4. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 1: PrisonUpdate notes

Note: I'll be mentioning quite a few of the perk achievements that you can grind out, especially toward the end with some of the kill-related ones. However, this is just for informational purposes as to the location to grind them. Personally, I did them all here just to get them out of the way, but you may be able to skip and get them mostly through just normally playing.

Credit to Maka91 for the guide for Chapter 1 Collectibles, including the nightmare level location if you prefer video over text.

Letter #2 – When you wake up in prison, look to the lower right when facing the gate with the white circle waypoint on it, for a crack in the wall. You will have to crouch to find the letter.

Talk to Wesley through the gate and then turn around. You will make it part way up the pipes before falling. This grants you your new and temporary weapon to aid you in your escape. It also allows you to scale the wall in your cell. To do so, you will need to alternate and hold cn_RT and cn_LT. You do have to hold down the appropriate trigger for whichever hand is currently being used on the wall. If you let go of both at the same time, you will fall and have to start the climb over again.

Once you are up and out of your cell, you will see a super soldier in front of you. Before engaging, turn around and you will see a glowing can of food sitting in the corner next to some generators. It is goldish in color. Then turn around and your objective is in front of you, the green generator. You will have to make sure you are not seen so time it to where the Soldier is headed toward the food container you just picked up. Once he is passed you, press and hold cn_X to turn the generator off. It will slowly start to charge again so you need to move immediately to where the soldier is powered down. Use RS to perform a takedown and then move towards the big door that is currently electrified. To the left of the door, you will see another panel that you need to power down in order to proceed through the door.

For this next part, you will need to be mindful of the path that they are each on. If you look toward the ceiling you will see the line that they are each attached too and the path that they will make. What I did was I powered down the first soldier when he is in the middle of the room. This allows the other one to walk towards you and then start to go back at about the same time that the one closet to you, will return to the corner, out of sight. Power the first one down again, and perform a takedown on him. Move on and wait for the second soldier to walk past you and then power him down and perform a takedown on him too.

Proceed through the door ahead using the panel to power down the door same and before. Through the door, you will see a workbench that will have heath and a map on the board above it. Grab both before continuing!

Just on the other side of the bridge, you will see 2 sleeping dogs. Don't run by them and alert them or else you are in for a bad time. You can simply crouch walk up to both of them and perform a takedown. Be sure to grab the armor off of both of them and then another 2 pieces just around the corner on your left. Next we set our sights on more soldiers. As always, look at their path and figure out the best possible way to power them down, out of sight and give yourself time to perform the takedowns.

Here is how I did it:

First Soldier, call him #1, I waited until the middle one on the long path, call him #4, walked towards where the dogs were at and then turned around. At this point #1 was at the opposite end of the switch I needed and just started to turn around. I powered #1 off and he was hid behind the generator for the out of sight take down.

Second Soldier, #2, You have to wait for #4 to walk towards the dogs, then quickly go power him down and perform the takedown. Be patient and don't rush this part as #4 caught me a couple times getting too jumpy and going before he was completely past my hiding spot. #2 is a similar path to #1 but on the outside of the generator instead of the inside path.

Third Soldier, #3, He goes in a circle around the generator and randomly stops and turns, so he is the toughest. Wait for #4 for go towards the dogs and plan your attack. I was lucky and managed to power #3 down just as he turned and spotted me. Once #3 is dealt with, run the the door, power it down, and get through before #4 comes back. To my knowledge there is no way to power #4 down, and really no need as you have plenty of time to escape.

Once through the door, you will see a ledge of pipes on your left, jump up and grab the armor before falling off and onto the staircase below. Look left for a climbable wall and once up, you will be headed into the duct work.

Gold #1 – Look to your right at the T-intersection in the duct work to find the piece of gold at the end.

Continue on by going back left and before dropping down, make sure the soldier isn't looking at you. Before you continue, read through this next section as things can get a bit dicey.

The cut off for each soldier is up on the left side of this room, on the platform. They are opposite of each other so you can easily make it over there, but turning them both off and performing the takedowns in the hard part. What I did was turn off the closet switch, then go to the next one and get it off. By this point, they were alerted so I had to hide and use the pillars for cover to get the switch off. If you are damaged, you will let go of the switch so make sure to get cover. I went back and forth between switches a few times to get them both off at the same time. I then wen to the closet one and performed the takedown. Even with this time of them both being off, the other one was back up and shooting at me by now. Luckily, you just need to power him down and do the takedown since it is only one at this point. On the easy difficulty, you won't have to worry about getting too hurt or dying but I won't say it couldn't happen either. Just depends on how successful you were with getting both of them turned off at the same time initially.

If you need health, look to the left of the door and break the boxes to find some. Then power down the door and open it.

Gold #2 – From the door, go straight ahead, through a door (facing a cart) and look in the corner to the right behind the cart for the item.

Go along the catwalk/railing area to proceed and at the end, you will find a sleeping dog to perform a takedown on. Wait for the soldier to stop and turn around again before continuing across and into the crawl space. You may be able to rush that part after the dog but in my playthrough, he was already headed back in my direction so I didn't wanted to chance it. Head almost to the end of the crawl space to find the door you need to go through. the 3rd to last hole in the wall will give you access to armor if you need it, just be aware of the location of the soldier before going to grab it. Proceed through the door when clear.

Across the walkway you will see a soldier that is powered down, how convenient. Make sure to perform the takedown on him before you power up the elevator. He has not had his coffee yet and he will not be happy to see you if you forget this step. You could also just reload checkpoint as you got one as you passed through the door to this area. If you need health, break the boxes in the area. This will be the last time I point that out unless it is a major battle/or needed for an achievement. Just be in the habit of breaking every box you see for health/ammo/weapons.

One the elevator, use the blue crate for cover on your way down. You will be headed straight and slightly the the left for a climbable wall. Wait until the path is clear from the soldier who is patrolling and then make your move.

Gold #3 – Climb up to find the item in the first alcove/window to your left.

Go to the end of the path you are on and wait for both soldiers to turn their backs to you before falling off and heading into the open wall. The area you need to go into is to your left, not straight in front of you. If you choose the wrong one, like I did, then just simply wait for the patrol to make their rounds and turn around again and make your way into the correct opening. There is a couple of helmets in here if you have armor space available.

Proceed through the door when the coast is clear and head straight, past the scene on your right, to find a climbable wall. Follow the duct around to an opening with 2 dogs patrolling the area. Wait until both had their backs turned, then fall down and went into the hole on the left. Turn to you left and open the hatch on the floor. Once you drop down you need to make it to the other side of the room using the tunnels. You will then head to the right, past your objective and follow that path around.

Gold #4 – you want to head straight, or back towards where you came out of the vent if you want to think of it that way. Just around the corner, you should see the gold laying on the ground on the left of the passage.

Back track slightly and make a right, eventually dropping out of the sewers. Stay left and look for a breakable wall, the game should prompt you for this as well. Once you break it, you should see the climbable wall ahead of you. Climb up and turn left on the catwalk ahead into a tunnel to reach another, more narrow climbable wall. At the top you should see a robotic dog, take it out to avoid alerting it. Go through the crawlspace to the right, then straight across the next room, taking out the dog on the way.

Gold #5 – In this room you will see the gold sitting on the ground.

Back track out into the open room and take care of the rest of the dogs with takedowns. Not sure if this is needed, but it does aid you in earning the vampire perk quicker. You should see an opening on the left that you can go into and follow around to a ladder that will get you to the upper catwalk. Look to your right to see the power station to take out the patrolling soldier. Once that is complete, you will see the open along the soldiers path that you will proceed through. Up some stairs will be a hatch that is marked for you to enter in the ceiling. Follow that path inside until you drop out into an empty cell. Head out of the cell and to the left, follow the instructions to get through the door. Immediately, turn to your left and you should see the map glowing on the wall for you to pick up.

Nightmare #2 – You’ll be in a circular room in what appears to be an asylum of some kind, with guys standing around talking to themselves. Go into the open door C4 on the far side of the room into a room with a bunch of hash marks all over the walls. Pry open the hatch on the floor and interact with the bed in the cell below to trigger the nightmare.

Chapter 1 Nightmare

After coming out of the Nightmare, you will need to head toward the objective. Look slightly to your right for a gate that is closed, as you approach, the door to the right of that should highlight itself as the objective. Once you enter you are attacked and must quickly press down on the cn_RSc to have a knife fight. On easy difficulty, this only takes a couple of stabs to kill the enemy and you barely take any damage. There is health if you need it and multiple helmets on the shelves in this room so be sure to grab those before moving on. Open the hatch on the ceiling in that room, and then drop down and hide behind the crate. Wait for the giant metal dog to walk by and into the circular room before moving across the room. Find the next door to your right; you need to open and slide under it.

You’ll come out into the upper level of the prison block with a massive robotic dog jumping up at you from the lower level. Go left down the walkway and around to the far side of the room. Open a hatch above you, to the left, a short distance after turning the corner to the far side of the walkway from where you started to climb up into a ventilation shaft. Go forward a little and you’ll drop down.

Gold #6 – Turn around 180 degrees and step out into a room with some armor and the gold item to your left.

The game now introduces Commanders. They are an important enemy to find whenever you have them around. If they get alerted, they call reinforcements, which can make your life harder than it needs to be. This can also be used to your advantage if you are needing certain kills and such. For now though, we will use this as a farm for 2 achievements.

You’ll go through the ventilation shaft to reach the docks and there will be a commander just outside the shaft below you (he potentially has moved to the left if this is your first run after grabbing the gold but you can still get to him for the takedown). Drop down and kill this commander silently, then reload your checkpoint. Depending on how many dogs and other enemies you have been stealth killing to this point, you should unlock the Vampire perk first and the achievement.

Doing it a total of 20 times will unlock the Eagle Eye perk and the following achievement. (If, for some reason, you had little progress on Vampire, you can continue to reload until you get that as well).

After you have grinded out those kills, turn left and take out the guy in front of your. You can find another pistol here as well on the green crates so remember to pull that our and dual wield to start working on those kills for the skill again. there is 2 enemies in the room on your right with the big wheel, easy enough to headshot them both. Across the bridge in the wheel room, there is an enemy and a dog. You can one shot them both with the silenced pistol from distance. If you headshot enemies, their helmets will normally drop off and you are able to pick them up, so use that to your advantage when you can.

Head across the bridge, and in the room on your right, you'll see 2 wooden crates with the top of an opening visible. Break open both crates to be able to go into the opening.

Gold #7 – Follow the crawl space a short distance to find the gold.

This room gives you a good vantage point over the area, so use it to take out any guard you see. Continue on to the next Commander, but be careful as he is on the walkway, and he has some weird vantage points over you. I did get alerted here and used it as an opportunity to get dual wield kills. After everyone is dead or you successfully kill the commander silently, pick up the Kampfpistole off the bench to the right. Then, head across the bridge, before following the objective.

Gold #8 – Across the bridge and on the bench you will find the gold item.

Once you've done all that, go to the boat. First, grab the Kampfpistole ammo, then try to interact with the objective on the boat. You'll get a new objective to restore power to the bridge. Go interact with the console to do that, which will give you a perfect checkpoint to grind out those Kampfpisole kills. You should have around 7 shots with it, so use that Kampfpistole to get 50 kills and unlock its achievement. Try to shoot groups of enemies with its explosive rounds.

You can also grind out one of the more annoying achievements here, for getting a kill with the final round in a magazine. The Kampfpistole doesn't count, unfortunately, so you'll have to get out the regular pistol. Shoot 9 rounds, then try to get a headshot with the last one. I also paired it with the assault rifle to make more progress each run. Just stand at the top of the steps to funnel enemies and keep you out of the fire until you are ready to engage the enemy. Once you kill 20 enemies with that last round in the clip of any weapon, you’ll unlock the Reload Mash perk (faster reloads) and its achievement.

If you turn right after activating the console, and follow the upper path you're on around to the left to a small room, you'll find a grenade. Hide in here and let the enemies bunch up below you, then toss it in their midst. If you get 3 kills or more, you'll unlock the Grenade Belt perk and associated achievement. If you fail, just reload the checkpoint. If it doesn't seem to be working, and you see an explosive red tank in the lower area, shoot that before the enemies come out, as I believe it causes the kills to count as environmental rather than grenade kills when the grenade goes off.

Once you are satisfied with your work and farming kills, you can move on to the boat and the final sequence of the level. If you choose to, you can grind out the MG46 kills you need here but you should have no problem getting 200 of those by the end of the game playing normally or even Chapter 7 has a better spot that I will mention there when we get there. Once the boat ride finishes, just leave the boat and interact with the console and that will end the level. On to Chapter 2!

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