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Posted on 25 May 14 at 00:22, Edited on 27 May 14 at 10:35
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Wolfenstein is a very well put together title by MachineGames. It offers a much wider variety of gameplay than what would be expected from linear story-based FPS. It gives us a very immersive experience with a story that is easy to get behind, characters that can give you nightmares (in a good way) and an easy achievement list that comes with a title that is very enjoyable to play.

Gameplay: 5/5

Wolfenstein gives you much more to chose from as far as how to approach a situation than what most FPS titles do. There are four different "skill trees" that have perks which you can unlock by doing something attributed to one of the four playstyles; stealth, assault, tactical and demolition. And with these four skill trees comes four different ways to approach almost any situation. You can sneak around, silently picking off each enemy, move cover to cover while systematically popping out and shooting off Nazi heads, run in, duel wielding whatever weapon you chose or count on grenades and rockets to clear out rooms. Giving the player the option of how to approach each mission gives the game the desired replayability you need from a single player only title. The game also does well to make the player feel like they are what they are: a resistance fighter going up against a highly advanced and highly ruthless Nazi empire. At no point does the player feel like they outmatch their opponent. And at the same time, you still feel like it is POSSIBLE to overcome. Finally, this game just FEELS good. The guns feel heavy and realistic with the force of each bullet leaving the chamber being noticed. The gameplay is a very immersive experience, and offers enough replayability to make this worth the retail price tag.

Story: 4/5

Wolfenstein brings us all together on something we can agree on: Nazis suck. But the story goes much deeper than just "Let's kill all the Nazis" even though on the surface that's what they're going for. Set in an alternate universe where the allied forces lost in WWII and the Reich rose to power over all people, a set of resistance fighters in 1960 decided that enough was enough. Captain Blazkowicz is the ultimate badass american jarhead that we would want fighting this fight, and behind him is a strong group that want nothing more than to live in freedom again. And a cast of villains that are hate at first sight and make the fight feel more personal. On a journey that takes us to every different environment imaginable, you'll feel like you want to take out the Nazis as much as B.J Blazkowicz does. The game is also filled with both pop culture Easter eggs, and homages back to some of the more nostalgic Wolfenstein games, giving the whole game a completely different level entirely.

Visuals: 4/5

The graphics are what would be expected of a title on the Xbox One, everything looks very good. MachineGames did a very good job in creating a very sad, and depressing world. Everywhere was given almost a Chernobyl feel, everything looks like it was touched by death, and destroyed and forgotten. A very grey atmosphere that does well in bringing this alternate reality of Nazi warlords to life. On top of the graphics are some very picturesque moments as well. Impressive structures, horrifying looking enemies, and futuristic looking weapons and technology. Wolfenstein does well to create a world that looks believable for a run down world. With buildings falling apart and much of the world falling into disrepair, the visual aspect immerse's you in a post war world that was run into the ground with an iron fist.

Audio: 4.5/5

Wolfenstein is very true it's era and timeline when it comes to audio. The voice acting is very strong all around, with even minor supporting characters sounding very believable. The sound of the weapons in the game makes each slug seem powerful and strong, and the bits of wit coming from Blazkowicz throughout the campaign add some humour. Wolfenstein also includes audio diaries that really do a good job of fleshing out the world that you don't get to see, and there are very neat renditions of popular songs of the 1950's redone in German in order to support the alternate universe. There are also a few key instances through the story where a song is set to play, and that part was nailed perfectly. The general game audio is simply voices and gunfire, but during intense battles, when a badass song starts playing in the background, it really amps up the fight and adds some epicness to what's going on. A strong audio presence is critical in a game being enjoyable and believable, and Wolfenstein delivers on all points as far as Audio is concerned.

Achievements: 3.5/5

Wolfenstein comes with a relatively simple achievement list, a game that could be easily perfected in one playthrough. And it does some interesting things with achievements too, all of the non story and non collectable achievements are tied to unlocking perks in the game (none of which are overly difficult to unlock) so ultimately each achievement you unlock gives you an upgrade to some area of play. It is nice to see in game rewards for achievements. Furthermore, some of the collectables in the game (Enigma Codes) goes further than just finding all of them. Once you find each Enigma code for a certain part, you have to do a small puzzle in order to unlock something additional for the game. So again, in game rewards for achievements are nice to see; and that implementation, plus the ease of perfecting the game makes this a good achievement list. I am a little upset that there aren't any achievements that make you do something you wouldn't otherwise do, which is one thing I look for in achievements. The lack of something like that is why I'm not super happy with the achievements, even though they are all easy to get. You can reload checkpoints to farm out doing something to unlock perks, and collectables carry over playthroughs.


All in all this game surprised me. It wasn't anywhere on my radar until shortly before launch and exceeded my expectations in every possible way. A very enjoyable campaign that offers replayability, and a game that looks, feels and sounds tremendous and really draws you in. I'd highly recommend picking this up if you enjoy FPS's and are looking for something that changes the mould of what we've come to expect from the big FPS titles we get year to year.
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Posted on 30 April 19 at 18:55
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I wasn't a fan of the Wolfenstein series in the early days and I skipped this one for four years. After watching some Let's Plays (Yes, what of it?) I was intrigued. The gameplay is satisfying and suited to either action or stealth approaches, I found I was taking the stealth approach because it made me feel unstoppable and the takedowns are a joy.

Another reason I was reluctant to play was because of the setting. A dystopian history where the Nazis rule everything was a form of ugliness I was not willing to subject myself to. That's not the case anymore and Nazi killing is made even more cathartic with a greater incentive to do so.

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