Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough

5. The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe

Gunslinger Joe has us playing as Joe Stallion, a former football player turned propaganda puppet for the Reich. When you decide not to take a dive for the Reich, you are jailed and must break out to join the resistance. This is more of a guns blazing DLC than stealth, made evident by the lack of silenced weapons and no throwing hatchet. The tin cans you have can kill an enemy if you nail a headshot, but are more used as a distraction than anything. It is possible to (mostly) stealth the first Volume, but the 2nd and 3rd have areas with nearly forced gunfights and the final battle is guns blazing all the way. Mein Leben still isn't that bad, however, as you can do each volume one at a time and come back later for the rest. No need for one sitting on the DLC Mein Leben achievements. We still have the dreaded obligatory collectibles, although only 48 per DLC.

Volume 1

From the start, talk to the fellow through the wall then sprint at the wall to smash through after the guard arrives. Exit the room and run straight across to the open window. Climb through and grab the 25-Armor pack from the laundry bin. Look on the table for Readable #1/8. Climb back out and turn right along the wall. Go into an open cell on the right to hear Joe say “This was a place of secret horrors”. Grab Readable #2/8 from the table here. Turn right out of this room to see a thin barrier in the right corner that you can smash through. Grab the 10-Armor helmet from the weapons locker and let your armor recharge up to 50 total (we have upgraded ramshackles in this dlc). Stock up on ammo here as well. Press the two red buttons and exit the room. Go around the corner to the right through the metal bars, following the blood trail. Continue to the end of this hall and smash through the wall at the end. In the next room there will be four enemies to dispatch.

Take cover by the nearby boxes and look for two on your right and two coming from the left, leaning out with cn_LB to take them out. Look on some shelves in the right end of the room for another 10-Armor helmet to grab. Pick up any helmets knocked off the enemies if you got headshots as well. Always let each piece of armor regen you a total of 25 before grabbing the next so that you maintain as close to 100 armor as possible. Once you’ve scavenged the room for armor and ammo, look for another breakable wall adjacent to the windows here and bust through, taking out the one enemy hiding inside. Look in a bin on the far wall between the metal shelves for Gold #1/4. Activate the lever in the room. You can see the yellow and black-striped door it opens straight ahead when you hit it.

Scrounge once more to get your armor maxed if it isn’t before exiting the room and going through the door it opened. Go down the stairs ahead and grab the rifles from the weapon locker on the left wall. Peak around the corner to the left and make sure the enemy there isn’t looking toward you, then crouch-walk around the corner and sneak up behind him to perform a stealth takedown. Continue past where he was standing and look straight out the door toward another enemy that should be looking to the left. Creep out and move in behind him. Circle as wide right as you can, but stay on the left side of the boxes and pillar immediately to the right as you exit. Once you’ve taken him out return to the hallway where the first enemy was and exit via the far end.

There’s one enemy left on this bottom floor of the room, over on this side. Peak out to make sure he has his back to you and move in behind for the takedown. If you took too long killing the first two he may have moved away around the far corner, so just move counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the room to find and assassinate him. From there you can creep around this bottom floor for armor if needed, but don’t walk around standing up and making noise or the commander and his guard from the 2nd floor will come down to investigate. Get an angle where you can see up each of the two flights of stairs and look for whichever one has a clear path where you won’t get seen by the commander on the 2nd floor. Go up that staircase and immediately up the nearest one to the 3rd floor. One staircase leads up just beside the open door with the objective marker, while the other one will bring you up at the far end of the walkway between the two stairs, putting you further from the exit.

Of note in this room you can find the Grenade Upgrade. From where you killed the 2nd enemy by the desks on the bottom floor, go up the nearest set of stairs and look in the room in corner to the right from the top of the stairs. It’s on the corner of the green desk in the middle of this room. You may want to clear the room first. Once the two commanders are dead a supersoldat will enter on the 3rd floor. When the room is completely clear Joe will say “I need to take a knee after that”.

Either way, look for the objective-marked door and sprint through before you get seen (or after everything is dead). If you get spotted on the way up the door will close, so immediately jump back down to the bottom floor and go back into the tunnel where you arrived. Go up the stairs by the weapon locker that had the rifles and just wait for the reinforcements to funnel into the hallway below to pick them off until the commanders come to clear the area and re-open the door on the 3rd floor. Inside this door turn left around the first corner you reach. Just ahead is a thin barrier. To the right of it in a box on some larger crates sits Gold #2/4. On the shelf right beside the barrier you’ll find Readable #3/8. Smash through the thin barrier, then through the next barrier at the end of this dark hallway into a medical area with curtains and stretchers. Turn right 90 degrees as you enter and go straight ahead past a desk with a pistol on the right, then turn 45 degrees to cross past a stretcher with a dead body to reach a darkened corner with Readable #4/8 on the console to your left.

Lean out to look up the stairs and take out the dog and enemy that should be on their way down. Go up the stairs and carefully work your way along the hall. Lean around each corner and pick off enemies as they come to you. The first corner will have two enemies just past it, still in the darkened hall. Beyond them you’ll reach a door leading into a hall more brightly lit with fluorescent lamps overhead. Take cover against this door and wait until no more enemies come. Give it a good bit when you think the least enemy is dead to make sure no stragglers surprise you. When you do start moving into this bright hall, peek out the windows on the left to check for anyone camping. They like to shoot you through the windows as you walk by if you haven’t waited long enough for all of them to funnel to you.

Go to the end of this first bright hall and exit into the large room beyond once the coast is clear. At the far end of the room look on a bench in a small hallway for the Map. Exit around the corner nearby and go up the stairs. Just go up high enough that you can see out into the room above, then retreat and take cover around the wall at the stairs’ base. Lean out and take out the robot enemies as they rush you. Once the two robots have shown up and you’ve killed an enemy or two, things might slow down. You can go up the stairs and shoot down into the room/through the window to lure the rest of the enemies and a supersoldat to you. Either retreat down the stairs to lean there or (more riskily) against the wall at the top of the stairs to deal with them.

Once they’re all dead, especially the supersoldat, move on up the stairs and across the area toward the objective marker. Smash through the obvious breakable wall. Go up the stairs around the corner and smash through another breakable wall with a small opening in its center to find a small room with blueish grey boxes in front of you. Smash through them as well and you’ll find a briefcase-looking item on the floor behind, which gives you the Machinegun Upgrade (drum mag) as well as Gold #3/4. Continue out this room and on up the next flights of stairs toward a room with two commanders. Crouch walk when you near the top of the stairs to see two enemies near the railing with their backs to you.

Position yourself behind and to the right of the nearest one and melee him from behind, then quickly turn to the one on the right and melee him before he can sound the alarm. Alternatively you can hide on the stairs and wait for one to walk away so you’re only dealing with one. Face out over the railing, still crouched, and look for a guy on the level below. He should be near the base stairs to your right. Crouch-walk over to those stairs and make sure he turns the corner before you move out onto them so he doesn’t see you. Go down the stairs and follow behind him until close enough to stealth kill him from behind. Return back up the stairs and go back the way you came, past where the first two guys you killed were by the railing.

Ahead of you as you pass their bodies you’ll see a room with green lockers. Go inside and into the adjacent room. If you let the 2nd guy walk away he’ll be in here. Look for Readable #5/8 on the table as well as a Pistol Upgrade (Magnum) on the tables. Walk back out through the locker room toward where the 1st two guys were. Just as you exit the locker room, look for a gap in the railing to the left you can drop over. Drop over and immediately perform a takedown on the enemy that should be approaching around this time (he rooms the walkway below you, so you may have to look for him before dropping down). Look in the nearby dead-end for the 1st commander and take him down. Go around the corner from the commander and walk to the far end of this walkway, then left around the corner into a room with consoles and sturmgewehr ammo boxes in the far-right corner as you approach from the 1st commander’s location. Go through the door to your left and up the nearby stairs. Turn 90 degrees to the right at the top of the stairs and look in the corner straight ahead for a breakable barrier leading into the control room with the 2nd commander.

If at any point you activate an alarm, retreat to where you killed the first two guys and go down one of the two sets of stairs behind them, then down the next set of stairs between those two below and wait for the enemies to funnel to you. Alternative you can hide behind the boxes in the dead-end where the 1st commander was and peek over the boxes to kill things. This can be risky if an enemy decides to toss a grenade in, but I’ve cleared the room successfully from this spot with an alarm sounded.

Kill him quickly before he can sound the alarm if you’re alarm-free. Lean out the door to deal with any stragglers rushing you. Make sure to kill the supersoldat on the ground floor as well. Once the area is completely clear of enemies, hop on the laser turret near the control room where the 2nd commander was and use it to shoot open the near side of the shipping container below to reveal the panzerhund. Go into the control room with the dead 2nd commander and activate the switch to open the ground floor doors leading out.

This spawns two robot enemies, so immediately rush back out the barrier you broke through and hop over the railing down to the ground floor. Get on the panzerhund and look out the right side of the shipping container and burn the two robot enemies that should be rushing you. Once they’re dead switch to the other end of the container and shoot your flamethrower past its edge to melt any other enemies rushing. From there, move your way out and toward the large open doors toward the streets. There is no specific strategy to the streets per se, as the enemies will be milling around and I can’t pinpoint where they will be on your run with any certainty. My best advice is to strafe left and right while you inch your way forward, sweeping the street with flames and focusing fire on any supersoldats that show up.

This streets portion is far easier than the one during the main game’s campaign. If you’re struggling you can camp at a corner of each section near the next section and spray your fire. So long as the enemies have already spawned in said next section (you may have to step into it and retreat back to the corner for this), the enemies should eventually rush your corner and get melted. Doing multiple test runs on IADI however, I didn’t had any trouble just pushing my way forward through this area strafing and sweeping flames left and right. It’s also much faster than camping at corners for extended periods. At one point you will encounter another panzerhund. You can move around a car or corner and it will follow you regardless of whether you’re spraying that spot with flames.

In this manner you can just circle a car right where you encounter it and keep burning from behind as it chases you around the car. Keep pushing to the end of the streets to a building in a dead end with an open door. Spray some flames into the room to kill the enemies inside before you hop off the panzerhund and enter. Take cover behind the door leading from this first room into the next hall and kill the dog first, then the enemy. Look on the desk in the corner of this 1st floor hallway for Readable #6/8. Go up the stairs and take cover again to take out two guys that come down from the 3rd floor. Move up to the 3rd floor and take cover near the metal screen door at the other end. Lean out and kill the enemies in the hall beyond before moving forward, grabbing Readable #7/8 on the desk to the left just as you pass through this first wire mesh door on the 3rd floor. Work your way slowly forward through this hall, taking cover and leaning to kill enemies as they rush you.

Be sure you’re taking cover behind the solid portion of the wall each time, not the wire mesh. You’ll know you were behind mesh because you’ll probably be dead and starting over if on Mein Leben. Once you clear the area and enter the bedrooms, look on the table to the left of the bed in the first bedroom you come to for Readable #8/8. Smash through the wall bathroom to reach the next bedroom. Grab Gold #4/4 from the bedside table to the right of the bed. Smash another wall to reach the next hall. Take cover and lean to kill the last three guys in this hall. Scavenge the area for ammo and make sure you top off your health and armor as best as you can before activating the elevator to end Volume 1.

First Down

Escaped from Research Station Omega

First Down
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Volume 2

Don’t bother fighting on the football field. Just die as it is scripted and unavoidable. Climb up out of the ground and go to the end of the room, up the stairs. The two guys around the corner are nearly impossible to kill without alerting the commander. Throw a can behind them to turn them away, then move up and mow them down with dual machineguns. Quickly look around the corner to the left for the commander and kill him too before he has a chance to bring in many reinforcements. Retreat to the top of the stairs and take cover behind the wall to the right of the opening where you saw the first two enemies. Lean out and look right and left for the two guys the commander called in and clear them before moving forward down the hall to the left, where the commander was.

Look for Readable #1/8 in the room on the right of this upstairs hall where the commander was. Scavenge ammo and armor before moving forward. Nearby in this upstairs area look for a breakable wall. Smash it to find supplies inside. The railing in this small hidden room looks over the room where you first spawned. Just over the rails you’ll find Gold #1/8 on a box atop some shelves that are positioned in that lower room. Next look for another staircase leading down from the far end of this upstairs hall (not the one from the start), to a more open room with pillars in the middle. Take cover against the corner just before entering the room and shoot the first guy you see. Stay here and lean out to take out the rest of the guys that rush in.

Once they’re clear, move forward to the far along the right side of the room to find Readable #2/8 on a desk against the wall. Move to the far end of the room and take cover behind the pillar with green paint on it. Lean out and look up the ramp in the next room for four more enemies that may or may not rush in. If they don’t, toss a can at the ramp to lure them then pick them off as they rush you. Move to the top of the ramp to trigger a few more and retreat back to the cover of the pillar to lean and pick them off. Sweep the room breaking boxes and scrounging for ammo. Look for the Map on a desk by the yellow/orange forklift. Top off armor if need be (if possible) before moving to the door at the far end of the room. Just inside this door near the stairs you’ll find grenades and ammo.

From the doorway at the top of the stairs you can lean out and shoot the nearest enemy on the railing, then take your time picking off enemies around the room and below the railing by leaning out the door until the last couple are left directly below the walkway outside the door. You may have to drop over the far end of the railing and sprint to cover to deal with these last couple. Although you can see through the walkway, you can’t shoot through it nor can the enemies. An alternative is to walk out and stealth kill the enemy outside leaning over the railing, then hop over and move to the far wall and around the perimeter of the room there. Wait for the enemies to move away and give you a clear path to the stairs at the far end.

Sprint up them and position in a small dark side room that can act as a choke point to kill everyone. the supersoldat might take a while to make his way over, but it’s relatively safe to hide in this room and kill everything. Once everything is dead you can grab Readable #3/8 from a desk against the far wall directly out from where you entered the room. In a room right next to the control booth with the lever you need to activate you’ll find the Machinegun Upgrade (Nailgun). Move into the control room to the objective marker and activate the switch to open a door where another supersoldat will enter. Quickly retreat to the walkway above or the small adjacent room and pick off the heavy.

Make sure to top off your armor (one piece at a time letting it regen 25 points if need be to max out) before exiting via the door the switch opened. Drop down the hole in the floor to the sewers. Take a right at the first intersection. At the next, lean out from the corner on the left to take out a drone flying behind the metal bars ahead. Once it’s dead, take cover by the corner near the bars and look down the next tunnel to kill another drone hiding behind metal bars. Turn right at these bars, then left around the next couple of corners to reach a ladder. Climb up. Sweep the area for armor if need be as well as a couple grenades on a box behind a fence. Don’t sprint or you may lure out the enemies inside the record studio. You’ll find Gold #2/4 behind a wooden fence connected to a chain-link fence nearby.

Go up to the rear door and peek into the record studio to make sure the coast is clear, then move in and peek around the next door. There are two enemies in the studio you need to kill. At the far end of the studio grab Readable #4/8 from the desk. Take cover beside the door and look out to the street for more Klan members rushing you to pick them off as they approach. There should be four or five enemies just outside to deal with. Once they’re dead, lean out and look down the street to the right for more. You can try to take them out from the wall by the outside of the door but it may be tricky with your machineguns or rifles, so you may need to sprint closer and duck behind cover to lean and take them out.

Don’t move past the small concrete wall just beyond the green car though, as that triggers the next commander to spawn. Once everything is clear move forward along the street and the commander will spawn. On the next cross street, hug the wall around the end of the street to the left. On the far-left corner you’ll reach some boxes with grenades and sturmgewehr ammo. Hug the left wall past this ammo and you should see a Klan member ahead behind a concrete wall. Creep up close enough to the wall that you can throw a can at his head without missing. If done right no alarms will have sounded and you can sprint to the entrance to the diner as soon as he drops. As you enter turn right immediately to find Readable #5/8 on the counter beside the register. Move back past the door and into the kitchen. Grab the Sturmgewehr Upgrade (Armor Piercing) just inside the kitchen.

Exit out the back into the alley and up the stairs on the nearby fire escape. Jump over the railing at the top of the first flight of stairs. You’ll drop into a small courtyard with a large open shipping container to your left. A panzerhund and a supersoldat spawn as soon as you drop in. For Mein Leben, ss soon as you land sprint straight ahead across the middle of the area but turn right before climbing up the raised portion on the far side. Sprint behind the shipping containers ahead of you, curving around to the right as you pass them. You should sprint directly into the supersoldat, which will stagger him for a second. While he’s staggered sprint past him into the next shipping container that forms a sort of ramp with a breakable wall at its far end and smash through it. Once through hug the wall to your right and sprint into the next building’s back door.

If not on Mein Leben though, go ahead and fight the supersoldat and the panzerhund in that area using the containers as cover to get in behind them for easy shots. Once they are dead climb up the shipping container in the middle nearest the building’s balcony using the boxes beside it, then jump over to the balcony to find Gold #3/4 on a table at the far end.

Once you exit that area by sprinting through the end of the shipping container past the supersoldat and into the next building, you should be in a room with a black and white checkered floor. Quickly shoot the enemy just ahead and the next one just the corner to the left past the door. Readable #6/8 is on the counter in the middle room of this building. If you’re quick enough the other enemies ahead outside the garage won’t have time to rush in. Move into the garage quickly and take cover beside the open door on the far end, where the objective marker is. Pick off the enemies in the area outside from cover. Once your objective changes to “Enter the secret police HQ” the area should be clear, but be wary of stragglers hiding off to the sides. Move forward to police HQ door and shoot in to trigger the enemies.

Take out everything in the room and any rushers from cover by the door before moving in. Move quickly to cover as you enter in case any stragglers are hanging about. You should find/kill one of the two commanders on this first floor. Once you’re sure the room is clear, grab Readable #7/8 from behind the wooden counter directly opposite the entrance. Continue into the building and upstairs. Take cover by the corner at the top of the stairs and lean out to shoot down the hallway. Once all the enemies are cleared out including the commander, proceed forward down the hall. Turn left around the corner at the end of the hall and move forward to the next corner. Just before you reach that 2nd corner, sprint back the way you came and take corner behind the corner, in the first hall on this floor, to take out the three guys that rush from the next room.

Move forward into the room they came from and into the small room immediately to your left around the corner to find Gold #4/4 on the table. Continue on through the 2nd floor, bashing your way through a grey metal door with your ramshackles. Climb through the window in this room and smash through the next door. Go downstairs and listen to the guy over the intercom ramble on for a minute, then go through the door that opens to hit a switch that opens the steel bars at the top of the next set of stairs. Head down those stairs and grab Readable #8/8 from the table below before going through the cell block toward the waypoint to end this volume and unlock Down at the Half.

Down at the Half

Eluded your pursuers

Down at the Half
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Volume 3

From the start break the nearby boxes for ammo and grab the 25-Armor pack from the truck as well. Smash through the nearby thin metal barrier into the hall beyond. Look for more ammo at the base of the cart in the hall and pick up one piece of armor at a time (10 points each) so that you can regenerate to 75 instead of 50. Pick up the grenades and everything too, then grab the health last and smash the barrier. Take cover to the side of it and lean to kill all the enemies as they rush toward you. Once no more enemies are rushing, take a few steps in and shoot into the middle then retreat to cover to see if you can lure the last couple. Either way, carefully move into the room and around the perimeter, taking cover so that any stragglers don’t blast you.

You’ll find Readable #1/8 on a desk just to the right from where you first entered, as well as Map #1 in a small room around the corner to the right of that. Do a sweep on the bottom floor once you’re certain the room is clear for ammo/health/etc then head upstairs, which triggers two more to spawn and run in through the nearby door. Kill them as they enter and grab the kampfpistole through the door behind them. Look on a wall seat to the right here for Gold #1/4. Go through the next door and grab Readable #2/8 from the desk just past it. You’ll see a window to your left and a security checkpoint to the right. Take cover behind the metal barrier nearest you at the checkpoint and lean out to kill all the enemies in the next two rooms, who will funnel to you here.

Move through the check point and look on the desk in the room directly behind the checkpoint for Readable #3/8. Continue to the far end of this set of rooms. In the last room where you dead end at a wall, several enemies will rush in from around the corner to the right. You can retreat to the security checkpoint spot to funnel them if need be. Ahead you’ll see two doors with a yellow light and a room beyond with railing to the right. Step into the door and toss a grenade down over the railing. If you’re lucky you’ll kill the three enemies below. If not just take cover and kill them as they come up the stairs. Go downstairs and through the two doors. Turn left at the corner and open the door ahead to reach “the bastard’s office”.

Look on the desk in the upper area just inside the room for Readable #4/8. Sweep the room for ammo and armor if need be. You’ll also find Gold #2/4 in a box at the far end of the room by the projector screen. Press the button indicated by a waypoint then another button on the desk to open a secret passage in the wall. Head inside and down the stairs to find a 2nd kampfpistole on it as well as the Kampfpistole Upgrade. Head through the door at the far end of the room and shoot the two guys here quickly as they are independent of the next section with the commanders. Move past them and around the corner to see a guy in a green jumpsuit walking away. Grab Readable #5/8 on the console to your left just before exiting this room.

Crouch walk behind the guy in the green jumpsuit into the next room and turn left, hugging the wall. As long as he doesn’t spot you and set off an alarm, move along the wall and over to hide behind a pillar by the raised platform to lean out and wait for the next guy ahead to turn to the side. Once he does, sprint past him and drop down the hole ahead against the left wall. It doesn’t matter if he spots you as you run past because you’ll be down the hole before they can react. If the first guy does spot you and trigger an alarm, immediately sprint back the way you came and take cover around the corner to deal with the reinforcements the commander calls in. Drop down the hole once the room is clear if that happens.

Once you land you need to sprint through this next bit quickly to avoid a terrible fight against supersoldats on these catwalks. Sprint up the stairs to the right as you land and turn left at the top. Turn right at the corner and run straight to the far corner. Go up the small set of steps to your right and quickly leap over the railing to the left down to a walkway below. Upon landing sprint straight ahead and turn right at the railing. Take the next right and an immediate left around the corner to run into a hallway with some wooden crates on your left. Break open all the boxes in this hall for health and armor quickly before the supersoldats arrive and shoot through the door, then make your way around the corner at the far end and up the stairs.

Sweep the room at the top of the stairs and the small adjacent room on the same side as the stairs for ammo and armor before stepping into the next room as entering it triggers the next two commanders to spawn. Kill the guy walking away through the next door and take cover beside the door to let the enemies in that large room with the commanders funnel to you for easy pickings. Both commanders should eventually rush you, but some of the enemies on the very far side of the room won’t until you shoot at them. If you can’t get them all to come, just carefully make your way across from cover to cover (preferably after both commanders are dead) to clean them up. Once Joe says “I had to find something to hide in” you know the room is cleared.

Look upstairs at the far end of the room for a small control room where one of the two commanders likes to hide if the room isn’t clear. You’ll find Readable #6/8 in here on the left console. Sweep for ammo and armor, then go to the waypoint and climb into the truck to go to the 2nd half of the volume. You’ll kill one guy upon exiting the truck. Immediately go down the stairs in front of you and melee the 2nd guy, then go back up the stairs and along the large vehicle to kill a 3rd guy leaning against the wheel toward the far end of the room. Directly behind the truck you exited you’ll find Map #2. From there, go to the very far end of the room. Look in the corner to the right behind the shipping containers for Gold #3/4 beside a toy plane on a box.

Once you step through the large nearby opening, two commanders will spawn and you’ll see a guy in an orange jumpsuit walking away around the corner to the right. Sneak up and melee him from behind. Move forward and around the corner to the left. As long as the two guys ahead are facing away, get close enough to guarantee a headshot with a can on the guy to the right. As soon as you throw the can at him, turn and melee the guy on the left before he can react. For another collectable, go across the walkway past where those two guys were and turn left, then enter the last room on the right to find Readable #7/8 on the bed. Exit this room and go forward to the railing. Hop over to the right to the level below and go straight ahead into the next room.

Turn right in this room and go up the short set of stairs to the next hall. Grab the Shotgun Upgrade (Rotor) at the far end of the hall before exiting out the airlock to the left. Move forward behind the guy walking away. As you approach the first corner on the right go ahead and shoot him and the two guys straight ahead if you’re quick enough. After those three are dead (or before they are if you miss one) take cover behind the corner to the right and pick off enemies as they funnel to you. Keep an eye on your coolant level while working your way forward. Retreat to an area you’re sure is cleared of enemies to refill it (or just retreat into the airlock).

Move forward once the enemies are dead to the far end of this walkway. There’s a coolant station to the left on the corner. Turn right and shoot through the large opening that leads into the next area. Retreat to the corner by the coolant station and lean out to take the next group of enemies out as they funnel to you. Once that group is dead retreat to the corner and top off your coolant. Move past the most recent set of dead enemies and through as small L-shaped intersection to another large doorway leading into the next area with enemies. Two commanders will spawn here. Shoot into the room to trigger everyone, then retreat to the previous door before the L-shaped hall and take cover against the door to pick them off as they approach.

There will be robot enemies with this group so make them a priority when they show up, as they will kill you faster than the regular guys. If you have to top off your coolant here, make sure to listen carefully for the sound of a robot’s footsteps rushing you and get off the coolant machine to take cover if you hear it. An alternative strategy is to rush into the room and sprint along the wall to the right to the far end of the first walkway. You can kill the commander there and crouch by the corner where he was to look back along the walkway and pick off the enemies from that side instead. Once the coast is clear head to the far side of the area and through the airlock into a hallway with three enemies and red explosive gas tanks.

If you shoot the three tanks and take cover quickly they on the left end of the wall that rises up they should take out one or two of the enemies. Once it’s clear head out the far end of the hall and out the airlock. Look for some armor in the left corner here before entering the next airlock. Go down the stairs and melee the first guy you see. Shoot at the enemies at the far end of the hall and take cover behind the barrier that rises up to clear the remaining enemies. After all the enemies are dead, look in the white cart near the middle of the hall for Readable #8/8 and in one of the glass compartments in the last small room on the right for Gold #4/4.

Read the Defense

Find all readables in "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe"

Read the Defense
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Signing Bonus

Find all gold in "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe"

Signing Bonus
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The next airlock leads into the final battle so make sure to sweep for ammo and armor one last time here. Switch to dual shotguns and enter the thunderdome (through the airlocks). From the entrance walk (don’t sprint) up the stairs to the left and shotgun an enemy on the left as you reach the top.

Sprint forward to the corner and shotgun the next enemy on the left and the commander on the right. Immediately turn the corner and at least stagger the next enemy with a shot but don’t stop to finish him off. Just sprint to the far end of this walkway and look for the 2nd commander to take him out quickly. Once the two commanders are dead, duck into the room at the end of the walkway for a moment so that the supersoldat comes out back on the walkway the way you came. Move back along it and blast the supersoldat with your dual shotguns. Immediately switch to dual rifles and go down the stairs back to the entrance.

From here, turn left and sprint across the arena toward the tall staircase leading up to a platform and airlock up above. Go underneath this staircase and crouch up against the very back corner of the wall, to the right of a metal box. From here, the big mech can’t hit you with its cannons or its flame thrower. Shoot it with your dual rifles, making sure to watch for regular enemies that come out to the right beneath it. Take them out quickly so they don’t shoot at you or throw any grenades (not sure if they throw them in this fight to be honest). If you need to refill your coolant before the mech is dead, sprint back to the entrance and up the walkway. Don’t use the coolant at the first part of the walkway. Instead stand at the midway point of the first part of the walkway for a second to lure the mech’s shots.

When you hear him make the horn sound indicating he is about to fire, sprint forward to the next coolant station tucked into the corner at the first bend in the walkway (where the first commander was) and refill here quickly. If you hear another horn sound while refilling, get outta dodge as fast as you can and sprint forward along the walkway, down the stairs on the right, and past the mech back to the area’s entrance. From there, run back to the spot beneath the stairs and shoot at the mech again until it’s dead. Once the mech dies, clear out any stragglers in the area and go up the stairs to the airlock to end the volume and unlock Touchdown. You’ll also get First Team Soldier if you’ve done all three volumes on IADI or ML, and All-Pro Warrior if you did them all on Mein Leben.


Enact Revenge on Übercommander Metze

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First Team Soldier

Beat the "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe" on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty or higher

First Team Soldier
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All-Pro Warrior

Beat "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe" on "Mein leben" difficulty

All-Pro Warrior
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Station Omega Challenge

This is simply a relatively small portion of Volume 1 done on IADI. It’s the first larger room you come to with the two commanders. Follow the same basic strategy as the main volume by turning left at the first corner to take down that enemy, then quickly take down the one outside by the desk. Return to the hall and go to the far end to take down the enemy outside that door that is moving counter clockwise around the room. Go to the far side of the room from the hall and to the left, up that set of stairs. Make your way to the next set of stairs leading up, making sure to keep tabs on the commander and his escort on the 2nd floor so as not to get spotted.

Once you get to the 3rd floor, so long as you haven’t been spotted, just move to the waypoint to exit the room and run to the waypoint to exit the challenge and unlock the achievement. If at any point you get spotted, just retreat to the initial hallway and hide at the corner to lean and take aim at the door leading into the room to pick off enemies as they funnel in. There are also some side hallways and rooms on the 2nd floor that are good spots to take cover and kill guys. This isn’t super difficult and doesn’t need a step-by-step for killing stuff if you set off an alarm, especially since I have no way of knowing when and where you set it off and what locations the enemies will be in. It’s best to try and make it to the 3rd floor and exit without being seen. Doing that will complete this challenge in a matter of minutes.

Laboratory Expert

Beat the Station Omega challenge on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty

Laboratory Expert
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Nightmare Challenge

This is likely going to be the 3rd hardest thing for you to finish in this game, after the Main Game’s Mein Leben, and Volume 3 of Gunslinger Joe on Mein Leben. Unlike the burning football field sequence in the main volume of the DLC, this challenge requires you to survive six waves of enemies without dying. You’ve got a lot working against you in that you’re in a tight confined space with flames (that damage kill you quickly if you step on them) on all sides, absolutely no cover, and enemies rushing you from all sides. However, there are a few things going in your favor as well. The enemies are very inaccurate as long as you keep running in circles full speed.

You have regenerating health (in increments of 20), meaning as long as you stay one point above the next-lowest increment, you will regenerate if you go without getting hit. So if you go down to 61 health, it will regenerate back to 80. You also gain three health each time you kill an enemy, so if you’re at 60 and kill someone you will go to 63. From there the regeneration would kick in to take you to 80. Finally you have regenerating armor as well, which is arguably the most crucial bit. So you’ll want to space out your armor pickups from the regular enemies (if you shoot them) and the supersoldats so that you regenerate 25 armor from each piece you pick up.

Now all that being said, I cannot give you specific instructions for this one. Due to its nature you simply have to sprint in circles around the perimeter, taking your time and picking your shots on enemies. If you want to do a melee kill, DO NOT do a takedown with cn_RS as you approach an enemy. Instead, sprint into the enemy to stagger them, then quickly tap cn_RS to finish them off. The KKK members will die on impact, while the armored enemies and supersoldats will get staggered. Staggering a supersoldat by sprinting into it will give you a chance to QUICKLY strafe around and shoot the gas tank on its back. This drops lots of armor on the ground for you as well as weaking or killing it.

There are three enemies in the first wave, five (I think) KKK members in the 2nd, two supersoldats in the 3rd, another five KKK in the 4th wave, two robots in the 5th, and finally five regular enemies in the last wave. Try to keep sprinting in a wide circle just inside the perimeter, occasionally turning in sharper after you hear an enemy stop shooting to reload. If you turn in quickly enough you can blast the regular enemies with dual shotguns to hit multiple and stagger them, as well as knocking off pieces of armor. The robots are probably the most dangerous wave, as they tend to shoot you if you’re running a wide circle around the perimeter. You have to run very tight circles around them or simply take them out as soon as they spawn with dual shotguns.

This is tough though, as they will come out blasting. There is a little bit of luck involved as to your positioning at the end of the 4th wave when the robots come out. The enemies always come out of the same spots, but timing your sprinting around and killing to position yourself well for each new spawn is very tricky. You can try to use the three side-by-side burning crosses on one side of the field as a reference point to learn spawn locations, then leave the last enemy in each wave alive in order to position yourself for the next wave before killing it. This is very tricky to do. Overall the best strategy I found was just to swap to dual shotguns with a rifle in reserve in the left hand at the start. I sprinted around and either staggered or shotgunned enemies for the first two waves.

Once the supersoldats spawned I swapped my left shotgun for a rifle to conserve the last 40 or so rounds of shotgun ammo and took my time dealing with them. I made sure to top off my armor from the first supersoldat to 100 before killing the 2nd, then immediately turned to one of the larger openings to kill a KKK guy or two as they spawned before resuming my sprinting around the perimeter. After doing this a few times I got lucky enough with my positioning to kill one of the two robots on wave 4 just as they ran in, making it a little easier to deal with the 2nd. From there the final wave was relatively easy as it’s just like the first wave only with a couple more enemies. Once you manage to get through the 6th wave you’ll unlock Nightmare Expert.

Nightmare Expert

Beat the Nightmare challenge on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty

Nightmare Expert
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Venus Challenge

This is the easiest challenge of them all simply because you don’t even have to do it. It’s the fight at the end of Volume 3 against the giant mech enemy with the two commanders and other enemies, with your coolant depleting. As long as you don’t care about the leaderboard and just want the achievement, simply sprint straight ahead from the start and run up the stairs. Activate the airlock to exit the arena and unlock the achievement.

Venusian Expert

Beat the Venus challenge on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty

Venusian Expert
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