2. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The Old Blood is a fairly straightforward game to complete. If you've ever played an FPS... like, ever, you shouldn't have much trouble tearing through this one. The Challenge maps might give you a few headaches if you are a novice at shooters, but overall the list is a quick 1k. A few pointers (both mine and some from the previous WT contributors):

  • Make use of auto-aim; it makes headshots on enemies a lot easier & can help improve your combo in the challenge maps.
  • On the Nightmare levels, use your map via cn_down to see where you have been and where black, unexplored areas are. While most of the nine nightmare levels are small and easy to find the key for the exit, a few may confuse you. With these more maze-like ones, circling the map clockwise from right to left and utilizing the map should save you a good deal of time.
  • In story mode, try to eliminate Commanders swiftly. In combat challenges, it is advised to spare the Commanders until all reinforcements have been killed.

  • You can change the difficulty at any time during the story. You are only required to do Chapter 8 Über difficulty.

  • Perks can be unlocked only when playing story mode but can be grinded by restarting checkpoints.

  • Collectibles save as soon as you pick them up. You can quit or reload the checkpoints and they will remain collected. You can view this progress at any time in the menu by pressing cn_back or in the chapter select menu.

  • Before engaging in combat, be sure to equip the weapons you plan on using via cn_RB, so that when tapping cn_Y you will switch between your 2 desired weapons, which in most situations is quicker than reloading.
  • Pushing cn_RT while reloading will cancel the reload immediately if the clip is not empty.
  • Unlock the Eagle Eye perk at the earliest opportunity via checkpoint reloading (this will be pointed out) so that you can see the collectibles on the map, at least if you plan on finding them without the aid of the text or video guide.
  • Use cover to your advantage, even if the enemies ARE pretty dumb. Lean out with cn_LB.
  • Crouching makes you practically invisible to enemies, as they have to be looking right at you from close range to notice you. Exploit this weakness.

That's really all there is to say. Some more tips relevant to the challenge maps will be added in that specific section, but otherwise, you know all you need to know to get this one knocked out.

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