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Posted on 02 August 19 at 19:00
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Reviews and general opinion of the game have been fairly negative, I though I would review the game in a little more detail and throw my opinion out there. First Review.

Jess and Soph are absolutely nuts and will put some off but their immaturity and general goofiness I find really entertaining and kinda of a nice change from BJ going on and on about his own mortality. You will pretty much know how you feel about the twins by the end of the first level, they are not deep characters. The daughters of the greatest Nazi killer to ever left trying to live up to the legacy of their dad despite having never been in a real gunfight until the events of the game.

NPCs are nothing more than quest givers for the most part, only a couple actually do more. None a particularly memorable and that has a lot to do with the overall lack of story as the game reminds me most of Division 2 or Far Cry 5 where you have a large map sectioned off into smaller areas and you are free to complete as many fetch quests as you want before taking on the local boss to liberate the area.

Level design is very Dishonored, and the levels are essentially small blocks with half of the buildings accessible on odd numbered floors (1,3,5). With the levels being so vertical there it can mask how small the blocks are but if you stay in the street, you will see how tiny the blocks are. Many areas are blocked off behind barriers requiring a specific enemy or ability. Lots of ventilation grates sewers and buildings make stealth through entire areas possible, but still difficult as the enemies are pretty aware by sight and sound. (I headshot a Kommander from across the room with a silenced pistole and the sound of his body hitting the floor brought a guard from the bedroom over to investigate)

Leveled enemies just seem to keep pace with you never increasing the challenge or becoming more difficult as you level. The only issue is the obvious blockade in front of the raid levels because the game wants you to find the "secret" sewer entrance to each boss. Approach the blockade and you will go down instantly. My partner and I have not had many issues with being downed very much outside of approaching these areas or fighting the bullet sponge raid bosses. Again after the first level you will know what to expect.

Weapon upgrading has not been much of a grind as I keep hearing. In 12 hours I have all of the normal weapons fully upgraded and overall have found enough to do this 2x over. Carried heavy weapons are significantly more expensive but considering most silver crates replenish every day from what I have seen and missions also grant coins this has not bee a problem. Upgrading is essentially broken down to 3 options: accuracy, fire rate, damage. There are 5 different pieces of each gun to be upgraded with these options granting a bonus to either headshot damage, magazine capacity, overall damage if you select 3 of the 5 pieces with the same goal. When upgraded properly these weapons can make you feel like an absolute beast but some upgrades feel out of place and make the gun feel less useful than its base version. (Might just be based on play style but dropping accuracy for fire rate or trading out bullets for nails in the SMG just felt off). There were also useful upgrades like suppressors for most guns or adding armor/cover penetration.

Skill points are awarded from leveling or completing missions. You could probably make it 2/3 or 3/4 though the skill tree by the end of the game but you will have to grind a little bit to max out. Skills include dual wield, active camo, sprint tackle(called crush in game), health, armor, pocket reloads, etc.

One upgrade aspect I have not seen mentioned are pep boosts. These are basically emotes that gift you and your partner health or armor depending on which boost you choose. These can be fully upgraded to a complete refill of health or armor, and while I do grow tired of seeing Soph do the robot, instantly raising both players to full armor in a gunfight is awesome. Since these boosts do have a one minute cooldown they can be a little OP when paired with a coop partner's boost.

Co-op has been very seamless drop in drop out with my partner and I have experienced no connection issues. Level differences between players are not an issue. Only two things I have noticed that are important are when the host leaves you are booted to main menu, but if you are not the host you can come and go as you please. The other is that side quests/main quest progress do not appear to be shared (if someone could confirm that would be great), while the daily/weekly challenge progress will track over to your own game. Also all items, ammo and non-heavy weapons are separate so you will not have to fight over ammo.

The only truly negative grind we achievement whores need be aware of is reaching mastery with each weapon. This is absolutely a grind and has an an achievement tied to each weapon, including heavy weapons which are difficult to keep ammo for and cannot be carried until you purchase the corresponding skill. It sounds like you will need around 5000 total kills to master all of the weapons.

Collectibles are everywhere and there are A LOT but there are skills to make finding them easier and most are found simply exploring the maps. (Items are separate so notify your partner if you find something)

All in all the game looks and shoots like a Wolfenstein game, but playing it feels more like an open world shooters like Division 2 and Far Cry 5. Heavy on exploration, light on story and best played with a partner. If you were expecting a story heavy single player experience you should probably look elsewhere, but if you are a fan of the open-world shooter genre and have a buddy to team up with $30 is half the price of a normal game and absolutely worth it. (You can also pay $40 and play with the buddy pass if your partner doesn't care about achievements like mine)

Constructive criticism welcomed

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Posted on 29 July 19 at 08:52, Edited on 29 July 19 at 08:53
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I've always loved the Wolfenstein games, from the birth of a genre with Wolfenstein 3D, to the amazing Xbox/PS2 era reboot,Return to Castle Wolfenstein and then through to the current gen genius of The New Order. I have adored every single one.

Alarm bells started ringing with the release of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, which despite having the same meaty gun-play - didn't deliver in immersion and story in the way the earlier games did.

Well with this new release alarm bells are not just simply ringing, the whole place is on fire, there are 14 fire engines outside and people are chucking babies out of the windows. The first thing that hits you is just how thoroughly unlike-able the two teenage protagonists are. You know how they make American teens in slasher movies super annoying so you're looking forward to them getting bumped off? These two are so goofy they make most Final Fantasy characters seem normal. The dialogue is excruciating at times, and you'll want to skip all cut scenes.

The fast paced meaty shooting is gone. For some reason the developers went for a rogue-like RPG-lite system where every enemy has a health bar and a level. If you take on a character even a couple of levels above yours then you can get 'downed' in one hit. This means having to take everything very slow, making it feel more like Sam Fisher than the Nazi-killing machine you felt like playing as BJ in the earlier games. You will spend an age, re-grinding levels to earn more health, get coins to level up your weapons and skills, and even then a lot of the enemies level up with you making the whole thing in places an absolute chore and no fun at all. You also have 3 lives per level. If you're downed more that this without your partner or AI reviving you it's back to the start of the level. There is no save system (WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!) and you can literally get to an end of level boss only to have to repeat 30 minutes of work if you slip up. Then to add insult to injury you don't even get your ammo back. This is especially annoying, as some of the levels of bullet sponge here make it feel like The Division (a game which does not tick my boxes BTW). A heavy trooper can take up to 20 shotgun rounds before they die, and ammo is always at a premium.

Playing with a human partner is preferable,as the AI is dumb as rocks as you'll spend half your time rescuing them. The real let down is the level design. Half the fun in the old Wolfy games was exploring very well designed, long levels, figuring out how to get to the next section. Youngblood is literally a selection of Paris streets connected by the subway, with very little level variation. Missions can be as exciting as 'find a battery', then it's back to the subway to do another boring fetch quest for a lazy NPC, all the time guided by an on screen marker showing you exactly where to go.

The only good thing I can say is the game looks great, as good as any of the current gen Wolfenstein games, and the sound is good. You'll just be playing it thinking "I'd rather play through Wolfenstein The New Order again" than what you're actually playing, and that's a real shame.

Avoid this one unless you can get it at a stupid discount, have a co-op partner to play with, and don't mind god awful character dialogue. Let's hope Doom Eternal gives me the run and gun fun I'm looking for, as you won't find it here.
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