Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough

7. The Deeds of Captain Wilkins

The Deeds of Captain Wilkins DLC is going to feel a lot more like the main game than the other two. You aren’t as limited to either run-and-gun or stealth as you were in the previous two. You have your trusty hatchets back for thrown stealth takedowns, as well as the silenced pistol, but you also have access to the rifles and shotguns and a decent amount of ammo for each throughout the missions. What worked best for me was a stealthy approach to clear the bulk of each area, followed by camping and picking off enemies with rifles if and when alarms were sounded. Again this more closely approximates my approach to the main game. These missions will also feel a good bit longer than the previous two DLCs’ missions, especially Volume 2. Once again collectibles will be included after the volume guides as they sometimes deter from primary strategies.

Volume 1

From the start grab the nearby weapon, ammo, and armor then use your battle walker (double tap cn_A) to climb onto the shipping container just ahead. There’s more armor on top of it so grab that and use the walker again to get up to the walkway above. Grab the hatchet and the Machinegun Upgrade from this room as well as ammo from the wall locker. Exit via the far side. Headshot the left enemy with a silenced pistol and immediately perform a stealth takedown on the right enemy. Now, while you can wait for the enemies in this room to be in a position to allow you to drop down and get up onto the stairs just ahead, then quickly make your way to the exit around the far side of that upper walkway, I suggest killing everyone.

The reason for this is that there is a ton of ammo around this room. So stay on the walkway where you just killed those two enemies and carefully line up headshots on the enemies below as they come into view. Their comrades will see the dead bodies and come to investigate, but as long as you don’t miss your shots or stand near the ledge to let them see you when they look up, you should have no problems picking off all the regular enemies here with silenced headshots. Once everything but the supersoldat is dead, switch to a rifle and machinegun combo and drop down after it passes by so you can unload into the gas tank on its back for a quick kill. You can toss grenades down on it from above to take it out too, preferably when it’s near an explosive oil can. It’s entirely up to you.

Once the room is clear, sweep the lower floor and pick up as much ammo as you can find (especially several sturmgewehrs from the boxes just below the upper floor room from which I instructed you to kill everything). Make sure to grab any health and armor available as well. With the battle walker upgrade in Captain Wilkins’ DLC, you can overcharge your health to 200 without it depleting unless you take damage. When you’re satisfied you’ve scrounged the last of the available ammo, armor, and health, head to the boxes near the end of the upper walkway on the far side of the room from where you dropped down and climb them using the walker to reach an air duct leading to the next room.

This room has a commander and supersoldat in an adjacent room on the far end, and can get quite messy if you set off an alarm. Try to place your shots extremely carefully. The enemies will already be on alert due to killing everything in the previous room, so any missed shots are likely to sound the alarm. Stay at the exit to the air duct and look down into the room to headshot the two enemies below. Very carefully line up a headshot to kill the enemy on the far mid-level walkway overlooking these two, as well as one on the walkway to the right overlooking them. Once those four are dead, drop down and go up the stairs on the left. Move to the far side of the walkway, up against the left wall, and begin making your way to the far end of the room.

An armored regular enemy will be on your right and will likely be patrolling toward you by now. There are a couple of small walls in the middle of this walkway, so hide behind one while he passes. Make your way to the far end of the room through the door there. If you haven’t sounded any alarms, a large vault-like door just ahead should open. There is a supersoldat inside facing the window, so crouch under the window to reach the door. You have two options from here. The more aggressive option is an attempt to kill the commander asap. It is risky because he has a kampfpistole that can one-shot you even from full overcharged health and full armor, but it will make this area a lot simpler to deal with because once the commander is dead you can sprint past his location to the far room and exit this area by entering the air duct in that far room.

To do this strategy you must sprint into the room and past the supersoldat, going up the stairs to the area above and out the door to the walkway beyond. Make sure to grab the Sturmgewehr Upgrade off the desk here as you run past/vault over it. IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the commander’s direction/distance icon so you’re facing him with dual rifles at the ready as you exit the door above the supersoldat, and kill him immediately. If you miss, he will most likely one-shot you. If you succeed and you grabbed the weapon upgrade, continue past the commander’s location into the next room and exit this area by breaking into the air duct in that room.

If try the aggressive strat and fail you likely died and will start over. If you set off an alarm before you entered the supersoldat’s room, take position behind the pillar just outside that room so that you’re facing down toward the far end of the room where you entered. Equip a rifle and shotgun combo and use the pillar for cover to take down the supersoldat as it exits that room, then dual rifles or rifle and machinegun combo to lean out to the left and right of the pillar and mow down the enemies coming from the far end to rush you. This isn’t a very well covered position, but trying to run back to the far end to find better cover will likely lead to your death. The pillar is your best bet for cover while dealing with the enemies rushing you if an alarm sounds.

If you sound an alarm while still in the air duct at the very beginning of the room you can either restart the mission (as you aren’t that far in), or try and take out the enemies from the relative safety of the air duct. Just be cautious as you are very exposed any time you attempt to move forward and shoot at an enemy. It really isn’t worth it and will take longer to clear the enemies then it would to simply restart the mission and get back to that point. At any rate, once the room is cleared and the commander is dead, make sure you sweep for ammo, armor, and health before exiting. Don’t forget to grab the sturmgewehr upgrade in the supersoldat’s room. Once you enter the air duct to exit the room.

Just use your battle walker to climb up in the area beyond and up the ladder to enter another air duct leading to the next area. You’ll see another commander’s direction/distance icon pop up as you enter this duct. This is another dangerous one with a kampfpistole, so don’t let him get a shot on you. At the end of the duct you’ll be looking down into a room with an enemy at a console on an upper platform. Use your silenced pistol once more to headshot him as well as the enemy that should walk into view down below. Now move back into the air duct and look for a way to continue forward and drop down to a lower level duct. At the end of this one you should be looking out into that same room, but on the lower level.

Look for an enemy patrolling an upper walkway just outside this room and headshot him. The commander should be patrolling another upper walkway past that one. You can try to headshot him from where you’re at, but it’s a tricky shot as he’s further away and moving laterally to you. If you’re not comfortable taking the shot with your silenced pistole, take out the sturmgewehr with its marksman scope (just one so you’re not dual wielding) and take him out. This will result in the other enemies rushing you, but as long as the commander is dead no reinforcements will come. Just retreat up the nearby stairs onto the small platform where you killed the first enemy from the higher air duct and pick them off as they come up the stairs to rush you.

After you’ve cleared out all the enemies in the area, do a sweep of the room for health, armor, and ammo as usual then activate the war map console in the middle of the room. Head to the far end of the room and up the stairs. Activating the console brings in another enemy or two on the walkways above as they come out of a previously-closed breakroom. Deal with them and head into the breakroom to the waypoint to press a red button that opens another large vault-like door. Pass through this and a 2nd one to reach the next area with enemies. Your goal is to take the elevator in here, but the enemies around it can be rather squirrely and a lot of times there will be a straggler hiding when you think its safe to shoot you in the back.

So take cover beside the door and lean out to shoot into the room with an unsilenced weapon. Pick off all the enemies as they rush you. When you think the coast is clear, carefully enter the room and take an immediate left at the first corner to do a clockwise sweep of the room for stragglers before entering the elevator to progress to the next area. When the elevator stops, don’t immediately try to start killing enemies ahead of you. There will be one or two behind the elevator, so carefully exit and turn left out of the elevator to deal with them using silenced weapons dual silenced weapons (machineguns or pistols). You’ll most likely see one coming down the stairs as you exit the elevator and move left around it.

Continue around behind the elevator to sweep for enemies that might catch you from behind, then turn your attention to the enemies that were straight ahead as you exited. Kill as many as you can with silenced headshots (preferably all of them). If you do set off an alarm, look for some indestructible boxes beside the elevator. Coming from behind the elevator you can take cover behind these boxes and lean out to the right to pick them off as they rush into the elevator room from the hallway beyond. Just be careful not to let any of them rush in and flank you. Toward the end of the enemies rushing you a supersoldat will show up. You can try to take it out or simply lure it behind the elevator then make a sprint for the exit.

The exit is actually up above. Coming out of the elevator you go straight ahead into the hall and use your battle walker to climb onto the truck to the right, then use it again to climb from the truck up onto the walkway above. Turn left on the walkway and enter the door straight ahead to exit to the next area. Go through the next door into the warehouse with the glass roof. Look for a room on your right to grab a health pack if you took damage on the way out and need to stop your health from deteriorating. Out the next door you’ll be on a walkway overlooking the large lower floor of the warehouse. Take out the two enemies on the left with a throwing hatchet and takedown or silenced headshots. Now, you can take your time here and clear out all the enemies relatively easily as there is lots of cover and you should have plenty of ammo for your rifles by now.

However, the volume’s exit is at the far end of this warehouse and it isn’t particularly difficult to run past most of the enemies to reach it. If you take out the nearest enemy in the lower-left area, then one or two more that should approach to investigate the body, you can walk along that lower area to reach the far end of the room without being seen. From there, just sprint straight into the next room toward the objective marker and hold cn_X at the passenger door of the truck to exit the volume. Clearing out all the enemies in the warehouse can take a good few minutes, and if you get unlucky and have a supersoldat nail you from a bad angle it can end your run on Mein Leben, so sprinting to the exit after silently killing the first few enemies isn’t a bad approach to this area.


Return to America

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Volume 1 Collectibles:

You’ll find the Machinegun Upgrade (Silencer) in the small upper room overlooking the starting room. Drop back down from this room toward where you started the volume to find Readable #1/8 inside one of the shipping containers. Directly across the water from this you’ll find Gold #1/4 by a stack of concrete on a palette near the railing/water. Go through the air duct into the next large room and look in the lower area of the room, near the middle of the room for a work bench with tools, the Map, and Readable #2/8 on it. At the far end of this room you’ll pass through a large steel door (where the supersoldat spawns) to find the Sturmgewehr Upgrade (Marksman Scope) and Readable #3/8 on the desk.

Exit out the upper level of this room and cross the walkway to the next room. Grab Readable #4/8 on the desk in this room before exiting via the air duct in here. Upon dropping out of the air duct into the next large room, look on the raised platform up two short sets of stairs ahead of you for Gold #2/4 on the shelves. Readable #5/8 is on a desk against a pillar just past the large red war map table in the low central area of the room. Continue to the far end of the room and up the stairs, then cross back along the walkway toward the exit. Before leaving the room toward the waypoint in the breakfroom on the upper floor, look on the control consoles to your left for Readable #6/8.

Readable #7/8 is on one of the tables in the breakroom just past that, right before you push a red button to open the door at the waypoint. Continue on through the two large steel doors and up the elevator. When you exit the elevator and clear the enemies, climb onto the truck in the next hall from the elevator’s room and from there onto the catwalk above. Look at the end of the catwalk to your right for Gold #3/4. At the other end of the catwalk you’ll pass through a couple of doors into a warehouse. Before going out into the warehouse proper, look in the room to your right for Readable #8/8 by a health pack. Proceed through the warehouse to the objective (where the volume’s exit is), but before exiting look on the side of a truck in the left corner of the path right before you reach the waypoint for Gold #4/4.

Volume 2

Start out with a takedown on the first enemy you see. Turn down the corridor and either headshot or battle walker takedown the enemy up above in the next room. Grab the pistol ammo off the seat to the left before climbing up where he was. Make sure to grab the health packs and armor before exiting. I won’t be pointing out every time you need to grab health, ammo, hatchets and armor henceforth. Just make sure to sweep each room for them once you’ve cleared it. At the end of the next hall you’ll crawl into an air duct to reach the next room. Drop down to the high shelf just below the duct’s exit but not down to the floor below. Headshot the enemy furthest away on the left, followed by the nearer of the two.

Turn right and aim near the lower portion of the window to wait for that enemy to walk over and headshot him. Drop down and do a stealth takedown on the two robots in the room as well as the one in the next hall. Sweep the room for supplies as well as a Shotgun Upgrade atop the central shelves. Head down the halls and downstairs to exit out into a very large warehouse. Directly ahead will be a robot with its back to you. Walk up normal speed and do a takedown on it, then turn around to face the entrance and go up the stairs to your right. From the first landing on the stairs, look up to the walkway above to headshot a nearby enemy that somehow doesn’t see you very quickly despite only being maybe a dozen feet away.

You’ll hear a supersoldat walking around on the walkway above him, but ignore it. Walk forward to the right side of the large line of traincars in the center of the room. Stand behind the steel support pillar so the enemies on the far side don’t see you and rise up on your battle walkers. Lean out to the right to headshot a lone enemy that should walk up the stairs on the right side, just past the line of traincars. Once he’s dead, move to the left end and rise up on your battle walker behind the steel support pillar there. Lean out to make sure that the flying robot is flying toward the right side and the robot on this end’s stairwell isn’t facing toward you (it patrols up and down the upper part of those stairs). When the coast is clear, climb over the traincars and hide between the boxes and the wall on the left side.

There is a supersoldat patrolling the lower middle area on this side of the room. Lean out briefly from the end of the boxes nearest the corner to watch for him. He patrols in a triangle pattern, walking toward these boxes, then diagonally toward the center of the traincar line, then diagonally to the far corner opposite these boxes you’re behind. What you want to do is go up the nearby stairs to do a quick takedown on the robot when it is standing at the railing nearest the bottom set of stairs (it doesn’t come down these). You want to do this when the robot is standing still, and when the flying robot isn’t nearby AND when the supersoldat isn’t standing at the point of its path nearest the traincars. You may have to wait a few cycles of their three patrols until you get a feel for the timing. I suggest practicing this bit on a lower difficulty setting.

Once the robot is down, immediately go up the stairs and crouch into the room where one of two commanders is hiding with his dog. The other is outside on the uppermost walkway. Lean out and shoot the dog first, followed by the commander. If you do all this successfully without sounding the alarm, you can proceed down the next hall to the first of the two cannons. If at any point during this room you set off an alarm, especially on your Mein Leben run, simply retreat to the far side of the room (where you first entered) and hide in that doorway to lean out and shoot enemies as they come down the stairs from the walkways above. It takes a long time to clear this room once the alarm is sounded due to the path the enemies have to take, and not all of them will rush you.

Be especially mindful of the robots as they are highly dangerous. Sweep the room, as there are tons of wooden crates to bust open for supplies. Once you’ve cleared the room (or made it through without an alarm) you’ll have two enemies to take out in the room with the cannon controls. Aim the cannon with the lever and press the red button to fire, adjusting your aim accordingly until you hit the large dome structure in the distance. Once you’ve fired it, climb up to the walkway above with your walkers and wait at the yellow and black-striped door with your shotgun at the ready to blast the enemy that enters once it opens. Crawl through the airduct to reach the next room, with your silenced pistol at the ready.

As you enter the next room, turn left along the wall. Just before you reach the dormant robot, look to the right and headshot the enemy at the far end of the room, then take down the robot with cn_RS. Go back to where you exited the air duct and lean out from the corner on your right to headshot an enemy leaning over the railing there on the upper level. Immediately walk to the wall beneath where he was leaning and use your walkers to rise up and climb onto that upper level. Move a short distance to your left and use your walker again to climb onto the tracks hanging from the ceiling to reach an open air duct that leads to the next large room. Take great care when maneuvering around this room that you don’t jump across the gap in the middle and get splattered by a moving train.

As you reach the end of the air duct make sure you have your silenced pistol out. Look directly across the room from the duct’s opening to see a commander and one regular enemy walking on that elevated walkway. Carefully headshot the commander first, then the other guy. If you prefer to wait for the commander to walk down the stairs on the right you can, as he will be closer and easier to headshot, but it makes it more likely the supersoldat patrolling that side of the room will see his body and send everyone on different patrol routes. If you can manage it, you can make this room a lot faster by making a mad dash for the 2nd commander. To do this, after headshotting the far commander drop down and headshot the two enemies directly below you.

Then immediately climb up the small boxes further along this side of the room and climb over to the far side of them. A supersoldat on this side of the room will likely see you and sound the alarm, but just sprint straight ahead past it and go up the stairs into the office above to blast the 2nd commander and stop any further reinforcements. From there, you’ll need to sprint out the far side of the office and make your way to a spot where you feel comfortable taking out the enemies as they rush you. You can actually stay in the room where the commander was and hide behind the console nearest the far door as most of the enemies will come from the door you entered, but make sure to check the door behind you (the one on the far side from where you entered) and the stairs behind it after every kill or two to make sure no one is flanking you.

This is a risky maneuver as the enemies in this room love to throw grenades at you. A safer, albeit slower, method to clearing this room is to stay in the air duct and ‘go loud’, using your dual sturmgewehrs to pick off all the enemies as they mill around the far side of the room. Be very careful doing this though. You’re in a tight confined space in the duct, and any shots fired into it will most definitely hit you if you aren’t behind the nearby corner. You can’t really lean out from that corner as effectively as you can in most places, but it is doable and I cleared 95% of the enemies in the room by doing just that several times. The enemies will congregate around the base of the far walkway’s support, with one or two at a time going up the stairs to try and shoot you from the upper walkway.

Make sure to kill the ones on the upper walkway first (or prevent any from going up) as they provide the biggest threat due to their angle. They shouldn’t manage to throw any grenades up into the duct, but it’s best to retreat further into it any time a grenade is thrown just in case. Once the room is clear, activate the button in the office where the 2nd commander was to open the doors of a shipping container on the far side of the area, lower-left corner when looking out the windows at the button. Once it’s open, go out the far door from where you entered to a very small bit of walkway and stairs leading down. Break the wooden crate here, then take cover against the wall where it was and lean out to take out three supersoldats that come out of that newly opened container.

Sweep the room for supplies, including a Kampfpistole Upgrade inside that newly opened container, before using your battle walker to reach another duct on the upper right interior wall of that container to reach the next large room. At the other end of this short duct takedown the enemy patrolling the red room. Move to the far left end of this area, by two armor pieces (helmets) to see a ladder leading down to the area below. Headshot the enemy nearest the ladder down below (you may have to wait for him to walk over), then drop down and takedown the robot. Just past the robot in a small nook you’ll find another enemy facing away from you to takedown. Turn back toward the ladder and exit the room via the door to your left, taking down the last robot here on your way.

This hall leads to the next cannon. Fire it to trigger your adversary’s chatter about killing you. Facing the button, back up to the wall and turn right 90 degrees to see a closed door that will soon open for an ambush. Back away from it into the corner so that you can also shoot enemies that will come out a 2nd door at the middle point in the wall, directly opposite the button. Blast all the enemies that rush out of those two doors then exit via the one opposite the button to head downstairs to a locker room. Continue down this hall into a control booth and press the button by the window to start a sequence where you’ll need to escort a warhead through several rooms full of enemies. These rooms can be rather unpredictable, as you will most likely alert the enemies pretty quickly in each one.

Make 100% certain each room is clear before moving to the warhead to progress, as you can be killed very quickly by a single enemy with an automatic rifle coming up behind you. Clear the first room from the safety of the control booth, leaning out with dual rifles once things have gone loud and the silenced pistol is no longer needed. This first room has a lever on the upper-right walkway you must activate to open the doors for the warhead to progress, after which you will need to push a button on the wall in the small chamber into which the warhead moves. Stay in this small chamber and lean out from the opening to try and silenced pistol headshot as many enemies in the next room as possible before moving in and sweeping/clearing it.

The easiest spot to clear the 2nd room from is on the right side from the entrance. Avoid breaking stealth and just headshot one or two enemies within easy sight when the door opens, then move down the ramp on your right. At the base of this ramp, turn left and move to the far side, then turn right into the corner to go into a shipping container with two dormant robots. Quickly do a takedown on both, then hide in this container and lean out to kill all the room’s occupants with dual rifles. Make sure to have a shotgun prepped in one hand so that you can blast quickly if a supersoldat makes it all the way to your hiding spot. If you alert the enemies before making it into that container take out your shotgun and sprint there, blasting the robots in your path.

Do not stop/stand en route to that container or you will most assuredly get flanked and die. Once the room is cleared head up to the walkway overlooking the warhead and activate the lever to open the next chamber. Once the warhead has stopped, move in alongside it and press the button to open the 3rd and final room. Hide behind the warhead for a few seconds as it moves into the room to make sure the enemy patrolling on the right side doesn’t spot you, then take cover against the left side of the door and silenced pistol headshot any enemies in easy sight. There is a lower tunnel that goes underneath the central walkway of this room from which you can fight, but make sure you blow up the propane tanks at either end of it for your own safety.

Do not expose yourself to the central part of this tunnel more than a second or so at a time either, as it is one of the rare places where the enemies will shoot you through the holes in the flooring. The other option is to try and get up the ladder just to your right as you enter without being seen and go into semi-circular control room on the upper level to kill from inside the room or the adjacent hallway. With your back to the ladder, hug the left wall in this hall and lean to the right so you can just barely see into the control room to kill everything as it comes up into that room and/or around the corner. Lastly you can take cover behind the boxes right beside that ladder (they’re near a ledge overlooking one end of that lower tunnel) and lean out from them to kill everything.

Once you get the objective ‘Sabotage Ammo’ it means all the enemies are dead and you are clear to interact with the warhead. Once that’s done, just go up into the office and press the button to load the sabotaged warhead and end the volume.

Ticket Punched

Destroy the cannons of Kodiak Island

Ticket Punched
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Volume 2 Collectibles:

You’ll find Readable #1/8 on the computer consoles where you first use your battle walker to climb up near the beginning. In the next room with enemies (3 robots and 3 regular guys) you’ll find a Shotgun Upgrade on top of the central shelves. Exit this room and continue through the tunnels to the large warehouse room with the line of traincars in the center. On the far side of the room (past the traincars), look inside an open container on the right for Gold #1/4. Go up the nearby stairs (either side) into the control room where one of the two commanders spawns and look on the consoles by the windows overlooking the room for Readable #2/8. Move on from here into the first cannon room and on through the crawl space into the next room with enemies.

Look on an office char on the left side of the lower portion of this room for Readable #3/8. From there, go up the stairs and use the battle walker to climb up onto the track hanging from the ceiling (the one that you use to reach the air duct to exit the room). Before exiting via the air duct, look at the end of the track against the wall for Gold #2/4. Use the air duct to reach the next large warehouse-like room full of enemies (including 2 commanders and 2 supersoldats). Turn left as you enter the room and hug the left wall until you reach a set of stairs. Go up and into the control room with the commander. Look on the consoles to your left as you enter for Readable #4/8. Press the button to open the way forward.

Look on the boxes to your left before entering the air duct for a Kampfpistole Upgrade. In the next room with the red lighting, drop over the railing straight ahead as you enter, by the moving machine, and turn around to find Gold #3/4 on a yellow barrel. Proceed onward through the next hall to reach the 2nd cannon. Look on the right end of the desk with the cannon control lever for Readable #5/8. Just after that you will reach a locker room. When you very first enter the locker room, look for a hole in the ceiling straight ahead. Use your battle walker to climb up into that hole to find Gold #4/4. Back down in the locker room, look on the wooden bench around the other side of the lockers for Readable #6/8.

In the very next room after the locker room you’ll find Readable #7/8 on a table before pressing the button on the control console to open the door. This room is where you’ll begin following the warhead through a few rooms to end the volume. In the very first room you come to (by pressing a button to open the doors in the small chamber with the warhead), look on the ground by a console in the far-right corner (ground level) from where you entered to find Readable #8/8. This last one’s location is difficult to describe, but just thoroughly search the first room you enter once the warhead starts moving to find it on the ground.

Volume 3

At the start switch to silenced pistol + machinegun. Headshot the enemy up above to your left as quickly as possible with the pistol, then jump onto the submersible in the water and use the battle walker to climb up onto that walkway. Turn to the nearby door and blast the commander as he exits with your machinegun and pistol so that he goes down before setting off the alarm. Go across the walkway directly out from his doorway and use the walker again to reach the ledge above. Turn left 90 degrees and sprint/jump over to another submersible hanging from the ceiling, then sprint/jump from it onto the far walkway. Turn left on this walkway and exit into the air duct at the far end. Kill the lone enemy as you exit and move into the maintenance shaft beyond.

Use your walkers to climb up the shaft and drop down at the far end, sweeping for supplies as you go. You’ll need to use the walkers once more to climb up another shaft at the far end of the next hall. At the top you should see two commanders’ direction/distance icons pop up as you move toward the ledge overlooking the room, indicating all the enemies have spawned in. This is another highly unpredictable room if you set off an alarm, and for some reason the enemies here are much more sensitive and set off the alarm faster seemingly. Even if you just miss a few headshots and the bullets hit the wall/floor, a few of those is all it takes to set it off. Also unlike most enemies, if you miss a headshot and hit their body you can usually just follow up with a few rapid body shots to kill them before they alert the commander.

These enemies here will alert the commander as soon as they get hit by a body shot if they are on ‘high alert’, which they will be as soon as the first dead body is spotted. So you must VERY carefully line up your shots and get a headshot every single time. If you do that, you can kill 90% of the enemies from the safety of the upper ledge overlooking the room from where you climbed up the shaft with your battle walker, so try to do that. If you are successful, once no more enemies are patrolling the area you can drop down and make your way to the far end of the upper walkway into the room on the far-right, then look down through the railing to headshot the commander below.

If you are unsuccessful and set off the alarm, the safest place from which to kill everything is the upper ledge overlooking the room at the top of the shaft. Once you drop down you can’t climb back up to it, at which point just take cover behind the nearby barriers and lean out to face down the length of the room for killing everything as they rush you. If you took the stealthy approach and managed to kill everything including the first commander without an alarm, you’ll want to move into the 2nd commander’s room quickly and silently to kill him. Entering the room will trigger another group of enemies to patrol, but if you get to the commander quickly enough you can kill him and exit via another crawlspace/air duct at the far end of the room (that you must break open with your axe).

At any rate, if you haven’t cleared the room 100% then use crawlspace as a safe place from which to kill enemies as they rush into the small area where the 2nd commander was. You want to clear this room 100% so you can sweep it for supplies before moving on. Once that’s done, crawl back through the duct into another shaft that you need to climb. Use your battle walkers once more to do so, including two more small ducts you must open with your axe and crawl through. The 2nd one isn’t so much a duct as simply an opening into the next hall. When you open it, you will see an enemy standing nearby below you. Take out your silenced pistol once more, with a shotgun in your second hand and a rifle prepped in the pistol hand.

Headshot the enemy below and drop down, quickly performing a takedown on the robot. Move through the nearby door toward the next enemy and take cover on the left behind the washing machine. Lean out and wait for a patrolling enemy to come around the corner by the other guy and headshot him once he moves between you and the guy on the corner. Headshot the one on the corner next. There’s a room on the left with a Machinegun Upgrade, but it isn’t necessary since you’re going to be using the pistol, rifle, and shotgun. However, that room is a good place to hide and lean out to kill enemies as they rush you if you set off an alarm (or simply stay behind the washing machine and lean out to shoot down the hall at enemies as they round the corner).

If you haven’t set off an alarm and killed the first three enemies and the dormant robot, you can make a rush to the commander and blast him before he sounds the alarm if you wish. Or simply go loud and take cover, firing a shot down the hall with your rifle to trigger the alarm and clear everything out as they rush you. Nothing can flank you as the spot you dropped down from the shaft is a dead end. If you do go loud or set off an alarm by accident, be on your toes as one dog will rush you amongst the enemies. If it grabs your leg that can quickly spell game over if another enemy approaches while you’re down. Once everything is dead continue to the far end of the hall, sweeping for supplies as you go, and break open yet another duct with your axe to proceed.

Crawl through the ducts and climb up the shaft with your battle walkers yet again, then through a final duct to exit out onto the top of some air ducts hanging from the ceiling of a cafeteria. As you exit you’ll be looking down on the cafeteria and can headshot the enemies in the area with your silenced pistol relatively easily. However, once enemies spot a dead body they will go on high alert and will occasionally look up at the ceiling. If they look directly at you for more than a second, the alarm will sound. If you’re careful and don’t miss any headshots, you can clear the room with relative ease just by moving up and down the duct along the room, picking off each enemy one at a time. If you do sound the alarm, do not try and fight from atop the duct. You want to jump down and sprint for a specific dead-end room.

I can’t give accurate directions from every point in the room, so I will use the spot you very first crawled out onto the duct overlooking the room as the reference point. From this corner, facing down into the room, you would drop down so that your back is to the wall where you exited out onto the duct. From here, you would turn 45 degrees to your right so you are looking past the wall partition between the main dining hall and a side hall. You would then move forward into that hall and see a room straight ahead of you, with facing it behind the wall just ahead to your right. It is in this small room you would hide and blast enemies as they rush you. You can sprint across to the other room (the one you would see ahead of you after the 45 degree turn) if a grenade gets thrown into your small hiding room.

However, if you have killed more than two or three enemies and if the alarm has sounded, this small side room will have a supersoldat spawned inside it. So you would need to sprint to it with dual shotguns at the read, blasting the enemy in the other room facing it, then turning into the small side room and blasting the supersoldat before it could react. You would then very quickly swap to dual rifles, with a shotgun at the ready, and hug the left wall as you face out of this small room. At that point you can lean right so that you can just barely see around the wall on the left and shoot enemies as they approach, before they get a chance to throw grenades at you. At least one dog will rush you here, so be on your toes for that.

Once you’ve cleared the room completely (including several supersoldats) your objective will update. The same will happen if you were successful in sniping all the enemies with silenced pistol headshots without setting off an alarm. You will know when everything is dead in either scenario when the objective updates to ‘Take Elevator to Schwarz’. Just head to that waypoint on the far side of the room from where you entered once that objective appears to activate it to reach a scripted sequence with Schwarz. Press cn_X when prompted to kill him, then head to the objective marker and interact with it to end the volume.

Hero's Journey

Stop the Sun Gun

Hero's Journey
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If you played on IADI and/or Mein Leben for all three Volumes, you’ll also get Army Vet and Super Soldier.

Army Vet

Beat "The Deeds of Captain Wilkins" on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty or higher

Army Vet
1 guide

Super Soldier

Beat "The Deeds of Captain Wilkins" on "Mein leben" difficulty

Super Soldier
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Volume 3 Collectibles:

At the very start look on the ground under the tool box/drawers for the Map. Turn 45 degrees left when facing this toolbox and go to the far wall, hugging the wall around the perimeter to the far corner of the room. Look for a red radar screen terminal there to find Readable #1/8 the console beside that screen. On far side of the upper level of the room you’ll exit via a crawl space you open with the axe. Before exiting, grab Readable #2/8 on the box next to the crawl space entrance. Continue on and you’ll pass through a maintenance shaft with reddish-orange lighting where you have to use your battle walker to get up over a high catwalk to reach the far end.

At the end of this shaft you’ll reach a door leading into the next well-lighted hall with white and blue walls. Don’t exit. Continue past that door to the far end of the maintenance shaft and use your battle walker to raise up to a small platform above where Gold #1/4 sits. Proceed into that next hall (white and blue walls) and use your battle walker at the far end to reach the way forward. As you approach the ledge where the next room is, you will see two commanders’ distance/direction icons pop up. When you see this, do not drop down into the room. Look around to the far side of the shaft you’re in (yellow lighting) to find Readable #3/8 tucked in a corner on a box.

Drop down into that room with the commanders/enemies. Turn left upon landing and go to the wall. You’ll see stairs leading down to the lower portion of the room on your right. At the top of these stairs, just over the railing, is a another small air duct opening. Crawl through to reach a small room that isn’t part of the mission’s normal path. Gold #2/4 is in the corner of this room, behind the boxes. Crawl back through the crawl space and go down the stairs into the room. Clear out all the enemies and head toward the waypoint/exit. The exit from this room is yet another small crawl space. Before exiting the room, look for another radar terminal in the far corner of the room (northeastern-most smaller room off the main one on the map) to find Readable #4/8.

I believe that terminal is right by the exit/crawl space. Continue through the crawl space, the shaft beyond it, another crawl space, and a 2nd shaft to reach the next area with enemies, a long hallway. In a small side room to your left off the first part of this hall you’ll find a Machinegun Upgrade (Drum Mag) as well as Readable #5/8. Go all the way to the far end of the hall to reach yet another crawl space exit, but look on a small work desk on the right before exiting through that crawl space for Readable #6/8 by a white hardhat. Through that crawl space you will reach another shaft where you have to use your battle walkers. On the first ledge you use your walkers to climb up onto, look for Gold #3/4 by a small round yellow light.

If you reach a 25-Armor pack you’ve gone too far. It is one level below that. Continue on through the shaft to reach the final large room of the volume, the cafeteria. Clear out all the enemies. From where you enter, drop down and look on the 2nd table in front of you (by a big turkey leg and a white flower vase) for Readable #7/8. With the area cleared you will have a waypoint/objective at an elevator. Facing the elevator, look in the small room immediately to the right of it for Readable #8/8 on a trash can. Go up the elevator to confront Schwarz. Once he’s dead, look on the consoles on the left side of the room to find Gold #4/4.

Intel Acquired

Find all readables in "The Deeds of Captain Wilkins"

Intel Acquired
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Stipend Gained

Find all gold in "The Deeds of Captain Wilkins"

Stipend Gained
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Anchorage Challenge

This challenge is merely the last segment of Volume 1, where you move through the warehouse to jump on the truck and exit the volume. You can take your time and carefully pick off each enemy with silenced pistol headshots, or grab a couple rifles/machineguns and ‘go loud’ before hiding behind a doorway to mow down foes as they rush you to complete it. If you’re struggling, there is a YT video by a user named Beatminaz that makes quick work of this one with just the pistol. When you reach the truck at the far end of the warehouse the achievement will unlock.

Alaskan Expert

Beat the Anchorage challenge on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty

Alaskan Expert
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Kodiak Islands Challenge

This challenge is the large room with the train that periodically passes through the center of it midway through Volume 2. For specific instructions on how I chose to clear the room, refer to the paragraph in Volume 2 that begins with “As you reach the end of the air duct”. You can use Ctrl+F to search for those words and it will take you up to that spot on this DLC page. This is a rather simple area. Just take out the two commanders then hunker down (usually in the office where the 2nd commander was, behind the far console from where you enter) and clear the rest of the enemies as they rush you. Again check out Beatminaz’s videos if you’re struggling for a path. Once you activate the lever in the commander’s office to open the way forward, kill the supersoldats that exit and proceed to the waypoint to finish the challenge.

Kodiak Expert

Beat the Kodiak Islands challenge on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty

Kodiak Expert
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Sumberged Challenge

This is the final part of Volume 3, but it plays out a bit differently as you don’t have the advantage of hiding atop the air ducts. At the start, headshot the two nearest enemies in front of you with your silenced pistol. Turn right and headshot the enemy walking away just around the corner to your right as well as the one further ahead in a small room adjacent to the hallway in which the 3rd guy was walking. Immediately sprint into the small room facing the 4th enemy, on the opposite side of that T-shaped intersection of the walkway. You want to be in this red-tinged room before too many enemies have died because if not, a supersoldat will spawn inside it. From this room face out toward where the 4th guy was and move up against the wall to your left.

Lean right so you can just barely peak around the end of the left wall and use dual rifles with a shotgun as backup in one hand (for when a dog rushes you) to mow down all the enemies as they rush you. This isn’t the safest place in the challenge from which to kill, but it is the easiest to get to from the start. The safety factor is owed to the fact that enemies will throw grenades in at you if you don’t kill them fast enough. So make sure you don’t allow any enemies with a line on the room to stay alive for more than a second. If a grenade makes it in and you don’t feel confident throwing it back, sprint across to the room where the 4th enemy was, then sprint back when it is safe to do so. Once all the enemies are dead the door to the elevator (and challenge end) will open. Check out Beatminaz’s video for a visual representation of this general strategy.

Sub Expert

Beat the Submerged challenge on "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty

Sub Expert
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