechanical dog. Try to avoid stepping on enemies, as this can actually kill them. The achievement should unlock when you drop down into the sewers at the end of the interior/subway portion after you get off the hound. Unfortunately, it doesn’t unlock right when you get off the hound, but I have confirmed that it will unlock even if you kill enemies in the subway area while on foot. Just don’t kill anything out in the streets, on the mechanical dog.

I can’t really give a step-by-step for the first half of this mission. On IADI/ML you just need to inch your way forward through the streets, spraying your flames left and right and ‘strafing’ left and right on the hound to try and dodge enemy fire. I like to stop right where the first fenced-in area is to the right, with the large troop carrier vehicle in front of me, and keep moving forward/back/left/right spraying the entire area. This allows most of the enemies from the 2nd street to funnel to me either in front by the troop carrier, or to the right through the fenced off area. Make sure to pick up armor pieces on the ground from fallen enemies, though only when the coast is clear so you don’t take more damage than the armor you pick up. Once you move down the first street, turn the corner, and move down to the end of the 2nd street, a narrow gap between the buildings on the right will be the way forward.

At the very end of this 2nd street, before moving into those buildings, look to the left behind some boxes for Weapon Upgrade #14/21, just beside the building where the commander in these first two streets hides. You can move into the next area on foot, but unless going for the achievement, I would suggest staying on the hound and walking into this area the same way, spraying flames left and right and inching forward. You should be able to take out the first heavy and the two regular enemies in this cramped courtyard type area before reaching the entrance to the large corridor building that leads down to the sewer. Clear out all the enemies inside the entrance of this building, including one up on the catwalks to the left and several that will congregate on the catwalk straight ahead. Once the coast is clear, use your battle walker to climb up to the fencing on the left as you enter this building, and from there you can climb up onto the metal catwalk where that first enemy was to the left when you entered the building.

On this upper metal catwalk, walk straight ahead and turn the corner to the right at the far end, then immediately look for an open window to your left. Go through this window and hurry to the end of the catwalk on the right where a ladder leads up. If the supersoldat below in this area hasn’t spotted you it may be safe to climb the ladder, but I suggest using your battle walker to pop up to the top of the ladder and climb onto the catwalk above. Move down this highest catwalk to the left, where you can drop down onto the roof of the structure at the end of the room. From this roof, pick off any enemies in the area below that you can see, then drop down through a hole in the roof onto some wooden rafters. Below these, you should see a laser recharging station and another hole that leads down to a crawl space below. Charge your laser here once the coast is clear, then drop down into the crawl space and make your way forward. You’ll see a ladder ahead but turn right, then right again to reach the exit out into the sewer area. There is a 100-pack of armor in this crawlspace if needed.

This next bit can be a royal pain if you don’t do it quickly and stealthily. I highly advise watching the video for it to see the path I take as it is difficult to describe. You’ll see a ramp to your right leading back up into the room you just came from when you exit the crawl space. Make sure to kill any enemies nearby before moving forward into the sewer, so that you don’t set off an alarm once the commander spawns. Facing out from this exit, you should see a fence off to the right, beyond which further down the tunnel sits a large dormant mech enemy. Proceed forward through the large opening straight ahead of you at normal walk speed (no sprint or crouch) to the far side of the next large tunnel. Hug this left wall until you reach a short bit of steps up to a small ledge running along the wall. It is at this point you should see an enemy approaching from a nearby corner along this ledge. Headshot him and stand to walk normal speed forward, down the steps where he was and up the next set before crouching to stealth forward further.

You should see an enemy step out from the corner directly ahead of you. Inch a little closer before headshotting him. Turn the corner where that enemy was and you should see that the commander’s distance/direction icon puts him straight ahead of you. Stand and walk (or even sprint) straight ahead until you reach the commander. Blast him and quickly drop through the hole near where he was standing to drop down into the sewers. It is at this point that I’m Machine Enough will unlock if you didn’t kill any enemies in the streets during the panzerhund ride.

I'm Machine Enough

Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on "Bring 'em On!" difficulty or higher

I'm Machine Enough
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Swim through the water and out into the sewer tunnels. Continue up through these tunnels, taking out the enemy en route from behind. Near the exit you should see a very bright overhead light, with a doorway to the right. Lean into this doorway and look for an enemy up above you on a higher level on the far side of the room. Headshot him with your trusty pistol, then climb the ladder up to the level below where he was standing. Break the boxes for ammo if needed, then use the walker to rise up and climb onto the ledge where that enemy was. Move into the next room with the stairs leading up and deal with the two enemies here in whatever way you see fit before proceeding to the exit.

Mission 15 – New Orleans Streets Pt 2

At the start of this mission, immediately crouch and drop down through the broken floor to the room below. Wait in here for the large mech enemy in the street outside to walk past. When it is even with you so that you won’t be in its line of sight, inch around the left wall when facing out on to the street to get onto the ledge on the side of the building. Drop down into the larger/wider concrete ledge, then sprint to the end and jump off at a 45 degree angle to the right, heading for the far-right corner of the street. You should see one enemy waiting in front of a small dirt slope leading to a hole in a brick wall. Blast him and go into this hole, breaking the crates on your left for two health packs. You can also recharge your laser here if you didn’t on the last mission. Move down into the sewer water and swim to the other end of the tunnel. Continue through the tunnels here, looking for a few health packs in an alcove on your left as you pass through, until you exit the tunnels up out onto the streets.

You will see a commander indicator that is already turning red as you exit. There is no way to avoid this alarm. Equip your laser and look for a supersoldat standing atop a vehicle far ahead of you in the street. Wait for him to stop moving them blast him with the charged laser shot to one shot him. Keep the laser prepped but equip dual rifles or a rifle and a shotgun. Move to your left down to the end of the adjacent street, just before a concrete fence surrounding a yard outside a small building on the left side of this area. Take cover behind the left side of the opening in this fence and look through the yard. On the far side, to the right, you should see a lone enemy behind the metal fence, in the street. Try to take him out from here if you can. Once he’s dead, a few more regular enemies and one supersoldat will slowly make their way to you. Take them out from cover as well before moving into the building inside the stone fence. Inside this building, you’ll find Weapon Upgrade #15/21 sitting beside a desk on the floor.

Assuming you killed the two heavies and the three or four regular enemies in this area, it should be safe to move about. Be on alert for a straggler that might have hidden someplace and try to jump you, however. Move to the end of the street, straight ahead past where you saw the first heavy standing atop the vehicle. As you approach the building with the commander in it, a lone enemy will run out from the left-hand side. Blast him then take up position by the windows looking into the building, where a ramp made of broken wooden flooring is located. Shoot the enemies as they come down that ramp until they stop coming, then move into the building. This building is highly unpredictable, so I can’t tell you where to stand and where to shoot to clear it. It’s best to have a shotgun and a rifle equipped, and just slowly make your way through the building, methodically clearing each room before moving up to the next level.

A quicker way to do it, however, is to make your way to the room with all the flames on the floor up the first flight of stairs (or up the wooden ramp mentioned before). In here, you can use your battle walker to climb up to the floors above, making your way all the way to the top floor where you can activate the ladder on Eva’s hammer to end the mission without even clearing the building. I’ve taken to doing it this way lately, but it’s a risky tactic. Any enemies that happen to see you climbing up in the flaming rooms can do a ton of damage or even kill you before you finish your climb. Either way, clear the building and/or make your way to the top floor and activate said ladder to end the mission and begin your audition for Hitler.

Interlude – Hitler Audition

There’s not much to this mission. Just follow the cues. Your three lines at the start contain “nazi whore”, “rape and murder you”, and “murder your dirty race”. After that you’ll have to watch a lengthy bit of dialogue before being prompted to act out a scene yourself. On your way to your scene, while you have control of your character, you can click cn_RS to kill Hitler. This results in your immediate death, so I wouldn’t recommend it on Mein Leben, but it will earn you the Kick It achievement. Once you do that, proceed to the scene and click cn_RS on the armored soldier to start scene. Press cn_RT when the gun is pushed under the soldier’s mouth to end the scene and proceed to your first of two Venus mission.

Kick It

Kill Hitler during the Aerostat Audition

Kick It
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Mission 16 – Venus Aerostat

At the mission’s start, eat up all the food in the bowl on the shelf nearby to get up to 190 health. Crouch and exit the door. Immediately turn right and throw an hatchet at the enemy walking away. Move past where he falls and into the last door onto the right to stealth kill the enemy inside as well as find Weapon Upgrade #16/21. Exit this room and stand. Walk normal speed to the far end of this lower area, where you’ll find a commander in the very last room opposite the room you just left. Crouch before opening the door and headshot him. Now, from here there is a way to finish off this mission extremely quickly, but it involves a risky ‘run for your life’ strategy. You can see that strategy in motion in Falcon’s video in the Mein Leben achievement solutions. I prefer to take a slightly longer, but easy and safe, way to finish.

Once the commander is dead, go up the nearby stairs in a crouch. Headshot one of the two enemies in the cafeteria above. Let the 2nd enemy see you, then shoot him as he’s alerting the others and the 2nd commander’s alarm is going off. By doing this, more often than not for me at least, the 2nd commander would actually rush at me in this cafeteria rather than waiting until all of the reinforcements had been killed like they usually do. Either way, hang out in this cafeteria area and use the ledge in front of the door as cover, leaning “up” by holding cn_LB and pushing up on cn_LS to shoot enemies as they come through the door. At least one regular dog will rush you as well, usually right after the alert is sounded. Back well away from the door until this first dog is dead so it doesn’t rush in and tackle you, allowing a trailing enemy to finish you off. For enemy killing other than the dog, I suggest staying ‘leaned up’ so that you can see as the door opens to blast them.

Only duck behind cover if you’re taking fire from a supersoldat or something so that they stop firing, giving you an opening to rise back up and blast them. Dual rifles or shotgun/rifle is a good combo for this. Stay on your toes as robot enemies will rush in intermittently and can do some serious damage if they get the drop on you. There should be three or four of them in total. You may have to inch through the doorway and take shots into the next hall to lure more enemies in. You will have a total of three heavy enemies to deal with, the afore-mentioned three or four robots, and an unknown number of regular enemies. If the commander rushes you right away, the enemy count can be significantly reduced. If he stays back, expect to spend five or ten minutes here just moving out to alert more enemies, then retreating to the doorways or back into the cafeteria to kill them as they rush you. You don’t have to kill everything from the cafeteria, obviously.

As you clear enemies, you can work your way forward using doorways and environmental obstacles as cover to continually clear the two hallways beyond the cafeteria. Be extremely careful of the large explosive red balls in the halls, as well as propane tanks. It’s best to blast all of these from safety before entering each hallway, so an unexpected fight with an enemy doesn’t end in an explosive death. Once all the enemies are cleared out in the first couple of hallways, starting back at the cafeteria, the route is thus. Exit the cafeteria and go straight across the first perpendicular hall, continuing straight ahead down the narrower hall to reach a large banquet area. You will hear another supersoldat dashing in. Retreat back to the cafeteria area or the entrance to it from the first long hall and wait for said heavy to approach to take it out. Return to the banquet hall and move to the end on your right from where you enter.

Make sure to sweep the banquet hall and the small narrow hallway/tunnel leading off the end of it for stragglers, as usually one or two like to hide in here and rush you from behind when you least expect it. From the right-end of the banquet hall, you should have an exit on the far side from where you entered. It’s a large room with an exit on each corner, two leading out into the first hall between here and the dining area, and two leading out into the next long hallway. You want to exit via the far-right exit, furthest from the dining area. Cross the perpendicular hallway beyond it, making sure it’s clear of enemies, and approach two white doors straight ahead. There is a turret positioned just in front of the alcove with the doors, for reference. Again, be careful and detonate all the explosives in this long perpendicular hall before proceeding. If you have to retreat from the enemies ahead, you don’t want them to detonate one at an inopportune time. Approach the doors and open one, firing into the room to alert the enemies. Retreat back to the nearest corner to these two doors.

You should be in the perpendicular hall, taking cover against the corner just before these two doors. A bunch of white-coated scientists should come rushing out of the doors, along with a couple of robot enemies. Blast them to smithereens while leaning out from your corner with cn_LB until they stop coming. Sweep the area to replenish health, armor, and ammo. There are several weapons lockers in the alcoves leading between the two halls, and tons of health on the food tables in the banquet hall. When ready, return to the two white doors where the scientists and robots came out and go into the left door. Move around the semi-circular room and exit via the door on the far side. This next hall has two enemies and lots of explosives. Creep up to the enemies and blast them with your rifles so they don’t get a chance to fire and detonate anything, then sprint to the far end of the hall and enter the small antechamber to hit a switch and open an escape pod, which will suit you up in an environmental cooling suit and take you to the surface for the penultimate mission.

Again, for a faster way to do this mission check out Falcon’s Mein Leben solution and watch his video for the run for your life strategy. You’ll unlock the Venus achievement upon landing on the planet’s surface.


Travel to outer space

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Mission 17 – Venus Surface/Oberkommando

A forewarning here. There is a method to climb up an outer area that cuts out a large part of this mission using the battle walker which I don’t do. It risks falling to your death, which can end a Mein Leben run. It can be done very consistently with practice, but this walkthrough is intended for folks who don’t necessarily want to practice every step of the game dozens of times for the most efficient path. There is also an out of map glitch which makes the conveyor belt near the end easier, but I don’t do that either as you can drop an Ubergewehr weapon onto the belt before dropping down. This seems to prevent the worst case scenario on the belt, although it still boils down to quickly killing all but the last enemy before any of them shoot you so that the last enemy won’t kill you if he is out of position. There are plenty of videos on Youtube showing these paths, so I won’t detail them here.

From the start, sprint ahead and drop down, then sprint forward until you reach the coolant station on your right and hide behind it. Wait and listen to the large mech enemy’s steps. When you hear stomp, stomp, stomp stomp (two footfalls in rapid succession) this is the cue that the mech has stopped and is standing still. Once its footfalls start back up again, that means it is walking away. Immediately step out and walk (don’t crouch or sprint) until you reach the end of the walkway, then crouch and walk up behind the large enemy, angling to the large airlock door on your left. You want to be through that door before the big guy turns around. Inside, switch to your silenced pistol and move to the boxes straight ahead. Lean out and headshot the nearest enemy, and the 2nd one nearby. Once these two are dead, walk forward and drop down into the narrow opening in front of you to reach a crawl space beneath the room.

Go down to the first intersection of this crawlspace, at the base of the stairs, and turn right. You should see an opening in the wall straight ahead. Move forward through this space to reach the next chamber, where the commander is. Headshot him first, then take out the nearby enemy with silenced pistol shots. You can return to the first room at this point and kill one regular enemy and one supersoldat, luring them to the stairs leading down to the crawl space by firing a loud weapon. That will allow you to sweep both rooms for ammo, health to overcharge your health, and refill your laser weapon at a charging station in the first room, if you wish. Return to the room where the commander was and climb up the ladder at the far end of the room. At the top of the ladder, turn around and look over the ledge with the ladder to see a small ledge midway down with Weapon Upgrade #17/21 on it. Climb back up the ladder and prep dual shotguns, then swap one for a rifle.

Step outside and immediately crouch walk over to the robot enemy on the left and do a silent takedown on it. This is the area where you can climb up to the exit with the battle walker and some tricky platforming. Instead of doing that, go up the nearest stairs as soon as you take down the first robot enemy and circle to the right and back down those stairs. You should be coming down behind a supersoldat, and see a dormant robot enemy at the base of the stairs. Blast the robot with your dual shotguns, then quickly turn and blast the supersoldat before it has a chance to react. Retreat through the door and wait for a 3rd robot enemy and a couple of flying robots to come down. Pop the door open just long enough to shoot one at a time, then let it close to block the others’ shots at you. Once all three are dead, replenish health and armor here, either in the room behind the door or from the supersoldat. You can use his heavy weapons to turn his body over and blast his gas tank for more armor if needed.

If the heavy has his back to you, you can stealth take down the bot before turning your attention to him. If the heavy sees you, always kill him first as he will kill you faster than the bot, and you can retreat to the previous room to recuperate before engaging the bot and the other enemies that come down. Once the heavy, the three bots, and the flyers are dead, it’s time to go upstairs and snipe the commander from below to make this section easier for a kill everything strategy. Go up two long and one short flight of stairs from where you entered the area. At the top of the short flight of stairs, there is a coolant station just to your left. The commander’s icon will appear here. Top off your coolant at that station. Turn around from the coolant station and go up one more small flight of stairs, just ahead to the right. Immediately at the top of the stairs, turn left into the middle portion of the walkway between the two sets of stairs. Don’t worry about the enemy up above you further away as he won’t see you here.

Take out a single rifle so that you can aim down the marksman scope sights and look up and to your left, way up to the top level of this area where the commander is located. You should see his direction and distance icon showing around 30-35 meters at this point. Aim down your sites and stand up so that you can see enough of his body to aim. Wait for him to walk over from the right side of that walkway, into view, and line up a headshot. You should easily be able to hit him with a headshot from this angle as he walks right to left. If you’re struggling with that, aim lower on his chest and fire 3-5 shots in rapid succession. You should take your shot when his distance shows around 16-18 meters, as that is when he is most visible. As long as you take him out like this, there will only be a few enemies remaining in this area to deal with. Retreat downstairs to top off armor from the heavy or the interior room if need be, then carefully return to this area where the commander was and deal with the remaining few enemies as you see fit.

As you approach the spot where the commander died, a robo dog will jump out from the right side, so have your dual rifles or dual shotguns at the ready to take it out quickly, while it’s still getting its bearings and sighting you. Enter the door nearby and immediately exit out the far side of the room. There is health, armor, and ammo in this interior room if you need it. On the far side when you exit back out, you’ll see a flying robot enemy up to the right, past the railing. Take out dual rifles and kill it. This will trigger two more flying enemies and a couple of robot enemies to rush down to you. Take cover behind the door, inching forward to open it for a second or two at a time to take these enemies out. There are also two heavy enemies in this area, one of which should just about be reaching you by the time you deal with the bots and flyers. Take cover against the wall to the left as the door opens and lean out to blast him as he comes around the corner, before he can even see you.

The one remaining supersoldat as well as one regular enemy in this area may or may not come down to you for easy killing. If not, just make your way carefully up the stairs and look for them. The shotgun makes quick work of the heavy enemies, even at medium distance, and keeps them staggered when it’s fully upgrade (as it should be) so that they can’t fire back. The 2nd heavy has the napalm cannon weapon, so be very careful not to let him get the drop on you or he can kill you before you even have a chance to react. Once the coast is clear, make your way to the top of this area and across the pipes. Use your walker to climb up onto the small circular structure, then drop onto the pipes on the far side and jump over to the round platform on the left at the end of the pipes, then onto the walkway to reach the area’s exit, where you’ll head back inside.

When you enter, you’ll see an enemy directly ahead. To the left of him, a 2nd enemy is in a small alcove further away, and two enemies are standing by a cart in the middle of the hall with a robo dog. Take out your pistol and headshot the enemy straight ahead. Make sure you have dual shotguns prepped just in case you get spotted, then try to headshot the enemy in the alcove as well. If you kill the first two without being spotted, toss a couple of grenades at the dog. Conveniently there is an explosive tank beside the dog as well, so the dog should die easily and you may even kill the two guys with him. If you get spotted, retreat to the door and back up against the wall to your left to blast the robo dog with the dual shotguns as it comes around to rush you, then deal with the remaining enemies. Go up the elevator at the end of the hall to the left.

Upon exiting the elevator, move straight to the far end of the hall and open the door. Headshot the guy visible to the left with your pistol, then lean with cn_LB around the right side of the door to headshot the guy in the center of the room. Move into the room and blast the 3rd guy, who will be hanging out on the far right side behind a clear wall. Pick up the heavy weapon (the Ubergewehr) from the center of the room and hold cn_LT to charge it. Open the door on the far side of the room and step into the hall beyond. Aim to the left side, just over the box on the left side of the hall, and fire with cn_RT as soon as you see the first enemy come out. Immediately drop the weapon by tapping cn_Y and retreat back into the previous room. If the charged Ubergewehr shot killed all the enemies, great. If not, move to the edge of the door and lean out as the door opens to finish off any stragglers. Once they’re all dead, pick the Ubergewehr back up and move to the far end of the hall to exit outside.

Drop the heavy weapon as you exit and equip a shotgun and rifle. Crouch walk to the end of the walkway, where several robot enemies are dormant. Stealth takedown the first two on the left, and the first one on the right. After you’ve taken down three, the rest will wake up, so just blast them all with the shotgun/rifle combo. With the area clear, return and pick up the Ubergewehr. There is a way to climb out of the map two rooms back, where you got this weapon and the three scientists were located. It allows you to kill the enemies at the conveyor belt without riding it, but it isn’t worth it so long as you have halfway decent aim. Take the heavy weapon to the end of the platform, right before you drop down onto the conveyer belt, and drop it on the platform. Return inside to replenish your coolant, then come back to the platform edge. It’s tricky to do but if you inch your way to the edge, you can actually jump and tap cn_Y to drop the Ubergewehr onto the conveyor belt.

It may just be a placebo, but in my experience dropping it onto the belt then jumping on behind it has had a 100% success rate, even if the last enemy is too far to the left for me to shoot. Once you’re on the conveyor belt, you should have dual rifles equipped with a shotgun prepped. Immediately aim at the nearest red explosive oil drum on the platform above and to the right and shoot it to kill that enemy. Look just beyond that on the right-hand side for another platform with an explosive drum that you can shoot to take out two enemies there. Shoot the drum on the platform to the left before you reach it so it doesn’t get detonated behind you and damage you. You’ll drop down onto a lower conveyer belt. Aim at the corner of the wall to your right and unlock on the enemy as soon as he is visible, or just shoot the explosive drum by him. So long as you haven’t been shot by any of those first four enemies, the last one shouldn’t kill you even if he’s out of position.

After the 4th enemy is dead, look to the left toward the top of the conveyor belt for the 5th and final enemy. If you can get a line of sight on him, shoot him. Sometimes he is too far to the left to shoot, at which point you can try blasting that area with the shotgun and hope the ricochet of the bullets hits him to stagger him. With the Ubergewehr riding the belt in front of me, I have personally had 100% success clearing the conveyor belt without dying, but I always kill the first four enemies before they can damage me. Once off the conveyor belt, move forward and take out your pistol, with dual rifles prepped. The next room can be extremely sketchy. I will attempt to describe the quick route, but if the shit hits the fan (which it likely will), just move into the small alcove to the right as you enter and take position against the wall, facing toward the far end of the room. Lean out with cn_LB and take down enemies as they come down the stairs at the far end of the room with your dual rifles.

Be extremely wary and watchful, and don’t look away from the far end of the room for long, as after a short time a robo dog will come running in. If you don’t kill it when it reaches the bottom of the stairs at the far end of the room as it rushes toward you, it will likely end your run on IADI/Mein Leben.

For the quicker way, as you enter you want to have a silenced pistol out and immediately headshot the enemy on the walkway above, then headshot a 2nd enemy leaning against a wall down on your level, on the right side midway down the hall. As soon as both of those are dead, stand just inside the door through which you entered, to the right of the sign, and activate your battle walker to rise up. Standing on your stilts look for a 2nd enemy coming around the left corner on the walkway above. If he spots his dead comrade before you kill him, he will alert the commander in the room next door to where he is, who will go on patrol. So try to take him out quickly with a headshot or a few body shots with the pistol. Once he’s dead, tap cn_B to lower yourself back down and move around the trio of carts in front of you. From the back side, facing back toward the entrance, climb onto the cart and onto one of the barrels on it. From there, jump to the left onto the driving portion of the cart.

Activate your battle walker and rise up to climb over the railing above. Turn toward the nearest commander, who should still be inside his room or just starting to exit. His room is right behind where the 2nd enemy came out on that walkway above. Take him out asap with your silenced pistol. If no alarm has been activated at this point you can slowly make your way to the far end of the hall from the commander’s room (directly out from it), and upstairs to kill the 2nd commander. If an alarm was set off, which is more than likely, enter his room and look out across the walkway to the far hall, in the direction of the 2nd commander (who is on an upper floor). From the safety of the 1st commander’s spawn room, you can take cover against the door and lean out to shoot enemies as they come down to you from above. Wait here for a while, until the trickle of enemies slows and eventually stops. If you haven’t killed two heavy enemies by this point, be mindful that they are waiting for you somewhere, likely upstairs on the path to the 2nd commander.

There is no perfect strategy for this area if you set off an alarm. It helps drastically if you kill the first commander quickly, so focus on doing that even if you have to set off an alarm in the process, because his room is the safest spot to deal with the enemy reinforcements that show up. As you move forward from the first commander’s room, across the walkway and into the first large hall ahead that you were aiming at from his room to mow down reinforcements, look on the white carts to the right for Weapon Upgrade #18/21. Continue up through these halls carefully, watching out for heavy enemies that like to wait until you’ve killed all the other reinforcements and are heading to the commander to show up and wreck your day. Once you reach the 2nd commander, kill him and enter the elevator at the end of the hall past him. This takes you up to the levels’ final portion, Oberkommandor, with “a shit load of assholes”. The first hallway will have one enemy facing you as you enter, so take him out as quickly as possible with your silenced pistol.

Deal with the two remaining enemies at the far end of the hall any way you see fit, as these three here won’t alert anyone in the next room even if you kill them loud. Go into the door behind where those two enemies were. This room can be extremely dangerous, but you can skip it entirely. As soon as you enter, walk forward (don’t crouch or sprint) and jump up onto the table/console directly ahead. You should see a large marble-looking orb in the center of the room. Walk up behind it and crouch down. Blast it to shatter it, and IMMEDIATELY step forward and drop down into a crawl space beneath where it was, turning about 45 degrees to your left to duck into the actual crawl space. This will lead to the next room where the level exit is located, completely bypassing dealing with the supersoldat, regular enemies, robo dog, and commander in the previous room who all have the potential to ruin your run right before the last mission. Activate the console in front of you when you exit the crawl space to exit the level and being the final level on the Ausmerzer.

Eva’s Hammer and Bienville Streets

You’ll be back on Eva’s Hammer after the cut scene. Step forward into the darkened doorway for a surprise, and interact with the cake to end the scene and be tasked with retrieving Fergus’s arm. Before doing that, we are going to go to just one of the districts for a very easily retrievable Ramshackles contraption. Go to the enigma machine and activate it. Select the New Orleans – Bienville Streets district. This requires four enigma codes, which you should have easily collected by this late point in the game. This is the soonest we can do this district, as you have to have played through the New Orleans missions to access it. Decode its randomized code on the enigma machine. Check the hints/tips page for more info on how to do this if you’re struggling. Exit the machine and interact with the war map in the center of the room and select New Orleans – Bienville to enter the district. You’ll unlock Puzzler for deciphering the commander’s location on the enigma machine, and Sightseeing upon loading into the district.


Decipher an Übercommander's location using the Enigma Machine

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Visit a District

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From the start of the mission, equip the silenced pistol and head down the first flight of stairs. On the next flight of stairs, headshot the two enemies below. Continue down and crouch before dropping down into the sewers. Proceed forward the only direction that you can, and you will come up behind a 3rd enemy. Stealth takedown this enemy and continue. Go down the stairs past this first enemy and you will see two health packs just ahead on the left. Turn right down the adjacent tunnel next to them, following it around to the left and back right again to come up behind a 4th enemy. Stealth takedown him, or just pistol him to death if he’s facing you. Straight ahead from this enemy in a small alcove you will find Weapon Upgrade #19/21.

From the intersection facing the weapon upgrade, go to the left, then left again at the next intersection and straight ahead to find the Ramshackle contraption at the end of the tunnel. As soon as you pick it up, go to the pause menu and exit the district. Make sure you don’t exit to the main menu if playing on Mein Leben, as that would suck! Back aboard Eva’s Hammer, turn around from the war map and exit out into the main part of the ship. Look for Ritva Tuomivaara by the lever on the large platform just outside the helm. Facing her on the lift to talk to her, you can see the door to the helm directly behind her. Talk to her to begin Side Mission #2/9, the Ramshackles upgrade. This one is extremely easy. She’ll take you down the lift to the lower portion of the ship. Go down the hall and jump over the railing into the water. Swim to the nearby walkway and climb up.

From here, just ramshackle charge (sprint and smash into) the crates blocking the doors into the next few rooms, including one door blocked by a destructible slatted wall you can see through. When you smash the last crate blocking the exit door, Ritva will enter and thank you. You can ignore her and just go out and take the lift back up. You now have the ability to regenerate armor in increments of 25 by picking up a single scrap. Even a piece worth only one or two armor will give you 25 if you have a safe place to hide and wait for it to regenerate. Replenish ammo and armor if needed, then go talk to Grace to begin the final mission.

Mission 18 – Ausmerzer

At mission start, turn around and follow Anya. Almost immediately the platform will begin to collapse and she will jump up into a hatch that is closing. Wait for her to reopen it for you and immediately go up the ramp. Don’t waste time as I believe the walkway can fall out from under you. At this point, she will take cover to the left of a door, with a switch on the right to open it. GLITCH WARNING: If you use the battle walker to go up to the crawlspace above, the same pathway that I instructed you to use to drop in behind the commander in this room on the 2nd mission of the game, you can glitch Anya. If you don’t open the door first and instead go up there and kill all the enemies in the room behind it before opening the door, it can skip the script that tells her to enter the room, which will mean you can’t complete the mission. This is a crummy way to ruin a Mein Leben run, and it happened to me.

So activate the button on the right to open the door. From there you can take cover behind the right side of the door, opposite Anya, and lean kill the enemies in the room. This is a highly vulnerable position of enemies throw grenades at you. I recommend instead to open the door, then retreat and use the battle walker to climb up into the afore-mentioned crawl space up above. From there, you can peak out into the room and deal with the enemies. The is one flying enemy and four regular enemies in the room. Be mindful of all the explosive tanks around the room. You can use them to take out enemies, but when Anya enters the room and opens the next set of doors, you can just as easily die to those same tanks if enemies in the next room hit them with a stray bullet. Once the room is clear and Anya enters it, go ahead and shoot all the explosive tanks in the room, just to be safe.

She will open two doors on the far side of the room. You’ll have a bit of deja-vu here, because these same two doors were ones that you destroyed with a laser weapon in the 2nd mission before killing a bunch of enemies in the room beyond. Nothing like devs re-using the same enemy encounter for all intents and purposes. Take cover behind the low wall between Anya and the two doors, in the center of the room. Lean left and right from the two sides of it to look into the next room and take out the enemies. There is one supersoldat, one flying bot, and a handful of regular enemies in the room. Once you are confident that all or nearly all of them are dead, equip a shotgun and rifle combo and move into the room. Do a sweep around the perimeter of the room, clockwise starting with the left corner nearest you, to make sure no stragglers are hanging around waiting to surprise you. Move into the next hall and kill the enemy in the green jumpsuit that should be running away from you as you enter.

Return to the room where Anya is and sweep both rooms for ammo, health, and armor. Once that’s done, go back to the hall where the green jumpsuit enemy was and look for a hole in the ceiling. Use your battle walker to climb up into it and continue through the air ducts through another room with health and armor, and around a corner where you’ll drop down in a room with boxes. Climb quietly up the boxes and you’ll be in another familiar room from early in the 2nd mission, with three enemies in it. Headshot the one off to the right standing still, then the one walking down the center of the room, and finally the one on the left in the smaller side room with the lever that opened up the door to the large propane tank in the 2nd mission. Once they’re all dead, top off your grenades from the side room on the right before using the battle walker to climb up into another hole in the ceiling. This leads into an adjacent room with a commander, his dog, three regular enemies, and a supersoldat.

Don’t move too far out into the room. Headshot the commander with your pistol from the air duct, then shoot the enemy up on the walkway with you to the right. After that, take out the enemy patrolling below and the dog. Look for the 3rd enemy on the same level as you on the far-left corner of the room, although if he heard anything he may have dropped down to go on patrol. With the commander and the enemies that pose the greatest threat of a surprise attack dead, you can shoot him with your rifles if you wish. If you’re able to take all of them including him out with the silenced pistol, the supersoldat should still be unaware of your presence and will likely be hanging out on the lower level of the room in the far-right corner. Once all three regular enemies, the dog, the commander and the supersoldat are all dead, drop down and activate the console in the center of the room with BJ’s singsong rendition of V-A-L-H-A-L-L-A.

As soon as he puts in the code, a door will open just in front of you to the left, with two enemies behind it. Blast them with shotgun or rifle as the door opens, before they get a chance to shoot back. After they’re dead, activate the lever on the left to open the door to yet another familiar outside area, with two commander icons appearing. Have a rifle and shotgun prepped, but swap your preferred hand to the silenced pistol. Crouchwalk down the stairs to the right and immediately headshot an enemy to your right after reaching the bottom of the stairs. Move forward across the gap in the center of this area, making sure to cross on the walkway and not fall into it. Quickly headshot a 2nd enemy to your right. A 3rd enemy will be walking away from you through a door on the far side of this area. Approach that door but don’t pass through it. Instead, lean out from the right side of the door with cn_LB and shoot the commander standing just past the door on the right with your pistol.

The enemy that was walking away should have stopped behind a pillar nearby and be standing still at this point, so headshot him. Swap to dual rifles and look to the far end of the walkway for the 2nd commander. If he’s out of view at this point, you may want to just sprint down the walkway and make a run for the exit, which is at that end of the walkway by him. There is a supersoldat on the right side at that end, and a small gap at the bottom of the wall to the left that you can crawl through. As long as you have full health and shields, you should easily be able to sprint down this walkway and sneak through that hole before taking too much damage. You can stop as you near the supersoldat and blast it witch shotguns, then turn and blast the commander to end reinforcements and make it slightly less risky running for that small gap in the wall.

Be extremely careful sprinting down this path with the commander and the heavy at the end. There are explosive tanks on the sides. With your ramshackles if you accidentally clip one of them while sprinting, you will detonate it. This will knock you on your butt and allow the enemies all the time they need to kill you on higher difficulties. An alternative to this area would be to do everything else the same, but after you kill the first commander just past that first doorway, look down the walkway and shoot the 2nd commander ASAP to prevent reinforcements. From there, retreat back up the stairs to where you entered the area and just mow down the remaining few enemies as they rush at you. With both commanders dead there won’t be that many enemies to deal with, so it should only take a minute or two of killing before you can move to the end of the walkway and duck through the gap in the wall.

In the next hall move forward and look for a laser turret on your left. Mount this turret and immediately hold cn_LT to charge it. Blast an enemy crossing the walkway on the far side of the room up above before aiming directly above the boxes just to the left. Several regular enemies and a heavy will come from this left side, but you can easily mow them down with the turret as they cross behind the boxes before they have much of a chance to engage or shoot at you. Once they’re dead, dismount the turret and move into the starting room with Anya, replenishing armor from the killed supersoldat along the way if need be. I would also suggest topping off your laser weapon to 200 energy at one of the recharging stations in this room. Anya will already be in an escape pod and will instruct you to hop into the opposite one. Equip dual shotguns and follow her instruction.

She will begin talking to you before a supersoldat drops onto her pod. You will then feel a crash as a supersoldat lands on your pod, which Anya will mention. Aim up at the roof of your pod and blast it with the dual shotguns as soon as it rips the top off. When prompted, press cn_X to climb out of the pod. You should see a nearby fan, which may or may not have been stopped by shotgun ricochets. If not, simply shoot the center of it to stop it. The jump over to the platform by the fan can be nerve-racking on Mein Leben just because it would suck to end a run so close to the end for such a simple jump failure. The easiest way to ensure you nail it every time is to not try and jump or move forward separately. Instead, hit cn_LS forward toward the ledge and tap cn_A at exactly the same time. This will cause you to do a very small hop forward and you will land on it every time. Jumping first or trying to step forward first can cause you to slip off the pod and fall to your death.

Once you’re on the platform by the fan, keep dual shotguns at the ready but swap one to the silenced pistol and crouch-walk through the ducts behind it. You’ll be facing out into a very large room, with an enemy coming from behind a pillar down to your right. Headshot him and immediately drop down into the room and crouch-walk around the left side on the outer perimeter. You’ll pass by a staircase and see another set of stairs just ahead with an enemy descending. Wait for him to reach the bottom and turn to the right, then quickly headshot him before he sees you. If you miss a shot, the 3rd enemy will likely start walking in your direction just ahead, so be ready to unload on him with body shots from the pistol before he has a chance to sound an alarm. If you nailed the 2nd enemy without missing, the 3rd enemy will be standing still and you can line up a shot and take him out with ease.

The way forward is directly to the left of where that 3rd enemy stands if not alerted, just around the corner from the 2nd enemy. Move down into that hallway and use the battle walker to climb up into yet another opening in the roof. Proceed forward to look down into the room with the commander and two regular enemies. Headshot the enemy in the middle of the area, near the central console. This will cause the enemy closer by just underneath you to start walking toward his corpse. Headshot the 2nd enemy, then look for the commander on the far end of the room and take him out with your pistol or rifles. You can even take out the commander first, which is probably safest to avoid an alarm, but the two other enemies and the commander are all extremely easy to take out from this vantage point using the silenced pistol without setting off an alarm.

Once they’re all dead activate the console via the Valhalla command again. Facing the console, move around it to the right and take cover behind the grey wall on the right side, facing down the long hall toward the door at the far end. Lean out with cn_LB and take out the enemies as they approach. Make sure to focus your attention on the robot dog that should rush in very quickly after the first couple of enemies. Dual rifles works best here due to the slightly longer range of the engagement. Once they’re all dead, move to the end of the hall but don’t exit out into the main room (the one from just after the fan jump earlier). Instead, just approach it and two robot enemies should spawn and rush at you. One climbs over the metal arm in front of you, and the other should come from the left. Retreat back to cover if need be to deal with them. Replenish health and armor from this area where the commander was. There should be tons of armor from the robo dog.

When ready, you want to sprint into the large room and make your way to the ladder in the top center ASAP, before the heavy enemies spawn in and start shooting at you. To do this, as you enter the large room from the room where the commander was, turn 90 degrees to the right and hug the wall to the very first set of stairs you reach. Sprint up these stairs and turn left to see one of the robot arms leading up to the higher central platform with the ladder. Climb onto this arm and walk up it at normal speed. You can sprint up it but this risks falling off and having to deal with the clusterfuck below. As long as you sprint to the arm quickly upon entering the room, you should have plenty of time to just walk normal speed up it, then climb the ladder to a catwalk high above. From this catwalk, you will be able to look down to a very large open area with two heavy enemies. DO NOT drop down yet. Instead, equip dual rifles and take them down from this high catwalk. Don’t waste your laser ammo on them, as you’ll need it very shortly.

Once they’re dead, look across the large open area to the far-right corner. That small room with a ladder inside is your destination. Equip dual shotguns and drop down onto the raised platform in the center of the area. As you drop down, the two commanders will spawn. Immediately drop down again off the right side of this raised platform to the area underneath and sprint to the far-right corner and up the stairs. When you reach the top of the stairs, blast the commander you can see as well as the nearby enemy. If the ricochets from the shotguns don’t kill the commander in that small room as well, rush in and kill him ASAP then climb up the ladder. At this point you will be in a small room above with a weapons locker in it that has a 100-Health pack. You will also hear one of the large mech enemies spawned in on that raised central platform in the large outer area you just sprinted through. There is a small gap in the wall at the top of the ladder you can crawl through that leads out onto a narrow ledge with another ladder leading up.

Wait until the large mech enemy stops firing, then charge up a shot with your laser weapon and crawl out onto that ledge. Aim at the large mech enemy to the right in the large area and release your charged shot as quickly as you can before retreating back through the small gap in the wall to the previous room. DO NOT STOP inside that small gap that you can crawl through. The splash damage from the large mech’s shots will be enough to damage you significantly, and can easily end a Mein Leben run one encounter away from the final boss fight. Repeat this process of charging up a laser shot and waiting for the mech to stop shooting before you crawl through and take a quick shot on him until he’s dead. You will only have four fully-charged shots with your laser, so make them count. If you run out of energy for it, you can switch to the Kampfpistole as a backup. By now it should be fully upgrade with the rocket rounds and the other two upgrades, so it will do solid damage.

You could use the rifles too, but you only have time to get one or two shots off each time you peek out before retreating, and each time you peek out is a risk of splash damage whittling away your health. If you land two or three charged laser shots, it should die. You’ll know because you hear several explosions then silence. With him dead, it’s clear to go back down to that area. Look for the dead heavy enemies and grab their lasers. Take two lasers and move them to the opposite side of the railing where you first dropped down from the catwalk high above, so that you can take cover behind the railing and face out into the large area. From where you’re standing, you can just make out the ladder on that small ledge where you were when taking shots at the large mech enemy with the laser. Keep the top of that ladder’s position in mind.

Make sure both heavy lasers have full ammo and leave them behind the railing. Sweep the area for ammo, armor, and health. Don’t just grab all the armor. Take one piece at a time and let the armor regen from the ramshackle upgrade give you 25 armor for each piece you collect. Leave the large pieces from the big mech enemy for last, just in case you end up needing them. Top off your laser ammo at the charging station, which is inside the alcove adjacent to the raised central area, before you reach the room where the commanders were. Go back to that room and climb the ladder, then head through the small gap in the wall and climb the next ladder. Equip a shotgun in the left hand and the laser in the right hand, with a rifle prepped in right. Fully charge up a shot with the laser and hold it, then go forward along the walkway and up a very small set of steps to the area above. Look to the left of the boxes to your left and you should see a robo dog charging you.

Try to release your charged laser shot and blast it. If you hit it one fully charged blast should do the trick, so try to quickly charge up another shot ando blast the supersoldat on the raised walkway in the center of this area, just beyond where the dog was rushing you. If you’re quick and accurate, you can take out both that first dog and the supersoldat before dropping back down the ladder. If you miss your shot on the dog, DO NOT try to charge a 2nd shot or engage it in any way. Instead, drop back down the ladder immediately (do this anyway even if you kill the dog and/or the supersoldat). Go through the gap the wall and down the other ladder into the room where you killed the commanders. Hug the right wall and move to the room adjacent to the large raised central platform, where the laser recharging station is. From here, sprint out and down the stairs on the right as you enter the central area so that you go underneath it to the far end, then use your battle walker to climb up onto that raised portion where you left the two heavy lasers behind the railing.

Using those two lasers, aim up at the highest portion on the far side of the area, where all the enemies have spawned in. You might be able to kill several of them, perhaps only one or two, but the key is to look at the top of that ladder to the right that I mentioned before and kill the robo dog if it is camped at the top of the ladder waiting for you (if you missed your shot on it before). Fire in short bursts and destroy all the thin grey panels along the railing on that highest area to expose any enemies that might be hiding that you can kill from here. Once you’ve killed all you can and no more are visible, return back up the two ladders to that upper area and take cover behind the nearby boxes. Fire a few rifle shots down to the far end to draw the enemies’ attention. More enemies will rush you, including a 2nd robo dog, a regular dog or two, and plenty of regular enemies. If you see the 2nd robo dog rushing at you and you aren’t 100% confident you can kill it before it reaches you, drop back down the ladder and retreat to the heavy lasers to take it out the same way, as it will camp the top of the ladder just like the 1st one did.

I can’t give you any better advice than that. Carefully clear the enemies in the upper area here, retreating down to the lower area to look for health and armor replenishment as needed. Once you’ve cleared the entire upper area including the commander, sweep the area and top off ammo, health and armor as much as possible. Make sure to recharge your laser too. Once the upper area is clear, climb one final ladder from the control room to reach an area with no enemies. You will see a large elevator here that leads up to the final battle, and in the center of the area rests an Ubergewehr heavy weapon. There is an achievement for killing one of the two large mechanized enemies in the final battle with this weapon. You don’t have to destroy one of their arms and use their own against them, as you can just take this one up to that battle with you and drop it in a safe spot until you’re down to just the last big guy and no regular enemies running around, at which point killing the last one with it should be relatively painless. This unlocks Taste of Your own Medicine. Don’t drop the Ubergewehr on the lift as it seems like it usually (perhaps always) won’t let you pick it back up off the lift’s floor.

Taste of Your own Medicine

Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr

Taste of Your own Medicine
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Don’t try to do that on a Mein Leben (or even IADI) run, as carrying that heavy weapon makes you move very slowly, making you an easy target for the enemies. The final battle can be relatively painless if done right, or a royal nightmare if done wrong, especially on IADI/ML. Many guides suggest going to the far-left corner from where you arrive at the top of the elevator and hiding on the outer edge of the map (so much so that you can easily fall to your death if you back up too far). From there, they suggest to kill the six heavy enemies and regular enemies as they come over to you, then make a mad dash for the ladder once the two large mechanized enemies blast open the door. This strategy requires throwing an EMP-upgraded grenade to the right as you turn the corner, and blasting two regular enemies in your way before using the battle walker to pop up the ladder inside faster than just climbing it. You WILL take damage doing it this way, and it is very easy to die.

I instead prefer to use a strategy I saw on another TA user’s path through Mein Leben. What you do is equip dual shotguns before riding the elevator up to the final battle. Once you arrive, immediately sprint forward to the center of the platform, between the two hatches that open up to launch the first two heavy enemies. From here, kill the one on the right first, then the one on the left. Turn around 180 degrees (so your back is to the elevator you rode up), and sprint forward then right as the 2nd set of hatches opens. Kill two regular enemies, then retreat to the area between the two hatches that just opened and again blast the right supersoldat, then the left one as they land. From there, you don’t move. Just turn around and wait for the 3rd set of hatches to open. Position yourself against the hatch on your left. You should still be between the 2nd set of hatches at this point, with your back to the elevator that you rode up, and crouched against the hatch on your left.

Again, kill the right supersoldat as it lands, followed by the left. At this point, all six heavy enemies are dead and there should be four enemies running around looking for you. You have to find and kill these four enemies VERY quickly, before the two large mechanized enemies arrive. You have one or two seconds after the first of those large mechanized enemies dashes out before you have to take cover, but you need to kill those four enemies asap. This is the riskiest part of his strategy, but it isn’t that hard to do it consistently with 80-90% success rate. Once those four enemies are dead, you run back toward the elevator you rode up, down on the lower-left outside walkway (when facing the elevator) and dash inside that turret building. At this point, you take up position in the far-right corner of the building, furthest from the pathway along the perimeter of the fighting area. If done correctly, you should be facing back out along the walkway with the weapons locker containing grenades to your left.

The base of the staircase to the left should just barely be visible, and a red painted area on the floor should be visible to the right. If you don’t see one of the large mechanized enemies moving toward you on the lower walkway outside, you’re golden. If you do, run over to the corner where that red paint is on the floor and wait for the mech enemy to move off to the center of the battle area, then move back to the corner by the weapons locker. In this position, so long as the large mech enemies aren’t out on the walkway straight ahead of you where they could see you, they cannot hit you. Their charged Ubergewehr shots will blast the building around you, but you won’t take damage. The reason you had to kill the four regular enemies after the six heavies were dead is because for whatever reason those four enemies will throw grenades into the building at you if left alive. None of the other enemies that spawn in will do so.

So just camp in this corner and look down the walkway outside, picking off enemies as they spawn in and run toward you. After about five minutes or so of doing this, no more than ten minutes max, you should have killed ALL the regular enemy reinforcements and will be left with just the two large mechanized enemies. Now all you have to do is sprint straight forward out of this building and turn left down into the tunnels that run underneath the battle area. Equip your laser weapon in your right hand and a shotgun or rifle in the left. Sweep the area and fire a few shots out the doors to make sure no regular enemy stragglers will surprise you. When you’re confident it is just you and the big mechs remaingin, fire a shot out one of the four corner doors, then move to the far opposite corner door with a charged laser shot ready. Peek out and over the curve of the battle area until you spot one of the two mechs and blast it with the laser.

Retreat into the tunnels, and repeat this strategy. Fire shots out of a corner door then go to the opposite corner to get a line of sight on one of the mechs and blast it with a charged laser shot. Two well-placed fully charged laser shots is enough to take one down, so if you have full laser ammo you should be able to kill both before running out. I believe there is some more laser ammo in the tunnels as well. If nothing else, once you’re out of laser energy, just switch to your dual rifles or your kampfpistole and take potshots at them, again alternating corners. Just don’t hang outside too long shooting. A quick two or three dual-trigger burst with the rifles is all you need to do before retreating to the tunnels and going to the opposite corner. As long as you are careful here, there is no reason you should fail this fight after the initial sequence. If you make it to the camping spot in the corner of the building to pick off the reinforcements safely with no grenades coming in from a missed enemy after the heavies, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t finish the fight on that attempt.

Once the fight is over climb the ladder in the room where the two large mechs came out, and continue up the pathway above and up to the top of the building. Enter the door on the right and activate the elevator inside for a somewhat disgusting scene where Anya gets… messy. The ausemerzer unlocks here.

The Ausmerzer

Capture the Ausmerzer

The Ausmerzer
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From there, you will have a scripted sequence at the end where you’ll make your way to your nemesis while she sits at a talk show discussing how great she is. As you take the last lift down to the stage, you will be spotted. Just move forward toward her with cn_LS and spam cn_RS as you near her to make sure you take her down once and for all and finish the game. I will list all the difficulty-related achievements here, although if this is your first run you will obviously only unlock the one for beating the game and the Bring ‘em On difficulty achievement now. This text guide is the exact path I used in my Mein Leben runs on both my gamertag and my wife’s, so I will include that achievement here as well.


Beat the game

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Bring 'em on!

Beat the game on "Bring 'em on!" difficulty or higher

Bring 'em on!
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Do or die!

Beat the game on "Do or die!" difficulty or higher

Do or die!
1 guide

Call me Terror-Billy!

Beat the game on "Call me Terror-Billy!" difficulty or higher

Call me Terror-Billy!
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After doing your 2nd playthrough on IADI to make saves at the start of Mission 11 and onward, you'll unlock IADI.

I am death incarnate!

Beat the game on "I am death incarnate!" difficulty or higher

I am death incarnate!
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And of course once you've practiced enough to do Mein Leben on a fresh save, there is that feather in your hat to attain.

Mein leben

Beat the game on "Mein leben" difficulty

Mein leben
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After the credits roll (or you can skip them) on your first playthrough, you will be back aboard Eva’s Hammer and be ready for post-game mop-up, as well as unlocking Keep Playing.

Keep Playing

Wait for the game to resume after the credits

Keep Playing
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Side Missions Mop-up

At this point you have two of the nine sidequests done, the ones for the Battle Walker and Ramshackles upgrades. The one for the Constrictor Harness upgrade remains, as well as the random ones around the ship. Turn down the difficulty to the lowest setting, Can I Play Daddy. This will make the mop-up much easier as you can run and gun all of the districts save for the one you want to do stealthily to unlock Ghost. You should have collected roughly 20 Enigma codes throughout your first playthrough, give or take a few. Load up the enigma machine and decipher the Roswell – Underground district. You will kill the first two commanders in this district to farm enigma codes until you have roughly 35-40 of them. To do so, load up the mission from the war map once it is deciphered.

From the start go forward along the walkway and use the battle walker to climb over the pipes to the left at the end, before entering the door. Drop down and go into the nearby building to find the first commander. Immediately exit the building and run to the far end of this first area, into the subway car there to find the 2nd commander. Once you have killed both and collected their Enigma codes, pause the game and exit the mission back to Eva’s Hammer. Keep reloading the mission and farming these first two commanders until you have enough enigma codes to decipher all but the two districts. Make sure the Manhattan Nuclear Bunker and Venus Oberkommando are two of the ones you unlock. You will wind up collecting most if not all of the needed codes for the final two while going through the other 13 districts. If not, you can always farm Roswell – Underground a couple more times after the first 13 districts are done for any remaining enigma codes you need.

Once you are done unlocking the first 13 districts, we are going to go around the ship and collect the rest of the side missions before actually doing the districts. Just outside the helm, in the main area of the ship on the lowest level of the walkway you will find a lady who will ask you to find all of Max’s toys for Side Mission #3/9. There is one in each of the first 15 districts, for a total of 15. You must talk to her to get the side mission BEFORE collecting the 15th toy. If not, she will no longer give the mission and even though she will thank you for finding his toys whenever you pass by her, it will not count toward the achievement. Next go to the ammo depot, near the shooting range. Just next door to it in the hallway, there will be a guy by the missiles that will give you the Side Mission #4/9 to get rid of the rat in the ammo depot. All you have to do is go next door to the ammo depot and interact with the box in the middle of the room to let the rat escape and complete the mission.

While in this area, move into Set’s lab and find a gentleman in the corner of the lab (usually on the 2nd floor) named Hercules Leclercq. He’ll ask you to save his cousin for Side Mission #5/9. His cousin is found near the very end of the Venus Oberkommando district, in a room with bloody smears by the door. I’ll point out his location during the collectibles walkthrough of the districts. You’ll want to collect all of the district’s collectibles, then kill the Ubercommander and collect his death card, choosing after collecting it to remain in the district. From there you just return to the room with Hercules’ cousin and interact with the body to end the mission and complete the sidequest.

Side Mission #6/9 requires you to feed Rosa the pig. Find her in her pig pen near BJ’s room and interact with her. From there, go to the end of the ship with the cantina and look for a nearby storage room with potatoes inside. Interact with all that you can to collect them and return to the pig to feed her and complete the mission. For Side Mission #7/9, speak to a woman in Hacker Central on the ship to get a mission to destroy magnetic tapes in the Manhattan Nuclear Bunker district. Different site members have said they got this from different NPCs (likely based on which story line you choose at the game’s start), so just look for the one with the speech bubble when you get close to her. Two of the three pairs of tapes are in the very first room you come to from the mission’s start, on the upper level over the railing. You can climb up there with the battle walkers. From there, enter the next room and look for the 3rd pair of tapes in the corner to the right.

For Side Mission #8/9, speak to Maya Gilliam. She can either be found in the hangar bay or on the upper level of the helm room. She will ask you to destroy three Sumerian tablets in the Roswell Underground district. From the district’s start, you simply need to drop down and sprint over to the subway car on the right when facing out into the area. For reference, the 1st commander’s building will be to your right as well, and the subway car with the 2nd commander is opposite the one to which I am referring. Drop down into the subway car through a low opening on the side, where you’ll find the first two tablets. Go up the stairs from this room into the hallway of the train to find the 3rd tablet sitting on a wooden pallet midway down the hall.

Side Mission #9/9 is the upgrade for the Constrictor Harness contraption. First you will need to go to the Manhattan Nuclear Bunker district to obtain the contraption since we chose the battle walker during the story. The harness is found near the very end of the district, and is required in order to complete it as you need to use the harness to go through a tiny opening at the bottom of a wall in order to reach the district’s ubercommander.

On your way through the mission, you will ride an elevator down up. Just after this elevator ride, you will enter a large room that you should remember from the campaign where you encountered a large robo dog. Now there are two supersoldats. Shoot the one to the right with your dual rifles or a charged laser shot from a distance. This should make the one on the left charge at you. Sprint at it and collide while it is charging for Bull Rush.

Bull Rush

Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat

Bull Rush
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Just after that you will enter a room with an enemy on a walkway above, facing away from you. Walk up behind it and activate the battle walker to rise up. Do a stealth takedown on him to unlock The Sky is the limit.

The Sky is the Limit

Perform a Battle Walker takedown

The Sky is the Limit
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Once you’ve collected the harness, either immediately pause and return to Eva’s Hammer, or go ahead and kill the ubercommander first before leaving so you can collect his death card and not need to get it later when returning to the districts for collectibles. If you crawl under the cart or a wall crawl space in the commander's room with him or his escort near enough you can perform a constrictor harness takedown while hidden for Snakebite.


Perform a Constrictor Harness takedown

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Once you have the harness and are back aboard Eva’s Hammer, look for a man standing by a tiny round pipe at the base of a wall, near the cantina. He will open the pipe for you allowing you to use the harness to get to the area beyond, where you are tasked with shutting off a gas leak. Just proceed through this extremely linear area, dealing with a few dogs inside along the way, and shut off the gas. Exit through two consecutive pipes afterward to return to the gentleman and gain the harness upgrade. This unlocks the achievement for getting all contraptions and contraption upgrades.

Complete Package

Acquire all Contraptions and Contraption upgrades

Complete Package
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If you already collected all 15 of Max's toys and this is your last side mission, you will unlock Sidetracked here as well. If not it will unlock once you complete that sidequest and have all 15 toys. These locations are included in the next page for districts/collectibles.


Complete all side missions

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For all the other miscellaneous achievements as well as the collectibles and districts guides, proceed on to the collectibles page.

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